She feeds up to 500 people a day. Meet Sabariah Hussein, nicknamed the Muslim Mother Theresa.
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Military power, 2018.

1. US
2. Russia
3. China
4. India
5. France
6. UK
7. South Korea
8. Japan
9. Turkey
10. Germany
11. Italy
12. Egypt
13. Iran
14. Brazil
15. Indonesia

(Global Firepower)

Longer list:
Jeremy Corbyn indicates Labour to shift Brexit stance towards final say vote
New Zealand supermarket finds needles in a box of Australia strawberries
TOP SPEED: A menagerie of super-charged vehicles—including a fighter jet, a Tesla car and a superbike—race to the finish to see what is the fastest vehicle at "Teknofest," Turkey's first aerospace and technology festival.
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IN PHOTOS: Maine Mendoza is drop dead gorgeous at the #MACforMaine mall launch
Meet Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire who will be the first passenger on a SpaceX trip around the moon. He's planning to take six to eight artists with him, free of charge.
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No, it's not Halloween, but the spider webs draping everything from street signs to trees in this Greek town are a spooky sight
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In a 447-page proposal posted online Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security calls for immigrants to be denied permanent residency if they’ve received or are likely to receive benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid or housing vouchers.
PM Modi launches Ayushman Bharat, world's largest government-funded healthcare programme
Ok men, it's time to answer this question. I'll start:

I didn't do this in high school.

Or any other time.
Committee source says they’ve contacted five people alleged to be at party. 4 deny any knowledge of the party and allegations. 5th person - Dr. Ford - is the only one who has not provided them a statement. #Kavanaugh
Things the Trump administration has taken money from to fund the jailing of families and immigrant abuses:
❌ cancer research
❌ HIV/AIDS services
❌ Head Start
❌ mental health services
❌ substance abuse programs
❌ maternal health services
NEWS: Attorney for Leland Keyser, who Dr Ford says was at the party where the alleged incident with Kavanaugh occurred says “Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”
21 hours
.@tedcruz destroyed Beto's gun control narrative last night. Beto is “F” rated and supports the Pelosi/Schumer gun control agenda. He also supports a ban on commonly owned rifles. The choice is clear, #NRA members and gun owners in #Texas know who to vote for in Nov. #ChooseCruz
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Former senior Trump aide Jason Miller has been accused of secretly administering an abortion pill in a smoothie
Nike's deal with Kaepernick added almost $6 billion to company's market value
Every woman who raised me, taught me, nurtured me as a child was born into a nation that didn't trust them with the right to vote. My early employers didn't think women could do the job. All have been proven wrong. And the march for justice and equality will, and does, continue.
Women rally in support of Kavanaugh: 'We know the man, we know his heart'
"I am a proud Hispanic woman," Guilfoyle said. "I'm really proud to say this president has created a big tent. There is room for everyone."

Donald Trump Jr. urges Pennsylvania GOP to support midterm elections
Korean boy band BTS will become the first-ever K-Pop group to speak at the United Nations with a speech next week, a representative confirms
I waited over 20 years to report my sexual abuser.
Because I was 14.
Because it was my hero.
Because it was my priest.
Because I thought I'd be expelled.
Because I feared no one would believe me.
Because I thought suicide was easier than telling 1 person
Sen McConnell just said he has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

McConnell doesn't lie about that.

That means the "undecided" Republican senators are lying.

That means they will not give Dr Ford a fair hearing.
BREAKING: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is demanding an FBI investigation into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's attempted rape allegation against Brett Kavanaugh. Over 1,000 alums from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s school signed a letter supporting her and her allegations
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'I know words. I have the best words.'
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Starving children are being forced to eat leaves in a desperate bid for survival, as conditions in Yemen become a ‘living hell’.
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Lying to the FBI is a crime.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wants to talk to the FBI.

Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to talk to the FBI.

Kavanaugh’s friend & witness Mark Judge doesn’t want to talk to the FBI.

They all know lying to the FBI is a crime.
People who make up stories don’t ask the FBI to investigate those stories.
President @realDonaldTrump hands out food at a North Carolina aid distribution center
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Moon mission will be livestreamed in high def VR, so it’ll feel like you’re there in real-time minus a few seconds for speed of light
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