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If you know National Guard troops in DC contact me via DM.

Tennessee is always the first to volunteer. We sent our Guard to D.C. only to have them disrespected by the Biden Administration. It's time to bring our troops home, @GovBillLee 

Pay attention to what's happening in your local schoosl.

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Governor Orders National Guard Out of D.C. -

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President Trump is following the U.S. Constitution. That's not sedition. That's not treason. That's patriotism.

Declassify everything, Mr. President. Every single document.

Anybody else notice what no one is talking about? Voter fraud.

At this point @realDonaldTrump  should declassify everything. Everything.

The Republican senators who are reversing course and supporting the electoral college results are betraying the American voters, not Donald Trump.

Word on the street is that @JoeBiden  got tonight's debate questions in advance - per @KXEL1540 

Biden says he was raised in a Black Baptist Church. Wait a minute - I thought he was a "practicing" Catholic?

I've been a long-time supporter of @SenTedCruz  but I've never been prouder as this man courageously stood alongside @realDonaldTrump . He did so publicly - while many in his own party stood down. That's worth remembering down the road.