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Tim Kaine

Husband to @AnneHolton, father of 3. U.S. Senator from Virginia. In my free time, I’m either outdoors, reading, or jamming on the harmonica.

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Today is the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Thanks to the ACA, more than 20 million Americans gained coverage. But President Trump is *still* trying to sabotage it—even amid a pandemic. It’s more important than ever to protect health care.

We still have hospitals that can’t get masks. We have a drastic shortage of testing. The best thing we can do for the economy is to get the public health side of this right. That’s priority number one.

The Senate should pass this package without delay. It includes: - Immediate relief for individuals and families - Support for small businesses - Large industry aid, with oversight - Support for state and local governments - Critical help for hospitals and health care systems

Because Democrats stayed at the table and worked to make this bill better, it has advanced dramatically from the GOP proposal we saw on Sunday. More relief for families, more support for hospitals, and more help for small businesses. That's what we demanded, and it's what we got.

I'm proud that Democrats pushed to get today's relief bill to a strong place—it's a big step in addressing this crisis—but we also know it won't cover everything. We're ready to keep working to tackle additional problems and provide more support for American workers and families.

Companies didn’t oppose the oversight provisions. So why is Trump opposing? 1) He wants to give federal funds to his own companies. 2) He wants to hide how he’s using funds so he can help friends and hurt those not willing to kiss the ring. Pay attention!

A definition of sheer idiocy: Interrupting your incompetent mismanagement of a world health crisis to weaken an environmental standard that enhances the health of the world.

To all health care workers: You are our true heroes, and we're going to keep fighting for you.


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Ten rounds. That's the magazine limit allowed in Kentucky while hunting deer. Yet when we call for similar limits on assault weapons used in mass shootings, we're told it violates the 2nd Amendment. Why are we valuing deer lives more than human life?

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I wanted to be first at my polling place, but 99-year-old Minerva Turpin beat me to it. Looks like I need to get used to being number two!

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Charlottesville violence was fueled by one side: white supremacists spreading racism, intolerance & intimidation. Those are the facts.

People often forget that we *already had* an assault weapons ban. For a decade! So don't let the gun lobby cry "unconstitutional!" It wasn't. We are pushing to *reinstate* this law so we can reduce mass shootings. Pretty straightforward.

It's 11:21pm. Most Americans are asleep. But the GOP members of the Senate Finance Committee just rammed through their tax bill on a partisan vote, under cover of darkness. This process is an embarrassment.

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