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MISSING: 51 y/o Ana Ramos. Last seen 2/23/20 at 7:00 am in the 4300 block of 37th Ave in Brentwood. She is 5’6” & 220 lbs. Last seen wearing a black North Face hoodie and floral leggings. She is driving a black Honda CRV SUV (5CD1008). Please call 301-699-2601 if you see her.

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Coronavirus in Europe: The Venice Carnival is closing early and Milan's Fashion Week will have limited access

Robert O’Brien repeatedly says he has “not seen” U.S. intel reports that Russia is meddling in 2020 to help Trump. @GStephanopoulos : “Don’t you have a responsibility as national security adviser to find out?” O’Brien: "... I haven’t seen the intel."

National security adviser Robert O'Brien pushed back on information relayed to lawmakers maintaining Russia is interfering in the 2020 election to benefit Trump. “What we know is that the Russians never stopped interfering with American politics,” Sen. Chris Murphy says #CNNSOTU 

‘I hope one day he will bless me and appear before me so I can fulfill my wish’ #Trump ’s devotee daily worships 183 cm statue of the US president in #India 

Let Leo Varadkar’s fate serve as a warning to the leaders of other small EU countries – don’t expect any reward for acts of loyalty towards the EU’s leaders, writes Ross Clark

#ImageChallenge : A 66-year-old man presented to the ED with a 4-day history of shortness of breath and swelling in the legs, recent fatigue and 15-kg weight loss. During hospitalization, the patient developed hemodynamic instability and died in the ICU.

The Canary Islands has been engulfed by a storm carrying clouds of red dust from the Sahara. Officials have declared a state of alert and advised people to stay indoors. Get today's top stories:

Writers from #Westworld , #AdventureTime  and more are on board for the @CriticalRole  "Legend of the Vox Machina" show

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#OnThisDay 1966: "You and I and everyone has his proper place and a letter beside his name." Confused about class? Man Alive was here to help categorise people by the state of their curtains.


Scoops of the Day

Thai junta helped Malaysia cover up 1MDB scandal, newly banned opposition party claims

@BernieSanders ’s victory in Nevada is historic not just for his campaign. It is historic because it suggests that we may be living at an inflection point in our democratic life together. That we may be paddling through a bend in the river of history.

Xi Jinping has made China into the world's most sophisticated surveillance state, @zeynep  writes. So why didn't he know about the coronavirus sooner?

Suga says of #BTS : "I think what was different and really fun about this was more of the members participated in this album"

Really cool indoor gardening hacks that will surprise you 🌱

"We can only fix this world together, we can't do it divided," Rihanna says, accepting the President's Award at the #NAACPImageAwards 

Trump flew back to his own Las Vegas hotel each night during the western-states swing that wrapped up Friday, rather than in the other cities he was actually visiting. That likely cost taxpayers $1m extra, and diverted thousands of $ into his own pocket

This is the powerful speech by a mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico.

JUST IN: South Korea to raise its disease alert level to the "highest", following a sudden spike in the number of #COVID19  cases

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Scoops of the Week

Today, @BTS_twt  drops their new album “Map of the Soul: 7.” Read TIME’s cover story from October 2018 on how the group is taking over the world

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An Aussie mum's strong message about bullying has gone viral and is breaking people's hearts.

Democrats are just not good at this. The circling firing squad routine is damaging everyone on the stage while leaving Donald Trump untouched. Not. Good.

Jimin on #BTS : "We're really thankful to our fans that we had this chance to look back and reflect"

BREAKING: Westminster Magistrates' Court has been told that US President Donald Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange if he said Russia was not involved in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails. Get today's top stories:

CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.

Mike Bloomberg is WAY richer than people realize. Bloomberg's so rich that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize just how much money he has. So we made an animation to help.

Watch Variety's full interview with #BTS  right here

The world has rallied around this 9-year-old boy bullied at school for his dwarfism. Hugh Jackman posted a video telling him "you've got a friend in me," and US comedian Brad Williams has raised enough money to send him and his mom to Disneyland.