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Police described the Austin gunman as "a black male wearing a black shirt with a skinny build and with dreadlocks - dreadlock-type hair." The Statesman-American said it would not publish the "vague" description because it "could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes."

Man gets 10-year sentence for attacking and coughing on person who asked him to pull up mask

Texas is going after the drug cartels and the gangs that help them push dangerous drugs like fentanyl. I just signed a law to increase prison time for manufacturing or delivering fentanyl. It also limits probation and parole for these criminals.

@WaGuJohnSolomon  on Burisma tax revelations: President Trump "asked for an investigation of Hunter Biden...there was something to investigate: tax evasion." @SchmittNYC 

Thousands marched in Canada in support of a Canadian Muslim family that lost three generations in a hate-motivated attack last Sunday

Virtually all hospitalized Covid patients have one thing in common: They're unvaccinated

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G7 reaches consensus on China dumping, human rights abuses -U.S. official

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MAKE WAY FOR GEESE: Traffic was stopped on an Ontario highway as motorists let a gaggle of geese take a casual stroll across.


Scoops of the Day

UPDATE: Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was conscious and raised his hand when he was carried from the field

Police in Nigeria have forcefully dispersed the #June12thProtest  taking place in Lagos and Abuja. Follow the thread 👇 for more photos.

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Queen Elizabeth II insisted on cutting a cake using a ceremonial sword at an event on the sidelines of the G7 summit. When told there was a knife available instead, the monarch replied, “I know there is! This is something that is more unusual.”

Police are searching for two gunmen in a shooting that left 9 people injured and one woman dead in Chicago early Saturday morning

This rep's mic was cut off as he tried to call out the lack of diversity in his state's House

Cross party group of 24 UK parliamentarians call for President Biden to drop the prosecution of Julian Assange, 'an act that would be a clarion call for freedom that would echo around the globe' #FreeAssangeNOW  #G7 

When Parliament resumes next week, the Government is threatening to deregister charities that campaign against the Coalition. | @vanOnselenP  #auspol 

Today we mark five years since 49 people were killed at Pulse nightclub. It has been 1,826 days since this tragedy, yet nothing has changed. We demand our elected officials pass commonsense gun safety legislation. #Pulse5YearsLater  #HonorThemWithAction 

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Today marks the 5th anniversary of the #PulseNightclub  shooting in Orlando, Florida. 49 people were killed that day, making it the 2nd deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. AJ+ spoke with two survivors on how they’re fighting to get resources for survivors of the shooting.

Happy to share some POSITIVE news with you. I have tested covid NEGATIVE. Recovered and ready to return to work. But before I do that, I want to thank all of you for your #GetWellSoon  wishes and prayers. Join me LIVE on Facebook at 5pm tomorrow.

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Scoops of the Week

Israel this week ordered 1,500 Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem to evacuate and demolish their homes in 21 days — or pay the cost of Israel destroying them. The houses are in al-Bustan, #Silwan , where Israeli settlers are trying to force 100+ families out to build a park.

Darnella Frazier, the teen who filmed the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd , has won a Pulitzer Prize special citation. Frazier was 17 when she witnessed ex-officer Derek Chauvin murder Floyd: "My video didn't save George Floyd, but it put his murderer away and off the streets."

There have been export bans by several G7 member countries that blocked production in other countries & sometimes blocked production in middle-income countries,which is essential for production of vaccines for poorest countries. I'll take just one example, India: French President

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A cop flipped over a pregnant woman's car because she didn't pull over quick enough. Not only is what she did not wrong, it's what you're supposed to do: turning on hazards to indicate you're complying and pulling over at the next safe place to do so... This man is still a cop.

No tribute from Joe Biden for the men who risked their lives on D-Day. He did, however, spend yesterday tweeting about the bravery of trans people. As I've said for years, our definition of bravery has shifted rather radically since Normandy.

#OnThisDay 1985: Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar gave this fascinating demonstration of how he played his instrument.

Hunter Biden repeatedly called his white lawyer the N-word, texts show

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Jeff Bezos skipped paying federal income tax twice in a period in which he made $127 billion (2007 and 2011), reports @ProPublica . Elon Musk paid none in 2018. It says IRS data shows the 25 richest people paid 3.4% in taxes in 2014-2018, compared to 14% for median households.

3/ What's revealed demolishes the cornerstone myth of the American tax system: That everyone pays their fair share & the richest pay the most.