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ICYMI: Most Read “Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour to Campaign”

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Former vice president says Trump is learning the hard way to "pay attention to what the scientific facts are."

The structure was forced on them but paying themselves minimal wages and taking their pay as dividends wasn't. If they chose to pay themselves all the profit as a salary they could claim 80% of it through the CJRS don't minimise taxes and ask for a bailout

Have coronavirus and can’t smell? Harvard scientists explain why

From @JohnsHopkinsSPH  - a free course on COVID-19, via Coursera, taught by epidemiologists at one of the world's best schools of public health. In case you have extra time.

@POTUS  #Trump : I spoke to the PM of Italy@GiuseppeConteIT , we're going to be sending approximately 100 million dollars’ worth of surgical and medical and hospital things to Italy. And Giuseppe was very, very happy. They're having a very hard time. USIT

Venkara Raghava, from Bengaluru who was infected with #COVID19  has fully recovered now. He says,"I am doing perfectly well now. I had travelled to Los Angeles via Heathrow airport, that is when I came in contact with many travellers. I might have picked up the infection there."

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When I landed back in Bengaluru on Mar8, I had fever, I isolated myself. Same day I went to a hospital where my travel history was taken&I was tested positive for COVID19. Next day, I was admitted to the isolation centre. My entire family was tested negative: V Raghava, Bengaluru

COVID19 is like regular viral fever, nothing to be scared of. At the isolation centre one has to take care of themselves, unlike at hospital where doctors and nurses take care of the patient. Venkara Raghava, from Bengaluru who has fully recovered from COVID19

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It’s day 3 of the BBC Archive quarantine fitness regime! Tony Britts is back with another quintessentially 80s workout.


Scoops of the Day

CBS News obtained audio of a call Monday between Pres. Trump and rural state governors about coronavirus. After Montana Gov. Steve Bullock discusses difficulty getting testing equipment, Trump says, "I haven't heard anything about testing being a problem"

I applaud Mike Lindell for helping our country during this crisis by using his factories to make 50,000 N95 masks A DAY (!!) for our health care workers in need. This is not political - and you should do some serious soul searching if this act of patriotism is triggering to you.

@CBSNews  used footage from a hospital in Italy while doing a segment on the conditions in New York City. The bottom is Sky News from March 22. The top is CBS News from March 25.

Yesterday, Pres Trump denied saying governors might not need some of the equipment requested. This morning, Trump on Fox repeated that claim & again questioned states' asks for supplies. “NY should be fine. Based on the numbers that we see, they have more than enough,” he said.

Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch gallery: museum director | via @AFP 

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Never been more jealous of a curve in my life. Man they nailed it. Via Time.

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Delhi Government to ask police to register FIR against Maulana of Markaz, Nizamuddin: Delhi Govt Around 300-400 people had attended a religious gathering at Markaz & 163 people from Nizamuddin, likely to be infected with #COVID19 , have been admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi.

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When you start producing 50 thousand masks a day you can go up to the podium too In the meantime sit on your fence and keep your thumb up your ass.

BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu enters quarantine after aide tested positive for coronavirus

In Midland, Texas, a man stabbed three Asian American family members, including a 2-year-old and 6-year-old. Per @FBI , “the suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus."


Scoops of the Week

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms, says No 10

ITALY: 101-year old man who was born during the Spanish Flu pandemic has recovered from a coronavirus infection

We are quite literally doing a worse job of containing the virus than any other country on earth.

NEW: Friday 27 March update of coronavirus mortality trajectories • UK has more dead at this stage than any country except Spain & Italy ⚠️ • US now clearly more deaths than China or Iran, could soon pass France • India added Live version FREE TO READ

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BREAKING: We’re launching a test that can detect COVID-19 in as little as 5 minutes—bringing rapid testing to the frontlines.

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Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

Rep. @Ocasio2018 : "What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!"

I mean the president all but told sick people in Michigan to drop dead because their lady governor is too mouthy.

LA received 170 broken ventilators from the national stockpile. Rather than complaining, we put them on a truck, drove them up overnight, and had @Bloom_Energy  get to work fixing them. Monday they‘ll back in LA--fixed. That’s the spirit of CA.

Once again @realDonaldTrump  personally attacks @Yamiche  of @PBS  before she can finish asking a question directly quoting what he said about ventilators on Sean Hannity. (He had challenged NY’s need) When she tries to follow up the White House cuts off her mic.