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Never Trump Evangelicals must be celebrating the news that Biden is going to worship at the feet of transgender activists. You got want you wanted, Woke Christians.

Max Holloway landed a UFC record 445 significant strikes, per UFC Stats.

A few days ago he said Black Americans are happy their ancestors were enslaved. Now this.

The Post obtained hours of video footage, some exclusively, and placed it within a digital 3-D model of the building to map the rioters’ movements and assess the peril that lawmakers faced.

Exclusive 41 minutes of fear: An examination of videos and photos reveals what happened inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege

NEW: Los Angeles County, the hardest hit region in the country right now, has crossed 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. The county also identified its first case of the so-called U.K. variant.

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Trump is fantasizing about a $2 billion presidential library and museum in Florida, report says

"We can be the party of Eisenhower, or the party of the conspiracist Alex Jones. We can applaud Officer Goodman or side with the mob he outwitted. We cannot do both." -- @BenSasse :

In its hurry to use its final days in power to execute federal prisoners, the administration of President Donald Trump has trampled over an array of barriers, both legal and practical, according to court records that have not been previously reported.

@michellemalkin  says "the Left excels at weaponizing isolated acts of violence to demonize and suppress the peaceful political speech of millions."


Scoops of the Day

Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

According to the statement of the facts, EISENHART also had flex cuffs and was part of a mob that chased police officers inside the Capitol.

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“If it wasn't my job, I would have done that for free. .. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection... and we’ll do it as many times as it takes.” Thank you, D.C. Police Officer Daniel Hodges. 💯 (via @nbcwashington )

We need to remind ourselves and everyone else again and again and again that this whole horrible episode happened entirely because most of the Republican party spent ten weeks backing a campaign of what they KNEW were lies abt the 2020 election. 100%. They knew. And here we are.

#WATCH | AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria receives COVID-19 vaccine shot at AIIMS, Delhi.

#Loews announces it no longer wants the business of Conservative Americans. Duly noted.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Congress members who may be sympathetic towards the rioter carrying Confederate flag: "The Confederacy were a band of enemies and traitors to the U.S. ... if they find more sympathy with them, then perhaps they shouldn't be serving in the U.S. Congress."

@RichardGrenell  tells @JosephPinion  "the Donald Trump Middle East policy has been wildly successful, we also know that the border policies have been very successful."

JUST IN: Remember zip-tie guy in the Senate, Eric Munchel? The FBI just arrested his mom, Lisa Eisenhart, who accompanied him.

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Kamala Harris: “For all the little girls and boys out there who dream of growing up to be a super hero, super heroes aren’t just about our imagination, they are walking among us. They are teachers, and doctors and scientists… and you can grow up to be like them too”


Scoops of the Week

Republicans are calling for guns to be brought to the US House floor, and saying it is an “atrocity” to have metal detectors in Congress. They are out of their minds.

Pelosi just went outside and thanked the troops protecting the Capitol, and game them all her challenge coin:

From today, those experiencing domestic abuse will be able to go into a Boots or indie chemist & seek help. If they say the codeword ‘ANI’ they’ll be taken to a private room & asked if they want to call 999 or domestic abuse helpline. ANI stands for Action Needed Immediately

One thing we haven't seen from a *single* Republican as far as I can tell, is coming out and saying " I was wrong about fraud and election integrity. Those were all lies. Biden won."

For those lamenting over the thousands of Twitter followers you lost this week, please consider the thousands of Americans who died of COVID over that same time period. They were not nameless, faceless, antagonizers. They were moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers & sisters.

Republican leadership seems to believe they can survive without the MAGA movement or President Trump. Good luck with that.

Declassify everything, Mr. President. Every single document.

For the inauguration, there will be at least four times as many National Guardsmen in the US capital as troops in all of Afghanistan. Where is the greatest terror threat to the US today?

There it is. Finally. "Joe Biden will be president... because he won the election." @GOPLeader 

Let's all take a step back and recognize that even after all that has happened, Republican after Republican is still defending the president and his lies about the election.