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The dumbass Antifa doxing me doesn’t even have accurate or the right info, and is libeling me with a number of posts. I know you see this loser, I’m about to make you famous in discovery. You picked the wrong one. Since you blocked me, we wont even bother with cease and desist.

The IDF IL is not playing. Big airstrike from earlier in in Gaza on a military installation. 💥

Antifa is doxing me with a pic I posted on my own Twitter account. Lol All that’s gonna happen is more leftists chicks will wanna smash. Thanks! 🤓😂😇

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Why the obsession with me now? If you commies wanna flirt there’s better ways!

I don’t even post commie police pics, nor have I ever named these losers or made it personal. I post publicly available vids that u film yourselves. And you want smoke with me now? Makes no sense, but I have a bag of options for a response if this is really what you want, larpers

Peak simulation when the Iron Dome fires off during a live report. 👀

Merkava IV battle tanks on the move in transport somewhere in Israel.

Never thought Antifa would feel this way about me, but the Sim is undefeated in surprise! haha

Over/under on how many tweets karmaOneSixOne is going to make about me in the next month? She's already up to 20 today! That's a massive crush any way you look at it, or cut it! 20 tweets about one person? haha Obsessed. Wow. Must feel weird to be soo interested in ur enemy.. 🤔


WTF!! Things got weird when Soros came up. 🤯🤯🤯

Little Caesars has fallen in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Looting has fully kicked off

Jacob Frey, the Mayor of Minneapolis, couldn’t even wait 10 minutes to do what Judge Cahill just asked elected officials not to do! Another appeal gift! Amazing.

This appears to be the moment that #Portland  protester was struck in the head and suffered a gruesome injury.

Tifa just got reked in Phoenix, Arizona.. Source: AZ Patriots $FB

Columbus PD body cam footage.

Wild scene. Reportedly over 100 rockets launched at Israel today. Most intercepted like in this video.

Some knuckle head allegedly hit a woman and her kids over a Trump sign or flag and it ended up In a big car accident. He fucked around and found out.