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Donald Trump previously contended that invoking one’s Fifth Amendment rights was virtually an admission of wrongdoing. But on Wednesday, he invoked the right himself during a deposition at the office of the New York attorney general.

Breaking News: Donald Trump repeatedly said “same answer” after invoking the 5th Amendment during four hours of questioning as Letitia James, the New York State attorney general, sat across from him, his lawyer said.

New IRS Agents: 87,000 New Armed School Officers: 0 Is keeping our kids safe really a government priority?

Fmr. FBI Agent: "I don't care if it's one who person who is a drug dealer or maybe dealing guns or if it's the former President of the United States - you're going to give them an inventory list of what you seized." "I've never heard of anything like this."

‘I don’t want to hear the press telling me Democrats, Republicans can’t work together’ — On Wednesday, Pres. Biden signed the PACT Act, which will expand health care access to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. Biden added the bill was ‘long overdue.’

International economists ask Biden to release Afghan central bank funds

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China's trade with Russia from January to July increased by nearly 30% from the same period last year to reach $97.71B.

Re-electing Trump would be a catastrophe for the US. But electing DeSantis or Pence or Pompeo or Noem or Cotton or Youngkin or any of them would also be catastrophe for the US. The GOP agenda and their contempt for democracy is a catastrophe for the US. The party is the problem.

DEVELOPING | At least three people are injured after a house explosion in Evansville, according to the fire department. Several homes were damaged. 📸: Danny Koester

Salt Lake County council member Dave Alvord says unborn babies are not part of a mother’s body because the umbilical cord and placenta do not connect directly to the woman.


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"Donald Trump can release the warrant. He should release the warrant. If it's such a scam, release the warrant. Stop the scam, stop the grift. Release the warrant. Let us see why they came in to Mar-a-Lago. Let us see what they're looking for." -- @JoeNBC 

FBI searched Melania's wardrobe, spent hours in Trump's private office during Mar-a-Lago raid

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BREAKING: Filings show Elon Musk sold $6.9 billion in Tesla shares

Martin Lewis says it’s not true that the government can’t take action on the energy crisis

IRS says it will 'absolutely not' target middle-income Americans for audit

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Every Russian citizen obtaining a visa to travel to a free country should pay a tax or additional fee. Funds collected from these special taxes or fees should then be given to a Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

'But you're in government, it's your job for god's sake!' Eddie Mair's heated interview with Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith on the cost-of-living crisis. @eddiemair  | @MPIainDS 

We must tax profits now, freeze energy price rises - and if necessary bring suppliers into the public sector | Gordon Brown

The Constitution does not empower the elites. It empowers the nobodies. Remember that.

In yet another major legislative win for him, President Joe Biden signed a landmark bill investing $52.7 billion in computer chip production and research


Scoops of the Week

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the stolen election that led to mass demonstrations all across Belarus. Millions of people joined them. Had they won - had Svitlana Tsikhanouskaya become president instead of Lukashenko - it is possible that there would be no war in Ukraine.

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BREAKING: Olivia Newton-John, who starred in ‘Grease’ and dominated the pop culture of an era, has died at 73.

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JUST spoke to @EricTrump , nothing in the safe, FBI agents 30 approx raided on behalf of nation archives …This is outrageous- has to have come from @POTUS  and/or someone in White House.

@KariLake : "I suppose this sets a precedent and I wonder if people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should be nervous if President Trump ever makes it back into the White House." @JohnFBachman  @BiancaDLGarza  MORE:

Greg Kelly: "Thank God it's Donald Trump quite frankly because nobody else could withstand this kind of pressure, the pressure during the campaign, during the presidency, the fake impeachments, the Russia hoax, Jan. 6 investigations... and now this."

For the first time in its 246-year history, the Marine Corps has its first Black four-star general as Gen. Michael Langley takes charge of Africa Command.

It's been 6 hours of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. 6 hours of sirens sounding in Israeli towns and cities. 6 hours of men, women and children continously running for shelter. Terrorists continue to attack Israeli civilians. We continue to defend them.

Breaking News: Serena Williams said she planned to retire from tennis after playing in this year’s U.S. Open.

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