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Wishing 20,000 bigbasketeers all the very best on Retail Employees’ Day. Aim High. Do Well in Life. @bigbasket_com 

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I know we are all sick of politics but don’t let that stop you from voting. It is a hard fought for right to determine the future of our country which I believe needs a change away from the Tories . Labour or Lib Dem - just not 5 more years of Tory lies, cruelty and incompetence

I just voted in my local church. Only slightly more effective than praying, probably. #GeneralElection2019 

I would love to be able to say VOTE FOR .... but I really do feel now we are in the business of VOTING AGAINST a big @BorisJohnson  majority. I have known him a long time. I find it incredible he has become PM. With his own mandate he will be a real and present danger. 1/4

Given the Lickspittle coverage he gets from most of the national press,which hits Peak Lickspittle today, @BorisJohnson  really has no excuse not to win by a landslide. Vote tactically to stop it and remind the tax exiles and oligarch media owners the people are in charge not them

Truth behind Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield's #ThisMorning  'feud' uncovered


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💜💜💜💜Your HOPE💜💜💜💜

It is what it is and it’s not what it’s not

The first ever test pressing of my debut album. This is such a big moment for me

I know whales are big but DAMN 😮

Billboard Woman of the Decade @taylorswift13 : "I do want my music to live on" #BBWomenInMusic 

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Sitting here on the stage for sound check at my 100th show right now. Overwhelmed with gratitude and love for you ❤️ what an insane year (wait till the end lol)

philly I’m here and I can’t wait to see you tonight 📸 @_CTierney 


Scoops of the Week

I see a lot of abuse aimed at artists online. Why can’t everyone just concentrate on the artists they like and if you don’t have anything nice to say about artists you may not like , well just keep your mouth shut 🤐

I demand an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener so jealous!

U mad bro? Stop lying on my dick. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck.🤡

R.i.p juice ...sad day in the world today

Can this be right ? If a Democrat is President, lying about a blow-job is grounds for impeachment If a Republican is President, betraying his country's defence policy again Russia...isn't What am I missing here ?

Prayers up for Juice WRLD and his family 🙏🏾🕊

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. - Marcus Aurelius

I’m not talking about any artist in particular. I’m talking about the culture on here of just abusing people because you can. It’s not like you would walk down the street screaming out loud about the people you dislike a small bit.