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I just published America is a Dystopia

This feels a lot like America’s final descent into collapse. A chain reaction of rage and despair in a completely failed society

The fascists will use all this as a pretext for even more fascism, the waves of protest will get more brutal and violent, the crackdowns will too. It’s an escalating spiral of collapse

It’s surreal and bizarre watching a society implode like this, and make no mistake, that’s exactly what this is

I think America is finished, and these protests make it easy to see why. What do you expect when you build a society on exploitation and brutality and stupidity? When people don’t have basic rights of safety much less healthcare? Bang. You implode.

So now America faces a strange and difficult question. What do you do when your society fails? When it’s principles and values and whatnot just don’t work? Where do you go?


My partner, the doctor, rolling her eyes: tell them I don’t want their claps and cheers during a pandemic, I want them to stop voting like dummies for sociopaths who don’t want them to have decent healthcare systems at all in the first place

So if Jewish is now a nationality according to the fascists what exactly are American Jews? This kind of stuff should make us all shudder. It is the path to literal and textbook fascist atrocity

“‘Approximately 90% of American COVID-19 deaths can now be attributed to the administration’s delay between March 2 and March 16.’ That’s from the nation’s top epidemiologists. Read that again. 90% of Coronavirus deaths are needless.”

This is from my dr wife again: “No really I don’t want your claps; I want you to stop voting in xenophobic, racist assholes who defund the healthcare system to the point of collapse!!!”

I’ve seen what three, four societies collapse into fascism firsthand. THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS. Not just the violence of the bad guys. But the silence of the majority about what the bad guys really are. DON’T BE SILENT. Call this EXACTLY what it is.

Seriously guys countries get leaders of a caliber like Warren, who have the smarts, the fight, the drive, the right intentions, maybe once in a generation...if they’re lucky. Don’t fuck this up guys.

This is the line, guys. You take responsibility for your society or the fascists take it over. It’s very simple. They are literally killing kids in camps.

If you don’t make yourselves heard NOW, and the bad guys stay in power, imagine what will happen. We’re ALREADY at camps, torture, rallies, hate. You need to PUSH BACK. As hard as you can by saying what must be said.

“America’s ruling class is now visibly made of predators—the kinds of men who put kids in cages, or addict a whole society to painkillers, just to make more money than they’ll ever spend.”