NEW: We're supposed to trust Trump's unspecified Afghanistan strategy? He's forgotten he threatened North Korea!
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America's next solar eclipse comes in 2024
#BREAKING 33 injured after inbound train crashes into unoccupied parked train at station outside Philadelphia, authorities say
I can't hide the truth any more …
Someone shouts "don't look" as Pres. Trump looks up without eclipse glasses on as solar eclipse passes over D.C.
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A man on a scooter was reportedly on his phone as he plunged into a sinkhole in China. He suffered no serious injuries, state media says
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From @MichelleBernard: A Trump Pardon of Disgraced Sheriff Arpaio will Create a Constitutional Crisis Like No Other
International Space Station photobombs solar eclipse
A Bollywood movie is taking on an unglamorous topic. 💩
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A total solar eclipse will cross the US today from the Pacific to the Atlantic for the first time in 99 years
Pres and Mrs Trump watch the eclipse.
President Trump's travels and family are depleting the Secret Service's funds for agents. Our report:
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Meet the "eclipse chasers" who travel all over the Earth to see the moon block out the sun #Eclipse2017 #CNNeclipse
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Police have identified the driver of the van in the Barcelona attack that killed 13 people as Younes Abouyaaqoub.
As he did this, someone in a crowd of aides below shouted "Don't look."
Miss today's eclipse? Another one is coming in 2024:
QUEZON CITY – Classes in ALL LEVELS, both public and private, are suspended today, August, 22, 2017. #WalangPasok via @qclocalgovt
Trump reading a statement about Afghanistan means nothing. Let him do a press conference and take detailed questions about the war.
The incredible moment Oregon becomes first state to experience totality as #SolarEclipse2017 crosses the US
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The best Civil War monument is the one President Trump had made to commemorate a battle that he completely made up.
God bless the family and the memory of Johnny Cash
Slavery, racism, torture, rape, treason and sedition are all worse.
Want to make sure you all saw this photo. It's the line of people in Durham waiting to turn themselves in for toppling the Confed statue.
Sir Bruce Forsyth, veteran entertainer and star of British TV, dies aged 89
Are you sure you really know what antifa is?
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Post-Charlottesville covers of The Economist, The New Yorker and TIME.
My dearest Clara,
Morale is low. The men miss their videogames and we are badly outnumbered. However we must press on...
(ht @as_per_ushe)
Holocaust survivor watches Charlottesville, says neo-Nazi has “the same hatred” as those at Auschwitz
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An anti-Muslim Australian senator walked into Parliament dressed in a burqa because she wants to ban them.
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