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Breaking Scoops

British regional airline Flybmi goes into administration
BREAKING: Aurora, Illinois, police say gunman who killed 5 bought the gun he used in 2014. A background check missed a 1995 aggravated assault conviction that should have barred the purchase.
Group: Amazon paid no federal taxes on $11.2B in profits
German Chancellor Merkel received a standing ovation after a speech rejecting U.S. demands that European allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Russia's foreign minister, a high-ranking Chinese official and Ivanka Trump pointedly stayed in their seats.
How to Find a Good Assignment Writer Online
Fox News refused to broadcast this anti-Nazi promo — but it had no problem running one for a conservative film that used Nazi imagery
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Muzaffarpur: One person arrested by police for posting objectionable message on a WhatsApp group regarding #PulwamaTerroristAttack. #Bihar
Blackface: An origin story
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WATCH | NDTV and its journalism stand apart from “the bheed”: Ravish Kumar’s speech at #enbaAwards
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Most stressful jobs, 2017.

1. Enlisted Military Personnel
2. Firefighter
3. Airline pilot
4. Police officer
5. Event coordinator
6. Newspaper reporter
7. Senior Corporate Executive
8. Public relations executive
9. Taxi driver
10. Broadcaster

LIVE: Police have released the names of the victims of the deadly workplace shooting in Aurora, Illinois
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Scoops of the Day

BREAKING: We’re suing President Trump over today’s blatantly illegal declaration of a national emergency.

There is no emergency. This is an unconstitutional power grab that hurts American communities. We’ll see him in court.
Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Roger Stone with WikiLeaks
BREAKING: Five victims killed in shooting in Aurora, Illinois, police chief says.
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Longtime Trump supporter Ann Coulter: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot"
DEVELOPING: Police are responding to an active shooter situation in Aurora, Illinois, the city says.
Less than 24 hours after declaring a national emergency, President Trump's motorcade has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is the 169th day he has spent at one of the Trump Property golf clubs.
BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors are asking a judge for a jail sentence of approximately 19-24 years in prison for Paul Manafort.
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#Dehradun: Daughter of CRPF ASI Mohan Lal pays last tribute to her father. #PulwamaAttack
NEW: ACLU announces intention to file legal challenge against Pres. Trump's national emergency declaration.

“By the president’s very own admission in the Rose Garden, there is no national emergency."
Trump’s declaration of an “emergency” is an illegal abuse of power that strikes at the heart of our democracy.
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A state of emergency has been declared after hungry polar bears took over Russian islands.
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PICTURED: Ultra-rare black leopard is caught on camera for the first time in 100 YEARS in Africa
ICYMI: BTS backstage in the #GRAMMYs portrait studio
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.@jaketapper shows President Trump's hypocrisy over Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tweet with a little help from a "rogue" control room.
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A pet beagle, distraught after losing her litter of puppies, has adopted a baby possum. #9News
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Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall...
CRPF Personnel Ratan Thakur's (who lost his life in #PulwamaTerrorAttack ) father in Bhagalpur: I have sacrificed a son in Mother India's service, I will send my other son as well to fight, ready to give him up for Mother India, but Pakistan must be given a befitting reply. #Bihar
"Seoul ambassadors, nation’s sons, Korean pride."


This is how #BTS paid tribute to South Korea at the Grammys. #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt
Rising Florida rap star YNW Melly shot two of his close friends dead and then with the help of another man tried to make it look like they had been the victims of a drive-by shooting, Miramar police announced Wednesday.
K-pop sensations BTS used the #Grammys red carpet to showcase the work of South Korean designers
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