Kamala Harris / Las Vegas / Dreamers

Sen. Kamala Harris speaks in Las Vegas: "I'm prepared to create a pathway to citizenship for our DREAMers by removing the barriers, like the issue of work authorization, that has been a barrier to them being able to get status."

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Kamala Harris / Las Vegas / Dreamers

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL “Trump Wins in Portland” “Something big has changed in Portland, Ore. After weeks of chaos and flames outside the city’s federal courthouse, the past few days have seen the violence subside dramatically. What happened?” William McGurn@WSJ 

"Let me begin by sending America's deepest sympathies to the people of Lebanon."

The Kodak deal stinks to high heaven. Attn: @SRuhle 

"Thanks to our major advances in treatment, we've seen vast improvements in recovery rates across all age groups . . . The best path forward is an aggressive strategy focused on protecting Americans at highest risk."

When I interviewed POTUS, I said the mail-in voting materials people receive are applications, not ballots. That’s overwhelmingly the case, but not universally so. Eg, California & now (post-taping) Nevada. I should have used more precise language, and I’m sorry for the mistake.

THE POSTMASTER GENERAL will meet tomorrow with Schumer, pelosi, meadows and mnuchin.

The "defund the police" movement is yielding disastrous results in American cities.

"As we shelter those at high risk, we are also pouring every resource at our disposal into the development of therapies and vaccines. Two vaccines candidates are currently in the final stage of clinical trials," with several more entering Phase 3 in the coming weeks.

“This President, the Department of Justice, the White House, & whole Administration is fully committed to ending trafficking.” @IvankaTrump