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Police vehicle forced to retreat after being hit by petrol bomb thrown by anti-government protesters in Hong Kong amid ongoing clashes.

BREAKING NEWS. The LETRAN KNIGHTS are your #NCAA Season95 men’s basketball CHAMPIONS!!! 🏆🔴🔵 Final score 81-79, the Letran Knights dethrone the San Beda Red Lions to claim the NCAA Season 95 men’s basketball title! #NCAASeason95FinalsFinals  HIGHLIGHTS:

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Govt of Andhra Pradesh: Financial assistance to Christians with annual income of less than Rs 3 lakhs for pilgrimage to Jerusalem & other Biblical places, increased from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. Financial assistance to other christian pilgrims increased from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tells UK business leaders he is putting on hold further cuts in corporation tax. More here:

The Trump administration says they no longer consider Israeli settlements illegal - reversing four decades of US policy and contradicting international law.

Korean Ambassador Han Dong-man says he gave President Duterte an album of South Korean boy group BTS during their meeting in Malacañang yesterday | via @GenKabiling 

Quote of the Day is from John Thomas, who has quit the Labour Party after 30 years service...

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Popeyes signs first lease for China market as it seeks to take on KFC

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The Eurostar brought Britain closer to Europe and carrying a tribe of professionals between London and Brussels. #Brexit  could unravel that. My story on the fabled train & its future, so closely tied to the fates of UK in EU via @nytimes 


Scoops of the Day

Hong Kong protesters make last stand as police close in on besieged university

Former Australian PM Tony Abbot: If there is one country which by its military strength and it's size and economic potential.. one country that has a claim on the United Nations Security Council, that is India

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President Trump walking away from the vaping ban (assuming he does) shows he's willing to listen. He's seeing through the awful media coverage, which turned a viable alternative to smoking into a hysteria-driven scare.

BREAKING: An overwhelming 70% of Americans think Pres. Trump’s request to a foreign leader to investigate his political rival was wrong, new @ABC  News/Ipsos poll finds. 51% believe his actions were wrong and he should be impeached and removed from office.

of course they would mind! republicans would immediately pivot to “this is impeachable” because the unspoken but clear position of much of the GOP is their presidents are unbound by law, norm or institution while Democratic presidents are ipso facto illegitimate.

Hundreds of Hong Kong democracy protesters, including schoolchildren, are trapped inside a besieged university campus

JUST IN: Three people were killed in a shooting at a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, police say

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@realDonaldTrump  is promising a cash payout to American farmers thanks to “China Tariffs” before the holidays. Here’s a fact check:

The Hill is reviewing the work of former "opinion contributor" John Solomon, whose pieces on Ukraine have received brutal criticism from witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. Below is the text of an email to The Hill's staff from Editor in Chief Bob Cusack.

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Scoops of the Week

After almost six months of protests, Hong Kong's government is being willfully blind to the chaos it's creating | Analysis by CNN's @jgriffiths 

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AG Bill Barr: "Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they call 'The Resistance' and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch."

If you were as moved as I was by Ambassador Yovanovitch‘ s testimony today , retweet #BravoMasha  !

Massive attacks underway against the kurds in northern syria. No ceasefire. Total nonsenses there is. US military officials tell me they are ashamed, “sickened.” It’s cold now outside. What about the families, and kids, out of their homes? @OARichardEngel  #AmericanBetrayal 

This massive video of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony is playing on repeat in front of Brett Kavanaugh's dinner guests as they wait outside.

Why is Chairman Schiff afraid of @RepStefanik ? Why doesn’t he want Republican members to ask questions? Why is he conducting more secret hearings after promising the American people an open process?

What have we become? This quote is so deflating for me as an American. Dowd has so many other ways with which he could have expressed his dislike of impeachment inquiry. He chose instead to disparage a man with 50 yrs of service to our country.

Attorney General Barr says Chinese companies 'Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted'