BREAKING: @RepJayapal just announced on @allinwithchris a nationwide mobilization against family separation on JUNE 30TH, with a march on Washington and cities around the country.

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“The thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable"--UN rights chief speaking of Trump's policy of talking immigrant children away from their parents.
I believe civility, decency & politeness are important. It’s not uncivil, indecent or impolite to name or call out racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism. Looking at you, Mr. President. And, your Cabinet. cc & @POTUS@WhiteHouse
Up to 6 in 10 eligible Americans don’t vote in midterms. They are often young, female or POC. Some are blocked by suppression or stymied by work schedules or transportation issues. But many just don’t vote. Almost everything about America right now would change if they did.
Hey, remember when Trump was charged with running his foundation as a fraud for his own personal benefit?
Breaking: Trump announces he plans to retaliate against China's retaliation against his $50 billion in tariffs, asking his officials to identify another $200 billion worth of goods to hit with tariffs.
Recording of crying children at US border adds to outrage
“He is using this as leverage. Basically, engaging in state sponsored child abuse to use that as leverage to get Democrats and others in Congress to vote for a border wall.” @JoaquinCastrotx on Trump's family separation policy. #Hardball
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DHS Secy Nielsen sets the record straight, saying there is no ‘policy of separating families at the border’
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Video released by US Customs and Border Protection from inside a Texas immigration facility shows children and adults held in cages
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US officials release pics of facility where children separated from familes are held in cages, hours after Homeland Security director denies policy exists. Meantime, Trump tweets: 'Children are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country.'
Currently, the Trump administration is arguing that its family-separation policy:

- is a deterrent

- is biblically compliant

- is the Democrats' fault

- does not exist.
BREAKING: According to reports XXXTentacion has been shot in Deerfield Beach
It's funny, I haven't seen any outcry from "pro-life" organizations about the treatment of children at the border. Almost as if they don't give a shit about actual babies.
Do you see this as child abuse?" It is a form of child abuse," says @aappres
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Texas detention officer charged with "super aggravated sexual assault" of a 4-year-old girl after authorities say her mother, an undocumented immigrant, was being blackmailed to stay silent about the abuse — or face deportation.
Germany just recorded its lowest crime rate since 1992. The number of crimes dropped 10% from 2016 to 2017.
No, these aren't cages, @SteveDoocy says. The authorities simply "built walls out of chain-link fences." Yes, that's a real quote from Fox just now.
"Come on Sarah, you're a parent. Don't you have any empathy for what these people are going through?" CNN political analyst Brian Karem presses White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on family separations at the US-Mexico border
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Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college. Fate loves irony.
American Academy of Pediatrics president: Trump family separation policy is "child abuse"
Sarah Sanders is repeating over and over again that it's the law to separate immigrant children and from their parents.

Fact check: It's not the law. The Trump administration is making the decision to do this and does not have to do it.
HELPING HAND: A woman whose electric wheelchair ran out of batteries asked a man to call for help. He did her one better and pushed her all the way home himself.

“When God calls you for help, you’re supposed to help. Period. Period.”
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The president and the GOP are currently using 2000 children, stolen from their parents, as leverage for a bill to make asylum harder and reduce levels of legal immigration.

Literal children hostages.
@kwelkernbc BREAKING: President Trump on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un: "He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same. " https://t.c
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UN Human Rights commissioner:

"In the United States, I'm deeply concerned by recently adopted policies which punish children for their parents’ actions ... The thought that any State would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable."
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Socialism vs capitalism is not even the right question. What really matters is avoiding monopolies that restrict people’s freedom.
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