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BREAKING: Trump has paid no federal income taxes whatsoever in 10 of the past 15 years beginning in 2000, a New York Times report says

reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son

Embarrassing @realDonaldTrump  about not being as rich as he claims to be will not change anything. Using this reporting to prove he: - lied to the IRS/cheated on his taxes - hid his financing sources & put his personal biz interests over our national security WILL

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.

Trump has paid no federal income taxes whatsoever in 10 of the past 15 years beginning in 2000, a New York Times report says

The average undocumented immigrant in the United States pays more federal income taxes than the president.

I'm not sure what to think about Trump's taxes while people are burning shit down and shooting cops

Some people I’m seeing comment on this are vastly overestimating how “normal for a rich guy” these taxes are. Mitt Romney’s taxes were “normal for a super rich guy.” These are not.


Scoops of the Day

#BREAKING Azerbaijan launches massive bombing of Nagorny Karabakh - Karabakh forces shoot down two Azerbaijani helicopters: Armenian separatists

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BREAKING: President Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the past 15 years, according to a report in The New York Times.

A Texas teacher was fired for continuing to wear a Black Lives Matter face mask after school officials asked her to stop.

I don’t know who needs to hear this. It’s Barack laughing at his own jokes. 😹

Among many other things, federal income taxes pay soldiers’ salaries.

SCOOP: Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won. He paid just $750 in 2017, his first year in office. And he paid no income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years. @russbuettner ⁩ @susannecraig ⁩ @mmcintire ⁩

LeBron James to me before Game 5. LeBron James to me after Game 5.

For a large portion of our past, the @latimes  was an institution deeply rooted in white supremacy. It’s important, in this season of reconciliation and reflection, that we apologize for our past.

Indian Army deploys T-90 & T-72 tanks along with BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles which can operate at temperatures up to minus 40 degree Celsius, near Line of Actual Control in Chumar-Demchok area in Eastern Ladakh. Note: All visuals cleared by competent authority on ground

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan has broken out around the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenian Defense Ministry says two Azerbaijani helicopters have been shot down.


Scoops of the Week

Pres Trump: I am signing the first-ever executive order to affirm that it is the "official policy of the United States Government to protect patients with pre-existing conditions." Fact: The Affordable Care Act signed by Pres Obama made covering pre-existing conditions U.S. law.

I was told "very loudly to get out of the courtroom" Black barrister Alexandra Wilson says court staff mistook her for a defendant three times in one day

This is obvious, but still worth saying: declining to commit to a “peaceful transfer of power” is itself a threat of violence.

Senate report links Hunter Biden to 'prostitution or human trafficking ring'

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BREAKING: No officers charged directly in Breonna Taylor's death; 1 faces 3 counts over shooting into neighboring apartments.

I’m thinking that the USA must be a pretty decent place when those who obviously hate this country keep threatening to leave, but never do. US

Amy Coney Barrett opposed Merrick Garland’s nomination because: 1. It came the same year as a presidential election, and, 2. She said the nomination couldn’t go through because Scalia would be “replaced by someone who could dramatically flip the balance of the court.” Like her.

Here is Judge Amy Coney Barrett explaining why it’s wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy during a presidential election year.

In a heated exchange, Dr. Fauci challenges Sen. Rand Paul's assertion that New York's current low positivity rate is attributable to "community immunity": "If you believe 22% is herd immunity, I believe you're alone in that"

From that story. Pennsylvania Republicans wanted those ballots thrown out.

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