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  3. this is afro futurism y'all can keep the other shit. we're trying to get in the moma not your camry.
This is Afro Futurism y'all can keep the other shit. We're trying to get in the MOMA not your Camry.


"You can get toys at the other big box stores, but it’s not the same experience," one Toys 'R' Us shopper said. "This place is focused 100 percent on them. When this goes, it will be the end of an era.’’ #ToysRUs #RIPToysRUs
If the Colts can pull off this trade, adding all these picks, AND still get Bradley Chubb at 6?
Is your Virgin Media box not working and not allowing you to watch the rugby on TV?

Fear not because you can follow all of the action on our liveblog. #SixNations

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