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Lawyer Christina Robb says Trump’s people were watching on CCTV in New York as the FBI rifled through the former president’s study at Mar-a-Lago and breaking open his safe. @IngrahamAngle 

BREAKING: Actress Anne Heche is suffering from catastrophic brain damage and is not expected to survive, her spokesperson says

BREAKING: The chief of Samsung who has been imprisoned on corruption charges has received a presidential pardon.

Just remember: if these reports are true that means that if they can search an ex-president’s home for vital nuclear documents and signals intelligence they can do it to you too.

Republicans told to quiet their attacks on the FBI because the info on Donald Trump could be damaging: report​​​

Supreme Court will rule that since nuclear weapons did not exist at the time the Constitution was written that a.) there can be no prohibition against presidents keeping documents about them at their beach house and b.) the 2d amendment guarantees everyone the right to have one.

You thought it was Jan 6 that would be his undoing. You thought it was the taxes. The perfect call. You never thought it would be the nuclear weapons schematics and yield simulations stored in the shoe wardrobe at Mar-a-lago. Trumps Razor. The stupid option is the correct one.

Republicans are so outraged by renewed efforts to enforce existing tax laws, they're telling some rather brazen lies about the Inflation Reduction Act. (via @MaddowBlog )

@KariLake  on the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: "The federal government that we the people created, has now turned on we the people." @JennPellegrino  MORE:

While China's expanded drills surrounding Taiwan have marked an unprecedented military and political warning against outside interference over the island, they have opened a window to gather intelligence for the United States and its allies

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Scoops of the Day

A disoriented brown bear cub, believed to have been intoxicated after eating an excessive amount of 'mad honey' - a type of rhododendron honey that can have hallucinogenic effects - has been rescued in northwestern Turkey

The Sturgeon supermoon, the last full moon of the summer, rising over Greystones in Co Wicklow this evening

Attack on the FBI building in Cincinnati: Interstate I71 North is shut down after suspect drove toward Waynesville Ohio. Unconfirmed reports say his now firing at police from a corn field.

JUST IN: Full AG Garland statement: • Dept. of Justice moves to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant • Says he "personally approved" the search warrant • Garland: "Will not stand by" as FBI agents are "unfairly attacked"

Hunter Biden laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac says FBI agent threatened him to hush up

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Breaking news: An armed man wearing body armor tried to breach the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cincinnati field office on Thursday, authorities said, and a standoff continued into the early afternoon after he fled toward a highway.

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For more than 60 years motor-vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for young people in America. But since 2017 guns have killed more people between the ages of one and 24 ⬇️

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WATCH: @MikeCarterTV  asks a liberal what provable acts he believes Donald Trump has committed. MORE:

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RUMarina Ovsyannikova, a journalist who protested against Russia's war in Ukraine during a prime-time news broadcast, holds up a sign reading "May the dead children haunt you in your dreams" before a court hearing. She has been charged with "discrediting" the Russian army.


Scoops of the Week

"Donald Trump, you have a copy of the warrant. It explains what they were looking for, what statutes they think were violated, what judge signed off on that...If you believe this is such an abuse, release the warrant and let us decide for ourselves." @neal_katyal 

JUST spoke to @EricTrump , nothing in the safe, FBI agents 30 approx raided on behalf of nation archives …This is outrageous- has to have come from @POTUS  and/or someone in White House.

Monkeypox has been in Africa for decades. African virologists say this has become a crisis in the West as the world neglected the disease.⁣ ⁣ Here are some key facts from a Nigerian virologist who has studied monkeypox since the 1970s. ⁣ ⁣ Producer: Anna Kook⁣

Watch what happened when the Israeli Air Force spotted a civilian next to an Islamic Jihad terrorist target in Gaza:

BREAKING: Olivia Newton-John, who starred in ‘Grease’ and dominated the pop culture of an era, has died at 73.

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Greg Kelly: "Thank God it's Donald Trump quite frankly because nobody else could withstand this kind of pressure, the pressure during the campaign, during the presidency, the fake impeachments, the Russia hoax, Jan. 6 investigations... and now this."

Joe Biden praising Jon Stewart's advocacy for veterans: "Jon, I want to thank you again... You refused to let anybody forget..."

[BREAKING NEWS] Heavy rain causes flooding, power outages in Seoul. (Photos courtesy of readers)

“Merrick Garland, Chris Wray – come to the House judiciary Committee this Friday and answer our questions about this action, which has never happened in American history.” @Jim_Jordan  calls for oversight in the wake of the unprecedented raid on former President Trump.