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Would you try gooseneck barnacle... a delicacy found on the bottom of boats?

You've probably heard of a full roasted PIG... but what about a full roasted CAMEL?

These handcrafted Inkstone decorations are equally intricate and breathtaking ?

These fruit ninjas are showing off their impressive skill with SAMURAI like precision ? ? ? ? ? ?

If you suffer from claustrophobia- this is NOT the job for you! ?

Swamp soccer is a lot like regular soccer...but more mud ?‍♂

Versace is under attack and people are throwing away their products after their latest PR disaster

I DO after 50 Years... older Chinese couples are finally getting the wedding they deserve after decades together

Introducing Re:Cycle... the company using Nespresso pods to create awesome recycled bikes ?

This Russian orthodox priest took this baptism too far by violently shaking a baby in front of his horrified mother


Tokyo has a huge problem with perverts on public transportation... and the police want women to fight back!

People in China are dumping their Dolce & Gabbana in the TRASH over accusations of racism

This elderly Muslim man was violently attacked by a Hindu mob and forced to eat PORK

Reminder: There's no national database on mass shootings because Congress blocked the CDC from creating one.

Kenyan housekeepers are begging to be rescued from their Saudi employers ?

These Muslim clerics are doing exorcisms on LGBTQ people to 'cure' them... and it looks terrifying

To celebrate 's 10 year anniversary, a state-by-state guide to the site's top searches:

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This blogger drinks her friend's SPERM every day... and claims it gives her energy

Christian missionaries are BRIBING indigenous people to convert for food and clothing

It's illegal for Iranian women to dance on the street... but that's not stopping them