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This woman CHASED and confronted the man peeping on her daughter in a changing room

These Muslim vegans are trying to save animals from being sacrificed on Eid El-Adha

This Russian student threw bleach on men’s crotches to stop their 'manspreading' on trains

If you thought the Oktoberfest was about beer you were wrong - It's actually about sex

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Shiite Muslim preachers are delivering sermons in RAP… but not everyone is a fan

This blogger drinks her friend's SPERM every day... and claims it gives her energy

This cafe in Bangkok has TWELVE corgis customers can play with!

Tokyo has a huge problem with perverts on public transportation... and the police want women to fight back!

I DO after 50 Years... older Chinese couples are finally getting the wedding they deserve after decades together


Christian missionaries are BRIBING indigenous people to convert for food and clothing

This black HATE group is making white people bow down and kiss their boots

Catalog models in China have posing down to a science.