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‘Journalism is not a crime’: Australian MP says charges against Assange must be dropped after visiting him in UK prison

Acid attack survivor: 'There are more good people than bad'

Currently, polygamy is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

If the playoffs would now run into February, could....could the Super Bowl end up on President’s Day weekend? That’d be a dream come true for many.

President Trump has named Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, as acting director of national intelligence. The move puts a staunch Trump ally in charge of the nation's 17 spy agencies.

(LEAD) S. Korea reports 31 new cases of coronavirus, total now at 82

From @WSJopinion : Beijing’s rulers are punishing WSJ news reporters so they can change the subject from the Chinese public’s anger about the government’s management of the coronavirus scourge

Two married, off-duty police officers who stopped a robbery while eating together at a chicken restaurant in Kentucky said it would be a mistake to call their actions heroic

Few Asylum Seekers Have Legitimate Claims, Latest Data Indicate

BREAKING: South Korea confirms 31 more cases of coronavirus. Most of the new cases are tied to a church whose members may have contracted it from a single patient

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BREAKING: Westminster Magistrates' Court has been told that US President Donald Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange if he said Russia was not involved in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails. Get today's top stories:

If you were just tuning in at “Boy With Luv,” you would have missed quite a few worthy tracks from @BTS_twt . Here are the K-pop phenom’s most underrated songs to listen to ahead of their new album

A U.K. patient played the violin during her brain tumor surgery. “We knew how important the violin is to Dagmar, so it was vital that we preserved function in the delicate areas of her brain that allowed her to play,” said the violinist's neurosurgeon

A woman has undergone brain surgery while playing the violin to ensure surgeons did not damage the part which controls the fine movement of her hands. The violinist played during an operation to remove a brain tumor at @KingsCollegeNHS  in London. More 👉

Great time to remind everyone that Atalanta have the same wage bill as 15th place Championship side Reading

Here's the meaning behind the surplus of tiny sevens you're seeing everywhere

Here's all that you need to know about US President Donald Trump's visit to India. #ITVideo  More videos:

Surgeons asked this violinist to play her instrument during a brain tumor removal to ensure that the musician's abilities were not damaged.

AMAZING: A professional musician played her violin during brain surgery so surgeons could know they were not accidentally damaging her hand movement and coordination. STORY:

"It is really hard to think of things Donald Trump has actually done to make the economy better." - @SteveRattner 


Scoops of the Week

"C'mon man !" I loved it when Obama used that phrase when I worked for him.

Hundreds of protesters marched in #HongKong  against government plans to potentially turn some buildings into #coronavirus  quarantine centers, demanding full closure of the mainland China border.

If only Xi Jinping had acted with as much dispatch to address the coronavirus outbreak as he did to suppress the outbreak of pro-democracy sentiment in Hong Kong.

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In the 10 days since he was acquitted, Trump has turned paranoia into policy, purging his White House of more career officials, bringing back loyalists and tightening his circle to a smaller and more faithful coterie of confidants. @maggieNYT ⁩

Random surprise - we wrote a song with @BTS_twt  coming out on their new album Map Of The Soul @troyesivan , @alliex , & @BramInscore  #bts   YEP! 💖

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Nigeria was added to the Trump administration’s controversial visa and travel bans list. @FareedZakaria  analyzes whether this is a security measure or a result of Trump’s views on immigration.

EXCLUSIVE: China is tracking every movement of its Uighur minority to find reasons to detain them, a leaked document DW obtained from a whistleblower shows. People have been arrested for growing beards or having too many children: #KarakaxList 

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Mike Bloomberg is WAY richer than people realize. Bloomberg's so rich that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize just how much money he has. So we made an animation to help.

This father is teaching his daughter to laugh at bombs – in order to help her cope. This is life in a conflict zone: