Keir Starmer

🎥 Keir Starmer says that at this rate, a child born in the UK today wouldn't be able to buy their first home until they're 45. "Now, I love my kids, but I don't want to be cooking them dinner in 30 years' time," he adds. #PMQs 

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Keir Starmer

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The killing of Tyre Nichols is a tragic reminder that changing the role of police in our society is urgent. Through our grief, we fight for a nation that centers care and safety — and that includes being safe from police violence.

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At least five people were arrested in New York City on Friday evening during protests after video of the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by police in Tennessee was released. Protest footage shows clashes between police and participants in New York’s Times Square.

Breaking News: Tom Verlaine, whose band Television was one of the most influential to emerge from the punk rock scene centered on CBGB — but whose exploratory guitar improvisations and poetic songwriting were never easily categorizable — has died at 73.

Izzy out here making better promos than the promotion for his own fight. Gotta respect it. Bit of a Bray Wyatt vibe to it. Love it.

George Santos House staffers 'trying to find the route to get out' as investigations pile up

"We have a President whose son's laptop from hell gets taken over and exposes massive corruption like nobody's ever seen before." Former President Donald Trump speaks about Hunter Biden's laptop at a New Hampshire Republican Party event. MORE:

Temperatures in the city of Mohe, China, reached between -58°F and -63°F on January 24, one of the coldest recorded temperatures in human history. The weather was so cold, a yolk instantly froze when a TV correspondent attempted to crack an egg on the air.

New evidence ‘shows Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre photo is real’