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The author was actually a champion of so many causes the left claims to support. His books tackled the issue of the environment (the Lorax), and anti-Fascism (Yertle the Turtle.) hello 2021

Ultimately, #Tanden  was too much of a political operative (with a history or too many mean spirited Twitter attacks) for either party to accept. What does it tell us about the #Biden  team that wanted her?

If course he won’t. Because HE’S part of the entire problem with his ENTIRE industry. This is a guy who tried to hide nursing home numbers because he was concerned about his OWN political future. Disgusting.

Don’t mess with Texas…or Mississippi…or Florida! A growing number of red states are fighting back against a BIG BLUE federal government.

Somehow I suspect this will end quite badly. Just a hunch, but a good one 👇👇

Mitch McConnell’s Wife Was Under Investigation For Abuse of Office Before She Resigned on Jan 7, but DOJ refused to prosecute. (FULL DOT IG REPORT HERE)

Buying Beers With Bitcoin: HERE’S WHY #Bitcoin  May Be the Currency of the Future 👇👇

It’s the new version of the taper tantrum. Good luck to our Fed walking this tightrope. Massive stimulus from Biden will create inflationary pressures that investors won’t be able to ignore. 👇


Twitter censors NYPost report on Hunter Biden, curtailing ‘Americans’ access to a free press’ RETWEET THIS !!!

AG #Barr  says he believes #Russia  investigation into #PresTrump  was started without basis & effectively amounted to an effort to “sabotage the presidency.” Horrible. Yet, we had #MSM  & politicians wanting to destroy the will of American voters.

So the head of Twitter’s “integrity” Dept has history of tweets lacking integrity. 🤔

Sydney Powell calling for immediate DOJ CRIMINAL investigation into the voting machine technology used in 2020 election.

For those that hate our country SO much—please consider an alternative. The world is actually a very big place and you’re encouraged to explore it.

Why didn’t the FBI secure a FISA Court warrant on #HunterBiden  the way it did Carter Page? 🤔

I vote to #CancelCollege . it’s a total waste of time and money. Kids emerge brainwashed by professors with leftist agendas that care nothing for the young minds in their care. We need a NEW system of learning.

The Sunday @NYTimes  doesn’t make one mention of the #NYPost  #HunterBiden  story. Not one mention. It’s like it never happened. #TrishIntel 

New national survey finds 62% of voters say today’s political climate prevents them from saying what they believe. I’m surprised that isn’t higher...perhaps they were too fearful to even say they feared expressing their opinion? Cancel culture must end.