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Having a blast with #SEVENTEEN  backstage at #KCON19LA  tonight! Stay tuned for our interview with @pledis_17 ! 😍🖤🎉✌️ @TracyBehr  @kconusa  #kcon  #carats  #kpop 

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My talk in San Francisco on August 15th. Thank you, Manny!

Thank you Philly!!! It’s only the beginning #HappinessBeginsTour 

Philly you were incredible tonight! Thank you for the memories.

I really came online to tell you how much I love gummy bears

out here fuckin all the way up.

Getting an evangelion tatt while listening to the evangelion theme is the only thing keeping me from shootin the club up


Scoops of the Day

Your voice is heavenly. Thanks for coming. @AlecBenjamin  #JIMIN 

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sat next to a seemingly lovely old lady at a lunch today and thought we really bonded but as i left she said ‘sorry but you need to have a firmer handshake or no one will respect you’ excuse me i was being deliberately gentle i’m not trying to crush and snort you janice

The family don’t like you I don’t like you

The benefit of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization is that @realDonaldTrump  can unleash the full force of the law—from surveillance to RICO prosecutions to the prospect of Gitmo—on these brownshirts. This will be the worst news for fascism since the Normandy landing

Just remember that half of these people who say, “fuck school, follow your dreams” wouldn’t be qualified to dunk your fries if they didn’t get lucky. Make educated guesses, not blind leaps of faith. Keep one foot on solid ground, while you reach out for the next platform.

Roll somethin and get the day started.

In today's Gospel, Jesus reveals to us His most ardent desire: to bring to the earth the fire of the Father's love: the fire that saves, that changes the world, starting from the change of each one's heart. #Angelus 

it’s getting hot in here so take off all your cool


Scoops of the Week

The President of the United States is joining with a foreign government to punish duly elected representatives of the people to quash their dissent and prevent them from doing their job. This is shameful on his part and on the part of the Israeli government.

12 years ago, ‘Superbad’ came out – and McLovin was born. 🎬

Happy SlimeDay to @YoungThug ! 💚🐍 In honor, here's a classic.

I’ve never been happier. Thank you ❤️🌸

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Animal cruelty is wrong. “But, it's tradition", doesn't make it right, "It's part of my religion" doesn't make it right, "It's my culture”, doesn't make it right, and "people are more important" doesn't make it right either. You know why? Because it's just fucking wrong.

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I successfully quit nicotine a few weeks ago after smoking for TEN years. I gained a lot of weight and probably lost some friends forever bc I was being a NUT (lol) but I’m so happy I did it and I feel v goooood. just wanted to share.

A level results a bit rubbish? Don’t worry. I got a C and two Us and I’ve rented this place for the summer.

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