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UPDATE: Israeli forces have killed a total of 11 Palestinians and injured 1,334 in the occupied West Bank during confrontations, according to Palestine Red Crescent Society. 🔴 Follow our LIVE blog for the latest:

JUST IN: Rep. Liz Cheney tells @jonkarl  that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should "absolutely" testify before possible commission investigating Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. "I wouldn't be surprised if he were subpoenaed." Watch the interview Sunday on @ThisWeekABC .

Gaetz associate admits to sex trafficking of a minor, agrees in writing to cooperate fully with prosecutors

Tawfiq Abu Naim is Head of Hamas' Security Forces. We just struck his office that he was using for military infrastructure command & control.

Trader Joe's will no longer require customers to wear masks

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The makers of Roundup weedkiller will have to pay a California man $25 million after a federal appeals court upheld an earlier ruling that found Bayer liable for the man's cancer. The company has argued against a cancer link but faces 100K+ similar claims related to Roundup.

"What you have here is one of the most influential dark money groups in Republican circles writing voter suppression laws in secret to make it harder for Black, Brown, and young people to be able to vote." @AriBerman , on his investigation with @NickSurgey 

A short while ago, during a violent riot adjacent to the city of Nablus, our soldiers spotted an assailant armed with a knife approaching them. The assailant was neutralized. No IDF injuries were reported.

The Indian #COVID19  variant is expected to become the most dominant in the UK and is more transmissible than the one that originated in Kent, Professor Chris Whitty has said. Read more about this story:


Scoops of the Day

Latest updates: May 14 Israel continued on Friday to bombard #Gaza  with air raids and artillery shells as it stepped up the deployment of troops and tanks near the besieged Palestinian enclave. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have now killed at least 119 Palestinians — over 40% of victims were women and children. Victims include a woman found killed with her 3 children in the rubble of her home, and a pregnant woman killed with her 4 young children and husband.

“There are children who came torn apart.” Doctors in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital are battling against shortages of medicine, equipment and power cuts to save patients critically wounded in Israeli air strikes.

On May 14, 1948 73 years ago Israel declared independence and was attacked by 6 foreign armies. We won that battle. And we will continue to win.

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Proud Boy leader Ethan Nordean lashed out at Trump on Jan. 20, when it dawned on him that he’d likely be going to jail for the ex-president, according to new messages revealed by prosecutors last night.

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Anyone who asks “But what about Hamas’s rockets?” has a moral obligation to put themselves in the shoes of the Palestinians of Gaza.

There’s only one right answer.

Punjab: People gather in large numbers to offer namaz on the occasion of #EidUlFitr  Visuals from Amritsar’s Jama Masjid Khairuddin Hall Bazar


Scoops of the Week

RAW FOOTAGE: This is the moment the Iron Dome intercepted a barrage of rockets over Tel Aviv and central Israel.

Doctors in India are warning against the practice of using cow dung in the belief it will ward off COVID-19, saying there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness and that it risks spreading other diseases

Hamas is using children as human shields. Hamas has been using a school—in close proximity to civilian buildings including a hospital—to hide a terror tunnel. We neutralized the terror tunnel so that Hamas can no longer hide behind innocent children.

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So I spent some time in April talking with the seven wildly talented members of the world’s biggest band

JUST IN: US President Biden says that Israel has 'the right to defend itself'

IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.

INTERCEPTED: Terrorists recently fired another barrage of rockets from Gaza toward the Israeli city of Ashkelon. We intercepted the rockets with the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System, and are now striking Hamas terror targets.

It's been a difficult night for us, exhausted after spending hours in bomb shelters, but waking up to so many messages of support from you guys helps. Thank you ♥️.

The U.S. blocked the UN Security Council from issuing a statement aimed at reducing tensions between Israel and Palestinians, diplomats say. Sources told @AFP  that 14 out of 15 Sec. Council members were in favor of the statement. The U.S. also blocked a similar text on Monday.

Opinion: The biggest threat to America is the Republican break with reality