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Xu Zhiyong, a prominent Chinese legal activist, went silent over the weekend. His girlfriend, Li Qiaochu, a social activist, has gone missing.

No matter who the president is, we will always defend your civil liberties. Happy Presidents’ Day from all of us at the ACLU.

BREAKING: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's push to ban the sale of assault weapons has failed after members of his own party balked at the proposal.

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A Chinese girl recently visited on-duty police at a local virus control checkpoint in north China. She brought boxes of gloves and danced to pay her respects to hardworking officers #FightVirus 

Rep. Waters on AG Barr: "This Attorney General has been shameless and brazen in the way that he has protected this president."

Federal prosecutors are weighing new charges against associates of Rudy Giuliani in connection with a company that paid him $500,000, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Dancing in a Wuhan hospital during the coronavirus outbreak has become a regular ritual for these patients with mild symptoms, as medical staff try to keep people's spirits up

#JamiaProtests: New footage appears to show Indian police attacking students in a library last December.

#Watch | Magsaysay Award-winning social activist Sandeep Pandey arrested on way to anti-Citizenship Act march in Uttar Pradesh. #CitizenshipLaw  #CAA  Read here:


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Random surprise - we wrote a song with @BTS_twt  coming out on their new album Map Of The Soul @troyesivan , @alliex , & @BramInscore  #bts   YEP! 💖

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Nigeria was added to the Trump administration’s controversial visa and travel bans list. @FareedZakaria  analyzes whether this is a security measure or a result of Trump’s views on immigration.

Trump praised "pure American glory" at Daytona 500 before taking lap in "The Beast"

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Never forget... Derrick Rose with greatest reaction to All-Star introductions of all time

“It was illogical; it could not be explained; it was crazy,” says Ambassador Bill Taylor about the Trump administration withholding military aid from Ukraine while pressing for investigations of Democrats.

Now THIS is how you start a Monday! Watch 5 Seconds of Summer@5SOS ) perform their biggest-selling song ever 'Youngblood' live in Sunrise Plaza 👏🏻

The skill of two pilots was captured on video as they landed the world's largest passenger plane sideways while battling heavy crosswinds at Heathrow AirportRead more here:

JUST IN: Fourty Americans who are on board the cruise ship in Japan have been infected with coronavirus


Scoops of the Week

To all you defending Bloomberg, look Tyquan in the face and tell him to just “get over” what happened to him, that he was just collateral damage in a righteous crusade, that the violation of his rights, body and humanity are things you can live with. HE WAS JUST A CHILD!!!!

39 prosecutors blast Attorney General Barr for ‘dangerous and failed’ approach to criminal justice

i don't care what sentence Avenatti gets. he's not the problem. it's the drooling media who enabled this grifter. Think about it: the people who mock you for your so-called ignorance fell for this charlatan. These are people who laugh at you. You must now laugh at them.

Hundreds march in Hong Kong against potential coronavirus quarantine clinics

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NEW POLL: Bernie Sanders builds double-digit national lead among 2020 Democrats

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College swim team takes bathroom break on the way back from a road trip. Local deputies spot the team’s only black member, tackle him, put a gun to his head, threaten to kill him. They later claim they mistakenly thought he’d taken the bus hostage.

We’re now just doing Trump propaganda as headlines I guess.

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