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BTS sang their latest hit, "Dynamite," for NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert" series

The U.K. government tells the public to work from home if possible as the Covid-19 virus flares up again

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On #BBCBreakfast  Michael Gove MP reveals a change in messaging about working from home. "If people can work from home then they should".

Ren Zhiqiang - who called Chinese president a 'clown' - jailed for 18 years

An explosion in Lagos, Nigeria rocked the city to its core. But what really caused the the blast that killed 23 people and totally destroyed a girls’ boarding school? #BBCAfricaEye  investigates. Watch the full documentary now:

COVID-19 is the newest preexisting medical condition, and the Obama-era health law that protects Americans from insurance discrimination is more fragile following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Judge leaders by their deeds, not words. 200,000 dead. Look at Europe. Look at Canada. Look at most of Asia. It did not have to be this way.

Lack of Covid help for poor countries will haunt west, says UN aid chief

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit from Pres. Trump’s reelection campaign challenging Nevada’s new vote-by-mail law, saying the campaign failed to show how it could be harmed by the law.

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Scoops of the Day

A Black man was arrested at gunpoint in his own home in Wisconsin after neighbors didn’t recognize him. Keonte Furdge recently moved and was sitting on the porch when a neighbor called the police. Furdge is suing the city and two officers, who entered the home without knocking.

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#BREAKING: US Department of Justice designates #NYC  as an anarchist jurisdiction

Today a GOP Senator released an ad jokingly (?) endorsing killing liberal journalists, and Ron De Santis introduced a bill in Florida making it legal to run over protesters with your car. So it's not just randos in line at rallies.

A jabot collar is placed on the Fearless Girl statue in New York's financial district in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice RuthBader Ginsburg.

robotically and idiotically saying "burn it all down" to everything that upsets you - after billions in damages already from torched cities - seems especially evil.

the actual rule mcconnell announced and abided by in 2016 was that republicans won't confirm a democratic president's nominees. that's it. that's the rule.

BREAKING: An NYPD officer was arrested by federal authorities who say the cop has been secretly working as an agent of the Chinese government for the past six years

Trump: "We’re doing better than Europe." Average deaths per day over the last week: Spain: 107 France: 53 Italy: 14 US: 799

People are beginning to turn on each we here that Andrew Weissmann when asked if Mueller had let the American people down: "Absolutely, yep." Grab your popcorn.


Scoops of the Week

BREAKING: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who charted a course for women’s rights at the U.S. Supreme Court and became a legal, cultural and feminist icon, has died from complications from cancer. She was 87.

A Jewish teaching says those who die just before the Jewish new year are the ones God has held back until the last moment bc they were needed most & were the most righteous. And so it was that #RBG  died as the sun was setting last night marking the beginning of RoshHashanah

President Trump has made dismantling federal climate policies a centerpiece of his administration. At least 100 environmental regulations have been repealed or weakened over the past four years.

The #Emmy  for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series goes to @Zendaya  @euphoriaHBO )! This is her first #Emmyss  nomination and win!

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Mitch McConnell in 2016: "There hasn’t been a vacancy created in a presidential election year filled in 80 years... so this vacancy will not be filled this year. We will look forward to the American people deciding who they want to make this appointment through their own votes”

Biden, in an embarrassing senior moment, recites the divergent biological methods of two possible vaccines (molecular structure versus immune system enhancement) and also details the chemical specifics how they have to be stored and transported. Awkward!

On recent Afghan peace talks, H.R. McMaster says President Trump is, in effect, partnering with the Taliban against the Afghan government. McMaster writes in his book that POTUS “cheapened” the sacrifice of the Americans who have died in Afghanistan.

Senator McConnell in a new statement on the passing of Justice Ginsburg: “President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”

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Republicans: We should nominate a justice to fill a vacant seat, and since we control a majority in the Senate, we should vote to confirm. Democrats: If you fill this vacant SCOTUS seat, we'll pack the court. Media: WHY ARE REPUBLICANS VIOLATING INSTITUTIONAL NORMS