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ALEC BALDWIN: ‘I Wonder How It Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone?’

‘Americans Are Actually Fearful of Their Government,' @Jim_Jordan  tells @toddstarnes 

Any of you @CumulusNetworks  folks who were fired for not getting the vaccine: did you get your job back?

DHS Spends Nearly $500K to Build a Wall…Not at Border, But Around Biden’s Beach House

Registered Democrat and Fox Star Chris Wallace: Jen Psaki ‘One of Best Press Secretaries Ever’

BREAKING: Rep. Jim Banks Censored on Twitter for ‘Misgendering’ Biden Official

If Fauci did that to puppies, imagine what he's been doing to humans.

WATCH: Does President Obama Seem Okay to You? All that stuttering and stammering.


Trump on wind turbines: "It's got a lot of problems. Associated Press: "He's exaggerating the downsides." Texas: No, he's not.

Did you notice that Jen Psaki said among those who were evacuated are people who "self-identify as Americans"?

Remember this day when the government shuts down your child's birthday party.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State knew the WaPost got the story wrong - but he remained silent. He threw the Senate elections.

I got the Moderna vaccine on the advice of my doctor. About a week later my blood pressure suddenly shot up over 200 and was hospitalized with a heart problem that I did not have before I got the vaccine. I did not get the second dose.

1. The CDC recorded 1,316 positive cases of flu 9/20-1/21. The same period last year the CDC recorded nearly 130,000 cases of the flu. Pay attention, America.

Delta's CEO opposes Georgia's voter ID law. And yet he also requires an ID to board Delta jetliners.

The question now is whether rogue agents within the FBI and federal government orchestrated the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to frame President Trump.