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What the Met Office says about there being another heatwave in August

Sex offenders 'allowed to abuse children in care for decades as council workers covered it up'

Family evicted from temporary housing in London for not attending viewing 180 miles away

The numbers behind drop in Covid cases as schools and vaccines impact

Unvaccinated people ‘selfish’ and could be barred from gigs and football, says Michael Gove

The Conservatives need to be champions of customers' rights as costs of living rise

Why there's a timer ahead of the next Fortnite live event, and what to expect

Risk of more fruit and veg shortages as ‘pingdemic’ and Brexit hit food growers

‘I’ll use the money as a force for good.’ Exclusive from @AasmaDay  as she speaks to the Syrian teen, Jamal Hijazi, who took on Tommy Robinson in a ‘David and Goliath’ £100k libel case for spreading lies about him.


Hong Kong police fired pepper pellets and made 300 arrests during protests

Teenage truants are using lemon juice to fake positive Covid tests and get whole classes sent home from school 🍋🍋 with 6.5 million shares on TikTok

Creator of Oxford vaccine Sarah Gilbert warns vulnerable will have to shield as cases rise

🌍How the UK’s coronavirus rate compares with the rest of the world amid lockdown easing - @tomjs 

England fans who boo taking the knee are not racist but protesting at gesture politics, says GB News presenter Nana Akua

🔴Britain has the second-highest case rate in Europe 🔴This is the fourth-highest case rate in world 🔴Falling behind are only Fiji, Cyprus and the Seychelles

Suffolk retiree makes history as the first transgender woman to star on WI magazine front cover

The TikTok videos suggest using things like: 🍋Lemon juice 🍏Apple sauce 🥤Coca Cola 🍟Vinegar 🧼Hand sanitiser 🥝Kiwi fruit ...to apply to tests so it shows a positive Covid-19 result and pupils will have to stay away from school.

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The UK reached 39,950 daily cases on Monday, according to figures from Our World in Data. GB 📈 Only Indonesia has a higher total case load, at 44,721, with Brazil just behind the UK on 34,126. IDBR

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