BREAKING: Senate has votes to pass bill to end government shutdown with funding through Feb. 8; measure goes to the House.
The Trump administration is levying tariffs on imported solar cells and washing machines
Would be interesting if these stories were framed the way corporate announcement of bonuses, or capital investment are. "After Big Tax Cut, Bank of America To Raise Fees On Customers"
BREAKING: Puerto Rico to privatize its troubled state-owned power company following decades of mismanagement, corruption.
Mexican Uber driver in US illegally charged with four rapes
Democrats got 6 years of CHIP, kept their shutdown leverage, and created some chance of resolving this through normal legislative channels. It’s a good deal, at least for now.
The right wing troll army is out in force tonight! Don’t get caught up with bots. Focus on next steps.
Deep State Cover-up- FBI wipes 5 months-worth of damning text messages between corrupt anti-@realDonaldTrump agents Strzok and Page. @RepDeSantis joins #Dobbs on FBN7p @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Government reopens--@realDonaldTrump breaks #SchumerShutdown, and now will lead U.S. to a rational immigration policy and a secure border with Mexico! @Maga @POTUS #TrumpTrain #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
Watchdog group files two federal complaints, arguing that the reported $130K payout to Stormy Daniels may have violated campaign finance laws
BREAKING: Richest 1% bagged 82% of wealth created last year - poorest half of world got nothing: Our #Davos2018 report is out #EvenItUp #wef18
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Billionaires made enough money last year to end extreme poverty 7 times over, Oxfam says
The bait and switch here, which has been going on now for years, is GOP politicians saying they support Dreamer protections *in principle* but rejecting every single actual proposal that would do it. Over and over and over.
Mike Pence launching partisan attacks in front of troops overseas is unspeakably bad. That he would do so after Democrats tried to guarantee pay and Republicans stopped it makes it so much worse.
BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court throws out state's congressional map, ruling that gerrymandering violates constitution.
Protesting Arab Knesset members wave signs before being removed by security during Pence's speech in Israel's Parliament.
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Patriots vs. Eagles is the most patriotic Super Bowl ever.
ICYMI: on #MorningJoe just now @JoeNBC and @morningmika called @realDonaldTrump a weak leader who is being led around by the nose by a kid (Stephen Miller). They threw in that Barack Obama was a strong leader, which is sure to get Trump going this morning. Rage tweet in 3...2...
Democrats have managed to accede to Republican demands, demoralize their energized base, give a disengaged president a win, and look like they held a meaningless three day government shutdown — all at once.
Stuart Varney: "I am royally annoyed. As a legal immigrant... my legal government is being shutdown in the interests of people who are here illegally."
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"This will be called the Trump Shutdown,” says Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, adding that “blame should crash entirely” on Trump's shoulders.
Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it
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I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, then attaching reauthorization to another controversial bill, then blaming Democrats for not supporting CHIP. It's breathtaking.
From New York to Seattle, check out these aerial views of the Women's March across the country
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A young Ethiopian, Muslim boy saves the day in this new animated film. Meet Bilal.
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Border Patrol agents were caught on film destroying supplies left to help migrants
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"When I raise my hand, I am aware of all the women who are still in silence." - Actress Viola Davis references the #MeToo movement during the Women's March in Los Angeles
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See you next time, boys! Here are @weareoneEXO sending a cosy goodbye from @DubaiAirports' VIP Al Majlis Lounge earlier today. #EXOinDubai #EXOPowerDubai
WATCH: Duckworth torches Trump: I won't be lectured on what our military needs by a "five-deferment draft dodger"
Good morning from Philly where crews from the city are greasing the light poles with Crisco to prevent #Eagles fans from climbing after the #NFCChampionshipGame tonight. #Vikings pregame coverage starts at 3 on FOX9. They call themselves the #CriscoCops
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