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Now *that’s* interesting. An insight into how Robbie Ryan shot a restaurant scene in MARRIAGE STORY.

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The fact that Bill Gates is openly admitting that elites have been pushing for globalization against national sovereignty is stunning. A clear admission of a desire for one world government. Washington and Jefferson are rolling in their graves.

Halftime in Columbia, S.C. Houston 39 South Carolina 27 Nate Hinton: 13 points, 7 rebounds Quentin Grimes: 8 points

This ambulance drone could help save lives by speeding up emergency response times

@realDonaldTrump  @SenTedCruzWorst  of all, there is considerable evidence that he held back a meeting with a foreign head of state and actual aid to a foreign government that was actually invaded by Russia and part of their territory annexed by them, *purely in order to further his own political interests*

Serious question; can you run for President again if you’re incarcerated? Asking for a very corrupt, evil woman.

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Backstory: Matt Drudge used to dig out these same 1st term, same-day Presidential approval comparison stats out of our data tables by hand & publish them. We got the hint & automated the process. Just another reason we miss his visionary media instincts-

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Europe celebrates Christmas. It’s also apt symbolism for what their government has been doing to its citizens.

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The Police State of New York doesn’t care about your ‘Religious Rights,’ Amish people. Though I seem to remember that our country was founded on religious freedom. But ‘liberal’ New York Democrats & judges are more ‘progressive’ and not so ‘old fashioned.’


Scoops of the Day

A Real Hero --> Retired NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. He discovered the illegal spying. He worked for months with the FISA Courts Chief Judge to discover the people who did it. FISA Court has told AG Barr who lied to the court.

President Higgins said it was important that Irish people remember the core meaning of Christmas – a continued obligation to offer hospitality, “welcome strangers into our midst”, and celebrate the joy that welcoming strangers brings.

Explorers filmed the inside of abandoned Russian space shuttles

Wow wow wow...this story. “She held up her hand to display five fingers. Her voice was loud, her Slovakian accent deep. ‘I saved you five times from bad shipment,’ she said.”

Devin Nunes: "I [went] through all my phone records, and I can tell you, my phone records do not match what Schiff and the Democrats put in [their] report."

Thank you @RepAdamSchiff  for unifying America and the Conservative party. Your attempts to unseat a duly elected president through continued promotion of lies and secrecy has revealed your character and your party’s agenda. We look forward to tomorrow. Good luck.

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Man arrested over alleged racist abuse in Manchester derby


Scoops of the Week

So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is shutdown from massive strike over awful economy and governance. But Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump? Really?

How vile of a person do you have to be to attack a 13 year old child on national TV for laughs? Apparently, vile enough to be the supposed star witness for Democrats. Grotesque.

In his own words folks... I give you Creepy Joe. This is the Democrat’s front runner🤣

Another awesome jobs report that blew through expectations. ✅ 266,000 jobs created! ✅ Wage growth at a strong 3.1%! ✅ Unemployment at 50-year-low! You gonna to risk all this to bring back crippling government regulations & taxes, destroy your 401K, and destroy wage growth?

On Nov. 25, a U.S. warship interdicted a large cache of Iranian weapons and missile parts off the coast of Yemen. This is more proof of Iran’s efforts to inflame conflicts in the Mideast, and evidence of Iran’s repeated violations of the @UN  arms embargo.

BUSTED: Ukrainian Prosecutor says Amb Yovanovitch lied under oath when she said she never provided him an 'Untouchable List' (that included Joe & Hunter) of people that he was NOT allowed to investigate. Says Yovanovitch got angry when he refused.

Shocked to see this.🙄 Democrat 'Expert' Impeachment Witness Gave $1000 Donation to Elizabeth Warren

Remember only children of Liberals (even the 50 year old children) are off limits. That a 13 year old is fair game for partisan hacks on a national platform shows you all you need to know about the new left and who is now running the ship.

‘Shadow banning’ written into Twitter’s new terms of service, may ‘limit visibility’ of some users. Time for Congress to #RemoveLiableProtection  from Big Tech!

Listen carefully. Did you hear that confession? Nancy just admitted this phony impeachment was 2 1/2 YEARS in the making! This isn't about facts, or evidence, or even the truth! This is all about the Democrats' unhinged vendetta that began 11/9/16!