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The six-member Johnny's act marks two years of many firsts such as appearing on the YouTube channel The First Take and working with established artists such as Yoshiki and Daiki Tsuneta.

Sen. Mitch McConnell: ‘African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans’ 🧐

@stinchfield1776 : "If you ask a legitimate question to Joe Biden it's now a 'tough question' - the media is still in the bag for him, there's no doubt about that."

With the goal of spreading the news of the environmental tragedy that took place in the Peruvian coast, La República presents a new version of today's front page. ►

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'Part of a much larger conspiracy': 16 Michigan Republicans under federal investigation

#BREAKING: Texas Amber Alert Issued For 14-Year-Old Hillary Salcedo Out Of Buda

This pic makes me so happy. Thank you, coach Woodson! @IndianaMBB  ⚪️🔴

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Singer Adele fought back tears in a video on Instagram explaining that despite a scramble to make it work, she has to postpone her Las Vegas residency.

“Just when you think it couldn't get crazier, it does.” @PamelaBrownCNN  reports on Rudy Giuliani’s, along with Trump campaign officials, involvement in overseeing fake electors in seven states.

Aid flights have finally been able to land five days after the eruption left Tonga cut off from the rest of the world ⤵️


Scoops of the Day

The Doomsday Clock, a metaphor for how far away the world is from disaster, has been set to 100 seconds to midnight for the third year in a row

WARNING: The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. WATCH: A police pursuit of a motorcycle driver came to a deadly end with a horrific crash at an intersection in West Hills.

President Biden should apologize for destroying the nation over his first year, says Rep. Kat Cammack:

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JUST IN: Retired Pope Benedict failed to act against abusive priests when he was archbishop in the 1970s and 1980s in Germany, report finds.

Planning the Holocaust took all of 90 minutes. Eighty years after Nazis at the infamous Wannsee Conference meticulously mapped out the extermination of Jews in Europe, the bureaucratic efficiency of it remains as unnerving as ever.

“With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.” ON THIS DAY: In 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the nation’s 44th, as well as first African American, president.

EXCLUSIVE: Through his nonprofit, Dick Uihlein, founder of Uline shipping company, donated millions of dollars to groups associated with overturning the election and even right-wing extremist organizations, including ones designated as hate groups

The Ethiopian region of Tigray has never had so little emergency food, after 14 months of war, the UN humanitarian agency OCHA said Thursday ➡️

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Congress leader @SachinPilot  speaks on Arunachal boy's 'abduction' by China's PLA, says Govt. should wake up and forget electioneering for the moment and take stock of situation at border. #ReporterDiary  #ArunachalPradesh  @Supriya23bh )


Scoops of the Week

Gardaí have issued a renewed appeal for help in locating 45-year-old Bernadette Connolly, who has been missing from the Swords area of Dublin since Friday 7 January

#THESTARSEEKERS , a collaboration wit #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  . Read the first part on Wattpad 🎤✨→

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@joelockhart  says the US media is treating President Biden unfairly, and here are a couple of the reasons why

@gtconway3d  on why Trump must have his day in court for 1/6: “This is gravest crime you could imagine that a president could commit. If you don’t at least look at this with the closet possible microscope, you are basically saying that a president is completely above the law.”

This one feels right today: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Joe Biden spent a quarter of his first year as president in Delaware

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Boris Johnson warned he’s in ‘last chance saloon’ - not to be confused with No 10 during lockdown, which was an actual saloon.

Listeners have branded this James O'Brien’s best monologue yet as he explains every twist and turn of the deceit and dishonesty engulfing the government. @mrjamesob 

Pres Biden, in the longest news conference in presidential history, made news, pushed back on critics, called out lies, took responsibility for mistakes he believes he made, expressed surprise at GOP, talked foreign policy and didn't lash out on reporters. Quite the change.