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Kamala Harris is an authoritarian, willing to use the power of government to do nearly anything; she is an opportunist, willing to say anything or attack anyone to get ahead; she is a radical on politics, mirroring hard-left social and economic priorities.

John Kasich: "A lot of people scratch their heads about why some of these very conservative Evangelicals support Trump. It seems not to be consistent to be with the things that they believe in as promoted in the Old and New Testament."

Polio vaccinations resume in Pakistan and Afghanistan after Covid-19 delays

Back-to-back in my Trumpland message-setters feed this morning: Biden-Harris is the choice of Wall Street, and of radical socialists and anarchists.

Smoke billows from the site of a derailed train near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. Serious injuries have been reported and the driver is feared dead.

"This was not an easy decision, but one that we believe best respects the science, decreases the risk of further spread and follows the task force criteria," @drsanjaygupta  writes.

Rep. Clyburn on Harris VP pick: "It means a great deal to me -- it means a great deal to African Americans all over this country."

Anthony Madu, a Nigerian boy who has charmed viewers with a video of his deft, barefoot ballet skills on the muddied backstreets of Lagos, has been given a scholarship to the US to continue his craft in New York. Read the full story here:

CNN's Gupta announces his kids won't go back to school: "Infection rates will increase"

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Good news! If you're still getting a paycheck, it may get a bit bigger soon. Bad news: They're going to want all of that back next year.


Scoops of the Day

Joe Biden just picked the woman who called him a racist who hung out with segregationists, and who said she believed his sexual harassment accusers.

You know, whatever else you think of Kamala Harris, it’s pretty amazing and awesome that immigrants can come to the U.S., meet, marry, have a child, and their daughter can grow up to be DA, state attorney general, U.S. Senator, and on a presidential ticket.

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Pres Trump on Kamala Harris: "She lied. She said things that are untrue. She is a person who has told stories that are untrue...She was my number draft pick." He adds: She wants to take away your healthcare plans and raise taxes. (Note: Harris hasn't said any of those things.)

Principled. Brilliant. Compassionate. Empathetic. Honest. The perfect choice for @JoeBiden . That’s @KamalaHarris . Let’s go win this.

Kamala Harris' positions: - banning fracking - banning plastic straws - using executive orders to ban "assault weapons" - phasing out private healthcare insurance; - nearly-complete restriction of religious freedom to the private sphere. Yes, she's a pragmatic moderate, guys.

BREAKING: The family of Elijah McClain, a Black man who died last year after police in suburban Denver put him in chokehold, have sued police and medical officials. McClain was stopped by three white officers responding to a call about a suspicious person.

After his dance in the rain captured the eyes of millions, this 11-year-old Nigerian boy has earned a scholarship to study ballet in the U.S.

Who will win the US presidential election?

The new postmaster general is shaking up the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed. "Mail is beginning to pile up in our offices, and we're seeing equipment being removed," says a postal clerk.


Scoops of the Week

i wonder how many votes Trump just got from the video of Black Lives Matter rioters attacking an old woman and splashing her in the face with paint

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Trump: “We’re doing very well.” Coronavirus deaths over the last 7 days: Australia: 70 Canada: 37 France: 51 Germany: 49 Italy: 55 Japan: 27 Spain: 57 Sweden: 27 UK: 414 US: 7,189

BREAKING: We’re calling for the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security.

#BREAKING Taiwan FM says China trying to turn island into 'next Hong Kong'

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Mauritius declared an emergency after a tanker hit a coral reef, spilling 1,000+ tons of oil and threatening "thousands" of fragile species. It is still leaking. Volunteers are making barriers and rescuing animals, angry at govt inaction: "We will never be able to recover."

WATCH: Massive explosion rips through gas station in southwest Russia; at least 13 injured

This is precision tile setting at scale

Russia on Tuesday became the first country to officially register a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism

Startling: Kimberly Karol, of postal service workers' union in Waterloo, Iowa, tells @noeleking  the USPS not only banned overtime, but is having sorting machines removed in her area: "That also hinders our ability to process mail. @NPR 

Who do you think is best suited to be the next PM of India? #MOTN2020