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In one of the most Hispanic cities in America, “the potential for terrible things to happen is unimaginable,” one expert said

Rationing policies in 25 states send people with disabilities to the back of the line for ventilators. 20 states, don’t have a rationing policy or they weren’t disclosed to @PublicI .

While many see wisdom in handing the baton to an independent board for a full review when the worst of the crisis is over, there are lawmakers who believe it’s needed more urgently

"The very fabric of the Kremlin’s propaganda seems to be fraying at the seams, as even the most devoted talking heads are losing the plot—or falling apart—in the face of the deadly pandemic, " argues @JuliaDavisNews 

Delivery is probably OK, but the details matter, experts say.

The 77-year-old, who has spent 21 seasons on the show thus far, plans to exit after her contract ends

Richard Brodsky, a former state assemblyman for Westchester, New York, died on Wednesday morning from suspected coronavirus complications at age 73, his family has confirmed

The name was confirmed to Britain’s Daily Telegraph after the couple filed trademark requests for a wide range of products and services using the name Archewell


Donald Trump, answering phone call from 7-year-old on Christmas Eve: "Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?"

Children of LGBT U.S. citizens may be stripped of their birthright citizenship due to a policy that de-recognizes their parents’ marriage

Around the country, nurses who are fighting the coronavirus epidemic—with little protective gear and at great risk to themselves—are being booted from their homes by property owners who fear they may bring the virus home with them

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler sold off seven figures worth of stock holdings after a private meeting on the novel coronavirus

Liberty University, which partly reopened its campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, confirmed they now have almost a dozen students sick with potential COVID-19 symptoms

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Mora, a regional field director for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, used a private Twitter account to attack other Democratic contenders—as well as their family members, surrogates, journalists, and celebrities—in deeply personal terms

The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers

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NEW: A top aide to Rep. Devin Nunes has been providing conservative politicians and journalists with information—and misinformation—about the anonymous whistleblower who triggered the biggest crisis of Trump’s presidency