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St. Paul, MN Mayor Melvin Carter says every person arrested in his city last night was from out of state.

Minnesota officials: "Every person arrested last night was from out of state." Locals: "We don't know these folks."

Regular Americans begging to open their businesses were called dangerous and callous Rioters are called mostly peaceful and grieving while they loot and burn small businesses Media hates you and wants you to fight because as they say "What's bad for them is good for us"

The mayor of Minneapolis has been tougher on the church-going citizens of his city than he has the people burning down his city.

A 19-year-old protester was killed in Detroit after a suspect in an SUV drove up and shot at people protesting the killing of #GeorgeFloyd . Dozens were arrested during the mostly peaceful protests against police brutality: "I won't stop yelling until everyone can breathe."

Let’s not pretend that the Democrats, including Joe Biden, had nothing to do with the racist crimes that sparked these rebellions. Trump’s authoritarianism speaks for itself but none of this is an anomaly of US history. It’s a system built by both political parties for centuries.

BREAKING: Minnesota Gov. Walz orders full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard, "an action that has never been taken in the 164-year history of the Minnesota National Guard."

The George Floyd protests are “symbolic of a wider, more deeply rooted structural problem in how communities in the U.S. are policed on an everyday basis,” Clifford Stott, a professor of social psychology, tells @smerconish .

These @reuterspictures  show houses in China whose owners refuse to sell them to property developers. More pictures:

Trump threatens White House protesters with 'vicious dogs and most ominous weapons'


Scoops of the Day

JUST IN: Multiple police vehicles have had their windows broken in front of the CNN Center in Atlanta. Protests are taking place in multiple cities over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It’s almost like, I don’t know, Americans been told several times a week for 3.5 years that reporters are the enemies of the people.

HAPPENING NOW: Atlanta#protests  in response to the #GeorgeFloyd  killing have turned chaotic as police in riot gear are called in:

Stunning. President Trump says nothing about Minnesota as the nation is on edge and leaves the Rose Garden without taking questions.

what a joke. So - who was in charge when this man was murdered? a democratic mayor. a democratic prosecutor. a democratic attorney general. a democratic union. a democratic governor. the only person who acted quickly to bring justice was a republican president.

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin, the police officer who was filmed kneeling on #GeorgeFloyd 's neck while he pleaded for air, has been arrested.

tweet picture

'Scandal beyond Measure’: @TomFitton  says transcripts of the FlynnKislyak calls further prove General Flynn’s innocence and the deep state’s deception. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

BREAKING: Police officer in Louisville, Kentucky fires rubber bullets at journalist on live TV

BREAKING: Supreme Court, splitting 5-4, rejects challenge from California church to public gathering restrictions. Roberts joined the liberal justices to form a majority.


Scoops of the Week

You're not stealing that TV to honor George Floyd or protest police brutality. You're stealing that TV because you're a POS. And yes, of course the officers in that video should be prosecuted to the full extent of their lawbreaking.

I think a lot of Americans really don't know how much the American Revolution was precipitated by the Crown's abuse of the policing power against the colonists. It was *central*, and often led to unrest, riots, tarring and feathering and the like.

Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaurant near Third Precinct. "They were coworkers for a very long time."

Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant

@jack  Read the letter and please do the right thing. If you agree, please retweet. #Pleasedeletethosetweets 

It is estimated that the Boston Tea Party, the riot that gave birth to this country, resulted in $1.7 million dollars (in today’s dollars) in property damage (tea). I’m just going to leave this right here for whoever needs to read it.

Let’s name all of them: CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez, CNN Producer Bill Kirkos and CNN Photojournalist Leonel Mendez — ARRESTED by Minnesota State Police for lawfully doing their jobs. #CNN 

NEW: Twitter places public interest notice on this new tweet from President Trump. "violates our policies regarding the glorification of violence based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence, and the risk it could inspire similar actions today"

This is not accurate - our CNN crew identified themselves, on live television, immediately as journalists. We thank Minnesota @GovTimWalz  for his swift action this morning to aid in the release of our crew.

As a reporter, I’ve been detained in Iran, spied on in China, and followed and harassed in Russia. I’ve never had colleagues arrested and handcuffed while doing their job here in the US.