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And on a second referendum: it is perfectly possible that leadership candidates to replace David Cameron will say that they think there are good grounds for a new government team to offer the public a voice on what the deal looks like.

Recent no-deal threats show dangerous disregard for Northern Ireland and its fragile peace via @prospect_uk 

“And we obviously wouldn’t oppose that, if that’s what senior politicians want to offer. I think there’s a strong democratic case for it.”

“Celebrity figureheads and whatnot. The famous ‘Peace, Land, Bread’ posters. There’s all sorts of interesting things you can look at.”

11/ Boris Johnson will meet Merkel and Macron at the G7 in Biarritz but nothing is expected to come of it.


BREAKING: EU27 leaders have accepted Ireland's declaration that in the event of unity referendum Northern Ireland wd automatically rejoin EU

Breaking: The European Commission is due to publish shortly its version of the so-called Mapping Exercise on North-South cooperation which largely informed the evolution of the UK-EU Joint Report, the Backstop and the Withdrawal Agreement

To add to the numerous threads out there on Brexit, Dublin’s reading of the UK positioning is as follows:

BREAKING: EU warns that Britain will not have any decision-making role in the EU's foreign and security policy, despite promises in the Political Declaration of "flexible consultation" and meetings at "ministerial, senior official, and working" level. Report on shortly

BREAKING: Donald Tusk: In respecting our partners we expect the same in return. Comparing the EU to the Soviet Union is as unwise as insulting... As someone who spent half his life in the Soviet Bloc I know what I'm talking about...

Breaking: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says in a No Deal scenario the UK wd have to agree to full regulatory and customs alignment in NI if it were to honour its obligations to the GFA and the peace process.