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Events like the FIFA World Cup are guilty of "sportswashing," where political leaders "deflect attention from human rights woes at home … while trying to burnish their reputation on the world stage," says former professional soccer player @JulesBoykoff .

PUTO BUMBONG 🫶 BIBINGKA LOOK: Onscreen partners Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada share a sweet moment as they dress up as popular Christmas delicacies at the Star Magic Christmas Ball on Sunday, Nov. 27. | 📸 Ilacad

BREAKING: HSBC to sell off its banking operations in Canada to the Royal Bank of Canada

#ShehnaazGill unites with MTV Hustle 2.0 winner #MCSquare  for new song #GhaniSyaani 

Chinese authorities begin inquiries into people who gathered at weekend protests against COVID curbs, Elon Musk accuses Apple of threatening to block Twitter from its app store, and more. 5⃣ stories you need to know today

Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with stealing woman's luggage at airport

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“They are complicit with the biggest human trafficking in our lifetime, and the American people deserve some accountability.” - @RepMcCaul  slams the Biden administration’s dereliction of duty at our southern border.

The Supreme Court will consider the Biden administration's effort to revive a policy that set immigration enforcement priorities by focusing on public safety threats.

Police have smashed a huge drug "super-cartel" that controlled a third of Europe's #cocaine  trade, arresting 49 people in various countries, @Europol  said on Monday. Operation "Desert Light" seized more than 30 tonnes of the white powder

Prosecutors really like it when this happens...defense attorneys, not so much. Donald Trump admits: 'I did' steal the documents


Scoops of the Day

East Wall's residents' group have blocked Dublin's Port Tunnel as part of a protest over the housing of asylum seekers at an old ESB building in the area.

Reporter: "What is the president's reaction when he hears protesters in China chant 'freedom' or 'Xi Jinping step down'?" Kirby: "The president's not going to speak for protesters." Reporter: "So there's no reaction?" Kirby: "These protesters are speaking for themselves."

Julian Assange is a prisoner of conscience. Free the man, and free the press.

New aerial footage showing lava flowing from Mauna Loa volcano eruption 🌋 @KITV4  (video: Paradise Helicopters)

Column’s up: The left throws a tantrum as Elon Musk dismantles their censorship regime on Twitter

Barbados plans to sue a British MP whose family ran and still owns a major former slave plantation for reparations. An est. 30,000 enslaved people died on plantations owned by Richard Drax's ancestors. The family was paid compensation when slavery ended and is worth over $180M.

#BREAKING Qatar agrees long-term gas supply deal with Germany: energy minister

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Joy Reid: "We are trapped in a cycle of gun violence that feels permanent because an extreme minority that has infiltrated Congress loves guns more than they love people."

Across China now, there are brave mass protests against the country’s “Zero Covid” tyranny. Yet many American businesses and celebrities bow to China’s tyranny.

This headline never appeared on CNN. Be better.

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Scoops of the Week

The body of 24yo American fighter Joshua Jones, call sign “Jesus”, was returned to Ukraine as part of a prisoner swap in mid-Oct. He was killed in Kharkiv Obl. “I’m proud of my son. He was selfless in risking his life for a country that we have no connection to." said his mother

In a rare surge of protests in China, demonstrators called for the ruling Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, to step down, amid anger at the deaths of at least 10 people in an apartment fire in Xinjiang, presumably during a strict Covid lockdown.

Two powerful photos from Iran among @T IME’s Top 100 Photos of 2022, “an unranked selection carefully curated by TIME’s eight-person team of photo editors.” #MahsaAmini  #مهسا_امینی #IranRevoIution  #IranRevoIution20222022 

POLL: Herschel Walker holding slight overall lead ahead of Senate runoff election in Georgia

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Another heavyweight takes a fall in the World Cup, as Morocco stunned a sluggish Belgium. Follow our live game coverage.

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Kidnappings, violence, looting continue in Ethiopia's Tigray despite truce, witnesses say

‘GREAT TO BE HOME’ LOOK: Former Vice President Leni Robredo returned to the Philippines after her stint as a Hauser Leader at Harvard Kennedy School on Saturday, Nov. 26. After landing in Manila, she attended the UP College of Law Grand Alumni Association event. | 📷:Robredo/FB

Donald Trump on Wednesday had dinner with Nick Fuentes, an antisemite and prominent white supremacist, advisers to the former president conceded. Also at the dinner at Mar-a-Lago was Kanye West, who has also been condemned for making antisemitic statements.

Unveiled women are okay as long as the Iranian establishment can use them for propaganda purposes.

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