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A new study found that nearly 18,000 deaths occur annually in the United States due to air pollution coming from farms.

Biden is still looking for bipartisan support for his infrastructure plan despite Mitch McConnell having told reporters in Kentucky last week that “100 percent” of the GOP’s focus “is on stopping this new administration.”

The Biden administration’s first list of new immigration court judges, who decide whether to deport migrants, all received conditional offers under the previous administration.

Elizabeth Warren: “As students take on a mountain of student loan debt, they shouldn’t have to choose between paying tuition and eating.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger says that only a handful of GOP lawmakers believe the former president's conspiracy theories are accurate. The reason they keep pushing them, he said, is that they don't want to lose their positions.

Drivers at Imperfect Foods, a climate-conscious grocery delivery service, have voted to unionize after weeks of being manipulated and intimidated by union-busting consultants hired by the company’s management.

People want their work to be more than a dreary ordeal of basic survival at an utterly unsustainable wage. We can do that.

Bernie Sanders: "This is a rigged economy. CEOs of companies that pay some of the lowest wages in America—often employing essential workers—saw their pay increase by an average of 29% in 2020. And the workers? A 2% decrease in pay in 2020."


On #NoDAPL : "We die, and have died, for the sake of expansion and white wealth, and for the maintenance of both."

Democracy isn’t dying in the dark. It’s dying in broad daylight.

An appeals court ruled that an NSA program famously exposed by Edward Snowden, designed to collect data on millions of American citizens without warrants, violates a law specially designed to prevent abuse of the government’s spying capabilities.

Rep. Jayapal tore into Barr for saying Black Lives Matter protesters are “terrorists” but ignoring armed protesters in Michigan who called for the lynching of Governor Whitmer.

If minimum wage had increased at the same rate as the average Wall Street bonus since 1985, it would be $33 today, instead of $7.25

Joe Manchin, worth $7.6 million, wants to cut unemployment checks by $100 a week.

Rep. Ilhan Omar: "We have to wonder, if Trump and [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo are so worried about human rights and democracy in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, why do they actively support horrible regimes in Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras?"

Mitch McConnell has adjourned the U.S. Senate and gone on holiday leaving tens of millions of Americans out-of-work, hungry, and eviction-prone during the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

Joe Biden, the presidential candidate who has received the most money from pharmaceutical industry in 2020, is not embracing a plan that could lower the cost of a coronavirus vaccine that many others Democrats support. Via @readsludge 

BREAKING: The 3 other officers involved in George Floyd's killing will be charged with aiding and abetting murder. Derek Chauvin's charge will be elevated to second-degree murder.