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Wishing everyone who is observing a happy Passover. Chag Sameach!

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Venezuelan migrants who lost their jobs were promised a welcome home by the government. Instead, they’re sleeping on cement floors in sweltering quarantine camps.

ECONOMY: World Trade Organization predicts a fall in global trade of between 13-32% this year

Video: How to make your own 'last resort' face mask during the #coronavirus  pandemic? @CGTNEurope 

Though tonight is certainly different from all other nights, wishing all who celebrate a meaningful Passover. May we remain connected though physically apart. Chag Sameach.

Wando Evans, a Walmart employee for 15 years, was 51 when he died of COVID-19 complications on March 25. He first mentioned symptoms consistent with the coronavirus to management two weeks prior but it was largely ignored, according to a new suit.

A Baltimore police officer is being investigated after footage showed him coughing near people at a public housing complex seemingly on purpose

Three months ago, women surpassed men to hold a majority of jobs on U.S. company payrolls. With job losses in March falling disproportionately on women, they're now back in the minority, albeit just barely.

In a rare interview, billionaire and Oracle founder Larry Ellison talks about the president, the pandemic and his $300 million bet to turn his Hawaiian island into a wellness laboratory by @AngelAuYeung  #ForbesBillionaires 

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JUST IN: Linda Tripp, whose conversations with Monica Lewinsky led to the impeachment of President Clinton, has died at the age of 70.


Scoops of the Day

President Trump threatened to withhold funding from the World Health Organization even as a deadly virus ravages nations around the globe. He tried to blame the W.H.O. for the very missteps and failures that have been leveled at him and his administration.

Bernie Sanders is ending his 2020 campaign, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic presidential nomination

Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in 2014

NEW POLL: Majority says Obama would handle coronavirus better than Trump

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Bernie Sanders is asking his supporters to get behind Joe Biden immediately which is what the Democratic party wanted Bernie to do & what he didn't do immediately w/ Hillary Clinton in '16. He said, "I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win."

Voicing joy and excitement from behind face masks, tens of thousands of people flee Wuhan after a 76-day travel ban is lifted on the Chinese city where the #coronavirus  pandemic first emerged

Aerial footage above South Florida shows hundreds of residents risking possible coronavirus exposure — lining up to get paper applications for unemployment benefits as the state tries to fix problems with online filing.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is pledging $1 billion—what he says is more than a quarter of his wealth—to charitable causes, starting with coronavirus relief

Downing Street says Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "responding to treatment" as he remains in a stable condition in the intensive care unit where he is being treated for coronavirus

Watch: A supermoon rises over the Swiss Alps on Tuesday evening


Scoops of the Week

"This is called cross-contamination." A Michigan nurse used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs even while wearing gloves.

“Preparedness is a choice. And poor preparedness is a choice.’ — This man worked on a literal pandemic playbook for Trump, and the president chose to ignore it

In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”

Pres Trump is now urging ppl to try an unproven treatment for coronavirus. He said, "There's a possibility, a possibility, and I say it: what do you have to lose?...Take it. I really think they should take it. But it's their choice...Hydroxychloroquine. Try it. If you'd like."

JUST IN: Tiger at zoo in New York City tests positive for coronavirus

Nadia, a 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for coronavirus. This is the first known instance of a tiger being infected, the USDA says.

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This is the sister of Yogi Adityanath, CM of the most populous and politically powerful state in India. Makes me speechless. Our dynasts should drown in shame.

BREAKING: Twitter's Jack Dorsey to move $1 billion of his wealth to fund global coronavirus relief effort