Children separated from their families as part of the Trump administration's immigration policy can be heard in a new audio recording crying out for their parents
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.@Zac_Petkanas says on Fox News a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome was separated from her mother at the border.

Corey Lewandowski responds: "Womp womp."
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BREAKING: Canada legalises cannabis as bill passes Senate
There is no low to which this coward Corey Lewandowski won’t sink. This man should not be afforded a national platform to spew his hate.
Trump withdraws US from UN Human Rights Council
Canada will legalise marijuana for recreational use after a landmark law passes the Senate
US military is preparing to receive remains of about 200 American or allied service members from North Korea.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross shorted stock days after learning that reporters were preparing a potentially negative story about his dealings with a Kremlin-linked company
"We had a great meeting," @POTUS says as he departs Capitol Hill after a meeting on immigration with congressional leaders. #SpecialReport
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#LDTPoll: Do you believe President Trump's strategy of imposing heavy tariffs is the only way to get China to understand the U.S. will only accept balanced and reciprocal trade?
"This to me as a pediatrician seems like government-sanctioned child endangerment." - Dr. Alan Shapiro on the Trump administration's family separation policy
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BREAKING: Trump administration plans to announce its withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, sources say
FBI agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building as part of the ongoing internal proceedings at the bureau on his conduct, a source says
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Since the president is lying about this, I'll reiterate that we obtained internal CBP documents that show that ****91%**** of parents whose kids are taken away are being prosecuted for misdemeanor FIRST TIME entry.
10-year-old migrant girl with Down syndrome separated from family at border
BUSTED! This very good dog was having tons of fun splashing around in his inflatable pool – but quickly changed his behavior as soon as he noticed his owner watching.
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"Modern Family" co-creator: I'm "disgusted" to work with Fox after seeing Fox News coverage of family separations
A school in Richmond, Va., will be renamed after Barack Obama, scrapping a Confederate general's name
I believe civility, decency & politeness are important. It’s not uncivil, indecent or impolite to name or call out racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism. Looking at you, Mr. President. And, your Cabinet. cc & @POTUS@WhiteHouse
Up to 200 children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border are being held in this tent city outside Tornillo, Texas:
US to withdraw from UN human rights council: report
It's funny, I haven't seen any outcry from "pro-life" organizations about the treatment of children at the border. Almost as if they don't give a shit about actual babies.
American Academy of Pediatrics president: Trump family separation policy is "child abuse"
Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college. Fate loves irony.
UN Human Rights commissioner:

"In the United States, I'm deeply concerned by recently adopted policies which punish children for their parents’ actions ... The thought that any State would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable."
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Currently, the Trump administration is arguing that its family-separation policy:

- is a deterrent

- is biblically compliant

- is the Democrats' fault

- does not exist.
Inside a detention center last week. Children separated from their parents wail and ask for help.

A Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. “Well, we have an orchestra here,” he jokes. “What’s missing is a conductor.”

Listen to the full audio here:
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Men around the world are walking a mile in heels to support sexual assault victims.
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Texas detention officer charged with "super aggravated sexual assault" of a 4-year-old girl after authorities say her mother, an undocumented immigrant, was being blackmailed to stay silent about the abuse — or face deportation.
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