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Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, @BTS_twt  fans finally have an answer to one of life’s enduring mysteries — what went on with the so-called black bean noodle incident

Bernie Sanders is not a European social democrat. He is an out-and-out Marxist. Upon his return from the USSR in 1988, he celebrated the Soviets moving "forward into some of the early visions of their revolution, what their revolution was about in 1917."

CDC urges Americans to prepare for coronavirus outbreak: 'This might be bad'

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So happy to see these girls together - between them they’ve mobilized more armies for good than any leader today! @Malala  @GretaThunberg 

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"She's the only friend I'd skip school for." Greta Thunberg met Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history, in the UK. Thunberg is there to lead a school climate strike in Bristol.

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Iran's deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi wipes sweat from his brow at a news conference, before testing positive for the coronavirus The virus has killed 15 people in the country

Trump's separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find

Kenya bans commercial slaughter of donkeys from next month after legalising trade in donkey meat and hide in 2012 to meet growing demand in China

#Correction Shoot at sight orders remain, earlier report of it being lifted was incorrect.

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Bernie Sanders is now the first candidate in the nation’s history, of either party, to win the popular vote in the first three races.


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We have reached a dangerous moment in American democracy when senior Trump administration officials are politicizing and selectively declassifying intelligence to help Trump win reelection. That's wrong. It needs to stop now. THREAD /1

The private Twitter account of a newly promoted campaign staffer indicates that despite his condemnation of online harassment, some of Bernie Sanders’ most toxic support is coming from inside the house. My latest:

In a world where you can be anything, be kind! Chinese teen boy put a facemask on an elderly bottle-and-can collector.

Aerial footage shows hundreds of people lining up around the block to buy face masks in Daegu as most of the new South Korean cases of coronavirus were traced to the city.

#Watch | NDTV reporters share how they were assaulted by armed mobs in violence in N-E Delhi today. #DelhiViolence  #Delhi  #DelhiCAAClashesCAAClashes  Follow live on and NDTV 24x7

Iran's health minister appeared at a press conference profusely sweating but insisting Iran had coronavirus under control. Just a day later, he tested positive for coronavirus himself Read more on our live blog here:

MISSING: Jaden Davis was last seen in the area of Picadilly and Canterbury Road near 8 Mile on Detroit's west side.

FISA Reform: @RepDougCollins  says we need to look deeply into FISA court misconduct and ensure the American people are protected. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 


Scoops of the Week

Today, @BTS_twt  drops their new album “Map of the Soul: 7.” Read TIME’s cover story from October 2018 on how the group is taking over the world

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Russia is aiding President Trump in the 2020 election, intelligence officials told lawmakers. Trump complained Democrats might exploit the news.

BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein convicted in a reckoning after sexual misconduct allegations against him fueled #MeToo  movement.

This is the powerful speech by a mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico.

Jimin on #BTS : "We're really thankful to our fans that we had this chance to look back and reflect"

“How much will that cost?” @andersoncooper  asks Bernie Sanders how he’ll pay for the ambitious new government programs he’s proposed.

WATCH: Joshua Wong, a young protester from Hong Kong, says during the #LawfarePH  forum on Friday, February 21, that international solidarity is important in times when democracy is being attacked in nations around the world

Watch Variety's full interview with #BTS  right here

The world has rallied around this 9-year-old boy bullied at school for his dwarfism. Hugh Jackman posted a video telling him "you've got a friend in me," and US comedian Brad Williams has raised enough money to send him and his mom to Disneyland.

Indiana couple drove boys with Trump flags off road: police

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