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NEW NFT ALERT ? U can swap 4 character X’s for a brand new NFT, Aomon X (/25), or trade in 4 of run for the new XShedX (/12) ?let’s goooo

I’m already a physical collector of Hiro Ando. Time to dig into the NFT world of @samuraicats_nft  JPJapanese culture and neo pop art is my 💼 Dont mess with the Samurai Cats. Join their discord #nft  #metaverse  #ETH 

Indy 500 Snake Pit!!! Are u ready? Come party w/ me on May 29 🐍🥳 Get ur tix >>

I went all in on 🎂s at the @HardRock  this past weekend!! left all the chips on the table - literally 💸💸 can’t wait for my next @WPT  event!!

Can’t stop dancing to this one from the legends @liljon  & @ghastly  🕺

🧹🧹🧹 swept the floor for $50K on the @Nickelodeon_NFTs  🚀 any guesses who these r going to?


My first #1  on ITunes Overall. Thanks to the boys for believing in me on the !! #micdropremix '>Shou #micdropremix  out to for amping the song up and the biggest thanks goes to all the fans that made this a numba one!!!! ??????????

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Rm u the realest fr my brother. Ur words are inspiring @BTS_twt 

RM u the real MVP. Found this one in the archives ? @BTS_twt  #happyrmday 

So proud of the success of our song #TheTruthUntold  that I had to start working on a remix that I can play in my sets. So far it sounds amazing. Can’t wait for u all to hear it. Debuting sooooon!