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Republicans just voted to drive the United States into default. Now let's see how many news accounts convey this basic fact clearly and without any jargon or obfuscation. When very few do, you'll understand why Republicans believe they can get away with this in the first place.

Cassidy and Kennedy vote against bill to keep government open and raise debt ceiling. Bill includes disaster aid for their home states. Murkowski and Collins also NO votes. Appears to be straight party lines amid clash with Dems over debt ceiling

People of color accounted for 95% of Texas' population growth over the last decade. Yet in the proposed congressional map, Black and Hispanic Texans would have fewer districts where they make up the majority than they currently do.

How do billionaires get away with paying such low tax rates? They use hordes of lobbyists to rig the rules and are currently opposing popular tax reforms in the reconciliation bill. Let’s tax wealth like work, and the best way to do that is a #WealthTax .

Ds pledge not to raise "1 penny" of taxes on ppl earning under $400K. Don't believe it Non-partisan Joint tax cmte analysis shows no income group is safe from Ds reckless tax hikes Over 12% of taxpayers w incomes $50K-100K would see tax hike &35% of taxpayers w incomes $100K-200K

The same Republicans crowing about the debt and deficit voted for $2.3 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Their hypocrisy is staggering.

At #UNGA76 , @SecBlinken  emphasized that it makes a difference when the U.S. shows up, listens, leads. It gives us a unique platform to bring others together in tackling the challenges of our time, as we deliver for the American people.

A bill to keep the government open, avoid default, & provide relief to so many could be on its way to @PresElectBiden’s desk now. Instead, Senate Rs blocked it w/ no regard for what default & shutdown would mean for people’s lives & bank accounts. This isn’t a game for anyone but the GOP.

As the government wrestles with a national debt that's hitting its legal limit, GOP leader @SenRickScott  said it's up to Democrats to solve this, because they alone are responsible for the spending and debt growth. Republicans had a big hand in it, too.

Thank you for investing in our Commonwealth of Kentucky! @Ford ⁩ to build electric vehicle battery plants in Ky., creating 5,000 new jobs


Scoops of the Day

President Biden just answered questions all the way through getting his Pfizer booster shot.

The Biden agenda: lower costs, historic middle class tax cuts, millions of green good-paying jobs for the American people and much more to #BuildBackBetter  – and paid for by making sure the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

I have noticed that many who troll on Twitter use “your” instead of “you’re.” Just an observation. Nothing more.

Do you know how much CEO pay has skyrocketed since 1978? 100%? 500%? Try 1,322% This is unsustainable.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is evil to make it deliberately hard for people to vote.

While inspecting the ongoing work relating to the new Parliament building, PM @narendramodi  interacted with the workers engaged at the site and asked about their well-being. He said that they are engaged in a pious and historic work.

At 11 AM tomorrow, 28th September, an important agriculture-related programme will be held. 35 crop varieties with special traits will be dedicated to the nation. The newly constructed campus of the National Institute of Biotic Stress Management, Raipur will also be inaugurated.

Indian doctors are admired worldwide for their dexterity. India is taking numerous initiatives to emerge as a hub for medical tourism.

BREAKING Maricopa County judge strikes down Arizona ban on face-mask mandates as unconstitutional. Ban was to have taken effect Wednesday. Ruling affects several other pending laws.

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Scoops of the Week

News: The 1/6 select committee just dropped subpoenas on Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, and Kashyap Patel, a senior Defense official. All were apparently either with Trump on 1/6, or talked to him in the runup to it, or helped plan the effort to overturn the election:

Glad to have met @Sen @KamalaHarrisKamalaHarris . Her feat has inspired the entire world. We talked about multiple subjects that will further cement the India-USA friendship, which is based on shared values and cultural linkages.

I invite the world- Come, Make Vaccines in India!

One of the problems with how politics is covered is  many have forgotten that the purpose of politics is policy, as in solving problems. It's not about scoring points in a game of inside baseball. To cover it as such undermines the health and safety of our nation and the planet.

Grateful to the Indian community in Washington DC for the warm welcome. Our diaspora is our strength. It is commendable how the Indian diaspora has distinguished itself across the world.

Today would be a great day for President Biden and Vice President Harris to #CancelStudentDebt .

Had an outstanding meeting with @PresEl @JoeBidenectBiden . His leadership on critical global issues is commendable. We discussed how India and USA will further scale-up cooperation in different spheres and work together to overcome key challenges like COVID-19 and climate change.

Yes, Democracy Can Deliver. Yes, Democracy Has Delivered.

Kyrsten Sinema has received over $750,000 from Big Pharma. Her office is led by a former lobbyist whose firm worked on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. And now she's trying to tank a bill to lower drug prices. This is the power of big money, folks.