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Indonesia has sent thousands of firefighters and troops to battle forest fires causing toxic haze across Southeast Asia. Read more on the story here:

Another day of federal politics has brought with it more revelations about embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s alleged links to China. | @vanOnselenP 

Hands off Hong Kong! The largest political party in HK's legislature says U.S. interference in HK affairs is absolutely inappropriate

Corey Lewandowski: "I also received hundreds of thousands of emails, some days with as many as 1,000 emails -- and unlike Hillary Clinton, I don't think I ever deleted any of those."

Dozens of people have been arrested over suspected involvement in massive forest fires in Indonesia. Thousands of hectares of ecologically rich land have been burned, engulfing the region in a thick toxic haze.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes no victory claim or concession of defeat in a speech after exit polls showed no clear winner. More here:

The US and Saudi “didn’t anticipate a strike from inside Iran” and so defenses were pointing the other way. This despite them constantly describing Iran as a menace & a threat to stability.

[BREAKING NEWS] Constitutional Court rules that spanking a child is unconstitutional. #sabcnews 

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US says Luxembourg PM's outrageous snub to Boris Johnson 'shows why the UK wants Brexit' as EU diplomats admit the stunt has backfired

Hindi shouldn't be imposed. Not just TN but none of the southern states will accept imposition of Hindi. Not only Hindi, no language should be imposed. If there's a common language it's good for country's unity&progress but forcing a language isn't acceptable: Rajinikanth (ANI)

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Scoops of the Day

BREAKING: Legendary journalist and @ABC  News political commentator Cokie Roberts has died, according to her family. She was 75.

Inspired by environmentalist Greta Thunberg, this 12-year-old wants Thailand to ban single-use plastic bags by 2020. The average Thai uses 8 plastic bags every day.

Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge "projectiles"

In discussing why the US stands ready to wage war on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the president literally said they “pay cash.”

The government of the United States has just announced a lawsuit over my memoir, which was just released today worldwide. This is the book the government does not want you to read: (link corrected)

Update: The Trump administration just officially made good on its goal to privatize the inspection of the kill line in pork slaughterhouses. The pork industry is now responsible for inspecting itself.

Cops reportedly harassed a group of kids for waiting at a bus stop and even ordered one Black teen into their car with no explanation

BREAKING: Democratic Donor Ed Buck charged by @LADAOffice  with operating a drug house and providing methamphetamine to a 37-year-old man who suffered an overdose last week @NBCNews  @NBCLA  w/ @LeonardFiles 

Hi, @realDonaldTrump . Let me break it down in simple terms for you... Reducing emissions: -Protects our air & health -Is good for the economy -Allows families to pay less at the pump We’re here in the 21st century. Let us know when you decide to join us.

No group fights harder to protect the Constitution than @NRA  members, and although we are always attacked, we will never back down. Oh, and just a friendly reminder to all these gun grabbers, our AR-15s are protected under the Constitution. Happy #ConstitutionDay ! #2A  #IAmTheNRA 

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Scoops of the Week

This caller put Jeanine Pirro and Fox News on blast for their racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric

Most dangerous places to live, 2019. 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nigeria 4. Argentina 5. India 6. Peru 7. Kenya 8. Ukraine 9. Turkey 10. Colombia 11. Mexico 12. UK 13. Egypt 14. Philippines 15. Italy 16. US 17. Indonesia 18. Greece 19. Kuwait 20. Thailand (InterNations)

@halsey  on @BTS_twt : “Behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. It’s a universal dialect” #TIME100 

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7 years ago, homeless mom Tanya McDowell got 5 years in prison for enrolling her son in a school outside her listed district. Today, wealthy actress Felicity Huffman got 14 days for paying $15K to rig her daughter's SAT scores. Huffman says she's "deeply ashamed."

HMMM: SCHIFF has issued a cryptic subpoena, claiming an intel community whistleblower's complaint has been withheld from Congress -- and could, perhaps, involve the president.

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Last night proved Beto would do anything to get ahead. He promised confiscation of commonly-owned rifles – leaving law-abiding Americans defenseless. Beto is so desperate he‘s fundraising by selling t-shirts with his confiscation promise on it – DISGUSTING. Beto will fail.

The New York Times trying to get their credibility back like

History will look back and determine that the fact Trump got this far into his presidency without being impeached was a serious failure of the nature and character of the U.S. Congress and a sign our checks and balances do not work nearly as well as they should.

The Kavanaugh defense was not "Yes, I drank too much in my last year of high school and first year of college, misbehaved in ways that embarrass me now, I am sincerely sorry, and have never done anything like it since." His defense was: It's all lies, every word.