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@iamkarendavila  @IanEsguerraK  @chiarazambranoatigbak , Vidanes discreetly wipe tears from their cheeks after an emotional ABS-CBN Union President Jon Villanueva said this period of uncertainty has been “torture” for employees, and that his life is better because of ABS-CBN | #ABSCBNfranchise  via h @chiarazambranottps ://

ABS-CBN has been regularly paying its taxes to the government, the BIR said during the Senate hearing on the company's compliance with its franchise. The company paid P14,398,464,316.66 for 2016-2019, except for the income tax of 2019 set to be filed this year. #ABSCBNfranchise 

No new confirmed #COVID-19  cases reported in 24 provincial-level regions of China

South Korean airlines has suspended flights to and from the southern city of Daegu, where hundreds of coronavirus cases have been reported.

National Security Adviser O'Brien says that he's seen "no evidence" of Russia seeking to aid President Trump's re-election, but says reports that Russia is trying to boost Sen. Sanders' presidential campaign were "no surprise."

Latest on coronavirus spreading in China and beyond Follow our live blog for more:

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@chiarazambrano  @InaReforminaL  @robyalampayO  @iamkarendavilaOK : Katigbak, Vidanes discreetly wipe tears from their cheeks after an emotional ABS-CBN Union President Jon Villanueva said this period of uncertainty has been “torture” for employees, and that his life is better because of ABS-CBN. | #ABSCBNfranchisevia  ht @chiarazambranotps ://

Italian authorities announced they are shutting down Venice's famed Carnival events in a bid to stop the spread of the novel virus.

Shocking developments in Malaysia, except for that bit about an aging strongman not wanting to give up power


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This is the powerful speech by a mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico.

"It's not normal" Italy has imposed strict quarantine restrictions in two northern coronavirus "hotspot" regions

Thai junta helped Malaysia cover up 1MDB scandal, newly banned opposition party claims

A dr treating coronavirus victims in hong kong just told me he doesn't think the world is aware of the dangers. Thinks, based on what he’s seen, the virus is far more widespread than being reported. “If you see one cockroach, you know there are more”

BREAKING: Judge denies Roger Stone motion to disqualify her, issuing a scathing rejection that concludes it lacks any “factual or legal support” and that it appears to be “a statement for public consumption” that includes the words ‘Judge’ and ‘bias’ in the same sentence.

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The Malaysian prime minister, 94-year-old Mahathir Mohamad, submits his resignation to the king

The Twitter account of the musical “Dekada ’70” was suspended during its opening weekend following sold-out shows and just before the anniversary of the EDSA revolution on Feb. 25. | @NinaGunoINQ 

BREAKING: Israel closes its borders to Japanese and South Korean nationals amid coronavirus spread

Album Review: @BTS_twt 's "Map of the Soul: 7" is both an exhortation to the group's fans and an homage to the seven bandmembers


Scoops of the Week

Today, @BTS_twt  drops their new album “Map of the Soul: 7.” Read TIME’s cover story from October 2018 on how the group is taking over the world

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Russia is aiding President Trump in the 2020 election, intelligence officials told lawmakers. Trump complained Democrats might exploit the news.

An Aussie mum's strong message about bullying has gone viral and is breaking people's hearts.

Jimin on #BTS : "We're really thankful to our fans that we had this chance to look back and reflect"

“Grenell is a vain, narcissistic person who dishes out aggressively, but can barely handle criticism. His brash demeanor hides a deep insecurity. Grenell knows little about Germany and Europe, and that his knowledge of the subject matter is superficial.”

Mike Bloomberg is WAY richer than people realize. Bloomberg's so rich that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize just how much money he has. So we made an animation to help.

Watch Variety's full interview with #BTS  right here

The world has rallied around this 9-year-old boy bullied at school for his dwarfism. Hugh Jackman posted a video telling him "you've got a friend in me," and US comedian Brad Williams has raised enough money to send him and his mom to Disneyland.

If you were just tuning in at “Boy With Luv,” you would have missed quite a few worthy tracks from @BTS_twt . Here are the K-pop phenom’s most underrated songs to listen to ahead of their new album