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Tim Kaine

Anne Holton’s husband, Dad of 3, Stone Irish, public servant, musician, civil rights lawyer, backpacker.

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As we see the devastating impacts of climate change, the Inflation Reduction Act—the biggest climate bill ever—is critical. It’ll reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, spur clean energy growth/jobs, lower energy costs, and cement the U.S. as a leader in fighting climate change.

Where is there a shred of evidence that DOJ labeled Loudoun parents “terrorists?” And attacking the FBI at the same time the entire VA federal delegation and Economic Development office are trying to convince the FBI to move its HQ to Virginia?

Across Virginia, I hear about child care: parents are having to pay too much, there aren’t enough options, workers are underpaid. @PattyMurray  and I have a proposal to fix this. Our economy doesn’t work the way it should if we don’t have affordable child care options for parents.

After voting to pass the CHIPS Act in the Senate, I’m thrilled to see President Biden sign it into law today! This is a critical bill that’ll help us strengthen our national security, reduce costs, create jobs, and outcompete China.

With the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, we’ve now taken on three big lobbying groups that tend to walk around the Capitol like they own the place—the Big Gun lobby, Big Pharma, and Big Oil. Their moment of dominance is over.

In America, no one is above the law. We need to support, not trash, our law enforcement community enforcing those laws.


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Virginia requires magazine limitation for duck hunting—no more than 3 rounds in a shotgun. Why? It's not fair to ducks. Yet when we try to limit magazines to 10 rounds in Congress, we’re blocked. If we can limit magazines to protect ducks, we must do the same to protect people.

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He said all Haitians have AIDS. He said Nigerians live in huts. He called Mexicans rapists. This is who Donald Trump is. There is a moral vacuum in the White House.

Ten rounds. That's the magazine limit allowed in Kentucky while hunting deer. Yet when we call for similar limits on assault weapons used in mass shootings, we're told it violates the 2nd Amendment. Why are we valuing deer lives more than human life?

And Kim Jong Un sends back a copy of Green Day’s “American Idiot.”

Let’s pass the Women's Health Protection Act to codify the protections in Roe v. Wade ASAP.