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This thug is finally picked up for offensive comments he made about women a few months ago. But the inflammatory calls for the mass killing of Muslims do not apparently warrant arrest in India today. via @thewire_in 

First they came for the comedians. Now they're coming for the kids. @bombaywallah  writes that mocking Modi can have serious consequences. via @thewire_in 

Watch | 'India's Omicron Experience Will Be Same as South Africa, Even Less Severe Perhaps' via @thewire_in 

Excellent piece by Facebook whistleblower @szhang_ds  on the wider implications of The Wire’s big Tek Fog story —— Imagine a World Where False Supporters of the Emergency Drowned Out the Real Opponents via @thewire_in 

In Photos: The Life and Work of Kathak Legend Birju Maharaj via @thewire_in 


Paris cafe. Waiter wants vaccination proof. I show my certificate from India. He looks at photo printed on it and says disapprovingly, 'But this is not you'. 'Quite right, that's our Dear Leader', I say. 'But why is HIS photo on YOUR certificate?' he asks. I have no answer.

Delhi Police arrest two people for Communal Violence. Safoora, a student, is pregnant. No arms recovered. Manish is caught with guns during the violence. Who gets charged with terrorism & is still in jail? Who gets (the milder) Arms Act and is out on bail?

Not just another day at the office for @thewire_in  after #PegasusProject  Policeman arrived today with inane inquiries. 'Who's Vinod Dua?' 'Who's Swara Bhaskar?' 'Can I see your rent agreement?' 'Can I speak to Arfa?' Asked why he'd come: "Routine check for Aug 15" Strange.

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Q—Who banned J&K 4G? A—J&K govt Q—Who controls J&K govt? A—MHA Q—What did SC decide on J&K 4G? A—It set up committee to decide Q—Who will head it? A—Secy, MHA+J&K CS Q—But who banned 4G? A—Secy, MHA+J&K CS Q—So do we need SC? A—Beware of contempt!

Why No Outcry from BJP or TV Anchors When I Was Attacked, Asks This Hindu Sadhu via @thewire_in 

UP Police FIR Against The Wire an 'Attack on Freedom of the Press' via @thewire_in 

I love the way bhakts are tying themselves in knots over this. They don’t know whether to defend the Modi govt, as they usually do, or the Tejasvi chap and his atrocious tweet which accurately reflects the garbage they teach in RSS shakhas! via @thewire_in 

Madhya Pradesh Police Apologise for Beating Lawyer, 'We Thought You Were Muslim,' They Say | @AjoyAshirwad  reports via @thewire_in