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South Korea has a customised app which sounds an alarm and alerts officials if quarantined people stray

@maddow  on Tuesday's White House briefing: "The models they are using now assume full mitigation ... even though that is not yet what is happening in huge swaths of this country."

Dallas County is asking residents to refrain from grocery shopping from April 1-3, unless there's a critical need. The intent is to give low-income families the chance to stock up on much-needed essentials.

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PIZZA PD: Officers thank New York hospital staff with pizza.

Using #Zoom  On Windows? ⚠️Beware — a new unpatched 'UNC path injection' vulnerability in Zoom video conferencing #software  could let remote hackers steal your Windows login password. Learn how ➤ #zoommeeting  #zoombombing  #coronavirus  #infosecurity 

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How do I know if I've got coronavirus? A continuous, dry cough, and fever are the key symptoms to look out for Some people are reporting loss of taste or smell too (but this can be a symptom of other viruses)

The Trump admin. rejected reopening Obamacare for special enrollment during the #coronavirus  pandemic. The U.S. has the highest number of cases globally and the White House projects a death toll up to 240,000. About 27.5 million people in the U.S. do not have health insurance.

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White House official tells @NBCNews  that President Trump will not reopen the Obamacare exchanges to allow uninsured Americans to purchase health care coverage during the coronavirus pandemic.

WATCH: Sta. Ana Hospital staff sends off patient who recovered from COVID-19

As Coronavirus Surges, ‘Medicare for All’ Support Hits 9-Month High But hey, let's use this opportunity to capitulate with dishonest Dems in Congress. Maybe if we're friendlier to them they'll ignore their corporate donors and actually listen to Americans.


Scoops of the Day

President Trump just said he likely was distracted by the impeachment trial and that impacted his response to coronavirus. That is a remarkable admission.

Let our response be “anuna”

Pretty incredible that we've gone from "hoax" and "totally under control" to a best case scenario of 100K to 200K dead from the #coronavirus . We lost 115K in World War I.

HE WILL NOT CHANGE AND IS FUNDAMENTALLY INCAPABLE OF DOING THE JOB. That's the story. I know it's fun to watch the bouncing ball, but it doesn't change. That's it.

WATCH: Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on the letter he received from the NBI, alleging he violated the “Bayanihan We Heal as One Act.” | via @mavgonzales 

Marvin Gaye died 36 years ago today, in Los Angeles. He was 44. His isolated vocal track from “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (1968) remains a stunning achievement. 💯 (via @MeredithFrost )

Listen to Larry David: “You’re hurting old people like me. Well, not me...I’ll never see you.” #StayHomeSaveLives 

BREAKING: China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report

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Fox failed my mother and countless others of its fans. While we can joke all we want about the “Fair and Balanced” motto, it’s a very low bar to simply give your audience decent health information. Opinion | Fox’s Fake News Contagion @nytopinion ⁩

Occupants were unruly since morning&made unreasonable demand for food items. They misbehaved&abused staff at Quarantine Centre.Also they started spitting all over&on persons working/attending them incl doctors.They also started roaming around hostel building:CPRO Northern Railway


Scoops of the Week

LA received 170 broken ventilators from the national stockpile. Rather than complaining, we put them on a truck, drove them up overnight, and had @Bloom_Energy  get to work fixing them. Monday they‘ll back in LA--fixed. That’s the spirit of CA.

NEW: Friday 27 March update of coronavirus mortality trajectories • UK has more dead at this stage than any country except Spain & Italy ⚠️ • US now clearly more deaths than China or Iran, could soon pass France • India added Live version FREE TO READ

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ITALY: 101-year old man who was born during the Spanish Flu pandemic has recovered from a coronavirus infection

We are quite literally doing a worse job of containing the virus than any other country on earth.

BREAKING: We’re launching a test that can detect COVID-19 in as little as 5 minutes—bringing rapid testing to the frontlines.

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Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

Tata Sons contributes additional Rs 1000 Crores to fight #COVID19 .

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Rep. @Ocasio2018 : "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!"

I mean the president all but told sick people in Michigan to drop dead because their lady governor is too mouthy.

I ran into @MyPillowUSA ⁩ founder Mike Lindell in front of the West Wing. He said his factory will be cranking out 50k masks/day by Friday. “The most comfortable mask you’ll ever own”

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