I'd like to apologize to the world for @realDonaldTrump. We have an imbecile in charge. We are correcting the problem as quickly as we can.
17 pictures of diplomats listening to Trump's first UN speech https://t.co/RJIYOqzW4J
BREAKING: Law enforcement official: Copy of Adolf Hitler speech found at the home of white man accused of killing 2 black men.
President Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' North Korea in U.N. speech https://t.co/atRUsGNEnt
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Huckabee: @POTUS "was acting like the President of the United States and not someone who is coming in to beg forgiveness for who we are."
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President Trump: "Rocket Man is on a suicide mission" https://t.co/Zsc6MrazGs
Remember when JFK went to UN and called Khrushchev Rocket Man & threatened to totally destroy Russia if he didn't remove missiles from Cuba?
There is "no question Russia interfered in the US election," President Trump's pick for US ambassador to Russia says https://t.co/qfxwj4HzcQ
Arrests made at DACA protest down the street from Trump Tower in Manhattan.
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LATEST on Hurricane Maria:

-Category 3
-Sustained winds up to 125 mph
-Moving WNW at 10 mph
-Center about 70 miles ESE of Dominica.
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LIVE: Trump says if the U.S. is threatened, will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea https://t.co/UT6EzG1jtX #UNGA
Toys R Us could file for bankruptcy by the end of the week, sources say https://t.co/GI375e7s48
These Black Lives Matter activists were invited on stage at a pro-Trump rally – and every American needs to hear what they said
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Video shows Georgia Tech police vehicle on fire as protests turn violent after student shot to death by officer. https://t.co/d5IEsFD74F
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EXCLUSIVE: Alabama Senate candidate refers to Native Americans and Asians as "reds and yellows" https://t.co/5kuK1Xu3CK
USA's most embarrassing day in history of the UN.
19 hours
Exclusive: US investigators wiretapped Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election https://t.co/hjVp3VCmvz
I so admire the elegance and grace of Hillary Clinton not titling her book "Eat Shit and Die, Assholes"
Trump rejects government study on positive contributions of refugees to US: https://t.co/KacKO1vgj4
Superman saved immigrants from certain death at the hands of a white supremacist, and Fox News is outraged.
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BREAKING: Hurricane Maria strengthens to major Category 3 storm with 120 mph winds, per National Hurricane Center
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Trump's voter fraud commission members have been using private emails for govt. work.

Experts say it's not legal. https://t.co/lbfXzssLTP
German man's penis gets stuck in gym weight plate, rescue effort takes 3 hours #swole https://t.co/Te43RTagnQ
Something rather revealing in Trump calling "antifa" the "other side"
"I'm rooting for everybody black!" #Insecure star @IssaRae says on the red carpet #Emmys
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President Trump doesn't have anything better to do after a hurricane than spread lies about Obama?
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Moments ago, President @realDonaldTrump let Frank the lawn-mowing 11-year-old know that he'd done an "A+" job. https://t.co/vZtwXvpop5
It's astounding how explicit the GOP is that they can only pass ACA repeal if they try to sneak it through while ppl are distracted.
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