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BREAKING: Pervez Musharraf, former President of Pakistan, has died.

Police searching for a missing mum Nicola Bulley who vanished while walking her dog have traced a witness they wanted to speak to. Phil McCann is in Lancashire for #BBCBreakfast 

Beijing threatens to 'respond' after US downing of Chinese spy balloon

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The Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson @SwatiJaiHind  has been invited to speak at the ‘Annual India Conference’ to be held at Harvard University, USA. (By @PankajJainClick )

Kulipa Ushuru ni Kujitegemea... HNIB Agents are picking the reports attached.. It is so DECLASSIFIED!

Another morning, another missile. This time two on central Kharkiv at around 0820 AM. Five wounded confirmed.

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Pope Francis arriving at 'John Garang Mausoleum' to celebrate Holy Mass on the third and last day in #SouthSudan . Follow live:

russia’s losses in manpower -700 soldiers on the Ukrainian soil for the last 24h. Good morning. #RussiaUkraineWar 

"It's very difficult for Britain to face up to the facts about its own past." Journalist Eamonn McCann was there on Northern Ireland's Bloody Sunday, when British forces killed 14 unarmed civil rights protesters. The UK covered it up for decades.


Scoops of the Day

#FELIP at the Rappler HQ Watch out for the full video of @felipsuperior  playing the game 'This or That!' #FELIPxRapplerLiveJamxRapplerLiveJam  Meantime, catch more of FELIP here:

Notable: US officials say they were able to block the balloon from gathering intel during its overflight of the US, while the US military was able to turn the tables, so to speak, to gather intel on the balloon itself and its equipment.

Russia continues demolition of Mariupol's drama theatre to conceal its war crimes On March 16, Russian warplanes dropped 2 500kg bombs on the theatre, which sheltered 1,200 people. A least 300 civilians were killed in the attack📽️ by Petro Andriushchenko

U.S. fighter aircraft, acting on an order from President Biden, shot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast on Saturday.

A woman residing illegally in the United States pleaded guilty this week before a federal judge to sex trafficking involving the use of force, fraud, or coercion of both adult and minor females.

Report: Biden Administration Tried to Hide Chinese Spy Balloon from American Public

Flights to and from Wilmington (ILM), Myrtle Beach International (MYR) and Charleston International (CHS) airports are resuming. Other airspace has been reopened. Normal operations resuming.

When someone commits a crime, they should be punished. But it is a war crime -- collective punishment -- to punish their family members, as the Israeli government is doing by demolishing their family homes.

Finally they shot down the Chinese surveillance #Balloon  Now to find out what was in the payload


Scoops of the Week

3 x US Air Force Stratotankers have been spotted flying over Montana. Meanwhile there are reports in media about a Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana.

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Today's cover: New tactic: Hunter Biden is the ‘laptop from hell’ victim

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Is this the face of Europe circa 2023? 📍 Estonia, Tartu, February 2 📸 Sille Annuk Ring any bell?

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Korean boy group ENHYPEN is back in Manila for their highly anticipated 3-night concert, which will kick off tomorrow Feb 3. ABS-CBN News sat down with the group & they shared what fans can expect tomorrow night, personal goals for 2023 & their love for Filo Engenes. | @mjfelipe 

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In a 40-page resolution dated January 25, the court’s Third Division said the family of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. cannot regain control of all the forfeited wealth, including companies and land holdings, earlier surrendered in favor of the government.

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This Brexiteer blasts the 'lies and corruption' told by the 'unelected dictatorship of the EU' but after a 17-minute call with James O’Brien, he fails to offer a single example… …James signs off with a love to the family. @mrjamesob 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday announced plans to block state colleges from having programs on diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory.

BREAKING: New record low temperature recorded in the US as wind chill on Mt Washington in New Hampshire drops to -106°F (-77°C).

Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks ahead of the vote to oust her from the Foreign Affairs Committee: "My leadership and voice will not be diminished if I'm not on this committee for one term. My voice will get louder and stronger...take your vote or not. I am here to stay."

All over right-wing media, literally any health event anyone anywhere stuffers at any time is now evidence of the Covid vaccine being dangerous.