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U.S. COVID-19 deaths could hit half a million by February unless nearly all Americans wear face masks, researchers said, as colder winter weather will drive more people indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread

Mary Trump sheds light on the president’s bizarre pattern of psychological projection

Well, well... “Released emails show Fauci signed off on WHO-sponsored statement approving China's response to COVID”

A shortage of poll workers has prompted college students across the U.S. to step up and volunteer for the November 3 election – especially in Michigan, where efforts to recruit 30,000 workers resulted in an overwhelming response

The US reported more than 80,000 new coronavirus infections on Friday -- the country's highest daily case number since the pandemic began

Florida man fired after speaking up about boss threatening layoffs if Biden wins

The Trump administration labeled its vaccine czar a “contractor” to sidestep rules against personally profiting from government positions. The man holding this position owns $10 million in stock of a company working with his team to develop a vaccine.

This house in Indiana is going as the 'This is fine' meme for Halloween — a perfect metaphor for living in 2020 🔥

#BREAKING Germany suffers more than 10,000 Covid-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to official data

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Scoops of the Day

At least 38 people were killed in Nigeria on Tuesday when the military opened fire on peaceful protesters But the President failed to address the carnage during his speech on Thursday, drawing criticism from protesters who accuse him of failing to show empathy & unify the nation

"This is the most important moment in Nigeria's history." @burnaboy  says the "youth have come together" and decided "enough is enough" to protest against police brutality in Nigeria. Full exclusive interview here on the #EndSARS  protests:

Mail ballots cannot be rejected based on a comparison of their signatures to the voters' signatures on file, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Friday. See more election and voting updates here:

JUST IN: U.S. sets record with number of new coronavirus cases rising by over 77,000 on Thursday, topping the previous record in July.

Young people are showing up like woah

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These two families are bound by one shared goal- justice. Irene's brother went missing after being arrested by Nigerian police officers 13 years ago. And the parents of Isiaka Jimoh, who was allegedly shot by police, are also seeking justice for him. @briticoyemo  @ranmiray89 

Busting Biden’s Crimes: @SidneyPowell1  & @TomFitton  say there is more than enough evidence of corruption to warrant an indictment of Hunter and Joe Biden. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

As Bobulinski is interviewed by the FBI and his story gets out through the does one thing that is imperative to what I've been reporting for more than a corroborates John Paul and the Hunter Biden hard legitimate evidence.

Laughing at all of the blue-check morons who don’t know what ruthless coyotes are...but claim to care so much more than us about human rights crimes at the border. Definition of moral retardation. #OpenBordersInc 

Kristen Welker didn't back down as moderator of the final 2020 debate #Debates2020 


Scoops of the Week

#Nigeria military shooting #EndSARS  protesters in Lekki — one of few thriving hubs for middle class — signals the government not only doesn’t care for “middle class” democratic and economic aspirations/struggles but actively sees them as a threat

Armed men open fire at #EndSARS  protest site in Nigeria's Lagos as curfew imposed, according to witnesses. Follow the developing story:

Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by @FoxNews ⁩

Trump: Biden will "listen to the scientists" if elected

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Trump just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.

Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.

I was last at Lekki toll gate on Monday night - this was the scene.

Waving flags, they sang Nigeria’s anthem. Then they were shot at.

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