JUST IN: Trump campaign files arbitration against Omarosa Manigault Newman for violating a nondisclosure contract, a senior Trump campaign official confirms to @ABC. https://t.co/HwSoYfO7Ih
#BREAKING: Manafort defense rests without calling witnesses, presenting case https://t.co/aJYz5mBZNp
Please vaccinate your kids and urge your friends to vaccinate their kids. https://t.co/IXpwznYDAU
Aerial footage shows aftermath of deadly Italy bridge collapse that killed at least 20 people as strong storms moved through the area. https://t.co/44q2LTQ4lO
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The president of the United States just referred to the former highest-ranking (and only) African American woman in his administration as a "crazed, crying lowlife" and "that dog!" He's hanging a "Whites Only" sign on the GOP.
BREAKING: Regional governor says at least 22 killed in Genoa bridge collapse, and death toll expected to “rise significantly." https://t.co/J8YrWPJdL7
When Donald Trump disparages African Americans as "low I.Q." and dehumanizes a black woman as "that dog," he's speaking the language of white supremacy. Get mad, and then get even: Vote against his enablers in November.
CNN Covered Rob Porter Allegations More Than 24 Times As Much As Ellison https://t.co/kfQ4fPjGPp
Penn Jillette: Trump said "racially insensitive things" during "Apprentice" tapings https://t.co/hNwCXir6ki
IMAGE: Newspaper headline from 106 years ago.
Parliament Square has been closed after a car crashed into barriers. Armed police are on the scene. More as we get it.
West Virginia House of Delegates votes to impeach all four of the state’s Supreme Court justices. https://t.co/W8l76QXwFW
The Defense bill signed by Pres Trump is named to honor @SenJohnMcCain, but @POTUS did not mention him during his speech.
How could @realDonaldTrump sign the John S. McCain Defense Authorization Act and speak for 25 minutes without mentioning @SenJohnMcCain? He even left “McCain” out of the name of the bill he signed into law. Memory loss? Unhinged? Bad staff work?
'Dozens dead' as Italy bridge collapses in what transport minister called 'an immense tragedy' https://t.co/k8yEC3fegv
Evidence suggests the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians was a giant set up to disparage the Trump campaign https://t.co/LUSKqjpPRR
It’s great to be the DNC. If Ellison were a Republican, the press would have knocked over the doors of the RNC demanding a statement. But the DNC’s co-chairman? No comment from the DNC. No feeding frenzy from the press. https://t.co/hqDDA7yLZz
A Nigerian rapper’s take on Childish Gambino's "This Is America" has been banned by the Nigerian government.
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The president didn't thank -- or even mention -- @SenJohnMcCain today, when he signed the Defense bill named after him, so we took the time to do so.

Melania Trump's parents were sworn in as U.S. citizens https://t.co/zlZagTx7ts
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Breaking News: FBI fires Peter Strzok, agent at center of collusion probe, months after his anti-Trump text messages were revealed https://t.co/JXUeNWcQDY
Obama/Bush/Clinton/ etc. would have already visited California, toured as near disaster as feasible. Press conference in Sacramento w governor. National attention to those who have lost homes, etc etc etc. Trump might as well borrow Melania's "I dont care Do U?" jacket
When Trump criticizes "all types of racism" he's using false equivalence to wink at those who peddle in the distortions of white grievance. It makes a mockery of our history and our present. It's not calming and unifying. it's provocative and divisive. And it's intentional.
I hoped to not mention Omarosa - a minor story and distraction. But the latest revelation of recording in Situation Room raises grave national security concerns. Who else has acted (is acting) with similar recklessness? It's amateur hour at the White House and it's not funny.
Whether Pelosi should lead House Dems is a fair debate. It's a question of style, political calculus and generational change. But we can't ignore if she was a man from Missouri, she'd be a helluva lot less "controversial." It's misogyny (and her geography) more than policy.
Well, that's an interesting headline: 170 Voters in Ohio Race ‘Over 116 Years Old,’ World’s Oldest Person Is 115
I respectfully ask Congress to allow me to face my accusers.

There have been multiple hearings where the banning of Infowars has been discussed & lobbied for by Democrats. Now it's happened.

I want to attend an open session where I am allowed to defend my right to free speech.
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