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Trish Regan

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TONIGHT I’ll see you at 8pmE on #FoxBusiness . Find out what #MSM  won’t tell you – our #FBI  relied entirely on a DISCREDITED #dossier  to SPY on an innocent American but NEVER asked who FUNDED it! #Trish  Fmr US Atty Guy Lewis @RepMikeJohnson  @FloydBaller @MrsT106 @TomiLahren 

It’s CONFIRMED--our#FBI  fell for it. Our FBI was fed NOT ONLY opposition research paid for by Clinton's team ... But opposition research that had been concocted by the RUSSIANS! And no one at our FBI bothered to ask the obvious questions. THAT’S bias! #Trish 

Woah. Watch out #FBI , #Comey  and everyone else! #Barr  has spoken. Says FBI may have acted in 'bad faith' in probing Trump campaign's links to Russia. MORE TONIGHT on #Trish  #FoxBusiness  8pmE

First #Russia , then #Ukraine  ... and now a #Dem  lawmaker wants to impeach @realDonaldTrump  for ... #SLAVERY ?!! Just when I thought I’d heard it all ...

TONIGHT at 8pmE on #FoxBusiness  - #AGBarr  coming out swinging – SHREDDING the #IGReport  + PLUS, #AlGreen  says #impeach  #Trump  for … slavery?!! @AlvedaCKing  sounds off! @RepAndyBiggsAZ  @bobbarr  @RepRalphNorman  @david_avella 

TUNE IN NOW to #FoxBusiness  - #AGBarr  coming out swinging – SHREDDING the #IGReport  + PLUS, #AlGreen  says #impeach  #Trump  for … slavery?!! @AlvedaCKing  sounds off! @RepAndyBiggsAZ  @bobbarr  @RepRalphNorman  @david_avella 

#AGBarr now ripping the FBI’s “intrusive” investigation into #PresidentTrump ’s campaign, saying the probe was launched based on the “thinnest of suspicions” … GOP congressman @RepAndyBiggsAZ  says the FBI made 17 EGREGIOUS ERRORS! #Trish 

#Democrats suffering from Marie Antoinette ‘Let them eat cake’ syndrome: they don’t really care about everyday Americans--they PRETEND to care! #Trish 

A theme is emerging in talking points from left... IF trump wins again it’s only because he has CHEATED. With foreign help. Wow. They say HE is undermining our democracy yet, THEY NEVER excepted a transition of power. A real schiff show, as they say... #trish 


. says he is POSITIVE orders to spy on the campaign dur #Trumpng  2016 came from the HIGHEST levels – perhaps even from Former President himself, wat #Obamah :

EXCLUSIVE: I have obtained a copy of @realDonaldTrump ⁩’s letter to #Erdogan . @POTUS ⁩ warns him to not “be a tough guy! Don’t be a fool!” Says he could destroy Turkey’s economy if #Syria  is not resolved in a humane way. Details tonight at 8pm #TrishRegan  #FoxBusiness 

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#Coup  has started.” Those were the words of the so-called “whistleblower’s” attorney, TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS before the call with Ukraine. Tonight, It’s clear that the left’s disdain for #PresidentTrump  has been simmering from the very beginning. #TrishRegan 

. claims the is belittling her because of her gender & race when he says she's WRONG on . As a wom #Venezeulan  & someone who has followed the country since the start of the Chavez Presidency, the VP is RIGHT. You do NOT know what you're talking about on Venezuela!

@IvankaTrump  wants businesses to work hand and hand with government to identify and train American workers for the future. It’s critical to keep our edge and, with the right policies, our possibilities are LIMITLESS! #TrishRegan 

Sen. Kamala Harris has an issue w/ my commentary where I criticized her for saying there's a perception that #ICE  is somehow akin to the KKK. She claims Fox is using distortion tactics & that Fox is manufacturing outrage. No Senator, YOU ARE! #TrishRegan  #TrishIntel 

Breaking: in #Venezuela  - national guards arresting/attacking other national guards #OperacionLibertad 

DREAM BIG and always be open to opportunities – that’s @IvankaTrump’s advice to all #Americans  – watch: