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I can't believe I'm not hearing about female empowerment from all of the advocates of female solidarity tonight. Hrm. So weird. Can't imagine why.

The first thing Justice Barrett did was to participate in a campaign event at the White House for the president, eight days before an election that he has explicitly said he expects will turn on her vote.

At this point everyone knows Trump and GOP will attempt to use their judges to declare victory even if they lose and that’s just kind of priced in to the analysis.

President Trump declares coronavirus is "ending" as virus rates spike and financial markets dip

ACB sworn in by Clarence Thomas. Awesome.

You are free to leave at any time.

“They let the president do whatever he wants: line his pockets by shaking down the government, shred our democratic institution, destroy the country’s pandemic coping capacity," @chrislhayes  says of Republicans. "As long he gives them judges and justices."

The fact you don’t happen to like an outcome does not make the process that brought it about illegitimate when the process was in fact perfectly legitimate. A woman you don’t happen to like is not unqualified bc of your feels when in fact she is very qualified.

Thousands of homes were ordered evacuated in Orange County, California, ahead of a wildfire


Scoops of the Day

Gardaí are appealing for assistance to find 14-year-old Cameron Cunningham, who is missing from his home in Tallaght, Dublin since Sunday 25 October. He is described as being 1.75m (5'9") in height, with a slim build, blue eyes and brown hair.

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Minnesota is reporting three Covid-19 outbreaks related to Trump campaign events held in September

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Mitch is right. What the GOP has done cannot be undone—but not just swearing in a Justice. “They have participated in a project that has led to the deaths of probably 100,000 Americans who didn't have to die. Congratulations, you got that done, too. That also can't be reversed"

Corrupt Profiteering: @MayorRGiuliani  says evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop indicates Joe Biden made up to $40M while serving as U.S. Vice Presiden #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

German government warns Thai king not to conduct politics from Germany

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IT TAKES TWO SECONDS TO RETWEET: Chicago police are searching for a missing baby after a vehicle he was sitting in was stolen Monday afternoon on the Southwest Side.

Broken Intel System: @RichardGrenell  discusses the 2017 ICA report that shows how Obamagate was developed inside Obama intelligence agencies and that political appointees knew it was Russian propaganda. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

As polls reveal he’s trailing by 10 points with only a week to go, Donald Trump’s campaign manager demands an explanation:

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US stocks tumble as Covid-19 cases surge and stimulus is nowhere to be found


Scoops of the Week

BREAKING IN MANHATTAN. Anti-Trump protesters rip flags off vehicles part of the #JewsForTrump  vehicle convoy. Throw red paint on vehicles, punch Trump supporters. @realDonaldTrump  @TrumpWarRoom 

Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by @FoxNews ⁩

At least 38 people were killed in Nigeria on Tuesday when the military opened fire on peaceful protesters But the President failed to address the carnage during his speech on Thursday, drawing criticism from protesters who accuse him of failing to show empathy & unify the nation

Trump just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.

Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.

President Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, gave us a heavy book that she described as the president’s health care plan. It was filled with executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive healthcare plan.

Biden Corruption Exposed: @RepMarkMeadows  praises whistleblowers who have come forward to expose the pay-to-play access the Bidens gave to the Obama White Hou #MAGAe #AmericaFirst #Dobbs 

Nigerian activist @AishaYesufu  tells @BeckyCNN  she's horrified by Nigerian forces opening fire on protesters in Lagos

Nigeria president warns protesters; fails to address shooting

Opinion: Nigeria’s useless politicians are trying to crush #EndSARS . Africa’s leaders are silent.