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Protesters have sustained the demonstrations for 11 weeks, making it hard to keep track of all the developments. Here’s a guide to the unrest in Hong Kong: how it started, what it’s all about, and why China is so worried about it.

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Today, we’ve come to expect a heavy bass line, reverb, and echo, because Jamaican dub’s influences have made their way into nearly every genre of music. But sometimes those sounds still surprise us:

Why Peter Parker may be able to keep hanging out with his MCU pals:

@taylorswift13 's new album drops at midnight. Are you ready for it?

What exactly does it mean to "blanch" vegetables? What does it mean to "fold" in an ingredient? How long does it actually take to "caramelize" onions? We've got you covered:

DoorDash says it will roll out tipping changes to drivers sometime next month.

Texas is the latest victim in a string of ransomware attacks targeting local governments; South Korea terminates its military intelligence-sharing deal with Japan.  Read Vox Sentences for more, and sign up here:

Keep up with the policy debates that will shape the Democratic 2020 primary:

Google says it’s making Chrome more private ... ... but advertisers will still be able to track you.


In 1921, white mob destroyed an American neighborhood called “Black Wall Street,” murdering an estimated 300 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today marks the 98th anniversary.

The former Stanford University student who sexually assaulted a woman was just released from prison after 12 weeks.

After Sandy Hook, we said never again. And then we let 1,518 mass shootings happen.

Measles is so contagious that an infected person can cough in a room, leave, and hours later, if you’re unvaccinated, you could catch the virus from the droplets in the air that person left behind. No other virus can do that.

A new report says that Trump urged his team to violate the law and redirect Puerto Rico's disaster assistance money to Texas and Florida instead.

After research on gun violence in the 1990s found that firearms do not make people safer, the NRA backed a federal funding freeze on gun policy research. It's still in effect today.

Brock Turner has been released from jail after serving only three months. Here's what he missed.

Aerial images reveal a stark difference in crowd size at Trump's #inauguration  versus Obama's in 2009.

Here are some of the most climate-vulnerable foods we could lose: - coffee - wine grapes - olives - berries, citrus and stone fruits - almonds - avocados - alfalfa that feed cattle

MTV added a K-pop award to the VMAs. But fans of @BTS_twt  think it’s a way of excluding the band from the major awards.