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By the way, the size of this “gift” worth up to $180m from Karfunkel to a small low-profile synagogue that he runs is, one person familiar with Jewish philanthropy tells me, “bonkers.” It’s about 1000x the size of his foundation’s usual donation & unheard of in the community.

#BREAKING : Penn reverses course and says most students won't live on campus this fall. Classes will be entirely virtual and tuition will be cut by 3.9%.

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Intent on being first in the global race to develop a vaccine against the pandemic disease, Russia has yet to conduct large-scale trials of the shot that would produce data to show whether it works. Experts say it could be a 'reckless' step 2/5

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After going 102 days without any domestic transmission of the coronavirus, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced one family in South Auckland has shown multiple positive cases. Ardern announced she will impose temporary restrictions on Auckland as a result.

Members of a federal appeals court signal that they will likely let a lower court judge decide whether to dismiss criminal charges against Michael Flynn.

BILL BARR just walked into McConnell’s office, per pool. Didn’t answer questions about why he’s there.

Netherlands' largest cocaine lab found in former riding school

Per Flight Aware, a flight took off from Summerville SC at 9:45 this morning and landed in Wilmington at 10:56 AM. Promising sign for those hoping Biden picks Dick Harpootlian as his running mate.

The first Black woman to hold the position of Chief of Police of the Seattle Police Department quits after City Council (with no black members) recklessly votes to slash law enforcement budgets and fire 100 cops. Pure madness.

UPDATE: Kamala Harris is outside Joe Biden's basement screaming at his window. Biden has not noticed her yet.


Scoops of the Day

JUST IN: Russia's president Putin has announced the registration of the first coronavirus vaccine

BREAKING: Vladimir Putin says Russia has registered the world's first Covid-19 vaccine, and discloses that one of his own daughters has already received it

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Startling: Kimberly Karol, of postal service workers' union in Waterloo, Iowa, tells @noeleking  the USPS not only banned overtime, but is having sorting machines removed in her area: "That also hinders our ability to process mail. @NPR 

Joe Biden has finished interviewing running-mate candidates, and his search committee is said to be disbanding, signaling an imminent announcement

President Trump was just asked to step inside in the middle of his briefing and rushed out. Not sure what is happening.

Imagine a governor who covered up data on deaths in nursing homes, then did pressers bragging about the performance of his state's nursing homes. Imagine also that this governor's state experienced 33,000 deaths. Hero or villain? Well, he's a Democrat, so hero, obviously.

Tough guy @NYGovCuomo ⁩ & his pals are too afraid of @JaniceDean ⁩ to let her speak at hearing examining NY COVID nursing home deaths. They yanked her invite! Could it be b/c ... she’ll tell the truth? Man up, Guv.

Credit where it is due. @realDonaldTrump  is bringing calm to the turmoil.


Scoops of the Week

Trump: “We’re doing very well.” Coronavirus deaths over the last 7 days: Australia: 70 Canada: 37 France: 51 Germany: 49 Italy: 55 Japan: 27 Spain: 57 Sweden: 27 UK: 414 US: 7,189

BREAKING: We’re calling for the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security.

RACE COMMENT BACKLASH: @marykbruce  reports on the backlash Joe Biden is facing after appearing to suggest most African Americans are uniform in their views, with Pres. Trump seizing on the comment and the Biden campaign responding.

Mauritius declared an emergency after a tanker hit a coral reef, spilling 1,000+ tons of oil and threatening "thousands" of fragile species. It is still leaking. Volunteers are making barriers and rescuing animals, angry at govt inaction: "We will never be able to recover."

From our cold, dead hands.

WATCH: Massive explosion rips through gas station in southwest Russia; at least 13 injured

JUST IN: President Trump announces indefinite deferral of student loan interest payments

Who do you think is best suited to be the next PM of India? #MOTN2020 

A 15-year-old student has been suspended for 5 days after posting photos of packed hallways at a Georgia high school, her mother said. “There is no question that the photo does not look good," the district superintendent wrote in a letter about the images.

“Something definitely changed at the post office,” President of the American Postal Workers Union Mark Diamondstein says. “A few weeks ago, the new postmaster general put in some policies that we don’t think can do anything but slow down mail.”