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Crypto firm Luno lays off 35% of its workforce by @FinTech_Futures  2023-01-27 13:00:23

The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?

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Russian soldiers are deliberately leaving behind booby traps, landmines, and unexploded ordnance while retreating to spitefully punish civilians in vast swathes of Ukraine:

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Crispr is moving into agriculture and climate space to radically improve human health in a holistic way that can better safeguard our society and enable millions of people around the world to flourish.

A Googler says he was laid off while caring for his terminally-ill mom — but would take another job at the company 'in a heartbeat'

Mayor Wayne Brown has defended the speed of the response to widespread flooding and torrential rains, as he warns Aucklanders have a long night ahead - and a "major, major job ahead" to clean up. Meanwhile, a body has been found in Wairau Valley.

Give the kid in your life an age-appropriate device—of their own—that they'll actually enjoy.

$6.6 billion-worth fintech Wise accused by rival of harming competition


Scoops of the Day

Israeli forces kill nine Palestinians during West Bank raid by @Guardian  2023-01-26 14:11:16

Auckland Transport has reassured punters there's a public transport plan in place, as rain lashes the region.

Hundreds of Amazon workers are on strike in Britain, marking the first formal industrial action in the country for the U.S. tech giant. 📸: Reuters

Heavy rain and wind are arriving for the upper North Island, with warnings floods and slips may be coming.

Get on the #SugarRushRide ! #TXT  are back with their latest Mini Album#TheNameChapterTEMPTATION  and it's everything #MOA  have been dreaming of

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The Civil Defence minister confirmed a state of emergency was in place following confusion over an "imminent" declaration from Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown, as record rain and floods hit the region.

Watch the official trailer for the Shazam! Fury of the Gods, coming to theaters March 17. #ShazamMovie 

'GoldenEye 007' will hit Switch and Xbox on January 27th

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BofA names 360 managing directors, with focus on diversity by AmerBanker 2023-01-26 16:17:48

According to NASA, an asteroid will come within 2,200 miles of Earth's surface at about 7:27pm EST tonight. It will be one of the closest approaches by a near-Earth object ever recorded. But fear not, NASA says there is no risk of the asteroid impacting Earth. 📸: Getty

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Scoops of the Week

60% of Americans polled think billionaires like Elon Musk are good for the economy, but the economic data reveals something very different. WIRED spoke with economist @garyseconomics  and economist @AtifRMian  to debunk some commonly held beliefs about this nation's ultra-rich.

Starship completed its first full flight-like wet dress rehearsal at Starbase today. This was the first time an integrated Ship and Booster were fully loaded with more than 10 million pounds of propellant

The next Mac Pro may lack user upgradeable GPUs in addition to non-upgradeable RAM. Right now Apple Silicon Macs don’t support external GPUs and you have to use whatever configuration you buy on Apple’s website. But the Mac Pro GPU will be powerful with up to 76 cores.

GoldenEye 007 arrives on Nintendo Switch and Xbox on January 27th. Full details here:

Microsoft invests billions more dollars in OpenAI, extends partnership by @kyle_l_wiggers 

Donald Trump will get his Facebook and Instagram accounts back 'in the coming weeks'

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Twitter is censoring links to a BBC documentary that examined Prime Minister Modi's role in violent 2002 riots that saw over 1,000 deaths.

We have now released FSD Beta to nearly all customers in the US and Canada who bought FSD (approximately 400k)

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U.S. officially sues Google, claiming it has a digital ad monopoly by @etherington