WATCH LIVE: Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is detailing a grand jury report on child sexual abuse in six Catholic dioceses
Omarosa says she is willing to share secret recordings of Trump with Mueller
Breaking News: Catholic leaders across Pennsylvania covered up the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by priests over 70 years, a grand jury found
"The president is certainly voicing his frustration." Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends President Trump calling Omarosa a "dog" and other insults
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has been taken down! The deep state working with the democrats are making their move against America! and are up and fighti!
Fact Check: I just emailed w/ high ranking official from Obama Administration who said Obama & Clinton WH's did NOT have ppl sign NDA's. "That is not something we ever did in the Obama Administration and I am with someone who served in the Clinton WH and she confirmed the same."
2020 vision 😁🇺🇸
Question: What do you say to ppl who look at Trump and think he singles out African Americans as unintelligent?

Sarah Sanders: Pres Trump has said similar things about ppl who are not black or minorities.

Note: Sanders is defending Trump by saying he insults all sorts of ppl.
.@PressSec just repeated this lie. Previous NDA's have barred release of classified information, not preventing WH staffers from criticizing the administration in any way.
Alex Jones Statement On Infowars Being Taken Down!
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Parliament Square has been closed after a car crashed into barriers. Armed police are on the scene. More as we get it.
West Virginia House of Delegates votes to impeach all four of the state’s Supreme Court justices.
300 Catholic "predator priests" in Pennsylvania sexually abused children, says a report released by the state Supreme Court. The data, going back 70 years, reveals church leaders protected them by dissuading victims from reporting abuse or interfering with investigations.
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None of President Trump's senior White House officials are black
It’s great to be the DNC. If Ellison were a Republican, the press would have knocked over the doors of the RNC demanding a statement. But the DNC’s co-chairman? No comment from the DNC. No feeding frenzy from the press.
...In other news, the Twitter feed of the President of the United States this morning was unhinged, undemocratic, a breach of decorum and sanity, with dog whistles of misogyny and racism... well I guess that really isn't news.
The president didn't thank -- or even mention -- @SenJohnMcCain today, when he signed the Defense bill named after him, so we took the time to do so.
The President of the United States referred to a black female ex-employee as a “dog”:
Please vaccinate your kids and urge your friends to vaccinate their kids.
Breaking News: FBI fires Peter Strzok, agent at center of collusion probe, months after his anti-Trump text messages were revealed
Obama/Bush/Clinton/ etc. would have already visited California, toured as near disaster as feasible. Press conference in Sacramento w governor. National attention to those who have lost homes, etc etc etc. Trump might as well borrow Melania's "I dont care Do U?" jacket
When Trump criticizes "all types of racism" he's using false equivalence to wink at those who peddle in the distortions of white grievance. It makes a mockery of our history and our present. It's not calming and unifying. it's provocative and divisive. And it's intentional.
Pres. Trump has repeatedly decried "chain migration." Now it appears his wife Melania Trump helped her parents gain U.S. citizenship through this very process.
I hoped to not mention Omarosa - a minor story and distraction. But the latest revelation of recording in Situation Room raises grave national security concerns. Who else has acted (is acting) with similar recklessness? It's amateur hour at the White House and it's not funny.
Whether Pelosi should lead House Dems is a fair debate. It's a question of style, political calculus and generational change. But we can't ignore if she was a man from Missouri, she'd be a helluva lot less "controversial." It's misogyny (and her geography) more than policy.
Short shorts coming soon to Tesla merch
Well, that's an interesting headline: 170 Voters in Ohio Race ‘Over 116 Years Old,’ World’s Oldest Person Is 115
I respectfully ask Congress to allow me to face my accusers.

There have been multiple hearings where the banning of Infowars has been discussed & lobbied for by Democrats. Now it's happened.

I want to attend an open session where I am allowed to defend my right to free speech.
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