BREAKING: We're suing over Georgia's signature-match law.

It allows elections officials to reject absentee ballots if they think signatures in a voter's paperwork don't match. Voters aren't given prior notice or chance to fix the issue.
President Trump might be letting Saudi Arabia get away with the alleged murder of a journalist
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Belfast writer Anna Burns has become the first author from Northern Ireland to win the @ManBookerPrize
Rep. Mark Meadows called out the DOJ's hypocrisy after failing to recommend prosecuting FBI official for lying to investigators
BREAKING: Sheriff: Nearly 130 guns found in South Carolina home of man accused of ambushing officers, killing 1 and wounding 6.
Brothel owner and Nevada GOP hopeful Dennis Hof found dead, discovered by porn star Ron Jeremy
I’d love to see Rachel Dolezal’s DNA test. If she’s more black than Warren is Native American, I will never stop laughing.
This elementary school surprised their ‘superhero’ custodian with an appreciation party — and his reaction is overwhelming 😭
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Breaking: Mary Bono is out as USA Gymnastics interim president and CEO.
Sen. @MarkWarner: “This was not some dark alley, this was inside the Saudi Consulate. It strains any credibility that somehow the leadership of the Saudi regime, which is so authoritarian wouldn't have knowledge of these actions.”
Cherokee Nation tears into Warren for using DNA test to claim Native American heritage
Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation suit against ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ - says he is entitled to legal fees from plaintiff
BREAKING: Seahawks owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died, according to Vulcan.
The body of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi was cut into pieces after he died two weeks ago at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, a Turkish official tells CNN
Royal Tour: Harry introduces 98-year-old Daphne Dunne to his wife Meghan. "Oh my goodness, is this Daphne?" asked Meghan. Previously, Daphne met other members of the Royal family, including Prince Charles, in Canberra more than 30 years ago. #RoyalTour #7News
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#DeepState – Joe Digenova: FBI & DOJ under Obama asked the British intelligence MI6 & British version of NSA, GCHQ, to spy on Americans. It's illegal for FBI to spy on Americans so they asked the U.K. to do it. It’s disgraceful what Obama government did. #MAGA#TrumpTrain#Dobbs
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What's so galling and chilling about the Trump WH and Saudi response to the Khashoggi murder is that it's all the normal Trump toolkit of lying and gaslighting and hand waving in an attempt to get away with literal murder.
WATCH: A black man in St. Louis recorded on his phone as a white woman tried to keep him from entering an apartment building because she didn't believe he lived there. He did.
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Please do your part in keeping the most divisive figures in your party out of the news for 22 days.
It just can’t be that hard.
"I want you to be scared, because if you’re not worried about encroaching fascism in America, before long, it will start to feel normal — and when that happens, we’re all in trouble," says Jason Stanley, a philosophy professor at @Yale.
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NEW: During our exclusive interview with her, @FLOTUS Melania Trump told @TomLlamasABC: “I made the White House home for our son and my husband. And we love to live in the White House. And we are very honored to serve our great nation.”
Missing or murdered? The mystery of missing Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi.
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It is time to create a mecha
Backed by passionate fans, BTS takes K-pop worldwide
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Gov. Rick Scott banned the term 'climate change' in Florida. The state was just hit by the worst storm in its history.
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So now we have learned from the media that having a Native American great-great-great-great-great-grandparent makes you Native American, but that having two X chromosomes does not make you a woman.
'We're still trying to be us.' How @BTS_twt stays true to their identity while bringing K-pop to the world
Tesla exists to help reduce risk of catastrophic climate change, which affects all species on Earth. Even if your faith in humanity is faltering, this is worth caring about. Support makes a difference. Thank you.
<ahem> Elon-chan
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