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India's parliament has passed a bill that would give Indian citizenship to immigrants from three neighboring countries -- but not if they are Muslim. Opposition parties say the bill is unconstitutional & would further marginalize India's Muslim community

Ocean health is essential to tackling climate change, and vice versa.

3 people have been charged in the death of an 8-year-old West Virginia girl who was allegedly beaten, starved, forced to sleep on a floor and banned from drinking water.

'The difference it makes to have a visit, just for that hour, it changes the whole day.' Dame Barbara Windsor's husband Scott Mitchell says every hour volunteered makes a huge impact. Pledge your time and help loneliness with #1millionminutes  👉

Attorneys for one of Harvey Weinstein's alleged victims rejected a tentative deal between the disgraced movie producer, his bankrupt company and dozens of his accusers

Archeologists have unearthed the remains of a town from an ancient civilization in East Africa that sheds light on the origins of Christianity in Ethiopia.

Is there any possibility of reconciliation between the @BJP4India  & @ShivSena ? Listen in to what @Dev_Fadnavis , Former Maharashtra CM tells Navika Kumar on #FranklySpeakingWithFadnavis .

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says IG report "conclusively refutes" claims of political motivation by Pres. Trump, Attorney General Barr. "There is no Deep State. Simply put, the FBI investigation was motivated by facts, not bias."

Shipping industry sails into unknown with new pollution rules

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Woman spots a robin among the flowers in the supermarket! 😍


Scoops of the Day

Anti-Semitic terror attack in Jersey City wasn't by white supremacists, and can't be blamed on Trump; it was by black Hebrew Israelites, a fringe non-Jewish group that sees actual Jews as fake Jews. This means no "national conversation" on anti-Semitism.

Hundreds of healthcare professionals gathered at a sit-in in Hong Kong, calling for the government to respond to protesters' demands—including that Hong Kong's lawmakers be directly elected and police brutality investigated.

Major misstep by CNN, after blanketing Democratic hearings, to blow off Lindsey Graham's opening statement (and Feinstein's) at IG hearing. And MSNBC dipped in and out of Graham. Fuels the criticism that they've taken sides

A Nigerian newspaper says it will now call President Muhammadu Buhari a 'military dictator’ Here’s why: ⬇️

"Stephen Miller is, I think, a cancer at the very heart of the values of this presidency." - @ChrisCoons 

“For sounding the alarm about humanity’s predatory relationship with the only home we have ... for showing us all what it might look like when a new generation leads, Greta Thunberg is TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year” #TIMEPOY 

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#Breaking | The amount of illiteracy in Congress@INCIndia ) is unbelievable: @Swamy39 , BJP MP, tells in Rajya Sabha during the discussion on CAB. | #CABFinalTest 

Trump’s children must undergo mandatory training to learn how to avoid defrauding charities


Scoops of the Week

Watch @BTS_twt ’s speech live from Variety’s #HITMAKERS 

Hong Kong police demonstrating how not to de-escalate. Ordinary bystander hit by pepper spray #HongKongProtest 

@BTS_twt  promises new music on the way in group of the year acceptance speech (Watch)

Where do I see myself in ten years? - Living in Bali, with my dogs. (credit unknown)

Our queen! ♥ #MissUniverse  2018 Catriona Gray takes the stage for her final walk. #MissUniverse20192019  (IMG Universe, LLC dba, The Miss Universe Organization)