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Even as Delhi HC Weighs Interim Bail Plea, NIA Rushes Gautam Navlakha to Mumbai Custody via @thewire_in 

India's Top Military Brass Meets PM Modi Amid Escalating Border Tension With China via @thewire_in 

Climate Change Brings the Worst Locus Attack in Decades to India | @kabira_tweeting  and @Astute_Shruti  report via @thewire_in 

Five Things the Govt Needs to Do to Mitigate Rural and Migrant Distress via @thewire_in 

Cyclone Amphan Puts Focus Back on Millions Displaced by Climate Disasters via @thewire_in 

COVID-19: At Delhi Hospital Where Nurse Died, Others Say They Were Made to Reuse PPE via @thewire_in 

MHA, Police Use ‘Bhima Koregaon Model’ to Tarnish and Target the Anti-CAA Movement | My conversation with Apoorvanand and Dr Manoj Jha, MP via @thewire_in 

The Nehru That India Cannot Forget । Today, May 27, is Nehru’s death anniversary. @SushilAaron ’s tribute is worth reading and re-reading

The BJP Wants to Erase Nehru. Let's See What India Would Have Been Without Him | Replugging this classic piece by Manoj Joshi


Delhi Police arrest two people for Communal Violence. Safoora, a student, is pregnant. No arms recovered. Manish is caught with guns during the violence. Who gets charged with terrorism & is still in jail? Who gets (the milder) Arms Act and is out on bail?

Dear @Uppolice , please tell us whether you are filing a case against Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA for harassing, threatening a Muslim vegetable vendor. Thanks. via @thewire_in 

Q—Who banned J&K 4G? A—J&K govt Q—Who controls J&K govt? A—MHA Q—What did SC decide on J&K 4G? A—It set up committee to decide Q—Who will head it? A—Secy, MHA+J&K CS Q—But who banned 4G? A—Secy, MHA+J&K CS Q—So do we need SC? A—Beware of contempt!

Why No Outcry from BJP or TV Anchors When I Was Attacked, Asks This Hindu Sadhu via @thewire_in 

UP Police FIR Against The Wire an 'Attack on Freedom of the Press' via @thewire_in 

I love the way bhakts are tying themselves in knots over this. They don’t know whether to defend the Modi govt, as they usually do, or the Tejasvi chap and his atrocious tweet which accurately reflects the garbage they teach in RSS shakhas! via @thewire_in 

The Wire team outside the Ahmedabad courts today where Jay Shah did a no show, citing "social work", in his bogus criminal defamation case. First matter I've seen where the complainant is scared to show his face, while the "accused" are happy to smile for the cameras.

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