Japan’s inflation rate is only 0.5%/yr. Like the US, JPN has supply chain problems. But unlike the US, JPN's money supply is growing slowly. To increase JPN's inflation, the BOJ must increase M2 growth. To slow US inflation, the Fed must slow M2 growth.

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Sickened by the news out of Texas. I’m at a loss and my heart is heavy. This cannot continue to happen. We have to do something; utilizing the resources necessary to thwart these senseless crimes.

We must stop the Great Reset and defund the WHO.

WATCH: Airbnb is shutting its domestic business in China, joining a long list of Western internet platforms that have opted out of the Chinese market

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Just wanna take this opportunity so that everyone who sees it can take a moment of silence for the 18 children and 3 adults murdered today in Uvalde, Tx 😔😔😔 please hug your kids and your loved ones each and everyday, you never know if it’s the last one #dogearmy  #Texas  #RIP 

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Top 10 Cyptocurrencies in the World by Twitter Followers (25/MAY/2022) 1. #BNB  Binance 8.89M 2. #Bitcoin  5.28M 3. #Dogecoin  3.38M 4. #SHIB  3.36M 5. #Ethereum  2.55M 6. #XRP  2.51M 7. #CRO  2.16M 8. #Solana  1.82M 9. #Polygon  1.51M 10. #BabyDoge  1.41M

As fun as the Play-In Tournament was, it led to playoff games being played every other night. Which raises the question of whether that has led to teams being tired and possibly injured. We can’t extend the last day because of TV. Should the PlayIn be just 8th seed or not at all?