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Erik Prince and the failed plot to arm a CIA asset-turned-warlord in Libya by @matthewacole 

Despite bipartisan criticism of the agency’s conduct, Congress has done little to impose new rules limiting the FBI’s power or its use of informants.

“This can be especially troubling, and especially chilling to political expression, when people are protesting the same institutions doing the surveillance, namely the police.”

More than two years after viral chokehold video, NYPD officer has faced no discipline by @alicesperi 

Democrats pressure Biden on U.S. backing for Saudi war in Yemen by @AlexEmmons 

If the Bush family is the top GOP family dynasty, one that has produced several kings, the Bozells are a few rungs down the ladder — dukes always prepared to ride off to battle in defense of their liege lords, writes @tinyrevolution .

During his two decades with the department, Fabio Nunez has been the subject of 46 Civilian Complaint Review Board allegations stemming from 16 different incidents.

At least 26 ex-FBI agents and employees currently work at Amazon, holding positions in the security division, software development, human resources, and board of advisers, according to a review of LinkedIn.


Scientists warn that losing another fifth of Brazil’s Amazon will trigger the feedback loop known as dieback, in which the forest begins to dry out and burn in a cascading system collapse, beyond the reach of any subsequent human intervention or regret.

“He should apologize to the children that have been separated from their parents,” said Rep. @Ocasio2018  of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, who demanded she apologize for calling ICE detention centers “concentration camps.” by @NicholasBallasy 

For years, the FBI knew — but did not warn the public about — the fact that white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement could result in "abuses of authority and passive tolerance of racism."

A Texas elementary school speech pathologist refused to sign a pro-Israel oath, now mandatory in many states — so she lost her job. Watch our 3-minute video of this story: by

Sen. Bernie Sanders will propose a sweeping 10 percent cut to Pentagon spending, with the savings redirected as grant money to “high-poverty” areas in the U.S.

The five New York City ZIP codes with the highest rates of positive tests for the coronavirus have an average per capita income of $26,708, while residents in the five with the lowest rates had an average income of $118,166.

Mike Bloomberg exploited prison labor to make 2020 presidential campaign phone calls by @jbwashing 

Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, and Turkey — all countries that hosted vaccine trials — will have to be satisfied with Pfizer’s gratitude, because (like most countries in the world) they won’t be receiving enough of the vaccine to inoculate their populations anytime soon.

Ecuador will imminently withdraw asylum for and hand him over to the UK. What comes next? by