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Manolis Glezos, a Greek resistance fighter who was regarded as a national hero after he and a friend tore down the Nazi flag that waved over the Acropolis when the Germans occupied Athens in 1941, has died:

Pence: I don't believe Trump "has ever belittled the threat of the coronavirus"

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#StayHome #SocialDistancing  . But what if you don't have a home? Homeless shelters are sounding the alarm on vulnerable populations left "in the dark" during th #coronavirus  pandemic.

❤️❤️❤️ Seattle's Great Wheel is putting on a heartbeat light show to honor first responders and essential workers. Watch live at this link: Or on YouTube:

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#Breaking | Locals attack cops in U.P's Muzaffarnagar over implementation of lockdown. Reportedly, 3 people have already been arrested. Details by TIMES NOW's Amir Haque.

Gov't calls on groceries, markets, pharmacies to operate for 12 hours

Donald Trump is considering banning domestic air travel, the UN climate talk in Glasgow will be postponed and New Zealand ordered banks to halt dividends. Follow our live coverage here:

“The virus cannot infect you if the virus never meets you,” says Dr. Craig Spencer, Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia Univ. Medical Center. “Our only hope right now is social distancing. We don’t have a magic bullet medication. We don’t have a vaccine."

Chuck Schumer says he told President Trump that the U.S. should grant hazard pay — additional pay for hazardous duty — to frontline federal employees responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the look would be “surreal” but people will have to get used to it


Scoops of the Day

Trump’s HHS Secretary saw this coming in early January. The President wouldn’t meet with him. Trump’s Intel community saw this coming in January. He ignored their warnings. Everyone in the Trump White House saw this coming and warned him. He wouldn’t listen.

Marvin Gaye died 36 years ago today, in Los Angeles. He was 44. His isolated vocal track from “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (1968) remains a stunning achievement. 💯 (via @MeredithFrost )

WATCH: Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on the letter he received from the NBI, alleging he violated the “Bayanihan We Heal as One Act.” | via @mavgonzales 

FIR registered against online portal 'The Wire' for allegedly disseminating fake news.

Occupants were unruly since morning&made unreasonable demand for food items. They misbehaved&abused staff at Quarantine Centre.Also they started spitting all over&on persons working/attending them incl doctors.They also started roaming around hostel building:CPRO Northern Railway

How to ensure you don't get follow-up questions on Fox, apparently.

'Let me feel safe' — This nurse stood her ground and quit her job after being asked to work in a COVID-19 unit without a mask

@mavgonzales  Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto says they comply with the directives of the national government and that the focus should be on mitigating the ill effects of #COVID19PH . | via @coridoublene 

#WATCH Madhya Pradesh: Locals of Tatpatti Bakhal in Indore pelt stones at health workers who were there to screen people, in wake of #Coronavirus  outbreak. A case has been registered. (Note-Abusive language) (1.04.2020)


Scoops of the Week

LA received 170 broken ventilators from the national stockpile. Rather than complaining, we put them on a truck, drove them up overnight, and had @Bloom_Energy  get to work fixing them. Monday they‘ll back in LA--fixed. That’s the spirit of CA.

President Trump today at the White House said to me: “Be nice. Don't be threatening.” I’m not the first human being, woman, black person or journalist to be told that while doing a job. My take: Be steady. Stay focused. Remember your purpose. And, always press forward.

#FareedsTake : “At some point we Americans must look at the facts and recognize an uncomfortable reality. The United States is on track to to have the worst outbreak of coronavirus among wealthy countries, largely because of the ineffectiveness of its government.”

NEW: Saturday 28 March update of coronavirus mortality trajectories • UK passes Italy, 2nd only to Spain for deaths at this stage of outbreak 📈 • US deaths doubling every 3 days, curve keeps steepening • India tracking US Live version FREE TO READ:

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Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

Tata Sons contributes additional Rs 1000 Crores to fight #COVID19 .

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I ran into @MyPillowUSA ⁩ founder Mike Lindell in front of the West Wing. He said his factory will be cranking out 50k masks/day by Friday. “The most comfortable mask you’ll ever own”

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Just two weeks ago the head of Emergency at Wuhan Central hospital went public, saying authorities had stopped her and her colleagues from warning the world. She has now disappeared, her whereabouts unknown. #60Mins 

Pretty incredible that we've gone from "hoax" and "totally under control" to a best case scenario of 100K to 200K dead from the #coronavirus . We lost 115K in World War I.

NETHERLANDS: Country's government recalls 600,000 masks from hospitals for being defective after being bought from China