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I’m ready to be corrected, but not sure that #Buhari  speech was even “live”

#EndSARS has grabbed the world’s attention, highlighting police violence in Nigeria. @falzthebahdguy  has been part of protests since the start and explains the abuses: “They beat people up, they torture people, they murder, they commit armed robbery – it’s everything.”

Actually she tried to mock him (re: the economy) by saying “u know that’s not true,” & then when he doubled down she retreated: “I’m not going to fact check u now.” But she just tried. In an effort to sound tough. & then didn’t have her facts ready. Ouch.

Nigerian president leaves shootings of peaceful protesters out of speech

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@falzthebahdguy  is part of Nigeria's #EndSars  protests. Is he afraid for his life? He says no. "We have a seriously high level of poverty, there’s unemployment. We’re in a critical state because of how much corruption… we continue to see… What kind of life am I living anyway?”

just watched the trump 60 minutes segment. First, we should be grateful we get to see this stuff, unedited, and before its manufactured. second, anyone saying he "stormed out" are getting high off the cork. He leaves the way every boss leaves: you get no say in the matter.

What if you went to grocery store and picked up a National Enquirer. Or People magazine. Or Washington Post. And the grocery store manager blocked your entrance to the checkout line and said you couldn't buy it because he's fact checked the material and it isn't true?


Scoops of the Day

Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by @FoxNews ⁩

It is now fact that Twitter and Facebook suppressed a groundbreaking political scandal that is confirmed by numerous sources The scale of this scandal is beyond historic

President Trump has treated the presidency "like a reality show that he can use to get attention," former President Obama says while stumping for Joe Biden in Philadelphia. "But the thing is, this is not a reality show. This is reality."

Here's the @Reuters  story on today's hastily convened press conference blaming Iran for the 'Proud Boys' email threats. I note these paragraphs in particular:

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BREAKING: A judge dismissed the third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin for the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd . But the judge upheld the more serious second-degree murder and manslaughter charges, meaning he faces up to a total 55 years in prison.

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The Nigerian soldiers waited until it was dark, took down CCTV cameras, turned off street lights and opened fire on young protesters kneeling peacefully in the streets

Former President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail, launching a blistering attack on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic

Waving flags, they sang Nigeria’s anthem. Then they were shot at

'UNFAZED': Voters waited in the pouring rain to cast their ballots early on Wednesday in central Florida.

the more twitter runs these pro biden fact checks and ignores the bullshit biden is up to the more i want to vote trump to spite the establishment


Scoops of the Week

#Nigeria military shooting #EndSARS  protesters in Lekki — one of few thriving hubs for middle class — signals the government not only doesn’t care for “middle class” democratic and economic aspirations/struggles but actively sees them as a threat

Weird that Dr. Fauci has worked under 6 presidents and has never needed a security detail before

Armed men open fire at #EndSARS  protest site in Nigeria's Lagos as curfew imposed, according to witnesses. Follow the developing story:

@MayorRGiuliani  tells Newsmax that Hunter Biden had numerous pictures of "underage girls" on the laptop that reportedly belonged to him and that he has turned them over to the Delaware State Police.

I was last at Lekki toll gate on Monday night - this was the scene.

Waving flags, they sang Nigeria’s anthem. Then they were shot at.

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BREAKING: Justice Department officials tell The Associated Press that Purdue Pharma, the company that makes OxyContin, will plead guilty to three federal criminal charges as part of a settlement of more than $8 billion.

A vaccine scientist warns that the next four to five months could be "one of the darkest chapters in modern American history"

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