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Once, have you heard? TWICE @JYPETWICE ) will perform “DEPEND ON YOU” at the #TIME100Talks  on Jan. 28 at 7 PM EST / Jan. 29 at 8 AM HKT. Register here:

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How about these words? Merrick Garland. Scorched earth? McConnell burned comity and fairness to the ground a long time ago. And now the arsonist complains about the flames.

#WATCH | Undated, viral video of Rakesh Tikait appealing to his supporters to be armed with lathis & be ready to save their land. Parvina with details.

Senate vote shows Trump 'likely' headed for acquittal at trial

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed the execution of Democrats in old Facebook posts, report says

Watch VP Harris, the first woman vice president, swear in Janet Yellen, the first woman treasury secretary

In early action, Biden tries to make good on pledge to heal America's racial divide

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A handmade crocheted doll inspired by the viral inauguration meme of Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $40,000 for Meals on Wheels America when it was sold in an online auction

"They're dealing with what we would usually think of as a fringe, violent, extremist criminal movement," @maddow  says of the Republican Party. "That's more than a party in disarray. That's something where it's very hard to have a stable democracy based on a two-party system."


Scoops of the Day

NHS chief exe Sir Simon Stevens confirms 'NHS Test and Trace' isn't run by the NHS. "I can't comment specifically on Test and Trace because as you know that is run by the Department of Health and Social Care rather than by the NHS or NHS England per se." Ooh 🔥

“This is the worst violence the Netherlands has witnessed in 40 years” Foreign correspondent Anna Holligan tells #BBCBreakfast  riot police have again clashed with protesters defying a curfew, following a weekend of unrest.

BREAKING: More than 100,000 people in the UK have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus since the pandemic began

Before the Australian Open, @RafaelNadal  is quarantining in his hotel like his fellow competitors. But he tells me "we can’t complain." "You see how many are dying around the world… how many people are losing their father, their mum, without having the chance to say goodbye."

Lidl supermarket staff are to get a £200 bonus in recognition of their hard work during the pandemic. Many will wonder why NHS staff haven't had a similar bonus. (The cost would be dwarfed by the £22bn budget for test and trace, after all.)

#WATCH | Delhi: Protestors attacked Police at Red Fort, earlier today. #FarmersProtest 

JUST IN: President Biden signs executive order directing the Justice Dept. not to renew contracts with private prisons.

#WATCH A protestor hoists a flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi #FarmLaws  #RepublicDay 

BREAKING: Biden to order DOJ to end private prison contracts as part of racial equity push


Scoops of the Week

Russian police detain more than 2,000 people during nationwide protests in support of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, monitors say

Sick of seeing friends die from complications during pregnancy, this Nigerian woman came up with a brilliant but simple way to make a difference. Listen to more on this from People Fixing The World:

Six-month-old panda cub, Fu Bao, just couldn't bear to let her zookeeper's leg go! 🐼😍

There is a house on my road that has an old boot scraper next to it. My neighbour Beth has been filling it with wonderful mice scenes since the first lockdown, to cheer passers by up. Yesterday she added... Bernie. It’s made me smile so much 😂 #Berniememes  #BernieSandersMittens 

Am I losing my mind or did Democrats win the Senate and McConnell is essentially filibustering them taking majority control of the body?

Democrats need to treat this relief package (and their legislative agenda) the way McConnell treats Supreme Court nominations: you do what needs to be done to get it done.

Ex-Houston police officer claimed he only breached the Capitol during riots to see "historical art"

Remains his best commercial ever. The perfect capper.

Irkutsk has come out for Navalny. One of many such scenes across Russia today

Texas To Fully End Taxpayer Funding Of Planned Parenthood By Feb. 3. Innocent lives will be saved.