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The sickest parts of the story are starting to emerge--great NYT story with rich detail about how close we came to a putsch inside the Justice Dept. And a new sidekick villain who may beat them all.

It's painful to see the Niskanen Center, which I admire, fire Will Wilkinson, whom I also admire, over a tasteless tweet: obviously poorly worded irony, not even close to incitement. via @reason 

The Hawaiian Islands have been a geologic puzzle for decades. The theory of plate tectonics offers some answers, but the picture is not yet complete. #SN100 

Redid my home workspace— cleaner, sleeker, more color coordinated now, and even better it’s ergonomically mor @efficient — love it! Now I just need the right, dramatic artwork on the well over the space.


Scoops of the Day

Win one of ten tickets to The Irish Times Winter Nights Festival 2021 right from your own home

Snow in the Dublin mountains, the first Sikh Garda reservist, and China rushes to test two million people in Beijing for Covid-19: The Images of the Day, selected by picture editor @b_fitzsimons 

Passengers arriving into Republic without valid PCR tests could face compulsory quarantine

Supreme Court rejects appeal by parents of brain-injured boy over control of treatment

‘Further possible options’ being explored for Leaving Cert 2021

Man treated in Galway hospital after eating leaves from garden plant

‘We’d love to offer a service’: Principal keen to reopen school for vulnerable pupils

Ronan Mullen calls for national voluntary collection for mother and baby home survivors


Scoops of the Week

Older people should increase exercise prior to Covid-19 vaccination – report

Short film I made & first time I reference my adoption in work. Because I was born in UK I’ve been lucky enough to get my original birth certificate & other information, unlike thousands of other Irish people who are denied this #BirthCerts4AdopteesNOW 

St Patrick’s Day parade cancelled for second year in a row

Covid-19: Church of Ireland urges parishes to offer buildings as vaccination centres

Restrictions may be needed until May if people do not curb movements, Nphet member says

Varadkar leaked GP contract while Harris urgently sought copy

Taoiseach wants European languages to be taught across all primary schools

Trump flies out to the strains on My Way...

tweet picture

Garda trainees on frontline ‘receiving 30% of starting salary’

As the 69-year-old becomes America’s next first lady, Jill Biden will be the first to continue her professional career, as a teacher, while in the role