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The interlocking relationship between U.S. and Colombian security forces has produced a generation of hired guns, some of whom, for the right price, can turn an entire country upside down.

To many advocates, the DA’s reluctance to restrict the Sinners’ movements — or to charge Justin at all — was a sign that things in Topeka haven’t changed much, even after major protests following George Floyd’s killing.

Amy Braley-Franck’s mission was to advocate for victims of sexual crimes within the military. A day after she informed a top general about widespread mishandling of sexual assault cases, however, she was suspended from duty and has been ever since.

Defense lawyers say they regularly find NYPD printouts of their clients’ old sealed arrests in prosecutors’ paperwork, and police sources often leak the sealed arrest histories of people killed by police and political enemies to the media.

Purchased camera systems were supposedly made in the U.S. but actually originated from Chinese companies blacklisted for security reasons.

Days before revoking Kashmir’s special status, the Indian government amended the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, a controversial anti-terror law, allowing the government to jail for six months, without trial or bail, anyone arrested under this law.

Daniel Hale describes, in vivid terms, his struggles with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and how his decision to share classified information with a journalist was motivated by an irrepressible sense of obligation.

“A real kind of wake up call for the international community that these mercenary schemes, which are often referred to in the media as half baked when they don’t come together, can very easily become baked.”

Rand Paul’s attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci chill scientific debate over gain-of-function research by @RobertMackey 


Sen. Bernie Sanders will propose a sweeping 10 percent cut to Pentagon spending, with the savings redirected as grant money to “high-poverty” areas in the U.S.

For years, the FBI knew — but did not warn the public about — the fact that white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement could result in "abuses of authority and passive tolerance of racism."

The five New York City ZIP codes with the highest rates of positive tests for the coronavirus have an average per capita income of $26,708, while residents in the five with the lowest rates had an average income of $118,166.

Documents show Amazon is aware drivers pee in bottles and even defecate en route, despite company denial by @kenklippenstein 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has compiled a short list of successors in his home state of Kentucky, preparing for the possibility that he does not serve out his full term, Kentucky Republicans tell The Intercept.

Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, and Turkey — all countries that hosted vaccine trials — will have to be satisfied with Pfizer’s gratitude, because (like most countries in the world) they won’t be receiving enough of the vaccine to inoculate their populations anytime soon.

In 2020, a study of thousands of Florida police officers found that officers who were fired for misconduct or resigned while under investigation were three times more likely to be fired for misconduct at their next job within three years.

Joe Biden has long facilitated Israel’s impunity. Now, as Gaza burns, he is doing it as president. by @jeremyscahill  @PaulAbowd 

Entire staff of Nevada Democratic Party quits after democratic socialist slate won every seat by , @akela_lacy  @ryangrim