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Doctor fined for amputating wrong leg of patient in Austria

Arizona officer fired after fatally shooting man in wheelchair

Breaking: Home office official admits those on board a dinghy that sank last week in the English channel may have tried to contact the UK authorities. Two survivors claim they made repeated calls begging for rescue. It never came. Our @guardian  story

'While they were having a party, my grandad was dying in hospital.' This caller speaks to Iain Dale after the PM refused to rule out that a Downing Street Christmas party took place last year. @IainDale 

US police to search arms supplier over fatal Rust film shooting

Hayden Brown, 53, squirted glue into the keyhole of the door to a pharmacy, stopping more than 500 people from getting their booster jab

Doocy: “You advised the president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming in to this country, does that include everybody?” Fauci: “The answer is yes.” Doocy: “What about … these border crossers?” Fauci: “That’s a different issue.”

#BREAKING WTA "suspends all tournaments in China" due to Peng Shuai affair, an official says #AFPSports 

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BREAKING: First omicron case in the United States


Scoops of the Day

'I'm damned if I can remember which MP it was that led the government's failed attempt to reform the House of Commons Standards system that is now investigating Jacob Rees-Mogg.' @mrjamesob 

Four dead and buildings destroyed as powerful storm tears through Turkey

Pub landlord Adam Brooks: 'If you're scared to go to the pub at the moment, please don't go. But don't call for other people not to be able to make that choice.' @TomSwarbrick1  | @EssexPR 

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'One rule for them, one rule for us' - @Keir_Starmer  #PMQs 

Starmer sounds onto something with this spin document that urges staff to call "refurbishment" of hospitals "new hospitals". Would be interesting to see the actual document #PMQs 

@BorisJohnson  says "all the guidance was followed" as @Keir_Starmer  asks about No10 xmas party last year. That's the same defence when he was spotted without a mask in Hexham hospital recently. He later apologised for not wearing one at all times.

Twitter will remove images tweeted without consent

Starmer on PM's definition of new hospitals: he probably described his new wallpaper as "a new flat" #PMQs 

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Professor Melinda Mills says it makes sense to make wearing masks mandatory whilst kids are in school. She tells @susannareid100  and @RobbieRinder  that 'there's no evidence that wearing face masks harm children.'


Scoops of the Week

'This is as absurd as mandating nuts in every meal.' @MaajidNawaz  hits out at those who have 'abandoned their critical thinking faculties' when it comes to Covid mandates.

James O'Brien: The notion you're more threatened by wearing a mask than by coronavirus baffles me. @mrjamesob 

The RNLI has confirmed a Hastings lifeboat was blocked from rescuing migrants after an LBC caller witnessed fishermen shouting angry abuse.

Barbados celebrates becoming republic as island swears in first president and honours Rihanna as “national hero”

'How is Facebook correcting a consultant cardiologist on his expertise?' Maajid Nawaz speaks to Dr Aseem Malhotra after his research was fact-checked after being published on Facebook. @MaajidNawaz  | @DrAseemMalhotra 

Air passengers test positive for new variant in Netherlands

BREAKING: Chairwoman of South African Medical Association says Omicron coronavirus variant is causing 'mild disease' and 'no prominent symptoms'

Barbados will become a republic this week, replacing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. British colonizers enslaved over 380,000 people to work on Barbados' sugar plantations. Sandra Mason, set to be the first president, said she wants to "fully leave our colonial past behind."

BTS ARMY ASSEMBLES: @bts_bighit  fans formed a massive queue Friday in Inglewood to buy official band merchandise ahead of the group's concert at @SoFi  Stadium. @BTS_ARMY   @BTS_twt