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Perspective: Trump is either a tax fraud or the world’s worst businessman

"It could not be easier" US Admiral Brett Giroir takes a new Covid-19 test, called a major milestone by the World Health Organization head, giving results ‘in minutes’

Donald Trump has announced that the US plans to distribute 150 million rapid point-of-care #COVID19  tests "very soon". He added that the tests can return results within 15 minutes, and described the technology as "from a different planet". Latest:

#meadowood across the valley from St Helena. I just left there...they couldn’t save it. :(. #glassfire 

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SUPERcut: Democrats like Joe Biden's Catholicism but fear Amy Coney Barrett's.

Carl Bernstein: "He has created the first grifter presidency in the history of the united states, in which his purpose in running for the presidency and exercising the powers of the presidency, the fundamental reason is to bail himself and his family out."

Syrian rebel fighters prepare to deploy to Azerbaijan in sign of Turkey’s ambition

Two fast-moving wildfires in Northern California have burned more than 26,000 acres since Sunday and prompted new evacuations for thousands of people.

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Small-dollar contributors have given more than $300 million to Democratic candidates and causes since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, says a spokesperson for ActBlue

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Scoops of the Day

🚨🚨Tonight at 7pm:🚨🚨 EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how 3.5 million Black Americans were listed as ‘Deterrence’ - to try to stop them voting in 2016. #DeterringDemocracy 

reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son

As it’s revealed Donald Trump went 10 years without paying income tax, experts say it would be hugely embarrassing if this tweet were to resurface:

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The average undocumented immigrant in the United States pays more federal income taxes than the president.

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.

Embarrassing @realDonaldTrump  about not being as rich as he claims to be will not change anything. Using this reporting to prove he: - lied to the IRS/cheated on his taxes - hid his financing sources & put his personal biz interests over our national security WILL

Trump calls the bombshell New York Times story on his tax returns “totally fake news” and attacks the IRS


Scoops of the Week

From Myanmar to Canada, people are asking: How was a superpower like the U.S. felled by a virus? And why won’t the president commit to a peaceful transition of power? We talked to people around the world about how they see America today.

This is obvious, but still worth saying: declining to commit to a “peaceful transfer of power” is itself a threat of violence.

I’m thinking that the USA must be a pretty decent place when those who obviously hate this country keep threatening to leave, but never do. US

Amy Coney Barrett opposed Merrick Garland’s nomination because: 1. It came the same year as a presidential election, and, 2. She said the nomination couldn’t go through because Scalia would be “replaced by someone who could dramatically flip the balance of the court.” Like her.

Here is Judge Amy Coney Barrett explaining why it’s wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy during a presidential election year.

CNN’s live shot at the Supreme Court is crashed by people who yelled "CNN is fake news!

Breaking: The Only Witness Who Heard Police Announce Themselves at Breonna Taylor’s Door Changed His Story

Nearly 500 former senior military, civilian leaders signal support for Biden

Gov. Newsom’s executive order banned sales of new gas-powered vehicles in California starting in 2035. Here are some answers to questions you may have about the order:

Madrid is once again Europe’s worst-hit region, while New York is opening up. Here’s how the two cities’ Covid-19 fortunes diverged

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