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The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved the Pfizer vaccine for use in children as young as 12. Health Minister@GregHuntMP  says the jab will be "fast-tracked" for kids with underlying medical conditions.

We've assembled some of Australia's most successful and memorable Olympic legends to share their insights, analysis and experience with you at home throughout the #Tokyo2020  Games 🏅 @7olympics 

Here's a brand new look at epic upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, #DuneMovie  👏🏻 Want to be among the first Aussies to see it? Here's how:

Just hours out from the Opening Ceremony, Bruce McAvaney joined us to share his #Tokyo2020  predictions 🏅 @7Olympics 

“We all know that we don’t respond in this country unless there’s a jingle" Radio star Kyle Sandilands on his catchy new song urging Australians to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated 💉

We’ve brought Japan to Brekky Central for #Tokyo2020 

Start your day feeling good with @Natalie_Barr , @Kochie_Online  and the Sunrise Family 👋🏻

Let the games begin! The #Tokyo2020  Olympics have officially been declared open after a year-long delay due to the pandemic. @7olympics 


Watch the shocking moment #7NEWS  reporter @AmeliaBrace  and our cameraman were knocked over by a police officer LIVE on air after chaos erupted in Washington DC.

Here's what happened when we fact-checked some of Health Minister@GregHuntMP 's claims in this morning’s interview about Australia's vaccine rollout.

'Yogi to the Stars' @SadhguruJV  joined Kochie and Nat to unravel karma and explain how its concepts can be used to enhance your life, as detailed in his new book 🙏🏻

Singer @LiamPayne  says bandmate @Louis_Tomlinson  has threatened to egg his house if he reveals more details about @onedirection ‘s plans to reunite. Full interview:

@NSWRFS  boss Shane Fitzsimmons has shot down Barnaby Joyce's claim that 'green caveats' stopped his team from conducting hazard reduction burns, saying the weather and climate change are to blame for the bushfire crisis.

"I think now the world is seeing how unethical Martin Bashir can be" Michael Jackson's nephew @tajjackson3  talks about his call for an investigation into his uncle's notorious documentary with disgraced reporter Martin Bashir.

5 Seconds of Summer@5SOS ) get the plaza rocking with their smash hit single 'Teeth' ??

Greg Page, one of the original members of @TheWiggles , suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed while performing at a bushfire relief concert in Sydney last night.

"Seems like Kevin Rudd and Australian businesspeople in New York had to get those extra Pfizer doses, it's a bit disappointing the government didn't do that" Labor MP @tanya_plibersek  asks Deputy Prime Minister@Barnaby_Joyce : "What's the point of Scott Morrison?"