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OPINION | Where the line between LARPing and grifting blurs, you’ll find the obsessive insult tweeters in the mentions.

From jangly festive bops to sad seasonal ballads, check out our picks for the best new holiday music from Alicia Keys, Phoebe Bridgers, and more.

“The biggest surprise was the overwhelmingly supportive reaction from thousands of Russians—showing that people in Russia are not homophobic, just brainwashed,” Mikhail Zygar said.

“Like many creative Southerners, Florence Dore followed the exile road to enlightenment in far-off places, the other America, before something primordial pulled her back.”

We all know someone who, year after year, stubbornly swears they don’t want a gift, but no one feels comfortable *actually* showing up empty-handed.

EXCLU: J. Nicholas Bryant told the Daily Beast that he feels like he's got the notorious swindlers beat. “My story might be more wild than theirs! I can almost guarantee it!” he said.

Singer and actress Irene Cara has been found dead in her Florida home at the age of 63.

“It’s a tragedy, the number of missing people in Casamicciola is still uncertain," said island mayor Enzo Ferrandino.

"Jordan Peterson is back on Twitter...And a quick glance through his timeline makes it abundantly clear that he’s completed his transformation into an unabashed foot-soldier of the partisan Right," writes @BenBurgis 


Donald Trump, answering phone call from 7-year-old on Christmas Eve: "Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?"

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a conservative Republican who frequently rails against abortion rights, paid for a woman to have an abortion after impregnating her in 1989

Children of LGBT U.S. citizens may be stripped of their birthright citizenship due to a policy that de-recognizes their parents’ marriage

EXCLUSIVE: A pickup truck parked at the U.S. Capitol and bearing a Three Percenter militia sticker on the day of the Jan. 6 riot belongs to the husband of freshman U.S. Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, who approvingly quoted Adolf Hitler a day earlier

EXCLUSIVE: Russian-American national Elena Branson was indicted this week for lobbying for pro-Kremlin policies while not registered as a foreign agent. She gave to one U.S. politician: Tulsi Gabbard.

The University of Alabama has reported more than 560 coronavirus cases since classes restarted last week.

EXCLUSIVE: In the last 4 years, Jared Kushner and a Russian sovereign wealth fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev have communicated in private about ways the U.S. and Russia could work together

EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to Ira Latrell Toles, 33, who was shot by Derek Chauvin in 2008, the officer at the center of George Floyd’s death. Ira Latrell Toles tells us Derek Chauvin shot him at close range during a domestic call in 2008.

The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers

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Trevor Noah knows how @elonmusk  can make Twitter profitable: "Charge white people to say the N-word. Twitter will be the most profitable company in history. Racists will be taking out loans."