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❤️ Umair

Founder, http://eand.co. I like disco and the sunlight can kill me, but I repeat myself. Author: The New Capitalist Manifesto, Betterness from @HarvardBiz

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"What happens when nations fall apart? When living standards implode? When people are suffocated by debts they can never pay? Fascism does. This was the great lesson of the 20th century. And astonishingly enough, America didn’t learn it."

"The links go like this. America made a choice. Not to have public goods. That produced stagnation and imploding living standards. And that, in turn, produced the anger, resentment, hopelessness, and despair that sparked fascism all over again."

“Britain is a country in severe, profound crisis — in every imaginable way.”

I just published How Britain Set Fire to Its Future

I just published How Authoritarians and Fascists Break Democracy — One Institution at a Time

“Even if our innovation focused banks invest in the safest assets in the economy today — they still fail. Precisely because this financial system is not fit for the future.”

You know a country’s in bad, bad shape when its…sportscasters are on strike…because they think the government’s treading in dangerously fascist waters.

I just published Fascism’s Easy. But Democracy and Civilization? They’re Hard Work.


Congrats to Joe Biden for winning the Presidency for the fourth time this week

Especially white Americans don’t like to hear it, but we got to the “coup” stage of fascism because we didn’t impeach at the concentration camps, cages, family separations, beatings, gassing, disappearances. Fascism’s a pattern of escalation and nobody tried to really break it

I have no idea why Brits are ok with living in a society where you can’t get an ambulance so maybe your baby or parent or partner dies. It is really mind boggling to me to see how easy it is to break a society’s spirit in this total way.

A party that wanted to fight for democracy would lead a general strike. It’d impeach and remove justices for lying under oath. It’d pack the court and more. This is not a game anymore guys. This is a moment that needs serious leadership not this horseshit from the Dems

guys as a survivor of authoritarianism I think you are in way deeper shit than you know, this bizarre RNC family business cult of hate is exactly how it happens. I mean *exactly*

No joke guys. I’ve lived it and I can tell you you are in a hardcore social collapse now. This is the real thing. That stunned sense of disbelief is what they want. Don’t let them have it. Organize and fight.

Musk wants to “authenticate” everyone which means Twitter has your personal info, Trump gets reinstated…you can see where this goes.

We are seriously, severely underestimating the risk of extinction, how catastrophic “climate change” is and will be. The hard truth is we’re a civilization running out of the basics, water food air and energy now. No plan for tomorrow. Trying desperately to ignore it all.

You will not get another chance at this, trust me. You are lucky to have this one. You take on the fascists now, you assume your responsibilities culturally, socially, economically, remove them from normal life. Or they go on terrorizing you in escalating violence and impunity.