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It’s not just a modern problem. Airborne toxins are so pernicious that they may have shaped our DNA over millions of years.

Gold firm but on track for biggest weekly fall in 2 months

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In landmark move, Ukraine launches criminal probe of US after new evidence suggests ex-ambassador was surveilled

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Lev Parnas says Trump tried to fire Yovanovitch "at least four or five" times

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Microsoft wants to eradicate its carbon footprint by 2050

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If you wanted pretty much the definition of out of touch liberal elite, I recommend this @TheEconomist  leader arguing that voters need to get over their silly obsession with owning their own home. Infuriating.

New: A series of accidents calls the military’s preparedness into question.

BTS' 'Black Swan' Art Film: MN Dance Company gives depth to this contemporary single of hit K-Pop boy band . . . #BlackSwan  #BTSisComing  #BTSingleToday  #BTS  #btsblackswan 

Fat-wa: Obese ISIS ‘mufti’ is arrested in Iraq… and is so heavy he has to be loaded onto the back of a truck

When California City was founded, it was intended to rival LA in importance. That didn't quite work out. Now, it's California's third-largest city based on its geographic size with a population under 15k. This is a ghost metropolis: 📸: Noritaka Minami


Scoops of the Day

I mean, the thing is, Parnas is describing the details of what Rudy has been OPENLY BRAGGING ABOUT FOR MONTHS.

To those doubting the validity of Parnas claims, there is a REALLY easy way to confirm or deny his claims -- call witnesses to the Senate trial under oath ! How can any American, let alone Senators, be against the truth, evidence, facts?

Tae-hyung from K-pop group BTS has helped a fan in desperate need of a blood donor

FBI investigators went to the home and the business of Robert Hyde on Thursday. The agents were seen by CNN and confirmed by a law enforcement official. They were at the home early Thursday morning in Weatogue, CT before going to Hyde’s business in Avon, CT.

Jeremy Bash: "The key question for Devin Nunes is: 'If the what the president did here was fine ... if it was lawful, why are you so eager to cover it up? Why are you lying about it in plain sight?'"

Evelyn Yang, wife of presidential candidate Andrew Yang, says she’s a survivor of sexual assault by a doctor who has been accused of abusing dozens of his patients, most of whom were pregnant at the time.

Clear now the McSally thing was just a desperate fundraising gambit, because she's getting badly outraised by Mark Kelly and polling behind him.

#WATCH Asha Devi, mother of 2012 Delhi gang-rape victim: Till now, I never talked about politics, but now I want to say that those people who held protests on streets in 2012, today the same people are only playing with my daughter's death for political gains.

BREAKING: GAO concludes that the White House budget office violated the law by withholding military aid from Ukraine >>>>

When you get a direct question, attack the reporter: Manu- @RepMcSally , should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?” McSally-“Manu You’re a liberal hack I’m not talking to you.” Manu- “You’re not going to comment?” (Walks away)


Scoops of the Week

Van Jones: “There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out.”

K-pop band @bts_bighit  are appearing in London by video link to announce an ambitious series of contemporary art installations in five cities across four continents.

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"The denial of [my] entry appears to undercut the Hong Kong government’s claim that it upholds free expression & remains committed to its status as one of the freest ports in the world." Another disturbing crack in the rights of "one country, two systems."

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Compare these 20 headline and see how differently royal reporters treated Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Donald Trump posted a doctored photo with Democratic leaders dressed as Muslims. Trump’s press secretary said he did it to show that Democrats support terrorism. That offensive suggestion that all Muslims are terrorists must be condemned by Republican leaders. Beneath contempt.

LOOK: Volunteers from Manila District Fire and Rescue saved not just residents but also dogs in Agoncillo town. They are planning to name the dogs, Taal, Agoncillo and Tala. | via @nicowaje 

This confrontation between Human Rights Watch and a Chinese government official is worth the price of admission

BREAKING: Russia backs India to have a permanent seat on UN Security Council

Quite an admission from @Lawrence ⁩: “on MSNBC there will be no one defending [Trump.]” “Bc we don’t bring on liars,” he adds. So anyone who defends Trump is a liar, & MSNBC will never offer any defense for anything Trump does. Media is so broken.