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"She's About As Far Left-Wing As You Can Get in a Republican Conference," Mo Brooks on Elise Stefanik | Todd Starnes

Among those who should be considered for leadership in the House GOP -- @RepRonEstes  - a rock-solid conservative.

"The Feminist Driven Church." - Hearing it's going to be a best-seller in some evangelical churches...

What kind of a political leader would allow their number three in command to defy orders and go rogue?

All those long gas lines -- I blame Never Trump Republicans.

If Black Lives Matter can burn down buildings, clash with police and loot stores in DC without so much as a permit, I believe veterans should be allowed to parade through the streets peacefully on Memorial Day.

Maybe the CIA could ask that cisgender, intersectional, millennial gal to find out which international country hacked the Colonial Pipeline? The one with the generalized anxiety disorder.


Trump on wind turbines: "It's got a lot of problems. Associated Press: "He's exaggerating the downsides." Texas: No, he's not.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State knew the WaPost got the story wrong - but he remained silent. He threw the Senate elections.

Rep. Maxine Waters should be expelled from Congress. She should face charges of jury tampering and inciting a riot.

Joe Biden is not qualified to be the leader of the free world. Something is not right there. The front porch light is on, but nobody's home.

Delta's CEO opposes Georgia's voter ID law. And yet he also requires an ID to board Delta jetliners.

John Kerry gets to fly without wearing a face mask, but a four-year-old autistic child and his family are given the heave-ho. This is Biden's America.