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U.S. COVID-19 deaths could hit half a million by February unless nearly all Americans wear face masks, researchers said, as colder winter weather will drive more people indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread

Young people are showing up like woah

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✊🏿 LET ✊🏼 PEOPLE ✊🏾 VOTE ✊🏽

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the US should probably mandate mask use, even if people complain about the trouble with enforcing it. “If people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it,” says Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert.

“I think, unfortunately, that it could get really, really terrible,” a doctor in the Madison Covid-19 unit said. “I fear for the reality that I think is coming.”

Jimmy Kimmel shared this touching video of his 3-year-old son Billy, who was born with congenital heart problems, to show what’s really at stake this election

Wisconsin Republicans have been facing an outbreak among lawmakers and aides. But they don't want to talk about it. via ⁦⁩ and me @MSpicuzzaMJS 

Dr. Anthony Fauci says President Trump’s personal attacks are just “noise” and a “mere distraction.” “They don’t bother me,” he said. “I know what my job is, and I’m going to do it.”


Scoops of the Day

"President Trump was better behaved tonight, but he lied more. ... With this President, we just see a constant barrage incessantly of false or misleading stuff." CNN's @ddale8  fact-checks the candidates' debate performances. #Debates2020 

"This is the most important moment in Nigeria's history." @burnaboy  says the "youth have come together" and decided "enough is enough" to protest against police brutality in Nigeria. Full exclusive interview here on the #EndSARS  protests:

Joe Biden to Pres. Trump: "Release your tax returns or stop talking about corruption." #Debates2020 

Mail ballots cannot be rejected based on a comparison of their signatures to the voters' signatures on file, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Friday. See more election and voting updates here:

Donald Trump just said 1 percent of immigrants show up for court dates. It's actually 99 percent -->

President @realDonaldTrump  won the debate! "Why didn't you do that four years ago, @JoeBiden ... I ran because of you because you did a poor job." 🔥

Trump has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on speaker phone to discuss a deal normalizing relations between Israel and Sudan. He asks: "Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal?" Netanyahu: "We appreciate the help for peace from anyone in America"

JUST IN: U.S. sets record with number of new coronavirus cases rising by over 77,000 on Thursday, topping the previous record in July.

These two families are bound by one shared goal- justice. Irene's brother went missing after being arrested by Nigerian police officers 13 years ago. And the parents of Isiaka Jimoh, who was allegedly shot by police, are also seeking justice for him. @briticoyemo  @ranmiray89 

Busting Biden’s Crimes: @SidneyPowell1  & @TomFitton  say there is more than enough evidence of corruption to warrant an indictment of Hunter and Joe Biden. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 


Scoops of the Week

#Nigeria military shooting #EndSARS  protesters in Lekki — one of few thriving hubs for middle class — signals the government not only doesn’t care for “middle class” democratic and economic aspirations/struggles but actively sees them as a threat

Armed men open fire at #EndSARS  protest site in Nigeria's Lagos as curfew imposed, according to witnesses. Follow the developing story:

Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by @FoxNews ⁩

Trump: Biden will "listen to the scientists" if elected

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Trump just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.

Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.

I was last at Lekki toll gate on Monday night - this was the scene.

McConnell and Senate Republicans kill coronavirus relief bill for small businesses and struggling Americans.