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Today's edition of #Ukraine  Daily: War In Ukraine, Day 285: Three Dead In What May Be Ukraine's First-Ever Attack On Russian Air Bases *Sign up below to have it delivered straight to your inbox!

Saffron is well-known for its flavor and its expense. But in #Kashmir  one of the flew places it grows, cultivation has fallen dramatically thanks for climate change, industry, and farming methods.

It was eighty nine years ago today that the US lifted its legendary ban on booze. "

Monday's edition of the #Daily  Newsletter: Russia Defies Oil Price Cap, Iran’s Morality Police In Limbo, Tasmanian Tiger Mystery *Sign up at the link below to have the newsletter delivered straight to your inbox!

The 18th amendment in the U.S. made alcohol sales illegal. It would last for 13 years.

While many #Chinese  citizens are indeed fed up with the government’s #ZeroCovidPolicy  predicting that a mass revolt is ready to overturn #Communist  rule is the latest sign of our deep misunderstanding of the Asian superpower.

Feeling overworked but not yet burned out? Often the problem is “burn-on,” an under-researched phenomenon whose sufferers desperately struggle to keep up and meet their own expectations — with dangerous consequences for their health.

#Somalia , four rainy seasons have failed to arrive, leaving the land desiccated and people starving. A perfect storm of factors is setting the stage for human tragedy that most of the world is ignoring.

An experiment in the Argentine capital sought to find out why some people sleep so well. Two young people stood out from the rest thanks to a certain inner tranquility and routines that get them in the snoozy mode. Next thing you know, they're out...

"The land on which saffron is cultivated has been shrinking over the years."


"Actually, the West has important leverage in the form of the hundreds of billions of frozen Russian foreign assets. France, Germany, Japan, & the United States alone currently hold about $350 billion in Russia's foreign reserves." @clemenswergin  for @welt 

"To make it clear to Putin: The more he destroys in Ukraine, the poorer post-war Russia will be." Writes@clemenswergin  for @welt 

"But it is you who will have to compensate Ukrainians for the material damage. Your dead colonels and generals will not pay for it." By Michael Sheitelman

Vaccination rates in Guatemala are among the lowest in the Americas, and misinformation plays a key role. From their pulpits, some religious leaders spread messages against the efficacy of vaccines. @angeldavidmr  for @AgenciaOcote  in EN @worldcrunch 

Putin, Xi, Bolsonaro all share an antipathy toward women ... because they fear them. When women participate in political movements, they are more likely to succeed — bad news for authoritarianism. @DavidNemer  for @agenciapublica  in EN via @worldcrunch 

German arms suppliers have been offering Kyiv heavy equipment for sale for months. But German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refuses to approve them, always with new explanations.