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Dems already saying there shouldn’t be any more debates. Not a chance they cancel the others. Can you imagine how weak Biden would look?

I quoted on @NewsHour  right after the debate President Trump’s refusal to codemn white supremacy when asked to do so multiple times. It was a remarkable moment for the commander in chief as white supremacy is seen by national security experts as a threat to national security.

NEW: Biden’s campaign says they raised $3.8 million tonight between 10pm and 11pm, breaking their record for most money raised in a single hour.

Voting is a right, not a privilege.

Vote like your gun and your life depend on it. Because THEY DO!

You can’t say @JoeBiden  showed class and @realDonaldTrump  did not..Biden said shut up, worst president ever, clown, racist

If you have any problems or questions on Election Day, call the Election Protection Hotline at 🗳️☎️ 1-866-OUR-VOTE ☎️🗳️

I so want normal in America again. That’s all. Just boring normal.

The President of the United States energized Neo Nazi White Supremacists by refusing to denounce them and telling them to Stand Back and Stand By. Within an hour they had new shoulder patches designed. Think about that


Scoops of the Day

Watch a sneak peek of BTS on Variety’s cover

Biden: “Antifa’s an idea, not an organization.” Trump: “you gotta be kidding me.” Point: TRUMP

Chris Wallace, over the course of the night, has moved from moderator to debater.

Telling Proud Boys to “stand by” is telling them to...await further instruction.

Joe Biden: "It's hard to get any word in with this clown -- excuse me, this person."

I literally have no idea who won this debate. I just know we all lost.

How did Biden avoid answering AGAIN whether he would pack the court?

Word on the street is that @JoeBiden  got tonight's debate questions in advance - per @KXEL1540 

The whole debate is a microcosm of our national nightmare. A complete sociopath barking at everyone as everyone tries do their best to kind of work normal.


Scoops of the Week

Breaking: A member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury just filed a remarkable motion asking a judge to release the entire proceedings of the grand jury. The motion strongly suggests that Attorney General Cameron's public comments contradict what was presented to the grand jury.

Here is Judge Amy Coney Barrett explaining why it’s wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy during a presidential election year.

CNN’s @jaketapper  to Jill Biden: “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe…” Biden: “You can’t even go there. After Donald Trump you cannot even say the word gaffe.” #CNNSOTU 

I’m thinking that the USA must be a pretty decent place when those who obviously hate this country keep threatening to leave, but never do. US

Let this sink in: Brad Parscale, after initially refusing to leave his home where he had multiple guns and reportedly fired one and had hit his wife was ultimately tackled by SWAT only after a friend in the police dept called him to come out But Breonna Taylor was shot 6 times

Ive served as an international election observer in other countries. Any serious observer mission would be issuing a public statement right now warning about the dangerous, undemocratic statements being made by the incumbent, Donald Trump.

Column’s up: A #BallotHarvesting  racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district — where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants — has been busted by undercover news organization @Project_Veritas ⁩

CNN’s live shot at the Supreme Court is crashed by people who yelled "CNN is fake news!

The average undocumented immigrant in the United States pays more federal income taxes than the president.