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Thousands of treasure seekers flock to KwaHlathi village in South Africa, after discovery of gem-like stones they believe to be diamonds 💎

Huge fire at chemical plant in Illinois left to burn out on its own, as water runoff could cause "environmental nightmare"

Family shock as 'dead' cat comes home

To conclude: A wave is still a wave, and admissions still follow cases, but vaccines mean fewer cases are now severe enough to require hospital. Keep getting your jabs, folks.

Roy Keane looks like he knows how to survive for six months eating only lichen and living in a hare-skin bivouac - and is furious that you don't

Alibaba's Jack Ma is 'lying low', says co-founder

NI Assembly approves Irish/Ulster-Scots translation plans

Court cancels tycoon's acquittal over Slovakia murders

"We agreed a trade deal with Norway that didn't give us access to the fishing is the only time we've not had access." Labour MP Emma Hardy exposes how Hull fisherman are affected by Brexit. @IainDale  | #CrossQuestion  | @emmaannhardy 

'The people who are doing this know it's wrong. This is simply about greed.' Labour MP Barry Gardiner passionately defends his bill to stop the practice of 'fire and rehire' by employers. @IainDale  | @BarryGardiner 


Scoops of the Day

NATO warns of threats to security as China ‘rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal’

💥 Boris Johnson’s former race adviser has warned of another Stephen Lawrence or Jo Cox tragedy if members of the government continue to inflame the culture wars gripping parts of the nation - big new story by @aamnamohdin ⁩

On #BBCBreakfast  Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove is challenged over the government’s decision to add India to the travel red list on April 23th, 14 days after neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Irish scientists identify how and why some Covid patients develop life-threatening blood clots

Turns out phone-hacking was just the tip of the iecberg. Bent coppers being paid £500-£2k for celebrity & royal stories. Murdoch's NoTW used one firm of private eyes 500 times a month. They paid a Murdoch editor's school fees in return.

'This vitriol and violence is a direct consequence of stoking up hatred of the BBC. The people who attack them daily have caused this.' James O'Brien's powerful response to anti-lockdown marchers chasing and abusing journalist Nicholas Watt. @mrjamesob 

🎒 "We must remember, teachers’ unions don’t necessarily have children’s best interests at heart...They are not school unions or childrens’ unions" | Writes@calvinrobinson 

International Criminal Court prosecutor seeks full investigation into suspected crimes against humanity during the Philippines' war on drugs

Greece’s 5-year bond yield fell below zero for the first time, a stunning comeback since the country was locked out of bond markets and needed bailouts during the region’s debt crisis. Italy is now the only euro-member with positive 5-year borrowing costs.

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Scoops of the Week

Here’s the key table from @PHE_uk  new report on vaccine efficacy against hospitalisation with Delta variant: After 1 dose • Pfizer: 94% effective • AstraZeneca: 71% effective After 2 doses • Pfizer: 96% • AstraZeneca: 92% Full preprint here:

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'They signed it, got elected on the back of it and now they're complaining about it. If only somebody warned them.' James O'Brien reacts to Dominic Raab claiming the EU is taking an 'overly purist' approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol. @mrjamesob 

All 19 workers at fast food restaurant in Pakistan detained after refusing to give police officers free burgers

Ten years ago this summer Tyler James returned to the Camden Square house he shared with Amy Winehouse, his best friend and housemate of nearly a decade, to find an ambulance parked outside Upstairs, she was dead in her bedroom

The debate surrounding @Ilhan  and @ryangrim  is not about this or that historical event. It's about whether the US deserves special status as an obviously distinct and morally superior force. And you cannot sustain that position with evidence. It is an article of nationalist faith

“I want people to please, please recognise how hard she had worked to come off drugs and just how close she was to [giving up drink] for good, how close she was to being healthy”

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Netanyahu out as new Israeli government approved

'We are living through a trans panic.' LGBTQ+ activist Katy Montgomerie explains that the media try to 'generate outrage' over trans recognition as more rights are given to the community. @NatashaDevonMBE  @KatyMontgomerie |

Kevin Sinfield has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his work in raising awareness of MND 🏅 His Leeds Rhinos teammate Rob Burrow is living with the condition. #BBCBreakfast  had this surprise for Kevin ⬇️