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Inspired by the 1947 noir film of the same name, Guillermo Del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley” features haunting, atmospheric visuals but struggles to make the plot come together until the film’s second half.

Ten months after Winter Storm Uri, some members of the @UTAustin  community share their frustrations with the government’s apathetic response and preparation for future storms.

Ahead of @TexasMTN 's spring season, graduate transfer Richard Ciamarra looks forward to pursuing a national championship and providing a much needed veteran presence for the team.

A group of @UT Austin students who mentor refugee children in Austin ISD is holding a fundraiser to cover transportation costs, as many volunteers have to travel far from campus to reach mentees.

Psychologists and people with OCD discuss how stereotypical portrayals of OCD spread dangerous misinformation about what it involves.

@TexasVolleyball  swept @RiceVolleyball  for the second time on Thursday in one of the most competitive games of the season, advancing to the NCAA regionals which begin next Thursday.

“There was a period of time where I would look in the mirror every day and try to see if I could see my abs … It would freak me out when I couldn’t.” @UTAustin  student athletes reflect on their complicated relationships with body image and diet.

After a close first half on Friday night, @TexasMBB  surged ahead of sister school @UTRGVmbb  in the second half to secure a 88-58 victory.

CW: mentions of suicide Some @UTAustin  students discuss the normalization of harmful language concerning suicide and how it hinders their healing process.

@UTAustin  students and staff share their experiences with racial passing, which occurs when someone is perceived as a member of another racial group than their own, and how it affects their sense of belonging.


BREAKING: UT-Austin is requiring students to move out of residence halls. Emergency housing will be available on a case-by-case basis. Story to come.

BREAKING: President Fenves’ wife Carmel has tested positive for coronavirus, per a statement. Story to come.

NEW: The @LonghornBand  will not participate in Saturday’s @Longhorn_FB  game after about half of its members said they wouldn’t play “The Eyes of Texas” in an internal survey.

Breaking: @UTAustin  reports three clusters in West Campus with a total of approximately 100 positive COVID-19 cases. UT declined to name the location of the clusters, citing federal and state law. Story to come.

NEW: UT history professor Alberto Martínez published findings on Wednesday that “The Eyes of Texas” was inspired by Civil War Gen. Robert E. Lee and written for minstrel shows, contrary to a University report claiming the song was not “overtly racist.”

Breaking: One of @UTAustin 's custodial staff members has died from complications due to COVID-19, according to an email from @JCHartzell .