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Three weeks after the US election, the presidential transition process is finally under way But what does it involve?

Here's the piece I was working on when I made my unsuccessful FoI request. Boris #Johnson  attended Lebedev's Xmas 2017 party. The future PM was spotted in the upstairs party room - decorated with #Stalin  portrait - where class-A drugs were later consumed

BLM demonstrator who spat in cop's face claims she was aiming for his back

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He didn't build a wall. Or make Mexico pay for it. He didn't #DrainTheSwamp . He filled it w/bigger reptiles. He exploded the debt w/a #GOPTaxScam . He lied to them. He infected them. He left them in the cold. 79% of Trump voters still can't quit him.

JUST POSTED: @realDonaldTrump  & Co. have been pumping out emails to his supporters stating the election was stolen from him. This barrage of disinformation, which sows suspicion & paranoia, goes far beyond his tweets. Read my article on this & please RT.

BREAKING: Charlie Morton has agreed to terms on a one-year, $15 million deal with the Braves. The deal was negotiated by Andrew Lowenthal and BB Abbott of Jet Sports. It’s the largest free agent contract so far this offseason.

New poll: 79% of @realDonaldTrump  voters believe the election was stolen. With a large group of his supporters, he is successfully making the case that he didn’t lose.

Nearly a third of the nurses who've died of coronavirus in the US are Filipino, even though Filipino nurses make up just 4% of the nursing population nationwide, according to a recent report from the largest nurses' union in the country.

Your must-read: @TuckerCarlson : Yes, the election was rigged for Joe Biden. Here's how”

#WATCH | India testfires land-attack version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


Scoops of the Day

International air travellers will, in future, need to prove they have had Covid-19 vaccine in order to board Qantas flights, airline says

Sir Edward Leigh MP: "Can the Prime Minister assure me that under any future lockdown, we never return to the abolition of going to religious services? There’s never been a shred of evidence that they cause any problem" South Korea in February:

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Funding for test and trace will increase to £22bn a year. That is nearly equivalent to a FIFTH of the entire annual NHS budget… I asked @BorisJohnson  whether the current service offers anywhere near a FIFTH of the benefits of the entire NHS? He said it provided good value.

The Cabinet Office is routinely obstructing freedom of information requests and has a blacklist of journalists working for @guardian  and @DailyMirror , @openDemocracy  reports. As I discovered last month when inquiring about Lord Lebedev ..

Covid-19: World's top latex glove maker shuts factories

Health workers in rural parts of the US struggling to manage with surge in critically ill patients

‘Our country is going hungry on the week before Thanksgiving’ — Watch Rep. @Ocasio2018  slam the Senate for failing to pass a relief bill before breaking for Thanksgiving

Unaddressed Corruption: @TomFitton  says the Republican establishment is ignoring massive evidence of fraud and corruption targeting not just @realDonaldTrump  but every American voter #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Here are the songs we had on repeat in our homes all year long

JUST IN: @LesterHoltNBC  will sit down with President-elect Joe Biden tomorrow in an exclusive interview, his first since clinching the presidency, on @NBCNightlyNews  at 6:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. ET.

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Scoops of the Week

'In 90 seconds, 14 people lay dead and mortally wounded on the field and banks of Croke Park and on the streets outside. Tonight, 100 years on, we pause to remember them all: the 14 who went to a match, and never came home.' #B100dySunday 

@SidneyPowell1  of President Trump's legal team tells me she "will start putting documents online" as early as this weekend and hopes to take the election to court "by next week".

Nigerian army admits to having live rounds at Lekki Toll Gate protests, despite previous denials

Grant is sick and tired of the mainstream media 'lying' to the American people. @stinchfield1776 

I am still in shock that national reporters are attacking me for just reporting that these are new serious allegations with sworn affidavits and that it should be looked into before December 14th. WTF has happened to my profession?

BREAKING: Wayne County, Michigan GOP members say they were 'bullied' to certify the vote

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Watching Giuliani and Sidney Powell, I’m reminded of learning very early on as a reporter that *lots* of people with very impressive resumes were also totally unhinged cranks. Quite common!

Hey Mitch, this has gone way past counting votes and presenting legal challenges. Trump is trying to overthrow a legally elected president and thwart the will of 80 million voters. Do we dare call this what it is: treasonous. How long will you stay silent?

Would you vote for Scott Baio to replace Sen. Mitt Romney?