Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business on personal account: report https://t.co/2JHbgdpsJl
"You think I'm in Afghanistan right now." Clemson University shared this video of a Tiger football player getting a huge surprise from his dad during a Military Appreciation Game against Duke https://t.co/bCAvErOIF0
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There is always a tweet.
UPDATE: A gunman killed 3 people at a Chicago hospital in what started as a domestic dispute, police say. He fatally shot a doctor that he had been dating, a police officer and a pharmaceutical assistant.
The death toll in northern #CaliforniaFire rises to 79 with those unaccounted for dropping to around 700, AP reports
Did she construct her email account with the obvious purpose of doing business to avoid disclosure? Or set up a private server to that end?https://t.co/6dzJJBV6iZ
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Scientists found a jellyfish that was in such an electrifying pose that they're calling it the "psychedelic medusa" https://t.co/epguZ1Vt7l
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UPDATED: Actress #MareliMiniutti reportedly files for domestic violence restraining order against Michael Avenatti https://t.co/UDfjMjI6Ah
BREAKING: Reports of active shooter and multiple victims near Mercy Hospital in Chicago
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#BREAKING: Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business on personal account: report https://t.co/dykIW0t9pv
Per White House letter to Acosta on Nov. 19, here are the new rules for press conferences at the White House.
So, out of their Acosta nonsense, the White House has made it a punishable violation for anyone to say “could you please address the specific question I asked,” “could you please provide an example,” or “that’s actually not true” without their permission?https://t.co/mub4FYH9tx
The @WhiteHouse is continuing to violate the First and Fifth amendments of the Constitution. These actions threaten all journalists and news organizations. @Acosta and CNN will continue to report the news about the White House and @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/knr1NpyMVv
Don’t even talk to me about Michael Bloomberg in 2020. I’m a black man who raised blk boys in NYC. Bloomberg’s expansion and defense of the racist stop & frisk means that his candidacy is a nonstarter for me, and I will remind EVERY black person of his record. #NeverGonnaHappen
What may be most notable about the President's attack on McRaven is that it is not new but fits a pattern he established with McCain, Khizr Khan, and Mueller: Military heroism and sacrifice is no protection if you criticize Trump.
"Trump is AWOL on our troops" https://t.co/HFVKeEUNis
BREAKING: Sens. Blumenthal, Whitehouse and Hirono file lawsuit challenging President Trump’s appointment of Acting AG Whitaker.
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Thomas Farr Devised Ways to Keep Blacks From Voting. Mitch McConnell Wants to Make Him a Judge. https://t.co/mSRmjud8VW
President Trump erroneously suggested raking the forest floors could've prevented the lethal California wildfires, and made other bizarre, inexplicable comments
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The CIA has determined that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post reports https://t.co/BluP4hOEC2
Federal judge sides with CNN and orders the White House to reinstate Jim Acosta's press pass. It's an initial victory for CNN in its lawsuit. https://t.co/mOipsufCTp
Kansas City officials poured bleach on food meant for people who are homeless, rather than let a community org serve food without a permit
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Man Who Shouted 'Heil Hitler, Heil Trump' at Play Actually an Anti-Trump Activist https://t.co/9KtRQkVtFx
Don't let anyone tell you that young people don't care about the world
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The British public does not back Theresa May's Brexit deal

Support - 19%
Oppose - 42%
Don't know - 39%

42% of Leave voters oppose the deal, as do 47% of Remain voters

"It seems I have a calming effect on animals."

This is the moment a Chimpanzee rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade embraced Jane Goodall. The Primatologist explains why humans shouldn't forget their connection with nature https://t.co/8YwtlHPouP
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This race was a disgrace:
• 1.5 million voters purged by Brian Kemp
• 53k registrations on hold
• 4.5 hour lines to vote
• 214 polling places closed
• Dems falsely accused of cyber crimes
• AND Kemp oversaw his own election https://t.co/E7ojoWHH6v
Peak New York: Amazon is being given land in Queens that was supposed to go for affordable housing. Now 1,500 homes are off the table. https://t.co/HeMHQIHMVg
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