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Latest Scoops

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"I’ve saved a lot of people from plastic surgery and that makes them happy." https://t.co/RZufmu1WSc
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Make Tel Aviv your next getaway. https://t.co/zCo4fDVUEy
Next year's big movie trend will be Zombies, thanks to @SelenaGomez and #BillMurray: https://t.co/mZwPvqgKMd
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Take the time to reconnect your mind, body, and soul back to nature: https://t.co/UKAiVgQxmF
“In Korea, the most popular surgery is double-eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty, which is a nose lift." https://t.co/39gBDZ3Y6q
This natural beauty has the answer to the ultimate no makeup look: https://t.co/LNVRH3XgSv
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