Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine

Husband to @AnneHolton, father of 3. U.S. Senator from Virginia. In my free time, I’m either outdoors, reading, or jamming on the harmonica.

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And so, surrounded by his friends and family, I address John Warner as he used to address me—“Well old friend, today you are at home.”

Republicans have filibustered the January 6th commission. Equal pay. Now voting rights. On ALL these policies that matter to the American people, they are determined to block us. But we're the majority—and we need to act like it.

So what's next? We have to pass voting rights. I'm going to do everything I can, and we might need to get creative—but we are not accepting failure on this existential issue. The burden is on Democrats' shoulders now, and we're going to move forward and find solutions.

There must be a thorough review of all Tier 1 Group contracts and stronger State Department oversight of U.S. defense services provided to foreign nations—especially ones with problematic human rights records like Saudi Arabia, to ensure something like this never happens again.

John joined the Navy as soon as he graduated from high school during World War II, and then rejoined the Marine Corps when the U.S. entered the Korean War. He did this at risk to his life, health, and career. But of course he prioritized defending the nation above all else.

But today I celebrate John's impact over a three decade tenure in the Senate. The family he created from Senate colleagues—not just Senators, but committee staff, Capitol Police, food service workers, Senate gym employees. The ever-present curiosity and twinkle in the eye he had.


I just filed a resolution to prevent Trump from starting a war with Iran. The President wants to pretend that Congress doesn't exist, but it's our clear Constitutional duty to debate and vote before allowing him to rush into an unnecessary war.

To Senators attempting to overturn state electoral results in states that voted for Biden/Harris:

I just voted early for @JoeBiden , @KamalaHarris , and Democrats all the way down the ticket here in Virginia—what a great day! I hope you'll join me—it's easy, convenient, and boy does it feel good to vote for competence, character, and compassion:

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Most shocking revelation from trial thus far: Pence taken from chamber to protect his life at 2:13 pm. Trump sends tweet trashing Pence to millions, then calls Tuberville while Senate is under lockdown. He asks Tuberville for help to delay—or stop—calling the election.

4:02 am. 12/21/20. Crypt of the US Capitol.

Let’s explain this election outcome in a way Trump will understand. “Mr. President, your show has not been renewed for a 5th season.”