JUST IN: North Korea leader Kim Jong Un leaves Pyongyang for summit with South Korea's Moon - North Korea state news agency
“How many women will it take before one woman is believed against the denials of a rich, powerful, famous man? Now we know the answer.” Victims' rights attorney Gloria Allred speaks about Bill Cosby’s guilty verdichttps://t.co/y5KYyY3egit (Corrects spelling)
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Baker Mayfield’s IG live...
JUST IN: Arkansas judge blocks state's voter ID law https://t.co/9i4eyKbktx
JUST IN: Lawmakers demand answers on why Ryan forced House chaplain to resign https://t.co/M5u4B9s40S
BREAKING: Prosecutors say they used online genealogical sites to find DNA match for suspected California serial killer.
FBI gave "derogatory information" about Rob Porter to the White House in March 2017 https://t.co/7pzK0vwiKK
South Korea's Moon Jae-in has set off and is en route to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) to meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Live updates here: https://t.co/N7Ig6ABV1C
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Deep State Corruption- @Rep_Matt_Gaetz: James Comey is cunning and was out to ge@realDonaldTrumpt . The fact that Comey was taking contemporaneous notes of his meetings wit@POTUSh to me is evidence of a setup.#MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
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.@BretBaier: "Did you tell President Obama that the dossier, who it was funded by?"

@projectexile7: "No, not to my recollec#SpecialReporttion."

Owners of a local golf course called the cops on black women ... for playing golf too slowly.
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WATCH: "Firing Mueller would cause a firestorm ... it could even result in impeachment,” Sen. Hatch says before Senate Judiciary Cmte. advances bill to protect the special counselhttps://t.co/3FtnjcINp2.
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Eminem vs. Kanye rap battle for the presidency. It's the only way to truly bring America together.
If you missed Trump's Fox and Friends interview, here is a summary.
If you withheld water from your brain damaged toddler, you'd be brought up on child abuse charges. If a British hospital does it, it's just "dying with dignity."
Kanye: I'm not going to be boxed in by your expectations about my thoughts
NEW: Family of EDM star Avicii, born Tim Bergling, releases statement following his death at the age of 28.

"Tim, you will forever be loved and sadly missed. The person you were and your music will keep your memory alive." https://t.co/AJWRi1pHMK
This judge lost her job after shouting at a sick woman in a wheelchair. The woman died 2 days later
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President Trump says Michael Cohen only handed a "tiny, tiny little fraction," of his legal deals.

"He represents me like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, and .. from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong."
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BREAKING: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Kim Jong Un
James Shaw on tackling Waffle House shooter: "I'm pretty sure he grazed my arm. And it was at that time that I kind of made up my mind...that if it was going to come down to it, he was gonna have to work to kill me." https://t.co/7dVkZl5D7E
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Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon
JUST IN: Bill Cosby has been found guilty on all 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault; he faces up to 30 years in prison https://t.co/hzRvpUeRwv
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#BREAKING: Federal judge rejects Trump excuse for ending DACA, orders him to continue program https://t.co/UCJt9ymYfm
Arnav Kapur, a student in MIT’s Media Lab, has developed a system to surf the internet with his mind. He silently Googled our questions and heard the answers through vibrations transmitted through his skull and into his inner ear.
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Kaepernick's not being signed is the most high-profile, high-dollar example of punishing free expression, and policing speech that exists in the country at the moment.
NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ homes across the US – with help from HUD and foreclosures https://t.co/9LHGb7ApRc
This judge lost her job after shouting at a sick woman in a wheelchair. The woman died 2 days later.
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This pass from LeBron, into Korver’s shooting pocket, is unbelievable
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