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@KamalaHarris  3.6 million black children in poverty 4 million Hispanic children in poverty 4.2 million white children in poverty Why do Democrats care more for illegals than American children?

Is @dannymcginlay  moonlighting as the @CollingwoodFC  banner writer? 🤣 @lehmo23  and @tessarmstrong  get to the bottom of things on They Came to Play, while also trying to work out who on earth will be playing finals this year. Listen here 👇

Knows exactly what he wants. RT Remix *KlatuBaradaNiko Free wash and massage 🐕 Dogs are the greatest 👍 *BerryYNWA

In central Japan, these melons can cost you upwards of $200

New Listing: Spandana Sphoorty Lists At Rs 825/Share vs Issue Price Of Rs 856/Share

Naveen Kulkarni, Reliance Securities: Cement Sector Was Expected To Perform Well In Q1 Expect Slight Pickup In Demand From H2 Or Q3FY20 Still Some More Time For Earnings To Pick Up Pace @TheLowEdge 

Has Abhishek Lodha wined and dined with US President@realDonaldTrump ? What does his dream home look like? Ever wondered what was the first house he bought? How does he chill post work? Hear out the property magnate on 'Realty का funda' @LODHA 

This Indian school accepts plastic waste instead of fees #education 

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Long term growth can be sustained only with financial stability, says @DasShaktikanta , @RBI  Governor

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Scoops of the Day

Why do they wear masks? Because this is what happens when your mom finds out you joined Antifa 😂 😂

A rural town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans

The UK will almost certainly run out of fresh food, fuel, and drugs in a no-deal Brexit, leaked official documents say

Amazing that with 22 Democrats running for President all of them still insist on painstakingly “paying for” their different spending ideas.

Steve Jobs took a risk by leaving Apple in the '80s — it was this move that changed software forever

Hong Kong: hundreds of thousands join protest in pouring rain

Rashida never planned on visiting her grandmother in Israel. Her intention from the start was to continue the democrat’s agenda; the constant vilification of POTUS. Notice how she went from the role of aggressor to victim? It was by her design. No one else’s.

Generally speaking, when a government is making emergency plans to safeguard water supplies, stockpile vital medicines, manage food shortages and prepare for civil unrest, things are not going great. For Boris Johnson, it’s apparently all part of the plan


Scoops of the Week

Guys, I don’t do this often so if I am it’s because this great man & law enforcement officer means a lot to my kids and me & he needs our help fighting cancer. We know LaMoine from our Secret Service detail where he was outstanding to us. Please help & RT!

So while @realDonaldTrump  has spent his entire career standing up to China and leading the fight against their authoritarian regime, @JoeBiden  has spent his entire career cheering China on and watching his son get rich off of it. #ChinaJoe 

Yikes! Man says he witnessed CNN host Don Lemon's alleged assault: 'I was kind of making fun, I feel bad now'

An autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein has raised questions after reportedly showing he “sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones” including the hyoid bone, which experts say is more common in homicidal strangulation

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Will Dem Primary voters go with the creepy ex VP who can’t go a day without putting his foot in his mouth or the fraudulent white professor who appropriated another ethnicity & culture to advance her professional career? Going to be a tough choice for them

Donald Trump reportedly wants to purchase Greenland from Denmark

Should the US get involved in what's happening in Hong Kong?

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Eight Things to Know About the Biden Family's Culture of Corruption