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BLM says Abolish the system San Bernardino, California, after police shot a man resisting arrest who pulled out a gun. 👀👀

🚨🚨BREAKING - Mitch McConnell says he expects Judge Amy Coney Barret to be confirmed to the Supreme Court within 72 hours.

🚨🚨BREAKING: A home is on fire after a US Navy aircraft crashed in a small town in Alabama - CNN

Earlier in Louisville, Kentucky after LMPD reported a homicide suspect committed suicide inside of her house. Marshals were attempting to apprehend her.

Details below. Streamer and people on the scene appear to have been lying saying police shot her.

Again, streamer and goofies on the scene were claiming police shot her 5-6 times with no evidence to back that up.


WTF!! Things got weird when Soros came up. 🤯🤯🤯

Tifa just got reked in Phoenix, Arizona.. Source: AZ Patriots $FB

This appears to be the moment that #Portland  protester was struck in the head and suffered a gruesome injury.

Woman in Oregon caught someone on her property with matches and held him until police showed up. 🤔

This was the best part of the debate that nobody’s talking about. 🤔🤔🤔

Armed men in Dallas menacing Restaurant goers at a “peaceful” march. 👀👀

The police in #Minneapolis  are standing down as rioting and looting are going crazy. Hit a Target again. #TGT 

Mass shooting in Rochester, New York. Massive police presence, multiple people killed and possibly 10+ shot at multiple locations.