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Calculating the classic three-body problem required enormous computational resources—until now.

Goldman Sachs says it did not consider gender when calculating creditworthiness for the Apple Card. If it did, that could actually mitigate the problem of credit discrimination by gender. by @_KarenHao 

Trouble is, doing so in the US is illegal. Should the law be updated?

Do you feel like you have any control over how social media sites and advertisers collect your information? More than 80% of American’s don’t.

Facebook estimates that about 5% of its 2.45 billion user accounts are fake.

Apple has a new app that will collect volunteer data and share it with the company and three research partnerships

“They’re all doing it: Russia, China, Iran … They’re all fighting these things called shadow wars, and they’re very effective,” says an ex-paratrooper and academic.

This map, created with a machine-vision algorithm that analyzed 1.5 petabytes of optical data, shows humanity’s footprint in more detail and with greater accuracy than ever before.

"The lie that technology can prevent war, or even create compassionate combat, is a perverse and profane abuse of scientific thinking."

She spends about 20 percent of her time brainstorming product ideas for proposals and hunting for “technological whitespace” in satellites and other fields, which she describes as extraordinarily fun.


YouTube is deleting thousands of channels with videos of Nazi history. But now multiple teachers are complaining that videos uploaded to educate people have been deleted.

Why Not Freeze Your Brain? An Argument for Cryonics.

Boeing’s electric autonomous passenger air vehicle just had its first flight

These researchers are forcing physicists to reconsider the nature and objectivity of reality. 🤯

After their brains were zapped with electricity, older people performed as good on memory tasks as 20-year-olds.

A new study warns that kids’ literacy and language skills suffer with screen use, and MRI scans of their brains appear to back up the findings.

India says its orbiter has spotted the Vikram lunar lander on the moon's surface and is now trying to make contact with it.

Chinese scientists say they’ve created several monkeys with extra copies of a human gene suspected of playing a role in shaping human intelligence.