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#BREAKING Sixteen US states sue Trump administration over border wall emergency declaration
‘Shall We Call It On Smollett?’ — Greg Gutfeld Drags Gullible Media For Latest Hate Crime Hoax Fail
How to Find a Good Assignment Writer Online
JUST IN: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has told colleagues he plans to leave the Justice Department in mid-March, according to a DOJ official familiar with the matter.
Alabama newspaper editor calls for return of the KKK to "clean out DC"

Median employee salary: $12,574

CEO salary: $11,500,000
Red Velvet completes tour of 5 U.S. cities, set to hit Canada next
Trump has parroted Putin talking points many times: (1) the absence of Russian interference in our 2016 elections (2) the unstable, war-mongering Montenegrins (3) the legitimacy of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan & now (4) the inability of North Korean ICBMs to reach the US
Dehradun: People pay last respects to Major VS Dhoundiyal, who lost his life in an encounter in Pulwama yesterday #Uttarakhand
George Mendonsa, identified as the "kissing sailor" in the iconic Times Square photo that came to symbolize the end of World War II, has died at 95.

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'I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope!' ❤️
Happy birthday J-Hope! Here are @BTS_twt after their first ever televised performance in the UK, last year on @BBCOne! 🎈
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Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs
JUST IN: California AG Becerra tells @mitchellreports he intends to file lawsuit today challenging President Trump's national emergency declaration: "We'll be joined by at least a dozen states."
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Forty-four days away from Brexit and they haven't got a clue."

A Honda worker accuses the government of "completely incompetent handling" of Brexit and "idiocy of epic proportions".
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William Barr’s Son-in-Law Just Landed a Job Advising Trump on “Legal Issues”
BREAKING: Corbyn unveils new-look Labour Party.
Tonight I was racially attacked while alone outside Soho theatre, from behind, as I bent down to pick up my phone. The white male assailant called me a “fucking Paki” as he hit me in the face with maybe a signet ring & ran away like a coward. He took nothing. He was just a racist
“If he ever tries to get it built (the wall), the American tax payer will pay for it” - @HillaryClinton in August 2016 #FakeTrumpEmergency
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BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader McConnell says President Trump has told him that he's prepared to sign the government funding bill and that "he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time."
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Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall...
CRPF Personnel Ratan Thakur's (who lost his life in #PulwamaTerrorAttack ) father in Bhagalpur: I have sacrificed a son in Mother India's service, I will send my other son as well to fight, ready to give him up for Mother India, but Pakistan must be given a befitting reply. #Bihar
It's become commonplace enough in the past two years that it no longer gets much notice. But it's worth remembering that no other president in decades publicly threatened "retribution" against a television network because it satirized him.
Chicago police think "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault on himself, two police sources say
JUST IN: Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Roger Stone with WikiLeaks
Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes on $11.2 billion in profit.
India now needs to break this mental barrier between Kashmiris and non Kashmiris.All are equal citizens of India.Govt should abolish Article 370&35A and open J&K to rest of India.I want to make a home there and live and so would millions of Indians from other states. #Solution
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