Senate / Ohio

McConnell warns GOP may not win Senate, as group linked to him invests heavily in Ohio

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Senate / Ohio

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Coolio, US west coast rapper of Gangsta’s Paradise fame, dies aged 59

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of footage like this showing the devastation already brought on by #Ian . We're still tracking it through the night with our extended LIVE coverage as it progresses through Florida. Stick with us for updates.

I was in Russia a lot in the 1990s. Then, I knew all these warmongers on tv & at think tanks now. Back then, almost all of them were pro-democracy & pro-West because Yeltsin was president. Many of them were paid by US institutions. Now, they've changed with the wind. Disgusting.

The path of #HurricaneIan  and the clearing of much of Florida’s airspace from 16:00 UTC (Noon local) 27 Sep through 01:30 UTC 29 Sep. Live air traffic over Florida:

'Not the time to venture out': The Tampa Police Department posted a video showing a traffic light falling off its line due to the heavy winds brought by Hurricane Ian.

@SchmittNYC  on Biden wondering where deceased Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was in the room: "Obviously being Biden's Press Secretary has to be the worst job on earth because you have to figure out a way to spin something like this." MORE:

Mark your calendars: There will be 7 long public holiday weekends in Singapore next year, up from 6, following a revision to the date for Vesak Day

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Crude oil price Six months ago: $106 Now: $81

The railway transport company in Kagawa on the island of Shikoku in Japan decided to launch an initiative in respect and solidarity towards the Ukrainian enterprise Ukrzaliznytsia, which evacuates Ukrainians since Russia launched a full-scale invasion. 📷Ryoji Fugiwara