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Latest Scoops

#MarchforOurLives: @KimKardashian, #KanyeWest, and #NorthWest are among the many celebrities taking part in the national rally: https://t.co/ov9LpRiLcY
.@JLo, @BlakeLively, and @Beyonce are all about super curly hair these days: https://t.co/c3d7uqDmPe
Ethiopian photographer @aidamuluneh's body painting pictures will stop you in your tracks: https://t.co/bybWfS9wE9
.@JustinBieber and @BaskinChamp are still hanging out: https://t.co/R8tlBhQ42s
.@Caradelevingne and @ParisJackson kissed, but that still doesn’t confirm any relationship rumors: https://t.co/n7oHRWqv0S
Paris Jackson and Paris Hilton can't stop hanging out together: https://t.co/EZycYkIbRe
.@KaiaGerber is following in @GigiHadid's model-turned-designer footsteps. https://t.co/wecOfwAe7i
"In Asia, they love huge regimens. Most people in New York, they want quick and easy." https://t.co/VPIguddg3t
Is @KylieJenner entering official mommy-blogger territory? https://t.co/uZ07vrSNEE
.@FentyBeauty embraces makeup for men with help from @BlameItOnKWay: https://t.co/qQJEG8C7eG
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