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"The coronavirus outbreak’s impact on the world economy grew more alarming on Saturday, even after President Donald Trump denounced criticism of his response to the threat as a “hoax” cooked up by his political enemies."

“Mr. Obama said he would enthusiastically support any of the candidates. But he added that the task of uniting the party around Mr. Sanders “could be difficult,” via @GlennThrush ⁩

"The House Judiciary Comm is launching a wide-ranging probe of Atty General William Barr and the Justice Dept, demanding briefings, documents & interviews with 15 officials as it tries to determine whether there has been improper political interference"

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia is announcing his support for Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential primary, a show of support from a former vice presidential nominee ahead of next week’s Super Tuesday contests.

"Alex M. Azar II, the health secretary, raised the prospect of invoking a Korean War-era law to expand production of the materials for national security purposes in a potential coronavirus outbreak." @noahweiland 

"The Democrats’ 2020 primary season enters a critical four-day stretch that will help determine whether the party rallies behind Bernie Sanders or embraces a longer and uglier slog that could carry on until the national convention" @sppeoples  @MegKinnardAP 

“The coronavirus outbreak began to look more like a worldwide economic crisis Friday as anxiety about the infection emptied shops and amusement parks, canceled events, cut trade and travel and dragged already slumping financial markets even lower.”


"Mr. Trump reacted with fury. As his plane soared toward a restive El Paso, he shouted at aides that no one was defending him, according to a person briefed on what took place." via @maggieNYT 

“I felt like somebody needs to stand up to him,” McGrath said.

“The top federal ethics watchdog said on Thursday that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s sale of his stake in a film production business to his wife did not comply with federal ethics rules” ⁦⁩

"They see ample evidence of a country that is not remotely “full” — but one where an aging population & declining birthrates among the native-born population are creating underpopulated cities & towns, vacant housing and troubled public finances"

"Ivanka Trump abruptly left a conference call on Tuesday about a coming fitness event after receiving questions about her company’s trademarks in China and her father’s exercise regimen."

"little electricity, no combat pay & holidays away from home, 5,600 American troops on the southwest border are on a mission ordered by a politically determined commander in chief and a Pentagon unable to convince him of its perils"

As only he can, steps back and looks deeply at each time Trump has met Putin as president and why those meetings are so troubling