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Today, as Chair of the National Space Council, I am announcing the release of our United States Space Priorities Framework. We will use this Framework to guide and implement our national space policy and strategy going forward.

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said that big greenhouse gas emitting countries like China, India, Russia and others must move faster to help the world avert the worst impacts of global warming

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Found Safe! Ziona & her father were located in NYC, after being spotted by a passenger on the subway. That passenger recognized them from the Montgomery County Police news release that had been shared by the group, @BAM_FI  on Facebook. Via @mcpnews 

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The U.S. is "deeply concerned by evidence that Russia has made plans for significant aggressive moves against Ukraine," Secretary of State Antony Blinken says.

Today I marked #WorldAidsDay , remembering all those who've lost their lives to the disease, celebrating those who've fought the stigma attached to it, and committing to end the world HIV epidemic.

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As the government says there's no need to call off festive plans for 2021, Boris Johnson faces questions over reports of lockdown parties at Number 10 last Christmas. @ameliaajenne  reports.

Wall Street advances but investors on edge with Omicron, inflation worries

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Authorities say a 17-year-old boy has become the fourth student to die from a school shooting in Michigan.


Scoops of the Day

The Prime Minister has lived his life never facing consequences for breaking the rules. But when you occupy Number 10 during a pandemic that's not just wrong, its dangerous. We can't have one rule for him and another for everyone else anymore.

The emergence of the #Omicron  variant has understandably captured global attention. At least 23 countries from five of six WHO regions have now reported cases of Omicron, and we expect that number to grow: WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu (File photo)

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Officials released the names of the three victims killed when they say a 15-year-old student opened fire at a Michigan high school. One was a football player, who died as authorities tried to rush him to hospital.

University staff face a 35% cut to guaranteed pensions, their pay is down 20% in real terms in 12 years and a third of academic staff are on insecure contracts. Solidarity to @UoNUCU  & @ucu  branches across the country on strike today! ✊🏽 #OneOfUsAllOfUs 

New age progression created by forensic artists at NCMEC shows what Bryan Dossantos-Gomes may look like today at 14 years old. Bryan was only 4 weeks old on Dec. 1, 2006 when he was allegedly abducted at knifepoint by a stranger.

Wisconsin Republicans are working to discredit the bipartisan system they created to run state elections after President Joe Biden narrowly won last year's presidential race. It's the latest front in the GOP push to exert more control over elections.

28 years ago, Democrats and Republicans put country over party to pass the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act into law. Today, our nation's gun violence epidemic demands this kind of leadership again. It’s time Republicans join Democrats to expand gun safety and save lives.

The rules were clear, it's just that @BorisJohnson  didn't think they applied to him or his mates #oneruleforthem  #PMQs 

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A federal appeals court on Tuesday restored California's prohibition on high-capacity magazines, a decision with national implications that could also lead to the reinstatement of a state ban on semiautomatic weapons.


Scoops of the Week

LVMH, Louis Vuitton and Off White are devastated to announce the passing of Virgil Abloh, on Sunday, November 28th, of cancer, which he had been battling privately for several years.

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Scientists say the new Omicron Covid variant is "very different" to other variants of coronavirus

We are now more than 18 months into this pandemic and the Prime Minister is still completely incapable of delivering simple, easily understandable public health messages that will a) ensure that people understand the rules and b) help to keep us all safe. Absolutely woeful.

Today in Parliament Conservative MPs refused to wear masks. They think the rules don't apply to them, only to the working people who work in our hospitals, stack our shelves and care for our elderly.

A year ago South Africa & other Global South countries demanded a vaccine patent waiver, allowing them to vaccinate more people, save lives & reduce the risk of dangerous new variants. Big Pharma lobbied against it & it was refused. Profit should never be put before people.

If Boris Johnson really wanted to reduce transmission of the virus, he would stop forcing workers to choose between isolating & putting food on the table. Raising statutory sick pay to the real living wage is a basic public health measure which must be taken immediately.

A clip of Jill Biden reading a book to students during a White House holiday event has been manipulated to insert audio of a child yelling a disparaging comment. But the first lady wasn't interrupted. The added audio came from an old, unrelated video.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) caught 3,646 iPhone-13 smartphones at Mumbai airport that were being smuggled into India from Singapore in two consignments on Nov 26. The total value of the seized goods is around Rs 42.86 crores: DRI

LIVE: Outside court where opening arguments are to begin in Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Labour will ban former Ministers from lobbying and consultancy jobs for at least five years after they leave office. We will replace the broken system, end this racket and stop former Ministers walking into cushy lobbying gigs and lining their pockets.