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CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Eight Arrested as Charlotte Lawmakers Use “Stay at Home” Order to Crack Down on Pro-lifers

‘Just Not Accurate’ Alex Azar Denies Fake News that Trump Labeled Him a Coronavirus Alarmist

Sen. Blackburn says we should root out and prosecute every single Chinese Communist spy who dares to infiltrate our universities and businesses in a quest to steal American technology.

@DrMarcSiegel  says the politicians need to stop playing politics with the virus.

The Mainstream Media wants to know why you are not as panicked as they are.

Emergency sirens are blaring in Brooklyn. Anyone know what's going on?

JUST IN: @JerryFalwellJr  says the university has taken out warrants against @ProPublica  and a @nytimes  freelancer. They are preparing civil action against @NYTLiz  #WaronFakeNews  MORE:

Glad to hear Liberty University is going after @NYTLiz  and the @nytimes  and @ProPublica . It's time to make the mainstream media pay a price for their lies. @JerryFalwellJr 


So it turns out NYC hospitals have not been overrun with patients and there are 1,000 available ventilators - #DrBirx  #reality  #truthmattters 

This is the “war zone” outside the hospital in my Brooklyn neighborhood.

Dear @realDonaldTrump , we urge you to consider overriding the @whca  and give @OANN  a seat in the press briefing room. Perhaps @Acosta 's seat is available?

Democrats believe #coronavirus  can be cured by providing $35 million in funding to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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When a school administrator told kids they could not fly the American flag - they showed up at school the next day doing what any red-blooded patriot would do! Watch! #MAGA  #KAG 

Can't say enough wonderful things about @trish_regan  - one of the few conservatives in cable television. She's a great patriot and great friend.

EXTORTION! Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Shut Down Trump's "Keep America Great" Rally via @toddstarnes 

So Obama, who was not a wealthy man before the presidency, buys a $14 million home and is celebrated by the MSM. Instead, the MSM accuses @realDonaldTrump  - who donates his salary to charity - of profiting from the presidency.