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Saudis don't know where murdered journalist Khashoggi's body is: senior official @AFP
Canadian jihadist captured in Syria says IS foreign fighters 'hung out to dry' by the jihadist group @AFP
Russia 'repatriates' 27 children whose mothers are being held in Iraq for belonging to IS @AFP
Relic of the US government shutdown: a donation box for federal employees at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Australia admits it 'may have killed' civilians in Mosul air raid @AFP
Trump claims that US intel chiefs -- whom he said "should go back to school" the previous day -- are actually in agreement with him on ISIS, Iran etc., and alleges that they blamed the media for mischaracterizing their remarks.
From January 13-26, the US-led coalition against the Islamic State group carried out 645 strikes against the jihadists in Syria. Trump declared them defeated last month.
IS still has 'thousands' of fighters, seeking comeback: US intel chief @AFP
Iraq priest who saved a trove of Christian religious manuscripts from the Islamic State group is ordained Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul @AFP
Iraq parliament approves 2019 budget, one of the country's largest ever @AFP

The Most Relevant

Christmas Eve service in Bartalla, Iraq -- first to be held since its recapture from IS.
Church bell rings after 1st church service since recapture of Bartalla, Iraq from IS. The service was held today, on Christmas Eve.
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#BREAKING: Iraq parliament votes to formally call on the government to enact a reciprocal travel ban on Americans, MPs say @AFP
Boy holds a candle at Christmas mass in Qaraqosh, Iraq, a town recaptured from IS jihadists.
Saudi Foreign Ministry on Twitter:
"Discussions between him and people who met him during his presence in the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul led to a quarrel and fist fight with the citizen Jamal Khashoggi that resulted in his death."
American soldiers attend the 1st service in Bartalla, Iraq after its recapture from IS, held on Christmas Eve.
First post-IS liquor store in Iraq's Mosul doing brisk business after years of prohibition under jihadist rule
IS flag crossed out with red spray paint in Bartalla, Iraq. Text underneath: "The Messiah is the light of the world."
Woman & child look at banners bearing names of some of 323 people killed by blast in Iraq capital 1 month ago today.
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