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Blockchain is not a magic bullet for security. Can we trust it? #technology 

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Not that anyone cares, I think asking politicians if they did gear is plain tedious. But, if they have earlier admitted to toking, it's fair to bring that up when asking about legalisation. Man.

Pension problem: ‘I found it very humiliating. Horrible’

Whoa! The people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine into the Governor’s mansion... 😳 That’s one way to keep politicians honest for a couple of generations.

George Soros says President Trump is conspiring with Facebook to get reelected

22 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Separates People Who Achieve From Those Who Only Dream

Much more on this 11p @foxnewsnight  @FoxNews  Join us! Carter Page FISA warrant lacked probable cause, DOJ admits in declassified assessment #FoxNews 

Somebody call 911... Ari just torched Nadler and the Democrats 🔥

@RepJeffries  putting Derek Jeter into the impeachment record - going through the outrage of the one writer who voted against him. "Perhaps we can all agree to subpoena the Baseball Hall of Fame."

HS2 late and billions over budget due to Tory failures, report finds

[Update] The New York City Council voted in favor of a bill today prohibiting businesses from going cashless by @lisettevoytko 

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