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The government’s given charities a helping hand, announcing not-for-profits will be able to apply for JobKeeper wage subsidies if they’ve suffered a 15 per cent revenue hit. But casual workers who’ve been with a company for less than 12 months aren’t so lucky.

March 19: nearly three thousand passengers are allowed to freely disembark from the Ruby Princess in Sydney, despite some carrying Covid-19 symptoms. A decision that may prove criminally negligent.

Last night on The Sunday Project, Tommy was confused about some Coles 'terminology'. Coles have responded with a song & dance explainer. What a bunch of legends - feeding the country & keeping us entertained! Thanks @Coles  👍 TBH we're still kinda confused about 'Bing Bong' 😂

For your daily dose of news you can watch with the whole family, the Family News Flash delivers today’s stories in a calm and informative way. Good news, Aussie scientists are progressing with tests to help decipher who will be most affected by COVID-19. Plus, much more!

With all this staying home, you’ve probably been getting VERY familiar with your kitchen. If you have kids - now is the time to get them pumped about cooking…so maybe, just maybe, you can put your feet up for a while.

It’s been a horrific few weeks for jobs in Australia, with tens-of-thousands of people finding themselves unemployed unexpectedly. Many Aussies have had to apply for welfare payments for the first time in their lives, and for some, it’s been hard to come to terms with.

We're all at home keeping safe, but that doesn't mean we have to stay bored! Thankfully@pjhelliar  has collected some of the best videos of people living their best lives in lockdown.


“You’ll have to forgive me, these won’t be my best words...” On this heartbreaking day, Waleed reflects and calls for unity. #TheProjectTV 

Not long til @5SOS  hit the #TheProjectTV  desk! Keep those questions coming on #5SOSProject ! Spread the word #5SOSFAM !

That awkward moment when @5SOS  interrupt your show by stealing a pic of @BondiVet  & a goat! #5SOSProject 

The Government’s been buying up water at record prices, leading to millions of dollars flowing to offshore tax havens. But now, two of our top pollies are facing questions over just who is making a fortune off our water. and bring you this report

He's on the loose and coming on #TheProjectTV  tonight - we chat to @NiallOfficial ! The Sunday Project, 6.30 on TEN