Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes Iran close to a nuclear power plant
U.S. President Donald Trump hopes for successful North Korea summit, but warns he could walk away by @steveholland1
Ex-Playboy model released from agreement, can speak out about alleged Trump affair
[BREAKING NEWS] Gerrie Nel to prosecute #JuliusMalema. Fraud and corruption charges. More on #eNCA
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Now that the truth has come out I am a relieved man. There was a time when my role was doubted. There should be no doubts & confusions after the SC's verdict, that has come today: Prashant Rathi, doctor who received 's b#JudgeLoyaody
#NASA launches planet-hunting spacecraft to seek alien worlds
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The U.K. promises to ban the sale of single use plastic drinking straws and cotton buds later this year in a bid to clean up the world’s oceans
Nagpur: Prateek Malhotra, Ritu Malhotra & Pratik Harde have developed a product in which people can spit & carry it in their pockets as the pouch absorbs saliva, say it is to keep environment clean. Product is made with paper, pulp & polymer & got a national patent, recently.
It’s so much more than just a flag
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Enforcement Directorate(ED) has put up its board on Robert Vadra's land in Bikaner. The land was earlier seized by the agency. #Rajasthan
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Puerto Rico has suffered an island-wide power outage, Puerto Rico's power authority says.

For months, Puerto Rico has struggled with widespread power outages after Hurricane Maria devastated the US commonwealth in September
Trump called Russia before Nikki Haley
TV presenter Dale Winton dies at 62
NEWS ALERT: 11 House Republicans call on AG Sessions to investigate @project@HillaryClintonexile7, , an@TheJusticeDeptd other officials.
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I know it was like 12 news cycles ago at this point, but @nikkihaley quote "With all due respect, I don't get confused" should go down as one of the best by a female leader. Ever. Said so much, with so few words.
Breaking: Trump administration notified Russian Embassy in Washington no additional US sanctions were coming -Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman to CNN
The EPA cannot come to mean Everything with Pruitt is Acceptable. That he‘s remained at his post despite multiple scandals (nevermind actively undermining the agency's founding mission) exemplifies the audacity of cynicism that plagues the Trump Administration more generally.
11 House Republicans are calling on Attorney General Sessions to prosecute (in no particular order):

-Hillary Clinton
-James Comey
-Andrew McCabe
-Sally Yates
-Loretta Lynch
-Peter Strzok
-Lisa Page
-Dana Boente

Their letter:
Confused about midterm elections? Let @YaraShahidi explain why your vote is even more important this year #Eighteenx18
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Senior admin official confirms to CNN that the Trump Admin informed the Russian embassy on Sunday that there would not be another round of sanctions for now.
JUST IN: Barbara Bush will not seek additional medical treatment and will focus on comfort care for failing health, according to statement from the office of George H.W. Bush.
Kendrick Lamar just won a Pulitzer Prize for his album “DAMN.” It’s the first non-classical or jazz piece of work to win the award.
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As tornado sweeps through neighborhood, teen just keeps playing Fortnite video game
BREAKING: All of Puerto Rico is currently without power
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Global hit K-pop group BTS has won the TIME 100 Reader Poll
.@GStephanopoulos: “Is Donald Trump unfit to be president?”

@projectexile7: “Yes, but not in the way I often hear people talk about it...I don't think he's medically unfit to be president. I think he's morally unfit to be pres”
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These two black men were arrested in Starbucks because they were sitting and waiting for a friend.
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Here's all the times Sean Hannity defended Michael Cohen without revealing he was Trump lawyer’s client
“...another woman had entered the Starbucks minutes before the men were arrested and was given the bathroom code without having to buy anything...another person in the restaurant...announced she had been sitting at Starbucks for the past couple of hours without buying anything."
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