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Shocker! Voters Say New Leniency Will Lead To More Crime

Though Biden wants us to think inflation is not his fault, the GOP isn't having any of it...

How bad can Biden's Economy get? Trish Regan with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Like joy Reid’s “tax” idea. 🙄

Free speech lives on! Please join me @OnLocals  at to be a part of our exclusive…and UNFILTERED… conversations. See you there 👇

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The President just called on all social media companies to “stop the disinformation” as his ratings plunge into the low 30s. Join me @OnLocals  and #BeFree  from Censorship! 👇👇

When is the monopoly antitrust case coming? We know what Google has become.

The Dems Have a Takeover Movement of their OWN!


Twitter censors NYPost report on Hunter Biden, curtailing ‘Americans’ access to a free press’ RETWEET THIS !!!

For those that hate our country SO much—please consider an alternative. The world is actually a very big place and you’re encouraged to explore it.

I vote to #CancelCollege . it’s a total waste of time and money. Kids emerge brainwashed by professors with leftist agendas that care nothing for the young minds in their care. We need a NEW system of learning.

Sydney Powell calling for immediate DOJ CRIMINAL investigation into the voting machine technology used in 2020 election.

The Sunday @NYTimes  doesn’t make one mention of the #NYPost  #HunterBiden  story. Not one mention. It’s like it never happened. #TrishIntel 

New national survey finds 62% of voters say today’s political climate prevents them from saying what they believe. I’m surprised that isn’t higher...perhaps they were too fearful to even say they feared expressing their opinion? Cancel culture must end.

DeBlasio should resign. NYC deserves better.

Here’s the deal on the United States Postal Service: it’s just a bad business! Poorly run. Loses billions. If it were any other business it would have gone under by now. We need to make it more accountable not keep throwing money at it. #TrishIntel 

Antifa promotes violence, hate and extremism. It’s time lawmakers recognize it for what it is.