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New Covid-19 test will give results 'in minutes' and is set to roll out in 133 nations

President Trump's taxes 'national security' issue, Nancy Pelosi says

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The rise in bushmeat trade can be traced directly to our current pandemic, says conservationist Beverly Joubert. Even now, she says, “pangolins are being poached at an alarming rate… I’m troubled by this senselessness of us not waking up.” @dereckbeverly 

Pubs are set to reopen in Kenya but the schools will stay shut

President Trump’s former national security adviser @LTGHRMcMaster  reacts to the @nytimes  reporting on Trump’s taxes: "The president may not have led by example at least in terms of paying taxes… It’ll be an issue… that our adversaries will try to exploit."

IS-linked militants use donkey strapped with explosives to ambush governor of Nigeria's Borno state

Belarusian opposition figure & Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich goes to Germany for treatment, aide says

Poll shows support for #Welsh  independence is at a record high Sion Jobbins@MarchGlas ), Chair of @YesCymru  explains why the appetite for autonomy is growing.


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In an exclusive interview with #BBCBreakfast  Sir David Attenborough reveals his grave concerns for the planet and where his hope for the future lies. Watch it in full here:

‘Donald J. Trump paid $750 in income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750. He had paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years. Bombshell @nytimes ⁩ probe

Mass arrests in Belarus on seventh weekend of protests calling for President Lukashenko to resign

Poland LGBT: Diplomats from 50 countries call for end to discrimination

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan rages in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

Spain's top court bans Catalonia leader Quim Torra from office after he refused to take down a pro-independence symbol

Care Minister Helen Whately told Sky News the govt cannot support jobs where there ‘isn’t work at the moment’. @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100  ask what the govt is going to do about viable businesses that can’t operate because of restrictions they have put in place?

Maple trees offer most protection from harmful UV rays, study suggests

President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, and nothing in 10 of the prior 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made. Read the takeaways from our exclusive look at decades of Trump’s tax records.

reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son


Scoops of the Week

How many did you get right? Read the full article 👇

Researchers have suggested that universal mask-wearing might be helping to reduce the severity of coronavirus. But how much do you know about face masks and #Covid19  immunity? Test your knowledge with this *thread*! 👇

Paul Dacre to run @Ofcom Ofcom, Charles Moore to run the BBC. Because Boris wants them. No process. No joke. This is what an oligarchy looks like

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This account from a mother of a student at Glasgow university is absolutely mind-blowing

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It's true! Academics argue universal mask-wearing could become a form of variolation (inoculation) that would generate immunity and “thereby slow the spread of the virus”

People with large thighs or wide hips are less likely to die early, according to scientists

EXCLUSIVE Laurence Fox is launching a new political party to fight the culture wars, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal @LozzaFox 

Sir Patrick has already cashed in more than £5 million worth of shares from the company

GB News says it will target those who feel “underserved and unheard by their media”

Pres Trump: I am signing the first-ever executive order to affirm that it is the "official policy of the United States Government to protect patients with pre-existing conditions." Fact: The Affordable Care Act signed by Pres Obama made covering pre-existing conditions U.S. law.