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EXCLUSIVE: Jared Kushner co-owns a company that is looking to profit off the pandemic. So Trump's son-in-law and top adviser might have a #coronavirus  conflict-of-interest. Please read, RT, like, and pass along my latest:

"There's too many gaps in the tax returns, there's too many questions: why is this president paying more to foreign nations in taxes than he is to the United States? How does he cover his debt? Why are there so many golf courses losing SO much money?" @FrankFigliuzzi1  @MSNBC 

Trump explicitly attacks individuals & groups every day. See the FBI, countless democratic politicians, any Republican who disagrees with him. Yet he consistently avoids explicitly disparaging white supremacists, vigilantes, Putin. To claim that is not deliberate is..unconvincing

Former President Jimmy Carter is 96 years old today. This is what compassion, empathy, generosity, grit and kindness looks like. President Carter, the oldest living former president in US history, at age 95, built Habitat for Humanity homes in Nashville

I wrote about Trump thinking he was going to checkmate Biden with Hunter's drug problem, and how it illustrates one of the qualities that make Trump a disaster as president.

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Ireland's Supreme Court ruled that Subway bread cannot legally be considered "bread" because it contains too much sugar. It says its bread contains about 5 times as much sugar as required under Irish law — thus disqualifying it from a zero tax rate for "staple" foods.

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Millions of Americans risk losing power and water as massive, unpaid utility bills pile up

Pres. Trump will hold more large-scale campaign rallies in Wisconsin this weekend as coronavirus cases and hospitalization rage across the state, making the clear decision to prioritize campaigning rather than worry about more people getting sick.

President Trump should condemn White supremacist groups, GOP @SenJohnBarrasso  tells @jimsciutto . “We should hear [those words] from the President and from every American. I certainly condemn what we’ve been seeing in terms of White supremacy, in terms of racism, anti-Semitism.”

@JoeNBC : "What [Pres. Trump] can't do is say, when asked, do you condemn white supremacy?" "He will never say yes."


Scoops of the Day

“I’m talking about the President. The one who called your wife ugly!” 💀

Donald Trump has, in fact, condemned white supremacy repeatedly. In the exchange everyone is quoting from last night, he repeatedly said he was willing to do so. The fact that this has been obscured is journalistic malpractice.

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It's pretty amazing the degree to which the Trump 2020 campaign just...has no message.

Pope rejects US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visit with the Vatican suggesting exploitation ahead of election

I feel bad for Chris Wallace Stop bringing in these old fogies and bring in someone with the skill and an understanding of modern media We all know Joe Rogan is the only one who can handle a real debate between Biden and Trump

President Trump just now at the White House: "I don't know who Proud Boys are. But whoever they are they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work." Trump in February 2016: "I don't know anything about David Duke ... I know nothing about white supremacists."

It’s sort of wild how many people miss the obvious, which is that Trump’s cruelty appeals disproportionately to *men* across socioeconomic lines.

Key points of China's recently imposed national security law for Hong Kong@AFPgraphics 

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Ted Cruz blocks pre-existing conditions bill — two days after saying his party would always protect them


Scoops of the Week

Watch a sneak peek of BTS on Variety’s cover

Breaking: A member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury just filed a remarkable motion asking a judge to release the entire proceedings of the grand jury. The motion strongly suggests that Attorney General Cameron's public comments contradict what was presented to the grand jury.

reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son

#BTSxVariety⁠: @BTS_twt  is what the world needs now

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Chris Wallace, over the course of the night, has moved from moderator to debater.

Telling Proud Boys to “stand by” is telling them to...await further instruction.

The fastest route is not always a straight line.

CNN’s @jaketapper  to Jill Biden: “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe…” Biden: “You can’t even go there. After Donald Trump you cannot even say the word gaffe.” #CNNSOTU 

JUST IN: British Member of Parliament nominates Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize

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Let this sink in: Brad Parscale, after initially refusing to leave his home where he had multiple guns and reportedly fired one and had hit his wife was ultimately tackled by SWAT only after a friend in the police dept called him to come out But Breonna Taylor was shot 6 times