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A pundit from the @nytimes  hilariously tried to claim they weren't a partisan newspaper literally right before saying they endorsed Joe Biden to "save our democracy."

Most of the media can't be bothered to cover the major developing story surrounding Hunter Biden's emails. Those outlets that do cover it, either barely give it the time of day or bury it with other reports so no one sees it.

Contrary to what the @nytimes  claims, free speech does NOT threaten Democracy.

According to CNN's @donlemon , you are "selfish" if you don't want to pay more in taxes and actually want to keep more of your own money. CNN isn't a news organization.

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell is a big Democrat donor. If you expect an unbiased presidential debate on NBC tomorrow, you aren't paying attention.


BREAKING: Is this the mother of Joe Biden's accuser talking to CNN in 1993?

WATCH: Media tout "peaceful protesters" amidst rioting and looting.

The liberal media want you to believe that it's an enormous breach of protocol to vote for a Supreme Court nominee during an election year. Except they were telling you the exact opposite in 2016. Here's the proof.

Have you called yet? Demand@netflix  stop objectifying 11 year old girls and enabling pedophilia! #CancelNetflix  #BoycottNetflix 

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FLASHBACK: The liberal media hated the idea of calling more witnesses during Bill Clinton's impeachment, saying it was a "distraction" and a "sham."

Facebook and Twitter have given over 90 percent of their political contributions to Democrats this election cycle.

"These are very serious questions. They've been ignored by the media for far too long... Justice does matter. Those questions, they matter." A reporter snarkily asked @PressSec  @kayleighmcenany  "what is Obamagate?" McEnary gave him an entire list.