Tim Kaine

This election is classic driver’s ed. If you put the car in D, you go forward. If you put it in R, you go backward.

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Beneath the fights over critical race theory are deeper partisan divides over how Democrats and Republicans feel about education.

REPORTER: "How is it possible that this administration discovered at least three previous balloons that flew over the US under the previous administration, but Trump officials didn't know it was happening?" KJP: "Yeah, so, look, I think that uh, and we have talked about this..."

My heart is with the people of Türkiye and Syria, and all those who lost loved ones in the devastating earthquake. I support U.S. efforts to provide emergency assistance to those affected.

GOP’s attempts to hit Biden on China fall flat in light of Trump-era balloons

Amid Putin’s unjustified war, the Ukrainian people need our help to get basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, & more. I’m honored to say Chris Manson of @OSFHealthCare  answered their calls and is my guest for @POTUS ’s State of the Union Address.

Access to quality childcare & early childhood education is essential for building a foundation for success. I was glad to tour @UofNH’s Child Study & Development Center to discuss how the $1M I secured will update childcare facilities & invest in training new educators.

Who is Love Island’s Will Young? Meet the TikTok sensation making farming cool

Map of Turkey shows where massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck

We watched 233 Super Bowl ads. Some were unique, bizarre and even downright disturbing.

Letters: A toxic culture is now ingrained in the Tory party ⬇️