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A campaign memo warns against the spread of "malicious and conclusively debunked" theories about the Bidens by President Trump allies.

ECONOMICS: The world’s richest 2,153 people control more wealth than the world's poorest 4.6 billion combined (Oxfam)

Newly elected BJP President#JPNadda  : A simple worker like me, who didn't have a political background, who hails from a remote place in Himachal Pradesh - if someone like me is being given this responsibility then it is the speciality of BJP and it is possible only in BJP.

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An outbreak of a new coronavirus in China has spread to more cities, Chinese authorities said, as the number of patients tripled and a third person died

Golf-ball sized hailstones rain down on parts of southeastern Australia. The white balls of ice were large enough to smash car windows and injure birds:

"I want you to hear the truth from me... not as a prince, or a duke, but as Harry." Prince Harry breaks his silence over his and Meghan's decision to step back from royal duties.

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war." Watch Martin Luther King Jr.'s powerful Nobel Peace Prize speech in which he accepted the award on behalf of the American civil rights movement:

Many autocrats and dictators are happy to support the Chinese government's attacks on the international human rights system. Beijing's strategy for others is to buy their silence. A test of everyone's human rights principles is whether they resist.

J&K DGP Dilbag Singh: Today in Shopian we neutralised 3 terrorists. One of them, their commander Wasim Ahmed Wani was active since 2017 & was on a top position in Hizbul Mujahideen. He had 19 FIRs against him & was also involved in killing of 4 civilians and 4 cops.

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Scoops of the Day

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands rally in ongoing anti-China protests

The median American rent payment rose 61% in real terms between 1960 and 2016 while the median renter’s income grew by 5%

Seriously tho How is Joe Biden really the Democratic frontrunner? He doesn't know where he is, he can barely speak, and he inappropriately touches women and girls

The cast of #Parasite  receives a standing ovation at tonight's #SAGAwards 

The incident shines a spotlight on a key tactic of the Trump presidency: How the administration attempts to use America's massive economic clout to coerce US allies to do what he wants. The record is mixed

In an emotional press conference just minutes ago, Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard confirmed the identities of the two officers who were killed in the line of duty on Sunday morning as Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama.

Hey @Twitter  followers, lets make a deal. I pledge to remain quiet on Democratic Party domestic policy debates (since Im not an expert) if you pledge to stop tweeting disrespectful, some might say slanderous, takes on Democratic candidates. Stop doing Trump's work for him! Deal?

SAFE AND SOUND: A young koala was rescued after being found huddled beside its mother that died from the devastating wildfires ravaging Australia.

"Once this is over, we’ll be kings": How Lev Parnas worked his way into Trump’s world — and now is rattling it


Scoops of the Week

What happened to an overworked doctor at a hospital in China

@ewarren : “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?”

BREAKING: We're calling on the Senate to rescind its proposed regulations restricting press access to the impeachment trial. The public should have a full, unobstructed view of this historic event, which brings our entire democratic system under scrutiny

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Vadym Prystaiko, Foreign Minister of Ukraine: "Frankly, I have not spoken with [Lev Parnas], and again, frankly, I don’t trust any word he is now saying."

Jeremy Bash: "The key question for Devin Nunes is: 'If the what the president did here was fine ... if it was lawful, why are you so eager to cover it up? Why are you lying about it in plain sight?'"

Ratan Tata at foundation stone laying ceremony of Indian Institute of Skills in Gandhinagar,Gujarat: Our Prime Minister,Home Minister&other members of govt have a vision for India. One can only be proud of what we have&support the govt that is as visionary as this govt has been.

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Most dangerous places to live, 2019. 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nigeria 4. Argentina 5. India 6. Peru 7. Kenya 8. Ukraine 9. Turkey 10. Colombia 11. Mexico 12. UK 13. Egypt 14. Philippines 15. Italy 16. US 17. Indonesia 18. Greece 19. Kuwait 20. Thailand (InterNations)

#WATCH Asha Devi, mother of 2012 Delhi gang-rape victim: Till now, I never talked about politics, but now I want to say that those people who held protests on streets in 2012, today the same people are only playing with my daughter's death for political gains.