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The story of how Coldplay came to collaborate with BTS, is actually… surprisingly simple!

Video clip of a Ramleela skit by some students of AIIMS has been circulating on social media.On behalf of the students,we apologise for conduct of this skit which wasn't meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.We'll ensure that no such activity takes place in future: AIIMS Student Assn

A mass funeral has been held for the victims of Friday’s suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar. The attack that killed at least 63 people has been claimed by ISKP (ISIS-K). Read more:

“I am very proud of my son, William, for his growing commitment to the environment and the bold ambition of the Earthshot Prize. As a world, we need to come together to inspire, reimagine and build the sustainable future we so desperately need.” - HRH The Prince of Wales

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SB19, 4th Impact's pop orchestra concert 'Forte' trends worldwide

A group of 17 U.S. missionaries including children was kidnapped by a gang in Haiti on Saturday, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions. Via @AP 

Who is currently the best player in the world?

If health care workers, teachers, pilots/flight attendants quitting/getting fired over vaccine mandates started their own medical care, hospitals, schools, colleges, airlines.. would you sign up, use them, attend, fly?

So far as I can tell, every major news outlet in the country has covered #JokeKeeper  billboards — except for Nine's metro mastheads @smh  and @theage 


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Mashallah @MoSalah  😉 👏🏼The best! #WATLIV 

While former President Trump has gone to bat for the family of Ashli Babbitt, Ashli's mother talks about the "slap in the face" she felt from the U.S. Air Force after her veteran daughter's killing. @HTBExperts  @CaraCastronuova 

We called PM residence &requested his secretary to inform PM that he should speak with Bangladesh PM to end this cycle of violence. Y'day,around 500 strong mob entered our temple premises &broke deities,brutally injured devotees; 2 of them died: Vice-President ISKCON Kolkata(1/2)

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Has Gutfeld saved late night television comedy? - American Thinker. I like the title of this article. It’s a bit much. But I’ll take it

SCOOP – #China  has stunned US intelligence and military officials by testing a #nuclear  capable #hypersonic  missile that traveled through low orbit in space, making a full circle around the globe before speeding towards its target.

@CarlHigbie  on vaccine mandates: "The Joe Biden vaccine mandate, it's never actually been imposed. It's not written anywhere, it's just nothing more than a press release in a speech."

West Bengal: A group of people hurled crude bombs and vandalised vehicles after immersion of Goddess Durga idol in Annapurna area of Durgapur yesterday "Some people have sustained minor injuries. We're trying to identify the attackers," said ACP (East) Dhrubjyoti Mukherjee

Today is a good day to remember that @TuckerCarlson  was first in line to get vaccinated and does a broadcast every weeknight convincing people not to get vaccinated so they can die breathless in the hospital and devastate their families forever.

More than 40 trucks carrying Myanmar "junta troops advancing from Sagaing Region to Chin State have been torching houses and a church along the Falam-Hakha road, forcing hundreds from their homes."

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Scoops of the Week

UK's Prince William says great minds should focus on saving Earth not space travel

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Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by revealing the secrets of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, a new book says

17 employees have died from Covid in a Florida school district since August.

Happy birthday, Jimin! 💜🥳 #BTS 

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"Here's what comes next..." An airline pilot fighting vaccine mandates sends a message for all passengers to listen closely. A House bill that's been floated, and supported by Dr. Fauci, could radically change flying in the United States. @ericbolling 

Drivers have fought back against eco-mob Insulate Britain, dragging them out of the road after they blocked a junction near Dartford Crossing. Watch more:

#WATCH | Lies were spread about Savarkar. Time & again, it was said that he filed mercy petitions before British Govt seeking his release from jail... It was Mahatma Gandhi who asked him to file mercy petitions: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at launch of a book on Savarkar y'day

Kyrie Irving address his stance on not getting the vaccine on IG Live: “It’s about choosing what’s best for you. You think I really want to lose money? You think I really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship? You think I really just want to give up my job?”