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Bye Bye! All 57 members of the Buffalo Police Department's Emergency Response Team have resigned from the special unit.

'NO KNEELING!' for the anthem said Trump on Twitter today

Chicago officers struck Chicago Police Board PresidentGhian Foreman five times on his legs with their batons during a protest on Sunday in Hyde Park that turned violent, Foreman told WTTW News.

France announces it has killed leader of al-Qaeda in north Africa, Abdelmalek Droukdel, in an operation in Mali

JUST IN: Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand to donate $100 million over the next decade to organizations dedicated to racial inequality.

#BREAKING California to allow schools, gyms, bars to begin reopening next week

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance announced Friday that his office will decline to prosecute protest arrests on charges of unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct.

57 police officers have resigned from the Buffalo Police Dept in protest of the suspension of two officers who were filmed shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground. The victim has been hospitalized and is in "stable but serious condition," according to the mayor.

Derek Chauvin accused of illegally voting in Florida — where he was allegedly registered as a Republican


Scoops of the Day

I had to clip this because it is unbelievable. President @realDonaldTrump  just said this: “Hopefully, George is looking down right and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country. It’s a great day for him, it’s a great day for everybody.” #GeorgeFloyd 

BREAKING: law enforcement officials have seized thousands of cloth masks that were mailed to four different cities to protect Black Lives Matter protesters from COVID-19:

BREAKING: A judge just ruled that every Tennessee voter can now vote by mail for the 2020 elections.

UPDATE: The mayor of Buffalo says the 75-year-old man shoved by cops is in serious condition. Two officers have been suspended without pay.

Today is #BreonnaTaylor 's birthday. She would be 27. In March, police killed her when they stormed her home while she was sleeping, looking for a man who did not live there. 84 days later, no officers have been charged.

#YouAboutToLoseYoJob is pretty epic.

He really pointed up to the sky and said today's jobs report marks great day for a dead man killed by police.

Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 today. Happy birthday, Breonna. We will never stop fighting for you ❤️

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Protesters have the right to protest peacefully -- not be harassed. Not be shot at by rubber bullets or tear gas. Today I am calling for the creation of a new statewide standard for use of force in protests. Acts of violence against peaceful protestors will not be tolerated.

‘This is a moral wrong’ — @Ocasio2018  got personal while fighting for the Recognizing Poverty Act, which would expand and correct the definition of poverty in America


Scoops of the Week


Today Trump declared war on the people of the United States, threatening states that if the did not request federal troops in their states, the troops would be deployed forcibly. That’s illegal, and it would invoke a civil war.

Trump is hiding in an underground bunker rn. No joke.

Breaking: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer just announced every single officers' body camera was NOT ACTIVATED during the shooting last night that resulted in DavidMcAtee’s death. Not one.

BREAKING: The 3 other officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd 's killing will be charged with aiding and abetting murder, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Derek Chauvin's charge will be elevated to second-degree murder.

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‘You wanna f*cking do something? Make sure you’re registered to vote. Don’t start another goddamn fire,’ — This Black woman went off on people trashing her NYC neighborhood

People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. #V 

"I hope that my 13-year-old son grows up to be just as amazing as they are." Rahul Dubey opened his home to nearly 70 strangers overnight and sheltered them during D.C.'s curfew. He says our country needs people like THEM. FULL INTERVIEW:

SHOCKING VIDEO: LAPD officers seen striking protesters with batons in Fairfax district confrontation