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Netanyahu out as new Israeli government approved

The Queen, in pink and far far away, arrives to await the US President.

Queen to meet Joe Biden at Windsor Castle

CN The Telegraph's @sophia_yan  ​criss-crossed Xinjiang over nine days to investigate China’s crackdown on the Uyghurs. 🚨Part one of our special video series focuses on the culture erasure of the Uyghurs Watch it in full, here: …

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: G7 calls for access for aid workers

Biden says America is back at the table at G7 summit

The Stars and Stripes as the band marches on to the quadrangle.

‘I’ve learned the importance of hope’ - how North Manchester General’s Victorian infirmary got through a 21st Century pandemic (by @JenWilliamsMEN )

Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year run as Israel's prime minister ended with parliament approving a new ‘government of change’ led by nationalist Naftali Bennett

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This guy may have actually had information that would lead to the arrest of hillary clinton


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“The G7 leaders endorsed a global minimum tax of 15%” US President Joe Biden says “too many corporations have been engaged in what are essentially tax havens” and “I will move on this at home as well” Latest:

'We are living through a trans panic.' LGBTQ+ activist Katy Montgomerie explains that the media try to 'generate outrage' over trans recognition as more rights are given to the community. @NatashaDevonMBE  @KatyMontgomerie |

"I just want people to know that I'm not a bad child" Ten-year-old Deaglan McCallion wants people to be more understanding of his condition

G7 leaders face biggest climate change decisions in history - David Attenborough

How to do CPR and why it could save someone's life

'Arm up and get guns': Lara Trump warns people may have to 'start taking matters into their own hands'

I just signed a law banning "Zuckerbucks" in Texas. It bans private groups like the one supported by Zuckerberg from spending millions to administer elections like Zuckerberg & others did in Texas. That is a government function not to be messed with by election influencers.

Christian Eriksen still being alive & able to be dad to his kids is so wonderful. Medical professionals are incredible humans. The strength and sensitivity of my colleagues @Dean36ashton10 @SalAhmad @SexyDavid101  and @alex_crookn  air with me during that period was immense 🙏

Alright, Leon Edwards x Nathan Diaz is actually next. First, five-round non-title non-main event in UFC history.

It speaks to the Myanmar people's hatred of the junta that many are forsaking urgently needed medical care rather than frequent hospitals that soldiers are occupying.

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Scoops of the Week

NEW: UK’s full reopening is set to be postponed by a month due to resurgence in cases — and now hospitalisations — fuelled by the Delta variant. StoryThread: first up, that core data: UK admissions, patients & ventilator bed numbers now all climbing

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'They signed it, got elected on the back of it and now they're complaining about it. If only somebody warned them.' James O'Brien reacts to Dominic Raab claiming the EU is taking an 'overly purist' approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol. @mrjamesob 

South African woman gives birth to 10 babies in what could be a new world record

🔴Exclusive: Andrew Lloyd Webber has pledged to reopen his theatres without social distancing later this month “come hell or high water” And is prepared to be arrested for it. ~ Thread 👇

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'If this was a left-wing Government, the tabloids would call it taxpayers' money.' James O'Brien reacts to a court ruling Michael Gove broke the law by awarding a Covid contract worth £560,000 to friends of Dominic Cummings. @mrjamesob 

NEW: latest data now show a clear rise in hospital admissions in the UK, and numbers could climb rapidly. Admissions & patient numbers in the North West are ~straight lines on a log-scale: exponential growth Our story, with @mroliverbarnes  & @AndyBounds :

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Ten years ago this summer Tyler James returned to the Camden Square house he shared with Amy Winehouse, his best friend and housemate of nearly a decade, to find an ambulance parked outside Upstairs, she was dead in her bedroom

The debate surrounding @Ilhan  and @ryangrim  is not about this or that historical event. It's about whether the US deserves special status as an obviously distinct and morally superior force. And you cannot sustain that position with evidence. It is an article of nationalist faith

“I want people to please, please recognise how hard she had worked to come off drugs and just how close she was to [giving up drink] for good, how close she was to being healthy”

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Indonesia McDonalds branches forced to shut due to high orders of BTS meals