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Being bitten “does not at this time represent any particular danger for the population”, say the authorities.

The men had been arrested in May following several raids, including at the airport, in connection with an investigation into the awarding of two contracts to a Geneva-based security firm.

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The Geneva commodities trader failed to prevent its employees and agents from bribing public officials in order to gain access to the petroleum markets in the Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast. #Gunvor 

Nine out of ten employees in Switzerland – or four million people in total – commuted to work in 2018.

Violence broke out in Catalonia after Spain's Supreme Court sentenced nine separatist Catalan leaders to up to 13 years in prison for their part in an October 2017 effort to declare independence for the region.

The organisation wants to prove that the goals of sustainable development and spreading prosperity to more people is compatible with economic growth.

The Milan public prosecutor’s office believed the crime of money laundering had been committed because the bank used money resulting from tax evasion by Italian customers.

The bears are fed seasonal vegetables and some fruit as well as the occasional bite of fish and meat.


Breaking: More than 70% of Swiss vote to maintain licence fee for public broadcasting. #nobillag 

Trains in Switzerland get washed: once. every. week! 😮 🚆

Switzerland offers a federal diploma in yoga instruction, making it the only European country with such an option.

The Gotthard rail tunnel is the world's longest and is now in full operation. #Gottardo2016 

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He's done it ! has nailed 20 Grand Slam 🏆in 20 years. 🎾 Here's an in-depth look at his amazing career, in collaboration with . #dataviz