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Tokyo Olympics 'are CANCELLED': Japanese government 'has privately concluded the Games cannot go ahead'

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JUST IN: Google has threatened to block its search function in Australia if the government passes new media law that would force it to pay local media companies.

FBI ups reward to $75,000 for suspect who placed pipe bombs during Capitol riot.

Students at Kamala Harris' alma mater, Howard University, say they feel "joy" to see one of their own in the White House

Democrats won’t agree not to break the filibuster rule in the Senate. This procedural radicalism won’t be the political winner the party imagines.

The resort properties of former President Donald Trump were not spared from the fallout of travel restrictions and lockdowns last year, taking a significant revenue hit, according to a new financial disclosure

Republicans should focus more on the fact that a Republican mob tried to lynch the Republican Vice President before trying to get people fired for discussing the fact that a Republican mob tried to lynch the Republican Vice President.

Here's a fact check of 11 false claims GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has tweeted in the last month alone, including three related claims about the integrity of the election

A good friend reminds me of this: 9:21 pm. tonight. 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!!!!

Anthony Fauci is loving life these days and you can probably guess why

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Scoops of the Day

Labour TD @AodhanORiordain  says "every time the minister gets an opportunity ... to speak about this issue she only makes things worse". He says it's clear Minister for Education @NormaFoleyTD1  has lost control of the situation with regards to special needs education

Adam King's 'virtual hug' sign is set to light up locations across the country this evening. The six-year-old Toy Show star is encouraging people to send a 'virtual hug' to someone they care about #NationalHuggingDay  ❤️🤗

“What we’re inheriting from the Trump administration -- what we're inheriting is so much worse than we could have imagined, and you know, we are committed to being transparent and honest with American people,” Jeff Zients, WH Covid Coordinator.

‘I will fire you on the spot’: President Joe Biden warned White House staff that disrespect would not be tolerated

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton speak about unity and the peaceful transfer of power while offering their best wishes to President Biden.

Dr. Fauci: If we get 70-85% of Americans vaccinated by the end of the summer or middle of the summer, we will be approaching a "degree of normality" by around the fall.

Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn't 'violate policies': lawsuit

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Pres. Biden: "I'm asking every American to mask up for the next 100 days." "The experts say by wearing a mask, from now until April, we’d save more than 50,000 lives."

The Japanese government has privately concluded that the Tokyo Olympics will have to be cancelled because of the coronavirus, and the focus is now on securing the Games for the city in the next available year, 2032


Scoops of the Week

You can’t quote Dr. King on social media one day out of the year and live a life that runs counter to his words and teachings the other 364.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama: "After a disturbing era of chaos and division, we are entering the next chapter of American leadership with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." #InaugurationDay 

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Just In: Seven men suspected in the brutal beating of a D.C. police officer defending the Capitol are sought by the FBI

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Sen. @TedCruz  Sends Strong Message With Mask at Biden’s InaugurationUS

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'The best is yet to come.' President Donald Trump on the lasting legacy of his movement - "a belief that a nation will serve its citizens will not dwindle."

Video of insurrectionists stealing documents on the senate floor. “I think Cruz would want us to do this so I think we’re good.” Great work, @tedcruz  (Full video and article at @NewYorker  )

I would rather be without a state than without a voice.

Exclusive: China Has Built Village In Arunachal, Show Satellite Images

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South Korea’s best-selling boyband, BTS, continue to make their mark in the art world as one of the group’s singers, RM, has been named “art sponsor of the year” in Korea. @bts_bighit  @BTS_twt  @BTS_ARMY