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Just quietly pointing out that nobody ever asks “how will pay for” the $778,000,000,000 defense budget.

PELOSI is going to the White House for the AIDS day event, but is expected to huddle with BIDEN beforehand, sources tell me and @bresreports 

Covered California open enrollment is now underway. If you need to sign up for health insurance or want to switch your current plan, now is the time. Visit to find information on how you can lower your health care costs.

Joe Biden is accusing Republicans of cutting taxes for the wealthy, but the single largest expense in the Democrats’ spending bill is a tax break for millionaires in California and New York. That’s rich.

Hardworking Americans are getting hit right in their wallets because of inflation. But Democrats are doubling down on their misguided policies that led to this historic inflation in the first place.

A rare moment of non-partisanship in the House of Commons as MPs give unanimous consent to fast track the Conversion Therapy Ban legislation. Liberals and Conservative MPs hugging and shaking hands. Lots of applause and cheering.

Look at this chart. And then consider that the two most significant firearms control acts passed in... the mid 1930s and the early 1990s. Now look at the chart again.

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There have been 28 schoo @shootings  this year. Only in America.

Both of those would be huge events that occupy lots of news cycles - fate of Roe with bigger long-term effects, obviously. It's stuff like this that makes me think 2024 speculation *in 2021* is crazy and (mostly) a waste of time.

Mississippi asked the Supreme Court to overturn #RoeVWade , and if they succeed, millions of Americans across the country could be denied their constitutional right to abortion. We need to pass the Women's Health Protection Act to defend our reproductive freedom.


Scoops of the Day

We cannot and will not leave our granddaughters a world in which they have fewer rights and opportunities than we did.

I would urge my young friends, specially those in the world of start-ups, tech and innovation to know more about the InFinity Forum and take part in the programme on the 3rd.

Sen. Dick Durbin: "80 or 90 percent of this debt ceiling is about debt incurred under the previous president, Donald R. Trump? The Republicans refuse to even step up to vote for a debt ceiling extension on appropriations they voted for."

Here’s the truth about the Dems’ “Build Back Broke” plan: ❌Massive tax breaks to rich Dem donors in blue states ❌Cuts Medicare for charity hospitals caring for our poorest families ❌Hikes taxes on working Americans Democrats’ reckless socialist agenda is bad for America.

Bad look for NBC. They got caught.

Getting our kids fully vaccinated is the best way to protect them against COVID-19. Today, Dr. Fauci and I stopped by Kimball Elementary School to meet with families and kids getting their vaccines—and encourage more parents and kids to do the same.

On the special occasion of Nagaland’s Statehood Day, greetings to the wonderful people of the state. Naga culture personifies valour and humane values. The people of Nagaland are making rich contributions to India’s growth. I pray for Nagaland’s progress in the years to come.

On @TheLastWord ⁩, the great @Dahlialithwick ⁩ just called @RuthMarcus ⁩’s essay about the conservative stranglehold on the Supreme Court “magisterial.” It is a great piece. Check it out.


Scoops of the Week

My grandfather had to get off of the sidewalk when a white person passed by, but in just one lifetime, his grandson became a U.S. Senator… for a southern state.   My family’s story is proof that America is not moving backward, but leaping forward.

We can’t take Covid chances going into Winter and with new variants forming. Air travelers should be required to show proof of vaccination. #NoShotNoSpot 

While the nation is still reeling from Biden’s energy crisis, his administration continues to push a radical climate agenda that will hurt every day Americans.  

Guy who makes money off of coal also gets to dominate a Senate committee hearing on it. What would you call this in another country?

Do you recognize this man who allegedly participated in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6? Help the #FBI  identify him by calling 1-800-225-5324 or visiting to submit a tip. Remember to mention photo 487 in your tip.

Jill Biden forces little children to mask and social distance at the White House while she does neither. This is beyond stupid. This is a cruel and sick abuse to children for a Christmas celebration. Share this to shame these wicked people.

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From our family to yours, Happy Hanukkah and Chag Sameach! Over the next eight days, may we celebrate the many blessings in our own lives, and be reminded of the enduring power of hope.

Let me ask again: Why isn't the media reporting that oil companies chose to raise prices rather than increase supplies?