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LOOK: Vice President Leni Robredo and her children arrived in Manila last Saturday after attending her youngest daughter's graduation in New York University a few weeks ago. 📸: Raoul Esperas Related story:

One person with a gun, stops a mad man from killing 40. Hhhhmmmm.

Teachers are sharing advice on how they make their classrooms safer after the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, TX, that left 21 dead. One teacher shared a metal door lock that prevents anyone on the outside of a classroom from opening the door.

Went to the movies There's no people anywhere Staff shortages, empty seats, empty bars Has anyone else notice this over the past few months?

Most European Cups and Champions League titles Real Madrid: 14 Milan: 7 Bayern: 6 Liverpool: 6 Barcelona: 5 Ajax: 4 Man United: 3 Inter: 3 Juventus: 2 Benfica: 2 Chelsea: 2 Porto: 2 Nottingham Forest: 2

The devastating heat wave that has baked India and Pakistan in recent months was made more likely by climate change and is a glimpse of the region’s future

Elon Musk on Johnny and Amber: 'At their best they are each incredible'

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An estimated 20 million tons of grain are stuck in Ukraine, and the country is one of the world’s five largest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil and meal, making it a staple of countries’ food supply globally.

An at-risk 5-year-old child has been reported missing out of Stockton since April but was last seen through a surveillance video in Southwest Fresno on Friday.


Scoops of the Day

Nineteen children were looking forward to a summer filled with Girl Scouts and soccer. Two teachers were closing out a promising school year. They’re the 21 people who were killed in an elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. These are their names.

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Two of the nation’s most prominent police organizations told Congress on Friday that they were willing to discuss gun policies in an effort to reduce gun deaths. It marked the first time that the organizations have commented on gun violence.

Protesters carried “child-sized” coffins through the streets of Manhattan in protest of gun violence after the Uvalde school shooting.

Liverpool beaten by Real Madrid in Champions League final

The death tolls do not begin to capture the true scope of the epidemic of school shootings in the United States. There are the children who suffer no physical wounds, but are still haunted for years by what they saw or heard or lost.

The great Sam Manekshaw on Kashmir, Sardar Patel, Nehru, Bengal riots, drinking and women… One of the finest Indians ever. They don’t make them like this anymore.

A study of 29 countries found that the U.S. accounted for almost 97% of *all* firearm deaths among kids 4 years old or younger. One main factor in the staggering death toll: the nearly 400 million civilian-owned guns in the U.S.

💉 The AstraZeneca vaccine may increase the risk of the serious neurological condition Guillain-Barré syndrome with the jab’s Trojan horse delivery system possibly to blame, scientists believe, in a discovery which may apply to similar vaccines

Russia is responsible for inciting genocide and perpetrating atrocities that show an “intent to destroy” the Ukrainian people, a new legal analysis signed by more than 30 independent experts concluded.


Scoops of the Week

Texas Gov. Abbott says the Uvalde school shooter had a "mental health challenge" and the state needed to "do a better job with mental health" — yet in April he slashed $211M from the department that oversees mental health programs.

@ABC  NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: At least 2 children dead, 13 injured in Texas elementary school shooting. @DavidMuir  reports:

The Texas shooter violated a multiplicity of gun laws. The suggestion that more gun laws would have prevented this act of unspeakable evil is unsupported, and the implication that those who oppose such laws are somehow in favor of mass shootings is morally reprehensible.

Texas Police Lieutenant Says Cops Were Reluctant to Engage Gunman Because ‘They Could’ve Been Shot’

Vatican investigates possible miracle as UK government inexplicably finds £10bn for energy bills just 24 hours after the Sue Gray report.

"When in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?" - President Biden in the White House surrounded by many men armed with guns.

There’s just nothing we can do

Every mass shooting in the United States must fit into one of two media boxes: gun control or white supremacy. If it does not fit into those boxes, it simply disappears from the national scene. This is not a recipe designed to promote actual solutions.

For more than 60 years motor-vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for young people in America. But since 2017 guns have killed more people between the ages of one and 24 ⬇️

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