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How former White House staff helped the United Arab Emirates build a secret surveillance unit – ominously named DREAD

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In the weeks and months following Trump’s 2017 inauguration, a wave of repressive anti-protest laws were pushed onto statehouse agendas nationwide.

This harvest-gold flying saucer perched on a rocky ledge high above Idyllwild, California, is one man's vacation home. It's also a Futuro — a space age tiny house. Fifty years ago, the Futuro embodied the promise of a futuristic way of living.

According to CBS News 2020 campaign embeds, impeachment almost never comes up on the campaign trail

'Not my prime minister': protesters clash with police after Boris Johnson elected – video

ANALYSIS | Eighteen years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the same question faces people touched by the war: What now?

At a rally in Turin, @GretaThunberg  demanded that 2020 be the ‘year of action.’ But for now, the tireless teenage activist says she's taking a break until the end of 2019

A giant 3D printer built two houses in an impoverished, rural part of Mexico, breaking ground on what will be the first 3D-printed neighborhood in the world


Scoops of the Day

Earlier today, @Rep_Matt_Gaetz  called the Democrats' impeachment of President Trump "the lowest of low energy impeachment theories."

Nicola Sturgeon reacts to Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson losing her seat to the SNP. Follow the #GeneralElection  results live:

Forget politics for a moment. Forget about impeachment. Matt Gaetz's exploitation and mockery of Hunter Biden's struggle with addiction should make all of us -- as parents, as people -- ask: Where is his humanity?

#India : We are concerned that the ne #CitizenshipAmendmentAct  is fundamentally discriminatory in nature. Goal of protecting persecuted groups is welcomed, but new law does not extend protection to Muslims, incl. minority sects: #FightRacism  #CABProtests 

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This is nothing new… Democrats have wanted to impeach @realDonaldTrump  since the day he was elected. 📺 WATCH ⇢ Democrats’ real motivation behind impeachment has nothing to do with the facts. It has everything to do with overturning the 2016 election.

“I’ll do whatever I want,” Pres. Trump says about the impeachment process

Trump has been emboldened, not chastened, by impeachment. His personal attorney is at the WH right now after his trip to Ukraine to continue to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, the heart of this impeachment itself. And GOP is no longer lodging any protest. This is the reality for 2020.

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Rep. Frederica Wilson to Betsy DeVos: "I've had some honest disagreements with my friends in the Republican party about how to move education forward, but I never... believed they were out destroy public education until I met you."

Antifa rioting in London following large electoral wins from the UK’s Conservative Party


Scoops of the Week

This Indonesian journalist lost an eye after Hong Kong police fired at her while she was covering a pro-democracy protest.

Our queen! ♥ #MissUniverse  2018 Catriona Gray takes the stage for her final walk. #MissUniverse20192019  (IMG Universe, LLC dba, The Miss Universe Organization)

This little boy in China is his mummy's big hero - he vented his anger at a car that sent his mum flying

A group of doctors showed up at a Border Patrol detention facility to provide free flu vaccines for 100 migrant kids. The doctors said it would take a half hour. Three kids have died from the flu in federal custody. The doctors were refused entry.

I guess he received his invitation.... So happy to welcome @Reggie  back to #TheGameAwards  on Thursday night as a presenter! He keeps up his perfect attendance record!

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"We are concerned that India’s new Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 is fundamentally discriminatory in nature. We hope the Supreme Court of #India  will consider carefully the compatibility of the law with India’s international human rights obligations." -- @UNHumanRights 

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imagine having a passport that allows you to move freely between, live in and work in 28 countries, including many of the worlds most affluent, with excellent free health care and social services wherever you go & voting to tear that passport up and be stranded on an island.