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The man’s wife sued a Minnesota hospital when their doctors attempted to take him off a ventilator after two months.

A Star-Telegram investigation found 494 reports of injuries at 21 trampoline parks in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2015. These injuries were serious enough to call for emergency medical treatment; the true number of injured children or adults is likely higher.

The driver was arrested and is being charged with intoxication manslaughter, police said.

Tom Brady intimated in pregame comments that this could be his final season.

One of the victims died at the scene. The other was taken to a hospital.

A family reflected on what a Fort Worth school and the playground meant to them over the years. The mother helped construct a new playground.

Since it announced the building’s acquisition, Transform 1012 N. Main Street has been making plans for the building’s uses.

When religious violence strikes, calls for additional security are amplified. But leaders and laypeople ask if ratcheting up protection actually increases safety.


UPDATE: 1 hostage released from Colleyville synagogue; rabbi among 3 still held inside; negotiations continue

COVID-19 patients will be ‘sent home to die’ if deemed too sick, Texas county says

Ted Cruz is right: We need term limits for members of the House and Senate

Cornyn says he broke with Trump on deficit, border wall, but kept opposition private

Jawaid Alam, president of the Islamic Center of Southlake, said it’s “unthinkable that this would happen at the synagogue of a peace-loving rabbi who has promoted interfaith talks.”