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Anti-Choice Democrats want the government deciding your health decisions. They want to give the government the right to shove drugs into your veins.

President Trump should be credited with exposing the fake conservative cable channel industry and the contempt they hold for their Christian viewers. God Bless@newsmax 

YUGE DIFFERENCE! Let’s Compare Biden’s Crowd Size and Trump’s Crowd Size

"Fox has become the Mainstream Media." - @ericbolling  on @newsmax  with @HeatherChilders  #TRUTH 

Folks are getting shot all over Memphis today. Apparently, tearing down all the statues and renaming the streets and parks and buildings only made things worse.

Did FBI Have Any Role in the Planning of the January 6th Attack?

So what does the adamant pro-vaccine crowd say to people who've lost a loved one after getting the jab?


BREAKING: AG Barr Pressured Me Not to Investigate Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania, Former U.S. Attorney Alleges@LizWFB 

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State knew the WaPost got the story wrong - but he remained silent. He threw the Senate elections.

Joe Biden is not qualified to be the leader of the free world. Something is not right there. The front porch light is on, but nobody's home.

Delta's CEO opposes Georgia's voter ID law. And yet he also requires an ID to board Delta jetliners.

Are we all just going to ignore what we saw on CNN tonight - an elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties on national television? #TownHall 

John Kerry gets to fly without wearing a face mask, but a four-year-old autistic child and his family are given the heave-ho. This is Biden's America.

Mass shootings last night in Philly, Virginia Beach and Memphis- but there was no wall-to-wall coverage because it did not fit the media's narrative.

A 13-year-old, healthy Michigan boy with no pre-existing conditions died after getting a second dose of the China Virus vaccine. Should his death be blamed on pro-vaccine misinformation coming from the WH?