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Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown’s Town

The supreme irony is that the party of slavery that demands public dissociation from all connections with slavery has nominated for the vice presidency a woman who is the descendant & beneficiary of one of the largest slave planters in Jamaica. How do they get out of this one?

DEVELOPING: Chicago Leader Says Mayor Lightfoot ‘Has Lost the Confidence of the City’

THIS IS NOT A DRILL PIXELS & ARMY @rinasawayama  says she's written virtually with Namjoon and we need the song as a matter of urgency

Just watched #GunjanSaxena  . What a film . Cried my eyes out and laughed out loud . Entire team take a bow ! OUTSTANDING. 👏

The rumors are true, @BLACKPINK  has recruited @selenagomez  for their next single! 🖤 💗

I'm telling you bro we are label of the year


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Thank god it's Kamala! I was worried Biden was going to pick someone else who would have made me absolutely still vote for him no matter what.

Viola Davis Buys Former Plantation Where She Was Born for 55th Birthday

#nununanachallenge with @jessicah_o  🔥🔥🔥 #jessi  #dara  #제시 #산다라박 😝

shove an ice cube all the way up my ass

(1) Kamala Harris’ father revealed his family is descended from one of Jamaica’s largest slave planters. This means Kamala is descended not from slaves but from slaveowners. Two facts makes Donald Harris’ claims credible:

Very happy for our friend and Senator and future Vice-President, @KamalaHarris , and very much looking forward to voting for the Biden-Harris ticket to begin the difficult work of recovering from this nightmare presidency and building an even better future.

Tonight, I remember Shirley Chisholm. In 1972, she said: “I want history to remember me not as the first Black woman to run for the presidency, but as a Black woman who lived in the 20th century and dared to be herself.” Rep. Chisholm paved the way for Senator Harris. An icon.

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Scoops of the Week

I’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed, except everyone was wearing a mask.

The Left accuses me of defending Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be right; at the same time they collectively attack Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be wrong

I never gave up I always had faith

It's been 150 days since #BreonnaTaylor  was shot and killed in her Louisville apartment. We will not forget. 🕊

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This has gone viral, but I’m posting anyway ‘cause it makes me smile. And if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe it’ll make you smile. And Phil has jumped to the top of iTunes ‘cause new folks are discovering and old folk are remembering how dope this song is.

2/9 Almost half of Americans surveyed in 2020 say they DO NOT own stock. Among the 55% who DO own stock, >80% of all stocks are owned by the country's wealthiest 10%. That’s just the math. #velshi 

12 years ago today, we lost the legend Bernie Mac. You are missed. ❤️🕊

Our first album celebrates its 12th Birthday today… Time flies when you're making music! 🤘🏻 Thanks for all the support since then #TheScriptFamily !!