Rep. Nadler: Have you seen good cause to fire special counsel Robert Mueller?
Deputy AG Rosenstein: "No. "
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Salma Hayek: Harvey Weinstein was a passionate cinephile, a risk taker, a patron of talent in film, a loving father and a monster. For years, he was my monster.
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Trump on the Alabama election: "I was right! ... the deck was stacked" against Roy Moore
Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to replace Al Franken - reports
WH Official: House, Senate GOP have reached deal 'in principle' on taxes
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The FCC vote allowing your ISP to lock huge parts of the internet behind caps and paywalls is tomorrow. Today is the last day to pressure Congress to stop this. Get your reps' numbers ( Melt their phones. #NetNeutrality
AG Rosenstein now aggressively dismissing GOP case to undermine Mueller: "Based upon his reputation, his service, his patriotism...I believe he was an ideal choice for this task"
In emotional moment on @TheView, Joe Biden consoles Meghan McCain, whose father was diagnosed with same cancer Biden's late son Beau had. "There is hope. And if anybody can make it, your dad [can]."
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#BREAKING: Republicans reach deal on tax bill
Pro-Trump Twitter aghast to learn: FBI agents were offended by Trump's mockery & ridicule of grieving parents of war heroes.
"It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice," Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand hits back at President Trump after he criticized her on Twitter. Gillibrand has been vocal about Congress investigating Trump's alleged sexual misconduct and said on Monday that he should resign.
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Russian propagandists are pushing for Roy Moore to win
Meghan McCain after Doug Jones victory: "Suck it Bannon"
'Champions of England, you'll never sing that', sing the Chelsea fans to Huddersfield who won their first league title 31 years before Chelsea
Source close to WH: "It's devastating for the president... this is an earthquake... Virginia but on steroids... the president has egg on his face" because of Bannon.
WH confirms Omarosa has resigned.
Now Roy Moore's done it. He's crossed HORSE TWITTER.
JUST IN: Footage shows Trump with some sexual misconduct accusers after he claimed he "never met" them
Every so often it's good to be reminded that that the good guy CAN win. What Doug Jones did in prosecuting those Klansmen was heroic. He is by far the better man-the better human being. And damned if he didn't win in Alabama. Amazing. Black and New South/Millennial voters did it.
Congrats to two-shirted strategic genius Steve Bannon who deftly maneuvered the GOP into a crushing senate loss IN ALABAMA
Net neutrality rules are in danger of being repealed. Here's why you should care.
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NEW: Women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault will speak at a news conference, hosted by @bravenewfilms, Monday at 10:30 a.m. ET. The women are calling for an investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct by the president.
Roy Moore campaign spokesman responds with silence when asked if he knew people can be sworn in with a text other than the Christian bible
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BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones wins election as U.S. senator from Alabama. @AP race call at 10:23 p.m. EST. #AlabamaElection #APracecall
BREAKING: Pentagon says it will allow transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite Trump's opposition.
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Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman says Muslims shouldn’t be in US Congress because they have to swear on the Bible. He responds with silence, mouth agape, when @jaketapper informs him that’s not the case
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Prior to this morment, @PressSec issued a warning to me. She said if I asked a question of Trump at the bill signing "I can't promise you will be allowed into a pool spray again." Sorry Sarah.. we won't be intimidated.
Democratic US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says President Donald Trump should resign over allegations of sexual misconduct: "These allegations are credible; they are numerous"
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Let's #BreakTheInternet so the FCC hears us. Call Congress now.
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