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Trump's ongoing solicitation of foreign interference makes him a threat to the integrity of the 2020 election.

"Eco-feminists" are rejecting the carbon-trading programs that have come to typify the solutions put forth by the UN for climate change, and want the agency to put a greater focus on human rights and gender equality.

Intentionally or Not, Progressives Are Coaxing Us Back Into a Corporate Party

Impeachment Inquiry Offers Chance to Derail Trump’s Political Heirs

“Ag-Gag” Laws Expose Whistleblowers to Prosecution for Reporting Animal Abuse

Judge Orders More Than 200,000 Wisconsin Voters Purged From Rolls

Eco-feminism undergirded many protests against the lack of action and representation at the official UN climate summit.

Energy Loss on Electric Grid Is Overlooked Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Noam Chomsky: "Four more years of Trump may spell the end of much of life on Earth, including organized human society in any recognizable form."

On #NoDAPL : "We die, and have died, for the sake of expansion and white wealth, and for the maintenance of both."

If minimum wage had increased at the same rate as the average Wall Street bonus since 1985, it would be $33 today, instead of $7.25

CNN on Thursday fired contributor Marc Lamont Hill for daring to denounce the oppression of Palestinians and endorse “a single secular democratic state for everyone.”

@IlhanMN  and @SenSanders  are introducing legislation that would wipe out all student debt.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals last week upheld a law that strips nearly 10 percent of all voting-age Native Americans living in North Dakota of their right to vote.

"Police and prosecutors rarely grant a Stand Your Ground and other justifiable homicide defenses to women, particularly Black women like Dixon, when they are defending themselves from abusers."