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Read through the obituaries published today in Tulsa World.

City commercial building permits are listed by owner, tenant or building name.

"Trump is not an honest, loyal American. He is a 'me' person," says Cleveland, Okla., resident Helen Glasgow.

A string of dry days is expected, but as we head into the coming weekend our chance for rain will increase once again.

"We got notice the other day that the price of PVC has gone up 42%. It’s crazy.” #oklaed 

In the minutes following Oklahoma's overtime loss at Texas Tech Saturday night, a handful of Sooners stood in the tunnel outside the visiting locker room and talked about the future.

Lane Factor, who plays the character Cheese in the shot-in-Oklahoma series "Reservation Dogs," speaks about being in a film that explores Spielberg's formative years.

The rain will move out today and leave us with clearing skies. Highs will reach back into the mid 50s and we will see a north wind at 5-10 mph.


"Welcome to Oklahoma. We’ll make sure your children are born (unless there are complicating issues and you don’t have health insurance), but we’ll do as little as we can get by with to help you feed, house, educate, and care…

A politically connected attorney who served as Gov. Kevin Stitt's hospital surge adviser during the pandemic has been charged with helping out-of-state clients establish marijuana-grow operations by finding them "ghost"

Above all, this race is about how Oklahomans treat one another. The tone of leadership matters and relationship-building is paramount to success.

"It's particularly shameless for a politician to take credit for funding in a bill that he voted against," says Eucha resident Larry Knoles.