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Scoops of the Day

“We’re right here.” Children reunited with parents following mass shooting at Texas school.

Alibaba is developing a digital “individual carbon footprint tracker” to monitor the actions of the public, the firm’s president announced at the globalist World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday.

Pres. Biden says he has no control over gas prices. People don’t believe him because it’s not true. Biden has regulatory control over the drilling, transport, storage and trading of oil. Gas prices are high because he put them there.

Just watching Panorama on #Partygate  one of most depressing thing is the idea that he's proud that he can't change, that Boris Johnson like so many awful people I've met thinks it is fine to say as an excuse "you knew what I was like". Awful

New York City removes its last public payphone from service

We know there will be another and another and another attack if we do nothing. And we know who is preventing action. The Senate should immediately—at a 50-vote threshold—vote on commonsense gun safety reforms that the American people have demanded for too long.

Twelve-year-old Andrii and six-year-old Valentyn build checkpoints and dug trenches in the village of Stoianka, near Kyiv. The two boys want to be soldiers when they grow up and hope to defend their country one day

Ukraine is gathering the bodies of dead Russian soldiers strewn among the rubble of formerly occupied towns and trying to verify their identities in the hope of exchanging them for prisoners of war

The FBI uncovered a plot by an ISIS operative that would have incorporated smuggling people into the United States through the southern border to help assassinate former President George W. Bush, reported @Logan_Ratick , on Tuesday's "American Agenda."


Scoops of the Week

Boris Johnson will happily hang the last civil servant out to dry before he takes responsibility or does the right thing. Fresh from throwing junior staff under the bus, he’s plotting to sacrifice his henchman to save his own skin. Rotten to the core.

US Just a few days left until President Trump speaks at NRA’s Annual Meeting for the 6th time! Hear from Trump this Friday, May 27, 2PM in Houston, TX! Visit for more info!

70,000 pounds of infant formula are arriving in the United States today and will be coming to shelves as soon as possible. We’re working to get safe formula to every family who needs it.

CPAC in Hungary demonstrates that, precisely as intended, Putinism is a cancer that has spread through the political systems of democracies worldwide and is now metastasizing.

Russian army has 20 times more equipment than the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the battles for Donbas h, said Zelenskyy. "In order not to kill thousands of people because of this ratio of weapons, UA needs equipment that can shoot at a great distance."

Rishi Sunak told the British people he has no money to ease the cost of living crisis and that cutting energy bills would be 'silly'. It’s staggering he ordered half a million more of taxpayers’ money to be spent on his own private focus groups & polls🪞

The lawlessness we're seeing at the southern border is the result of Biden refusing to enforce the law. Texas is a law & order state. We will continue doing the federal government’s job & securing the border.

Nadine Dorries is Boris Johnson’s Minister for Disinformation. She was supposed to be cracking down on it, not spreading it. 💁🏼‍♀️

The Government promised to publish the Sue Gray Report “as received” and “as soon as possible”. The full report - and all the evidence - must be published without delay. Anything less will amount to a further cover up from this deceitful, untrustworthy PM. #PartygateCoverup 

“I’m afraid there’s a problem here.” #SueGray