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Exclusive: In secretly recorded audio, Trump’s sister says he has “no principles” and “you can’t trust him”

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Fox News agreed to a seven-figure payout to the parents of Seth Rich thereby avoiding scheduled depositions of Sean Hannity and @FoxNews  president Jay Wallace

@MarkHalperin  believes Trump "has hit the end of the road regarding a comprehensive legal strategy that would allow him to get 270 electoral votes," but adds that 'Trump is a fighter.'

President-elect Joe Biden speaks exclusively with @LesterHoltNBC  in his first interview since the election. Click here for more:

YouTube suspended One America News Network, one of the right-wing channels aggressively pushing false claims about widespread election fraud, for violating its policies on misinformation around the coronavirus.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urged residents to cancel 'normal' Thanksgiving celebrations saying, ‘It’s hard, but sometimes hard is smart’

The New York Times is now free for high school students and teachers in the United States. Please spread the word.

"Lose the Second Amendment, and the First will fall." –Congressman-Elect Madison Cawthorn@CawthornforNC 

EXPOSING GOVERNMENT OVERREACH: "We don't want Socialism, we don't want Marxism - we want freedom," @BurgessOwens  tells Newsmax TV's @stinchfield1776 .

The CDC is finalizing plans to shorten the recommended length of quarantine for those exposed to Covid-19, the agency says.