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White supremacists and racists are literally the joke of the internet right now <3

WATCH: Barack Obama: "I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country." Obama: "I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter. That your dreams matter."

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis denounces President Trump, accusing him of making a mockery of the Constitution and pitting Americans against each other. Read all about it at @TheAtlantic : 

Three suspects are in custody on terror charges in an alleged right-wing conspiracy to spark violence during protests in Las Vegas, prosecutors say.

5PM WHITE HOUSE — These are the unidentified DOJ officers holding the perimeter at 15th and H Streets. They won’t tell the public to whom they report exactly... It’s generating HUGE frustration here #GeorgeFloyd  @wusa9 

James Mattis, Trump’s former secretary of defense, denounces the president

"I want you to know that you matter," former President Barack Obama said in an address to young men and women of color in the U.S. "I want you to know that your lives matter. That your dreams matter."

Ladies and Gentlemen, a President of the United States.

Breaking News: Virginia's governor plans to order the removal of a monument to the Confederate general Robert E. Lee in Richmond, an official said.

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Scoops of the Day

ICYMI: Twenty minutes after leaving his job at a Brooklyn hospital on Sat night, Rayne Valentine says he was lying in the fetal position on the sidewalk bc he’d been beaten and kicked by New York police officers, his hospital ID smeared with his own blood.

Google has removed #Remove ChinaApps from its play store. Is it pressure from China? Google CEO @sundarpichai  will know it better.

I wonder how many fake protesters showed up just to steal shit

Anonymous stans ALL KPop allies! HACK THE PLANET!

In some potential good news, it looks like Rep. Steve King, whose overt racism, backwards bigotry and self-righteous ignorance has been a cancer on this country for 17 years, is about to lose his primary. 🤞🏻

He did not go inside the church or inspect damage or meet with ministers or talk with protesters or lay a wreath or make a speech or answer questions or clean up debris. He did nothing but pose for photos. Pretty sure that's the definition of a photo op.

Ella Jones became the first African-American and first woman elected mayor in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday, nearly 6 years after the city erupted in protests after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teenager

An @AP  tally shows at least 9,300 people have been arrested in protests since the police killing of George Floyd.

I see a lot of people being like “where are the Democrats right now???” The answer is that they’re in power all over the country sending their police out to attack protesters


Scoops of the Week

Houston Police Chief@ArtAcevedo : “Let me just say this to the President of the United States, on behalf of the police chiefs of this country: please, if you don’t have something constructive to say, keep your mouth shut.”

Trump is hiding in an underground bunker rn. No joke.

Breaking: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer just announced every single officers' body camera was NOT ACTIVATED during the shooting last night that resulted in DavidMcAtee’s death. Not one.

Here is what was happening outside the White House as President Trump was giving his Rose Garden address and saying he is an “ally of all peaceful protestors.” Peaceful protestors being tear gassed outside of the WH gates. I confirmed because I was teargassed along with them.

America is burning because America is in pain, angry, suffering, grieving, agonizing, traumatized. If you think any of this is making America great again, you’re part of the problem. America is broken, and needs love, healing, and most of all leadership.

Know your rights while demanding justice for George Floyd.

We’re drowning in videos of police abuse: cops cars running over protestors, an officer shoving a petite woman so hard she had a seizure, cops shooting rubber bullets at reporters on live TV. It’s clear who is escalating violence.

Amazing scene unfolding in Flint, Twp, Michigan. Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson has joined protesters in a peaceful march. Read More: @MichStatePolice  @gretchenwhitmer 

It’s almost like, I don’t know, Americans been told several times a week for 3.5 years that reporters are the enemies of the people.