#BREAKING: 52 people, reportedly citizens of Uzbekistan, were killed after their bus caught fire in Kazakhstan
#BREAKING - Supreme Court clears #Padmaavat; suspends ban orders by four states.
India test-fires nuclear-capable Agni-V inter-continental ballistic missile with a strike range of over 5,000 km
On Thursday, the White House sent guys named Edward O'Callaghan and Raj Shah to use false data to smear immigrants with the taint of terrorism and slam chain migration as an inherently bad thing that must be eradicated. Remarkable.
Felt #earthquake (#sismo) M4.1 strikes 39 km NW of Santa Rosa (#California) 9 min ago. https://t.co/ahjGWM2Fm8
ICYMI: President Trump Announces Winners of ‘Fake News’ Awards - (FULL LIST) - https://t.co/XUPH5RlfV9
Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Trump has heart disease https://t.co/PN2rdgC6UX
A DEADLY CLOSE CALL: Several fishermen had to abandon ship by jumping into Oregon's Columbia River to avoid being crushed by a large errant boat. Now one of them is suing the driver of the other boat for $372,500. https://t.co/QwbUKkcbKE
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Sen. John McCain tells President Trump to stop attacking the media, saying in a Washington Post op-ed that the administration's attitude makes it easier for oppressive regimes to mistreat reporters and for corrupt governments to be left unaccountable https://t.co/WoUtVsAf9O
Exclusive: U.S. President Donald Trump says Russia helping North Korea evade sanctions https://t.co/F8PVcHEMVO via @ReutersTV
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BREAKING: North Korea, South Korea agree to march together under unified Korea flag at Winter Olympics, South Korea says
Sen. Kamala Harris just torched Trump’s DHS Secretary over her racist dogwhistling
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Ricky Taylor on Maxine Waters: “She doesn’t speak for everybody. She surely doesn’t speak for me.” @foxandfriends
BREAKING: Apple To Invest $350 BILLION In U.S. Economy, Create 20,000 Jobs, Build Additional Apple Campus - https://t.co/EnEzHCwrjz
BREAKING: AP Sources: Steve Bannon attorney relayed questions to White House during House interview, was told when not to respond.
"After 112 days, THE LIGHT IS BACK! 💡"

Staff and students rejoice as the lights at this Puerto Rico school were turned back on last week. The school had gone 112 days without electricity.
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It's hilarious that *HOUSE* Republicans would try to blame Dems for a shut-down. You control the house! Pass whatever you want!
#Kpop band @weareoneEXO spent a day in Dubai: Here’s what went down #EXOPowerDubai https://t.co/sPPI1kCtrg
All 55 African countries demand apology from Trump: His "shithole" remarks "dishonor the celebrated American creed" https://t.co/97opCnZznt
We are now waiting for @weareoneEXO to arrive. #EXOPowerDubai
Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him
As I attempted to ask questions in Roosevelt Room of Trump, WH press aides shouted in my face to drown out my questions. I have never encountered that before.
.@RepAdamSchiff: White House directed Steve Bannon not to answer House Intel Committee's questions about transition or his time in the administration #inners
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.@AlvedaCKing niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: "President Trump is not a racist."
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Has anyone coined "girther" for those who belive the president weighs more than his doctor reports?
.@RandPaul: "I went to Haiti a few years ago, I went on a medical mission trip... I asked for donations before I went on the trip and one of those was to businessman Donald J. Trump who not only helped with the trip to Haiti but also helped with a previous trip that we took."
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NEW CALIFORNIA: Could the U.S. get a 51st state? The founders of "New California" are declaring their independence from the rest of the state, and are working to make the new entity legal.
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