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Dangerous spot for the Steelers. Chiefs get the ball to start the 2nd half. Can’t allow a TD here.

If you had McKinnon taking over this game…you’re lying.

Ok Steelers made it interesting for a half. We gotta give them credit for that. They don’t have the firepower to stay around much longer.

This is about to turn into Eagles-Bucs.

Deleted that tweet about the cowboys last play. Satire, apparently. The management regrets the error.

Chiefs might need extra sauce packets. This is looking like a 50 piece for sure.

@DanGrazianoESPN  3 blowouts. But Raiders/Bengals was close and the 49ers beat a division champ. If Cards/Rams is competitive, that’s 50/50 on good games. Not optimal for the playoffs, but 14 teams keeps fan bases engaged for that extra regular season game because so many teams are in the race.

Bills/Chiefs could be an instant classic based on this weekend’s results.


Those NBA players standing up for social justice and Black lives have struck again.

I hesitated to share this, but I will. Like a lot of people from the New Orleans area, Covid 19 has hit my family. Grew up with my cousin Larry. He was 51, and healthy before he got it. Now he’s gone. Please protect yourself and those around you. Don’t get complacent.

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If Dan Snyder were really bold, he’d sign Colin Kaepernick, have HIM announce the name change, and sit back at the news conference like “How ya like me now?”

Every local station in LA has been on the air with nonstop coverage since the news about Kobe Bryant broke. No golf, no pro bowl, no Grammys. His loss is felt worldwide, but flipping around to different stations, it’s hard to overstate what he meant to Los Angeles.

When I was pledging Alpha Phi Alpha at @HowardU  in 1986, an ambitious young woman was pledging Alpha Kappa Alpha there that spring. She is now the nominee for Vice President of the United States of America. Congrats to @KamalaHarris  ????

You might need to live here in LA to know how cool it is for a Mexican kid like Julio Urias to get those key outs to get the Dodgers to the WS. He is getting ALL of the love.

Things I learned tonight: you can call timeout in the NFL, but you can get the timeout back, if you didn’t really mean it.

If Sean Payton isn’t coach of the year, coach of the year is a fraud, playoffs or not. #whodat  ⚜️