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Simulation shows how a cough can spread coronavirus in supermarkets

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Gates says there's been "very little interest" at the US federal level for a South Korea-type system of unified testing. "Until we have that [large-scale testing], we're in big trouble."

This story could have been headlined: “Governors weigh forming federal government”

REPORT: Google Bans Zoom From Company Computers.

@RepKatiePorter  tells @Lawrence  that she’s honored to endorse Joe Biden and says she’s looking forward to hearing his voice during this pandemic: “It’s incredibly important for the American people to have examples of what leadership looks like right now."

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Coronavirus text and call scams are here. Don’t click the link. Let unknown calls go to voicemail. @itsnicolenguyen  on avoiding bogus texts, calls and email

Virus update: • Jobless claims report could hit 7 million or higher. • U.S. has the most virus cases with over 430,000. • HHS: Protective equipment supply nearly depleted. • World warned against Easter travel, gatherings. Follow all @AP  coverage:

Barr claims media "jihad" against Trump over promotion of anti-malaria drug

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The first decisive naval skirmish in the Caribbean in 75 years pitted a Venezuelan navy boat against a cruise ship. Guess who won?


Scoops of the Day

Noam Chomsky on Bernie Sanders: "It's common to say now that the Sanders campaign failed. I think that's a mistake. I think it was an extraordinary success, completely shifted the arena of debate and discussion."

"I'm not voting for Biden" translates to "I want Trump to replace RBG."

Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in 2014

Jim Acosta: "Can you or the White House staff or your campaign provide any evidence to back up your claim that mail-in voting is rife with fraud?" President Trump: "I think there's a lot of evidence" .. Acosta: "Where's the proof?" Trump: "We're going to find out about the proof"

Report: US intelligence officials were warning as far back as late November that the novel coronavirus was spreading through China's Wuhan region and posing a threat to its people and daily life

NEW: Charlotte Figi, 13-year-old Coloradan whose CBD journey inspired medical marijuana reform, dies of coronavirus

Big. Dr. Fauci: "We know now for sure that the mitigation that we have been doing is having a positive effect but you don't see it until weeks later...Don't get complacent about that."

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned against the risk of a second wave of infections in the country as the global pandemic continues to spread, state media reports

The most cynical interpretation of all this, one I can't quite bring myself to accept, is they rolled out the model showing 100k deaths after they knew it would be less than that so they could anchor everyone to that # and take a vicotry lap when "only" tens of thousands died.


Scoops of the Week

President Trump: "I think mail-in voting is horrible, it's corrupt." Reporter: "You voted by mail in Florida's election last month, didn't you?" Trump: "Sure. I can vote by mail" Reporter: "How do you reconcile with that?" Trump: "Because I'm allowed to."

"This is called cross-contamination." A Michigan nurse used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs even while wearing gloves.

CA's 500 ventilators will begin to ship out today: 100->NY 100->NJ 100->IL 50->MD 50->DC 50->DE 50->NV Committed to the health of every Californian. Practicing our duty as Americans to take care of one another. I know other states would do the same.

This is the sister of Yogi Adityanath, CM of the most populous and politically powerful state in India. Makes me speechless. Our dynasts should drown in shame.

In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”

JUST IN: Tiger at zoo in New York City tests positive for coronavirus

Nadia, a 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for coronavirus. This is the first known instance of a tiger being infected, the USDA says.

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Thread My friend’s 73 yr old mother went to the ER at Interfaith in Brooklyn at 6pm last night. She’s now been sitting in a chair in the ER for 29 hours waiting for a bed. She has a bad cough, a fever and violent chills. She calls her daughter crying pain and fear.