7.9 earthquake 280km SE Kodiak, Alaska

Tsunami warnings (along parts of coastal Alaska) and watches from Alaska down the coast of California to Hawaii.
DEVELOPING: In San Francisco, the Department of Emergency Management says that anyone living within three blocks of the Pacific Coast or within five blocks of the San Francisco Bay should be prepared to evacuate because of tsunami fears: https://t.co/mU1ivmQ9DB
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Alaska's Kodiak Police Department told residents in a video posted 20 minutes ago to evacuate their homes and move to ground at least 100 ft or higher amid tsunami alert.
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Very sad to hear #Teletubbies actor Simon Shelton who played Tinky Winky has passed away!

Tubby hugs 😢
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Man arrested after allegedly threatening mass shooting of CNN employees https://t.co/2Vvnjf08rW
UPDATE: #Tsunami activity detected by buoys in the Gulf of Alaska. Evacuate inland or to higher ground immediately beyond designated tsunami hazard zones along the southern AK/BC coasts. Estimated times of arrival of first waves for AK, BC, US West Coasts: https://t.co/8mIrNmCYIy
Oops… Hawaii governor was late in retracting false missile alert because he ‘forgot’ Twitter logon https://t.co/yvxFtZ1ntT
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Neil Diamond is retiring from touring after he says he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. https://t.co/zPoPD3f5BM
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Trump admin waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall https://t.co/mdHeTLjgkb
JUST IN: Quake of magnitude 8.1 strikes 250 km southeast of Chiniak, Alaska, tsunami warning in effect
Sessions launches probe into missing text messages between FBI agents critical of Trump https://t.co/ViJZ6IjlYn
Billionaires made enough money last year to end extreme poverty 7 times over, Oxfam says https://t.co/feALRZH2lB
The "real" Rosie the Riveter has died at age 96 https://t.co/lEmFarP3Su
BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court throws out state's congressional map, ruling that gerrymandering violates constitution.
.@SpeakerRyan: "Senate Democrats did this. Senate Democrats are the ones who can stop this."
Democrats have managed to accede to Republican demands, demoralize their energized base, give a disengaged president a win, and look like they held a meaningless three day government shutdown — all at once.
Would be interesting if these stories were framed the way corporate announcement of bonuses, or capital investment are. "After Big Tax Cut, Bank of America To Raise Fees On Customers"https://t.co/1LgDru3BzM
ICYMI: on #MorningJoe just now @JoeNBC and @morningmika called @realDonaldTrump a weak leader who is being led around by the nose by a kid (Stephen Miller). They threw in that Barack Obama was a strong leader, which is sure to get Trump going this morning. Rage tweet in 3...2...
"This will be called the Trump Shutdown,” says Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, adding that “blame should crash entirely” on Trump's shoulders. https://t.co/ZQL1qdcV3G
I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, then attaching reauthorization to another controversial bill, then blaming Democrats for not supporting CHIP. It's breathtaking.https://t.co/NeoE2Fiu0h
From New York to Seattle, check out these aerial views of the Women's March across the country https://t.co/nWKaiN7rdz
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Border Patrol agents were caught on film destroying supplies left to help migrants
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Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it
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"When I raise my hand, I am aware of all the women who are still in silence." - Actress Viola Davis references the #MeToo movement during the Women's March in Los Angeles https://t.co/MXbeaVKUFh
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While Democrats were still on the Senate floor negotiating with Republicans, Trump’s White House called them “losers.” He is not well. #TrumpShutdown
Congress #ReleaseTheMemo Call Congress. Pls be polite. 202-224-3121
BREAKING: Magnitude 8.0 #earthquake struck 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, AK at 1:32a.m. PST. #Tsunami warnings issued from British Columbia to the Aleutian Islands. Tsunami watch for U.S. West Coast, #Hawaii. https://t.co/lJIsnqHW3E
The bait and switch here, which has been going on now for years, is GOP politicians saying they support Dreamer protections *in principle* but rejecting every single actual proposal that would do it. Over and over and over.
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