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The child sustained minor injuries in the fall.

“Cue Mariah Carey ‘Cause we belong together.,’” Colorado officials said.

Documents provided by the South Carolina Department of Corrections show Demond Thompson was committed around 2 a.m. Jan. 17, and died two hours later.

A Black employee quit because he didn’t feel safe working at the Domino’s in New York, a lawsuit says.

Italian authorities said they found the mobster working in a pizzeria in southern France after a newspaper article shared his picture.

Pushing through the rocky soil, archaeologists in Spain found themselves in a massive cavern.

In the second week of Alex Murdaugh’s double-murder trial, witnesses testified to video from Paul’s phone that prosecutors said places him at the crime scene, while but conclusive evidence from fingerprints and guns fails to materialize.

Scientists in Nepal discovered traces of these rare and “cryptic” cats.


During a candidate interview at The State, Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang showed why his candidacy deserves to be taken seriously.

Republican AG Alan Wilson said he had no idea the group tied to the Republican Attorneys General Association urged “patriots” to push Congress to “stop the steal” before the deadly rally.

Brain fog. Fatigue. Lung damage. COVID-19 survivors across South Carolina are still dealing with frightening complications. “Is this my new normal? I’m terrified.”

Flamingos on golf carts! relocates its animals in preparation for #HurricaneFlorence 

Gov. Henry McMaster’s staff has been “manipulative’’ during the COVID 19 crisis, state epidemiologist Linda Bell says. She’s pledging to speak up more because of the coronavirus threat.

A panel of three U.S. District judges ruled the coastal 1st District, represented by Republican Nancy Mace, is an unlawful racial gerrymander and that elections in the district must cease until further order by the court.

The sound you hear right now is Gov. Henry McMaster stumbling over his own feet right as the gubernatorial campaign ad season kicks off. | Opinion

Open carry makes it harder for law enforcement to determine who may or may not have just committed a crime, or who is and who is not a threat in any given situation.