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Check this out. Public defenders in Louisiana bending every sinew to get non-violent offenders released from jail so they're not sitting ducks for COVID-19.

Bernie Sanders launched his first presidential campaign in near obscurity. He ended his second on Wednesday having inspired a movement that changed American politics.

Central Agencies, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) & ED (Enforcement Directorate) have contacted Maharashtra Police (Satara) regarding Wadhavan family of DHFL group and their ongoing cases in connection with Yes Bank matter: Sources

New York City hires laborers to bury dead in Hart Island potter's field amid coronavirus surge

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No fewer than 1.2m people left Greater Paris—nearly a fifth of its population—during the week of the covid-19 lockdown

Nikon is offering free photography classes this month, each ranging from 15 minutes to well over an hour. 🙌

The fluid-like motion in a flock of sheep 🐑

People in Paris take part in general knowledge quiz games from their balconies

COVID-19 | Frontline medics at risk due to lack of protective equipment, Italy


Scoops of the Day

This drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island, just off the coast of the Bronx. For over a century, the island has served as a potter’s field for deceased with no known next of kin or families unable to pay for funerals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care but remains in hospital, Downing Street says

Pres Trump on Feb 26: "I mean, view this the same as the flu...You treat this like a flu." VP Pence today: "We've known from the beginning that this at least three times more contagious than the flu. And, I believe that fact alone has informed our projections and the modeling."

MPs offered an extra £10,000 each to work from home, coming as a great comfort to nurses wearing bin bags to protect themselves from coronavirus.

NEW: Thurs 9 April update of coronavirus trajectories Daily new deaths: • US & UK are still upward slopes on a log scale, i.e each day generally brings more deaths than the last • Japan death toll tracking Italy All live charts, free to read:

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Pakistan launched the largest social protection effort in the country’s history with plans to pay close to $1 billion dollars to the country’s poorest in an effort to counter the economic fallout of the Covid-19 crisis.

The Himalayas are visible from certain parts of India for the first time in "decades" due to the reduction in air pollution caused by the country's coronavirus lockdown

In Hong Kong, people who have been exposed to coronavirus can get sent to government quarantine centers for isolation — even if they don’t have any symptoms. This is what happened to a @CNN  producer who had to go to quarantine camp:

Nancy Pelosi calls Mitch McConnell’s request for an additional $250 billion in aid for small businesses a “stunt on the floor of the Senate” and says there is “no data as to why we need it.”

All of the same insidious dangerous, dilettante know-nothing denialist bullshit that was has been used on the climate crisis for decades now being brought to bear on the pandemic.


Scoops of the Week

Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in 2014

"This is called cross-contamination." A Michigan nurse used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs even while wearing gloves.

“Preparedness is a choice. And poor preparedness is a choice.’ — This man worked on a literal pandemic playbook for Trump, and the president chose to ignore it

Shenzhen has become the first city in China to ban eating cats and dogs

In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”

JUST IN: Tiger at zoo in New York City tests positive for coronavirus

Trump is rambling more than usual, saying nothing new, pushing use for a drug that Dr. Fauci rightly calls unproven, insulting governors, and mindlessly wandering around. Does he think this helps his cause? It certainly does not help the country.

In South KoreaKR , the solar panels in the middle of the highway have a bicycle path underneath - cyclists are protected from the sun, isolated from traffic, and the country can produce clean energy.

JUST IN: Four year old tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus after developing a dry cough, with other tigers and lions also showing symptoms.