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BREAKING: Japan's PM asks all schools to close nationwide starting next Monday

Two more patients test positive for coronavirus in England, bringing total number of UK cases to 15

STUNNING SUNSET: Two people took in the breathtaking view from a mountain in Abha, Saudi Arabia, while enjoying some tea.

JUST IN: A woman working in Japan has tested positive for the coronavirus for a second time -- the first case of reinfection to be reported in the country

Heathrow Airport: Plans for third runway plans in tatters after legal defeat

BREAKING: France's president Macron says coronavirus is an epidemic

BREAKING: 171 new coronavirus cases in South Korea, marking over five hundred new cases for today.

BREAKING: Iran coronavirus death toll rises to 26

“I dream about being warm,” said a Syrian father whose baby froze to death. “I just want my children to feel warm. I don’t want to lose them to the cold. I don’t want anything except a house with windows that keeps out the cold and the wind.”


Scoops of the Day

JUST IN: The House of Representatives has approved legislation making lynching a federal hate crime for the first time in U.S. history. The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act was named for the 14-year-old teenager who was lynched in Mississippi in the 1950s.

Mobs were beating people to death in the streets of the capital during Trump’s very successful trip to India.

Don’t panic. Doctors/ virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They expect it will go around the world, but that most people who get it will be a little sick, then recover. The danger is to vulnerable people. Hospitals/ old age homes.

‼️ Azar refuses to promise a coronavirus vaccine will be affordable for anyone: "We would want to ensure that we work to make it affordable, but we can't control that price, because we need the private sector to invest.. Price controls won't get us there."

Breaking: First U.S coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in Northern California, a sign the virus may be spreading in a local area

Went to riot hit areas of north east Delhi today. Watch the ground zero report tonight at 9 pm #DNA  @ZeeNews 

@Ocasio2018  asks on House floor why so many find the Green New Deal so controversial. "Because for years we have prioritized the pursuit of profit at any and all human and environmental cost. And I humbly ask my colleagues and my country to question our priorities for once."

The coronavirus brings new and awful repression for Uighurs in China, @JoshRogin  writes

Romney: Trump administration unprepared for coronavirus outbreak

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Ankit Sharma. Gathered intelligence to protect this nation. In this nation, he is dragged by 40-50 people, undressed, tortured, face and upper body smashed with heavy objects till his last breath. This is my nation. #DelhiRiots2020  #ArrestTahirHussain 

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Scoops of the Week

BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein convicted in a reckoning after sexual misconduct allegations against him fueled #MeToo  movement.

This is the powerful speech by a mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico.

It is INSANE to me that this is not a bigger story. The President flew to India to praise a leader whose movement beats Muslims in the street, and said NOTHING ABOUT IT when there.

We have started striking Islamic Jihad targets in #Gaza . Details to follow.

“How much will that cost?” @andersoncooper  asks Bernie Sanders how he’ll pay for the ambitious new government programs he’s proposed.

This is a wake-up moment for the American power establishment. Many in this elite are behaving like aristocrats in a dying regime — including in media. It’s time for many to step up, rethink, and understand the dawn of what may be a new era in America.

The most powerful selfie! It was an honour to share the frame with the two most powerful leaders in the world Prime Minister @narendramodi ⁩ and President @realDonaldTrump ⁩

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BREAKING: Austria has stopped a train coming from Italy at its border as two travellers are suspected of being infected with #Covid19 . Italy now has the worst #Coronavirus  outbreak in Europe and has imposed quarantine restrictions. Read more here:

Daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes was killed when his homemade, steam-powered rocket crashed shortly after takeoff near Barstow, California.