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It's been a difficult night for us, exhausted after spending hours in bomb shelters, but waking up to so many messages of support from you guys helps. Thank you ♥️.

‘Enough’: Mo Salah tells world leaders to end Palestine violence

The people of Myanmar mark the 100th day since the coup with the same defiance that they have shown during the prior 99 days, with pro-democracy protests breaking out across the country.

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"The Sakura," a purple-pink 15.81 carat diamond, could fetch up to $38 million when it goes on sale in Hong Kong next week

BREAKING: U.K. economy picked up momentum in March toward the end of lockdown

'Apne ko bhi kaam ke liye yaad karna': #SidharthShukla  teases #ShehnaazGill , asks her for work as she turns producer @sidharth_shukla  @Shehnazgill123 

Fangs and tentacles: rarely seen deep sea fish washes up on California beach

COVID variant first detected in India found in 44 countries: WHO

Opinion: For the GOP, the only acceptable truth is a lie


Scoops of the Day

The inquest into the deaths of ten people at Ballymurphy almost 50 years ago has concluded that all ten victims were “entirely innocent”

Joe Biden inherited: a working vaccine, a vaccine distribution plan, an economy set to boom, and peace breaking out in the Middle East. In his first three months, he has produced: deep vaccine hesitancy, a dramatically underperforming economy, and a Middle East war.

BTS Member RM Has Now Charted 10 Hits On His Own On The World Songs Chart

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Sending a big hug to all of the Israelis running to bomb shelters right now. We are with you and will continue to protect all of our citizens. 📽️ Tel Aviv under Hamas rocket fire

Never forget that a huge reason we’re having this war over voting access is that John Roberts invented a totally new constitutional principle out of whole cloth so he could kill the Voting Rights Act for no good reason.

An Israeli officer dragged 26-year-old Palestinian Mariam Afifi by her hair. Her response? To smile in the face of occupation. How has smiling become an act of resistance for young Palestinians?

After Matt Hancock says six cases of voter fraud is ‘six too many’, the UK’s 280,000 homeless people ask for a quick word.

“Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” says GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, defiant on the eve of a vote that may determine her political future. “I will not sit back and watch in silence while others...join the former President’s campaign to undermine our democracy."

Doctors in India are warning against the practice of using cow dung in the belief it will ward off COVID-19, saying there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness and that it risks spreading other diseases


Scoops of the Week

“This is my second time being thrown out of my home by Israeli settlers and this is my father‘s third time ... Do US taxpayers really wanna be spending $3.8 billion funding the demolition of my home in a pandemic while they are struggling?” @m7mdkurd  to @AymanM  #SaveSheikhJarrah 

Half of Uttarakhand’s Covid deaths were post-Kumbh

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Opinion: The biggest threat to America is the Republican break with reality

Opinion | @WasAlene : William Barr is no longer a DOJ employee and Donald Trump is no longer president, but accountability is essential to rebuilding confidence in our justice system and our democratic institutions.

Celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s to Lisa of Blackpink and BTS in 2020 have brought high fashion to the airport. Though the pandemic paused that peacocking, it shows signs of returning.

Moments ago, our fighter jets struck an offensive Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza.

BTS’s RM Breaks His Tie With Psy And Blackpink’s Rosé With Another Hit On Billboard’s Sales Chart

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Ledell Lee was executed by lethal injection in Arkansas in 2017. Four years later, new DNA testing revealed that genetic material on the murder weapon — which was never previously tested — in fact belongs to another man, lawyers said.

#UPDATE  The World Health Organization has approved the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use -- the first Chinese jab to receive the WHO's green light

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The British Royal Navy and Royal Marines have tested out a jet suit developed by the company Gravity Industries. Gravity says its suit can fly up to 80 mph and climb to 12,000 feet in the air.