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Five GOP attorneys general are seeking to block an effort by three Democratic-led states to see the Equal Rights Amendment adopted into the U.S. Constitution.

After a federal judge temporarily blocked Georgia's restrictive abortion law, lawyers for the state and for opponents of the measure are battling over whether the law should be permanently barred from taking effect.

Hubei province, #China  reports 630 new #coronavirus  cases for Saturday, compared to 366 the previous day.

So Dem centrist friends, here's the cold hard truth: You have 10 days to unify around a candidate. Impossible? Hard to imagine? It's hard to imagine a plan B that would not involve tearing apart the party in very damaging and dangerous ways.

And again, for me, the best choice is a candidate that can appeal to both the progressive and centrist elements of the party, the candidate who would be the best campaigner in the Fall, the candidate who would make the best president: @elizabethforma  .

Fears mounted as cases of the new coronavirus multiplied outside China in places such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with pockets of outbreak sparking lockdowns and school closures

State-owned enterprises, which have an official mandate to hire more minority workers, appear at least as biased as other firms

How to enhance your work-life balance


Scoops of the Day

Jimin on #BTS : "We're really thankful to our fans that we had this chance to look back and reflect"

Watch Variety's full interview with #BTS  right here

—New cases of the coronavirus spike in Iran and South Korea —Clusters of the virus are found in China’s prisons —Coronavirus cases in the U.S. reach 34, and more are expected Latest updates:

#BREAKING Italy PM announces halt to entry and exit from coronavirus hotspots

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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, according to projections by multiple networks. Entrance polls showed him winning a commanding proportion of Hispanic/Latinx voters and voters under 44.

“A squeaky, angry minority.” MSNBC is gonna be must-watch TV the next few weeks. Carville follows by calling Putin the real winner today.

A group of firefighters and police that were responding to a bee sting were attacked by a swarm of nearly 40,000 Africanized bees.Three of the first responders were rushed to the hospital, while the others quickly shut down the block.

Irony goes supercharged as the new blue passport is made in Poland by French/Dutch firm and UK passport maker De La Rue left at risk and laying people off. I don’t recall the slogan ‘British jobs for Polish workers’ but here it is in action. Somehow this is a success.

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Suga says of #BTS : "I think what was different and really fun about this was more of the members participated in this album"

JUST IN: Roger Stone is moving to force Judge Amy Berman Jackson to recuse herself because she praised the jurors for serving with "integrity." Stone says she can't rule fairly on his motion for a new trial (based on juror bias) because of this.


Scoops of the Week

Russia is aiding President Trump in the 2020 election, intelligence officials told lawmakers. Trump complained Democrats might exploit the news.

Today, @BTS_twt  drops their new album “Map of the Soul: 7.” Read TIME’s cover story from October 2018 on how the group is taking over the world

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An Aussie mum's strong message about bullying has gone viral and is breaking people's hearts.

Trump’s pardons are a big f-you to the prosecutors and FBI agents who worked long and hard on these cases—and a signal to those who target subjects with ties to Trump that their efforts may be for naught. And that’s the point.

CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.

Mike Bloomberg is WAY richer than people realize. Bloomberg's so rich that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize just how much money he has. So we made an animation to help.

Judge Jackson should be impeached for her outrageous unfair sentence and her hyper partisan remarks and conduct: Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years for lying, witness tampering as case roils DOJ #MAGA  @realDonaldTrump ⁩ #AmericaFirst 

The world has rallied around this 9-year-old boy bullied at school for his dwarfism. Hugh Jackman posted a video telling him "you've got a friend in me," and US comedian Brad Williams has raised enough money to send him and his mom to Disneyland.