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So @BillHemmer  is one of the best journalists at @foxnews  and a great fellow! Well deserved honor!

So @projectexil @foxandfriendse7 says canceled a booking. But Fox says he was never booked. In other @projectexile7words  - is a liar.

"It looks like the new Jim Crow day to me." @DiamondandSilk  weigh in on the impeachment hearings on the #ToddStarnesShow 

SI's Sportsperson of the Year is Trump-Hater Megan Rapinoe via @toddstarnes 

The folks who run @foxandfriends  are good and decent and honorable people. Clearly @Comey  is unfamiliar with those values.

Police are investigating after a teenage girl says a male teacher ripped a @WomenforTrump  pin off her shirt. That's not only Trump Derangement, that's also a crime. @kayleighmcenany  @parscale  #ToddStarnesShow 

Super proud of the work our team did to create an authentic faith-friendly and family-friendly show on @foxnation  #values  #blessed  #StarnesCountry 


EXTORTION! Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Shut Down Trump's "Keep America Great" Rally via @toddstarnes 

So Obama, who was not a wealthy man before the presidency, buys a $14 million home and is celebrated by the MSM. Instead, the MSM accuses @realDonaldTrump  - who donates his salary to charity - of profiting from the presidency.

Now we know why Democrats were so enraged by @realDonaldTrump 's #SaluteToAmerica  - it was about celebrating faith, freedom, the military and patriotism.

Franklin Graham Calls for National Day of Prayer for President Trump -

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Hey @CNN  - will Kathy Griffin be hosting your New Year's Eve show again? Your advertisers would like to know.

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Twitter says they are going to hide any content they determine not to be in the public's best interest -- including presidential tweets. Big Tech is openly meddling in the presidential race, folks.

Will it be MSNBC Contributor Robert Mueller or CNN Contributor Robert Mueller?

Nancy Pelosi says she's going to fill balcony with illegal aliens for Trump's SOTU. Trump should fill his side with ICE agents. #ToddStarnesShow 

Folks, @CNN  is flat-out lying about Trump's response to Puerto Rico. Stop with your racist, dog-whistles @CNN .

Is it possible Christine Blasey Ford waited so long to come forward because she was busy scrubbing her social media pages and online profiles? #DirtyPolitics