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@elonmusk  had a meeting with @kevinomccarthy  and ran into @hakeemjeffries  on his way in Then Musk PRETENDED he met with McCarthy and Jeffries

Indraprastha Gas shares close higher on Q3 earnings; can they cross Rs 500 mark?

There are some mixed messages on the economy: Wall Street received good news, the GDP beating expectations, but it comes as we hear about layoffs across industries. @tomcostellonbc  explains what it all means.

Several Ukrainian cities are still surveying the damage from the major Russian strikes, as we learn that U.S. tanks may not arrive there any time soon. @rafsanchez  reports on the ground with the details.

NEW: Jay Leno has suffered another major accident. He revealed he broke several bones while riding a motorcycle last week. This comes just 2 months after the comedian suffered third degree burns while working on a vintage car.

“People have said that we produced so many As. This is all propaganda,” CS Ezekiel Machogu dismisses claims of 2022 KCSE exam leakage

Watch #BTVisualStory  | In a #viralvideo  circulated online, auto-rickshaw drivers are seen racing in reverse at significant speed. Check out this Business Today visual story to watch the video and for Twitter reactions on it.

The passenger tweeted that his plane had been "hijacked" after the flight was diverted to Delhi, mentioning Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Read here:

#CountdownToBudget2023 | The Union Budget 2022 held some major announcements. Here's a look back at some announcements made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her speech @ShereenBhan  #BudgetWithCNBCTV18  #Budget  #Budget20232 #UnionBudget023


Scoops of the Day

Can't move ahead without proper security, says Congress. @mausamii2u  with more details. #ITVideo  #Banihal  | @PoojaShali 

ZAHAWI TONIGHT Nadhim Zahawi faces questions over source of £30m unsecured loans to wife’s property company QUESTION Are we now entering the realms of criminal activity? Money laundering rules state you have to give the source of funds to buy property.

Rent prices grew at record pace in 2022 as Canada saw lowest vacancy rate in decades

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🚨 Jennifer Garner & Emma Myers are playing mother & daughter in a body swap comedy 🚨

This is a very classy sign off by Joanna Gosling@BBCJoannaG  on BBC News

From Reuters | #SEBI  studying #HindenburgResearch  report on #AdaniGroup , may use the report to aid its ongoing prelim probe into offshore fund holdings of Adani Group

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Russian warship armed with advanced missiles sails into western Atlantic in strategic 'chess game'

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Wildcat known for grumpy expression detected for the first time on Mount Everest

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Defence minister expected to announce Canada is sending tanks to Ukraine

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The Recruit has been renewed for Season 2!


Scoops of the Week

1. Florida teachers are being told to remove all books from their classroom libraries OR FACE FELONY PROSECUTION The new policy is based on the premise that teachers are using books to "groom" students or indoctrinate them with leftist ideologies. 🧵

It is unethical to create footage of a real person, without consent, doing something that person didn’t do, if it’s meant to be impossible to detect. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s neat.

Outer Banks Season 3 premieres one month from today!

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FIRST LOOK 👀 Drive To Survive S5. 24 Feb.

"Knowing Trump, he probably only has room for one Black woman in his brain at a time." @iamwandasykes  on Trump's awkward eulogy for Diamond

Gore, Obamas, Clintons, Bidens… amazing how rich they’ve gotten doing literally nothing. Can we see 6 years of their tax returns now!

The IRS starts accepting tax returns for 2022 on Jan. 23. A financial expert breaks down the changes from last year, and shares her tips for coping with tax season.

This guy fell in love with a picture of a stray dog in India ❤️

SUNAK & MODERNA PROFIT? I keep coming back to this Sunak refuses to say if he's profited from Moderna.He co-founded hedge fund Theleme which bought more than £1billion shares in Moderna. Did/does Sunak hold Theleme assets? Last article 2020 Why? Pls RT