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#BREAKING California to allow theme parks like Disneyland, live shows to resume at reduced capacity on April 1

"We were impoverished in trying to cope with this sudden surge of infections and we didn't have the capacity." Commenting on why Covid-19 hit the UK so hard, chair of the BMA council @CNagpaul  tells #Newsnight  the NHS was short of facilities for critical and hospital care

What’s driving more Latino men to reject Democrats? Frustrated with liberals, many say Republicans better grasp their values like individual responsibility and a desire for financial stability.

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Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT  is calling Republicans out on their BS: ‘Republicans passed a tax bill that was almost to the dollar the exact same amount as this relief bill … where the majority of the benefits went to the richest Americans who needed no more help’

Pope Francis landed in Iraq on Friday for a trip that marks the first-ever papal visit to the country

When I run for president my platform will be $420.69 per hour minimum wage Universal cosmetic surgery Cilantro will be schedule 1

Fashion magazines and ads often feature Black people and their cultures, but how many Black people are among the executives, designers and other people in charge of the industry? We tried to gather data — and met resistance along the way.

"Our politics is broken, our democracy's broken when 70% of the public support a bill and not a single Republican in the House or Senate support it." @mehdirhasan  on covid relief. #TheReidOut 

Exclusive: U.S. agency probes Facebook for 'systemic' racial bias in hiring, promotions - attorneys

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"The people have spoken and they seem to agree. An approval of Biden is what they decree. 70% on covid, even some on the right. Poor Florida man never reached such a height." @JoyAnnReid  with her best Dr. Seuss tribute. #TheReidOut 


Scoops of the Day

'We can't keep sending trans people abroad for major surgery with no aftercare when they get home': Why activists are calling for a new model of trans healthcare in Ireland

This stat blew my mind: do public health measures like social distancing, mask wearing and hand-washing really reduce the transmission of viral respiratory illnesses? Uh, yes.

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K-pop sensation @bts_bighit  scooped the 2020 Global Recording Artist of the Year Award from @IFPI_org 

TIME's new international cover: "I cannot be intimidated. I cannot be bought." The women leading India's farmers' protests

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China's parliament to delay Hong Kong legislative vote, overhaul electoral system

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Reporter: Does the Trump admin deserve credit for laying the vaccine groundwork? Psaki: ‘I don’t think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic.’

Breaking News: Aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York rewrote a report by state health officials to hide how many nursing home residents died in the pandemic.

Note to @RonJohnsonWI : If you read aloud the names of all the Americans killed by the COVID pandemic, it would take 12 straight days, reading around the clock.

President Biden's accuser speaks out on the alleged assault from then-Senator Joe Biden.

@JoyAnnReid : “This is the equivalent of what Republican governance has become. Hanging around with a potato. And making sure the potato is a girl or a boy ... That is literally the Republican platform."


Scoops of the Week

Congrats to @NiallOfficial  who has just won the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year 2020 with No Judgement 🙌 #rtechoiceprize  @RTE2fm  @RTEplayer  @choicemusicprize 

I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%. EVERYTHING. I also ended the statewide mask mandate.

Videos show Myanmar soldiers and police officers using "shotguns, flash bangs, tear gas grenade launchers and rifles" to attack anti-coup protesters. At least one of unit involved in the crackdown had been implicated in atrocities against Rohingya Muslims.

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THIS JUST IN: New IG report shows Elaine Chao apparently violated federal ethics rules in multiple ways, including directing official staffers to do personal tasks. Please read, RT, and share.

JUST IN: D.C. National Guard chief says Pentagon prevented immediate response to mob on Jan. 6

As Myanmar security forces fire unabashedly at largely peaceful protesters, "around 30 people have been killed since the Feb. 1 coup and more than 1,200 arrested," according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

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Biden removes mention of Dr. Seuss from 'Read Across America Day'

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BTS named world's best-selling artists of 2020

#WATCH : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi doing push-ups and 'Aikido' with students of St. Joseph's Matriculation Hr. Sec. School in Mulagumoodubn, Tamil Nadu

FBI Director Chris Wray makes it clear that the FBI considers the mob storming the U.S. Capitol an act of "domestic terrorism." He says 300 people have been arrested by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. And he added, more people are being charged almost everyday.