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Those are big questions. Not easy one. Difficult and strange and dislocating ones. I think we’re barely asking them at all. For me though they’re the ones that count

Sure we’re just animals. Am I “smarter” than Snowy? Nope. He is way more socially and emotionally intelligent than I am. I may have some advantage in symbolic reasoning, but so what? He is every bit my equal.

I just published Is Our Future Fighting Each Other Desperately For Survival On a Dying Planet?

“How on earth is it that incomes aren’t high enough even in the world’s richest countries that people can afford places of their own to live? Shouldn’t we call people that don’t even own their own home or little slice of land ‘serfs’?”

“Don’t buy the myth. There’s no ‘civil war’ in the GOP. Trump conquered it, and then declared victory. He proudly gloated that Trumpism was the GOP’s future—and not a dissenting voice was heard. And then he told you this was just the beginning.”

“Nobody should have to be in debt their whole lives just to have the basics. People like that aren’t free. They’re in a form of bondage. They’re wage slaves. Neo-serfs.”

“Poverty dehumanizes us, my friends. We have now grown poor in the truest way. We tore through the planet’s resources. We destroyed our own middle classes. We ripped through our own democracies, societies, economies, and then even our kids’ futures.”

‘These two things are not equivalent. The left wants to “cancel” people culturally, for trying to take away personhood from others. The right wants to cancel people politically, socially, and legally, in order to take away their personhood.’

“Our economies are now divided into two classes, effectively. One, owners of capital — true owners. And everyone else — a massive underclass of people who are neoserfs, perpetually in debt to the first class of owners.”

“It shouldn’t be the case that you have to work a lifetime to pay off the debt of having the basics, from a home to utilities to education to healthcare. That’s as crazy as it sounds — not much of a life at all.”


Congrats to Joe Biden for winning the Presidency for the fourth time this week

Especially white Americans don’t like to hear it, but we got to the “coup” stage of fascism because we didn’t impeach at the concentration camps, cages, family separations, beatings, gassing, disappearances. Fascism’s a pattern of escalation and nobody tried to really break it

My partner, the doctor, rolling her eyes: tell them I don’t want their claps and cheers during a pandemic, I want them to stop voting like dummies for sociopaths who don’t want them to have decent healthcare systems at all in the first place

Guys. Every single person who’s survived authoritarianism will tell you that when they start abducting people off the streets, you are in deep, deep trouble as a society.

guys as a survivor of authoritarianism I think you are in way deeper shit than you know, this bizarre RNC family business cult of hate is exactly how it happens. I mean *exactly*

Alright. We need to talk about fascism and America. Finally, finally, finally, white pundits are starting to call this fascism, shocked and appalled, as if minorities and women haven’t been saying this for years.

So if Jewish is now a nationality according to the fascists what exactly are American Jews? This kind of stuff should make us all shudder. It is the path to literal and textbook fascist atrocity

You will not get another chance at this, trust me. You are lucky to have this one. You take on the fascists now, you assume your responsibilities culturally, socially, economically, remove them from normal life. Or they go on terrorizing you in escalating violence and impunity.

If we were watching this in any other country, a head of state declaring pre emptive victory, and calling for the vote to be stopped, the word would be “coup.”