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Unvaccinated people will need Covid cert to travel abroad – Tánaiste

‘Preferable’ that State owns site of new maternity hospital – Donnelly

Investigations launched into three separate stabbings in Dublin

Astronomical summer starts in the Northern Hemisphere today, the #SummerSolstice . Meteorological summer started June 1. Why? The former bases seasons on solstices and equinoxes; the latter marks seasons on monthly groupings and temperature cycles.

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The production of lipids in early plants enticed fungi to engage in crucial mutualism; this symbiosis allowed the first plants to colonize land 450 million years ago, a new study finds. 🔎 #ScienceResearch : ➡ : #SciencePerspective 

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Thinking that my greatest joy has been seeing these three kids grow up to adulthood-- Sarah, Kate, and Jordan! 1/2

Solstice or equinox? Summer solstice = longest-daylight day; winter solstice = shortest-daylight day. Equinox = day and night are of equal length. Why does it matter? Find out: #SummerSolstice2021 

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A @NatureMaterials  paper describes programmable icosahedral shells that can trap viruses and decrease viral infection.

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#PI_Daily The @NewHorizons2015  #Pluto  crater naming ceremony for our late colleague Lisa Hardaway late last week was very special. Enjoy the pictures taken at her widower’s and kids's home. #NASA  #Space  #Science 


Scoops of the Day

Special Report: The hope of a long hot summer is keeping many of us going, and for many gin lovers it’s the prospect of an al fresco cocktail or the perfect gin and tonic

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David McWilliams: Irish people like houses because they have made people rich

‘About 450,000’ people to get second AstraZeneca vaccine in coming five weeks

‘The industry will collapse unless we stop PUP’: Hotels, bars and restaurants struggle for staff

Cristiano Ronaldo retains a grip on the spotlight as age remains merely a number

A Sound Offer. Get a pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones when you purchase a Premium, Weekend or Complete subscription.

Miriam O’Callaghan: There are ‘chasms’ in our understanding of Northern Ireland

Mayo: An insiders' guide to food, drink, activities and walks

‘Differences should be celebrated’: Chu gives speech at anti-racism rally


Scoops of the Week

Concern over Catholic ethos for proposed new maternity hospital

Irish don’t need British permission to raise reunification, says Simon Harris

Pharmacists administering Covid jabs report stronger than expected interest from public

Large male boar running wild in Kerry, public warned

Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll: Sinn Féin rises to its highest ever level of support, while Fianna Fáil sees a six-point jump

Four in 10 under-35s in Dublin say they want to buy a first home but cannot afford it

Holohan advice on travel goes against EU policy, says industry body

‘Industry will collapse unless we stop PUP': Hotels, bars and restaurants struggle for staff

Amnesty says ‘important questions’ about the PSNI’s role in Oman must be answered