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The Texas shooter violated a multiplicity of gun laws. The suggestion that more gun laws would have prevented this act of unspeakable evil is unsupported, and the implication that those who oppose such laws are somehow in favor of mass shootings is morally reprehensible.

Zelensky: “The longer this war lasts, the greater will be the price of protecting freedom not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole free world. Therefore the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine — MLRS, tanks, and other weapons — is the best investment in maintaining stability.”

@ChrisMurphyCT : “The difference between America and these other nations is not that there aren’t people with homicidal thoughts in other nations. It’s that they can’t go down to their local Walmart and buy a weapon that kills 20 kids in two minutes.”

JUST IN: A federal appeals court has ruled that the 14th Amendment's bar on insurrectionists holding office may be applied to current/future political candidates.

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is in critical need of blood donations following a mass shooting at a Uvalde elementary school.

did my order SHIP or did you just create the LABEL

BREAKING: Herschel Walker is the projected winner of the Georgia Republican senate primary Tuesday night.

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BREAKING: South Korea says a North Korean nuclear test is imminent

Rahul Gandhi's pause was so pregnant...that it delivered quadruplets of pauses on stage. Such was the spectacle that the audience broke into applause.


Scoops of the Week

Listen, bear spray DOES NOT work like bug spray. We would like to not have to say that again.

Haiti is the only country in the world where descendants of enslaved people were forced to pay reparations to descendants of their masters for generations. Nobody knew exactly how much Haiti paid France — and at what cost to its future — until now.

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A large majority of registered Republican voters (68%) say a GOP-controlled House should vote to impeach President Joe Biden if the party retakes the majority after the November midterm elections, according to a recent UMass poll.

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⚡Boris Bondarev, Russia’s Counsellor to the United Nations in Geneva resigns: "...never have I been so ashamed of my country."

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Absolutely incredible content from @SamCoatesSky  here

K-pop trio @VIVIZ_official  gives a shout out to their Filipino fans, as the group talked to ABS-CBN News about starting over again, competing in "Queendom 2," and its plans to promote in the United States. | via @jaehwabernardo  Read:

Putin does not need an "off-ramp." He needs to lose. And only when he loses - only when he is humiliated - will Russia's wars of imperial conquest finally come to an end

BREAKING: Russia's ruble strengthens to 57.1 per US Dollar, its strongest in over four years.

NEW - No10 say the Met Police have seen this photo revealed by @PaulBrandITV . If so, there are surely huge questions for the Met about why this did not constitute a breach.