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@decaturlegends  Thank you. I’m not really cynical but I see through things quicker than most. Glad you’re following me. Catch the daily pod cast! TrishIntel

@Bellyhungry  No. In fact I did not. You never heard that word out of my mouth — not once. I suggested the Dems were likening the event too much for political purposes. The left wing media quoted things I never said. Go figure

@MarshaBlackburn : “It is so amazing to me how the media has one way to respond to liberal women and another way to respond to conservative women”

Why are conservative women always portrayed by the left as "crazy, nuts?" Apparently, a powerful, intellectual woman that DISAGREES with their point of view is quite a threat. I should know. #TrishIntel  **Subscribe & Retweet**


AG #Barr  says he believes #Russia  investigation into #PresTrump  was started without basis & effectively amounted to an effort to “sabotage the presidency.” Horrible. Yet, we had #MSM  & politicians wanting to destroy the will of American voters.

For those that hate our country SO much—please consider an alternative. The world is actually a very big place and you’re encouraged to explore it.

So the head of Twitter’s “integrity” Dept has history of tweets lacking integrity. 🤔

I vote to #CancelCollege . it’s a total waste of time and money. Kids emerge brainwashed by professors with leftist agendas that care nothing for the young minds in their care. We need a NEW system of learning.

Why do Harris and Biden invite the press for a press conference if questions aren’t allowed? #TrishIntel 

Here’s the deal on the United States Postal Service: it’s just a bad business! Poorly run. Loses billions. If it were any other business it would have gone under by now. We need to make it more accountable not keep throwing money at it. #TrishIntel 

New national survey finds 62% of voters say today’s political climate prevents them from saying what they believe. I’m surprised that isn’t higher...perhaps they were too fearful to even say they feared expressing their opinion? Cancel culture must end.

A Nobel Peace Prize for Trump: Norwegian MP Nominates POTUS "The people who have received the Peace Prize in recent years have done much less than Donald Trump. For example, Barack Obama did nothing," said Christian Tybring-Gjedde.

DeBlasio should resign. NYC deserves better.

We saw the worst of America on display on Capitol Hill today. #Barr  held is own and gave it right back to them. But why is that even necessary to do? These politicians seem to forget one thing: we’re all on the same side. We’re ALL Americans.