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health body sees threefold higher risk of reinfection from Omicron

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Two other points: 1. We have all been fetuses, and therefore have grounds for speaking on what a fetus might want. 2. I can safely argue that fetuses generally do not want to be murdered.

This doesn’t count the plane flights and other locations. FYI: Jeffrey Epstein visited Bill Clinton at the White House at least 17 times, visitor logs reveal | Daily Mail Online

1 in 5 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have experienced a hate incident in the past year. But what happened to the media attention?

When someone shows you who they really are - believe them. It’s kind of useful to see publicly how some men treat some women when they are trying to do their job. Appalling. Keep going, @danutakozaki  🤛

The German government has announced it will ban unvaccinated people from non-essential shops and bars as it battles a surge in Covid cases. @vsmacdonald  reports.

BREAKING: U.S. antitrust officials sued to block Nvidia's proposed $40 billion takeover of Arm Ltd., saying the deal would harm competition in the semiconductor market

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German military bid farewell to Chancellor Angela Merkel in a ceremony involving marching band, torchlight, and a hit song from the punk icon Nina Hagen.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff opened the White House Hanukkah ceremony saying ‘I'm here before you as the first Jewish spouse of an American President or Vice President, celebrating Hanukkah in the people's house. It's humbling’


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Sen. @elizabethforma  reacts to the Supreme Court’s oral arguments over the Mississippi abortion law. Sen. Warren makes the case for why the Senate needs to end the filibuster to codify Roe v. Wade and the price the American people are paying for the Senate rule.

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CORONAVIRUS: Dr Angelique Coetzee, head of South African Medical Association, says none of the patients who have tested positive with omicron variant have 'felt the need for oxygen support' so far.

In her farewell address, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "resistance must be loud" when scientific facts are denied and conspiracy theories are spread.

Got this message from a care home worker expressing ‘utter disgust’ & ‘supreme anger’ about the Xmas do in No 10 during lockdown last December. ‘Wives lost their husbands in our home during Christmas 2020 & I have to live with the fact that I had to be gatekeeper’

Annual revaccinations against Covid will likely be needed "to maintain very robust and high levels of protection", Pfizer boss Dr Albert Bourla tells the BBC in an exclusive interview

Reaction of “BonDelle” @bellemariano02  and @donnypangilinan  as they watch the full trailer of their film “Love Is Color Blind” for the first time, during the #LICBMediaLoveReveal  press event. | via @migueldumaual 

A UK tabloid lost an appeal against Meghan Markle for publishing parts of a letter she wrote to her father. The paper had been ordered to make a front-page apology and pay her legal bills. Markle and her husband left the royals in 2020 after racist and sexist UK media attacks.

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#BREAKING Germany to impose sweeping new curbs for unvaccinated: Merkel

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BREAKING: India confirms first two cases of omicron variant of coronavirus

Jolyon Maugham of The Good Law Project tells James O'Brien he is 'absolutely sickened' by the businesses that 'got very very fat' by 'exploiting the pandemic whilst tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands died.' @mrjamesob  | @JolyonMaugham 


Scoops of the Week

JUST IN: Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to the world

Barbados will become a republic this week, replacing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. British colonizers enslaved over 380,000 people to work on Barbados' sugar plantations. Sandra Mason, set to be the first president, said she wants to "fully leave our colonial past behind."

BREAKING: A shooter killed at least 3 students at Oxford High School in Michigan and wounded 6 other people, say police. A 15-year-old suspect is in custody. Gun violence has killed over 1,380 children in the U.S. this year.

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'More money than God:' Chinese titan lavished Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million

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There were no COVID-related deaths yesterday in New York City, where the vaccination rate is over 90%.

Perhaps all can agree: the strategies we've tried nationally haven't worked well (i.e. more Covid deaths after vaccine & restrictions than before). Is it wise to see what's worked locally and copy that? Is it time to consider listening to different health leaders and scientists?

Korean pop sensation @bts_bighit  in Los Angeles for their first in-person concerts in two years

Fauci says requiring COVID testing for illegal immigrants crossing the border is "a different issue" than requiring testing for Americans citizens traveling.

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BREAKING: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expected to step down - sources (via @davidfaber )

‘It certainly broke, in my view, government guidance..& then there’s the qtn of whether it was a criminal offence’. Barrister@AdamWagner1  on the No 10 Christmas do on Dec 18 last yr when Xmas parties were banned by the government as we were in lockdown & London was in Tier 3