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Welcome to Wuhan! Wuhan Tianhe International Airport performed a water salute to receive the first arriving flight from Hangzhou on Wednesday as the city ends its lockdown.

Government Called to Release Data on Racial Makeup of COVID-19 Deaths as Black People Suffer Greatest Impact #CoronavirusRoundup 

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Turns out the Wall Street stock brokers are not necessarily *essential*, but the clerk at the grocery store, the person at the pharmacy, the bus driver -- turns out to be pretty essential."

This is a solid move --> University of Texas at San Antonio announces prorated refunds to students due to #COVID19 . #coronavirus  #txlege 

Some Walgreens in Texas will provide drive-thru #coronavirus  testing. The sites will use the Abbott Labs 15 minute tests. Each site could administer as many as 3,000 tests per day. #COVID19  #txlege 

A shady businessman suspected of different types of fraud (including defrauding the IRS) who was actually impeached for misallocating US assets to serve his own personal goals because an IG flagged his behavior now wants to fire 7 current IGs and replace them with his own people.

Wells Fargo Bows Out Of Small Business Bailout Program.

Their proposal could boost front-line workers' wages by as much as $25,000 this year.


Scoops of the Day

WATCH: Trump announces a “hold” on money going to the WHO, calls them “China centric.” “They missed the call. They could have called it months earlier ... they should have known. And they probably did know.”

@IvankaTrump  to President@realDonaldTrump : "Anyone who knows you knows the heart you have for America's small businesses."

The belief that the GOP is the only legitimate expression of popular will has been internalized by elite centrists, who insist that even when Democrats win they must appoint members of the opposition party

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Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order Giving Coronavirus Benefits To Illegal Aliens

Actress who fronted coronavirus PSAs busted for throwing wild house party

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Around the 🌏, women make up the majority of health & social care workers. Yet, they earn 11% less than their male counterparts. Today, on #WorldHealthDay , we're calling for #equalpay .


Scoops of the Week

@jaketapper  directly addresses Pres. Trump: “The American people ... need someone to explain what is going to be done to get us out of this. It’s a moment that requires leadership. It requires honest information. It requires empathy and it requires a plan. Do you have one?”

WaPo's Sunday lead story: "70 days of denial, delays and dysfunction."

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The president is now yelling at Jonathan Karl... Told him he was a third rate reporter and that he would never make it... rude and temperamental. Reactive.

“Bush did not just insist on preparation for a pandemic. He was obsessed with it.”

President Trump is asked about Joe Biden attacking him in a tweet today: "He didn't write that. That was done by a Democrat operative. He doesn't write. He's probably not even watching right now and, if he is, he doesn't understand what he's watching."

A Detroit bus driver who complained in a viral video about a passenger coughing without covering her mouth has died of the coronavirus

A woman was arrested for failing to socially distance. She spent the next 36 hours packed in a cell with two dozen other women.

Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, and her eight-year-old son Gideon were possibly last seen Thursday struggling in rough waters in the Chesapeake Bay off Maryland.

There's one surefire way to end your career in the Trump Administration: tell the truth.

Reminder that Trump’s oppositon to mail-in voting is expressly because he believes it would harm the Republican Party. That’s it.