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Vaccine passports for universities would be a dreadful mistake ✍️ Molly Kingsley

‘The trouble is that Starmer has largely already been beaten to the punch by a Downing Street team that is very good at picking up currents of opinion and responding to them’ ✍️ Patrick O’Flynn

‘Since the first lockdown, cases of domestic abuse and deaths have risen. In England and Wales, a woman dies as a result of domestic violence every three days. But the reality is few perpetrators are arrested, let alone charged and convicted.’

‘While it’s true that this government has bust a gut replacing all the officers their predecessors removed through austerity, this will merely restore numbers to 2010 levels ✍️ Ian Acheson

'How will this hounding of Rosie Duffield possibly win hearts and minds on the doorsteps?' ✍️ Debbie Hayton

'If alcohol intoxication really were the cause of individual ill health and wider social dysfunction, unchecked by any broader benefit, we should expect it to have been eliminated by natural and cultural selection.’ ✍️ John Maier

'Yesterday, Australia’s health department reported just 157 positive cases. Yet for weeks, Sydney and Melbourne have been locked down.' ✍️ Terry Barnes

Five experts who predicted Covid cases would hit 100,000 a day ✍️ @MrSteerpike 

'Can circus’s raw joy, derived from visceral pleasure rather than cerebral contemplation, survive such scholarly scrutiny?’ ✍️ Dea Birkett


WATCH: Dr David Nabarro, the WHO's Special Envoy on Covid-19, tells Andrew Neil: 'We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method'. Watch the full interview here: | #SpectatorTV  @afneil  @davidnabarro 

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"I thought it would take two years for a vaccination passport scheme to morph into a Chinese-style social credit system. In fact, it took two weeks." - Ross Clark

'The things they want to censor don't identify any complainants, but they do contain embarrassing allegations against Sturgeon's government. If we say no, we could have a £50,000 fine. They are stopping the whole truth from coming out' ?️Fraser Nelson ?

Drug-induced deaths of 15-64 year olds, per million population: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland: 315 SESweden: 81 GB UK: 76 IEIreland: 72 ATAustria: 31 DEGermany: 21 FR France: 9 ITItaly: 9