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Behind the scenes, U.N. and Houthis wrestle over the control of a multibillion-dollar international aid campaign for Yemen, as rebel demands hold up dozens of programs, including vital food deliveries in a starving country.

China has revoked the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters after the newspaper declined to apologize for a column with a headline calling China the “real sick man of Asia,” the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

Bhadohi BJP MLA, 6 others booked for alleged gangrape. @savant2  gets us more details. Watch with #7AT7ive  a @PreetiChoudhry :

The Pentagon's top policy official has been asked to resign after losing the confidence of senior national security leadership, sources tell CNN

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"The reality is that hurricanes and other disasters caused or exacerbated by climate change are only going to grow in frequency and severity and we have to be prepared for the impact that will continue to make on communities." — @HillaryClinton 

Shohreh Bayat: I loosened my hijab at a chess championship. Now I'm afraid to return to Iran. - The Washington Post

Watch this diver’s close encounter with a tiger shark 🦈

Randy Rainbow strikes again with new parody song ‘No Rules for Donald’

500 people were let off a cruise ship in Japan after 2 weeks in quarantine over the coronavirus. They spent most of it stuck in their rooms, some calling it a "floating prison." 621 others on the ship tested positive — the biggest concentration of infected people outside China.


Scoops of the Day

Trump’s pardons are a big f-you to the prosecutors and FBI agents who worked long and hard on these cases—and a signal to those who target subjects with ties to Trump that their efforts may be for naught. And that’s the point.

Bernie Sanders is divisive among Democratic Party elites. But not among ordinary Democratic voters

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#WATCH US President Donald Trump in Washington on his visit to India: I happen to like PM Modi a lot. He told me we will have 7 million people between the airport and the event. It's going to be the largest stadium in the world. It's going to be very exciting.

The US will begin treating five major Chinese media companies as extensions of Beijing's government, requiring them to comply with rules governing foreign embassies and consulates

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Unusual joint statement from McConnell, McCarthy and Graham defending Barr from "outside groups" (i.e. the 2,000 former DOJ employees who called on him to step down):

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Trump pardons war criminals and convicts to normalize the coming pardons of his political hacks and co-conspirators.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says that rival Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg doesn't have "the right to buy this election," calling his strategy of skipping the early contests “a bit obscene.” #CNNTownHall 

An investigation has uncovered a loophole that's allowing accused American pedophiles to escape justice by moving to Israel. “The ease with which pedophiles are able to use this escape route has haunted victims,” @ianjameslee  reports

The coronavirus outbreak has exposed the jarring absence in China of a vibrant civil society — the groups that bring people together without involving the government, writes @LiYuan6 


Scoops of the Week

"C'mon man !" I loved it when Obama used that phrase when I worked for him.

If only Xi Jinping had acted with as much dispatch to address the coronavirus outbreak as he did to suppress the outbreak of pro-democracy sentiment in Hong Kong.

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Random surprise - we wrote a song with @BTS_twt  coming out on their new album Map Of The Soul @troyesivan , @alliex , & @BramInscore  #bts   YEP! 💖

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Using mind-bending visual effects, this Chinese man can turn anything into a 'magic' trick.

In the 10 days since he was acquitted, Trump has turned paranoia into policy, purging his White House of more career officials, bringing back loyalists and tightening his circle to a smaller and more faithful coterie of confidants. @maggieNYT ⁩

Nigeria was added to the Trump administration’s controversial visa and travel bans list. @FareedZakaria  analyzes whether this is a security measure or a result of Trump’s views on immigration.

Legendary NFL Wide Receiver Jerry Rice at the White House after President @realDonaldTrump  pardoned Eddie DeBartolo Jr., the Former owner of the 49ers: "I take my hat off to Donald Trump for what he did... It’s all about being here for Eddie today.”

Former @amprog  staffer @YasmineTaeb  says the liberal policy shop censored a report on Islamophobia to protect its relationship with Michael Bloomberg. The report's authors were warned "there would be a strong reaction by Bloomberg World" if it included criticism of him.

College swim team takes bathroom break on the way back from a road trip. Local deputies spot the team’s only black member, tackle him, put a gun to his head, threaten to kill him. They later claim they mistakenly thought he’d taken the bus hostage.